Alice In Wonderland: The UnFamily Version Part 5 - Milk Ranch (ff,inc,lact)
by Hamster

Alice had been looking for the dam white rabbit for seemingly an eternity.
She was now very thirsty and very hungry. As she wandered down the path she
came upon a Farm.

'Maybe these people have some food.' She thought.

As she approached the farm three milkmaids exited the house and headed
straight for her. They all wore purple French maid outfits. They seemed to
be identical triplets. All blondes with freckles. One wearing pig-tails, one
a ponytail and the third with long hair flying free. All three had very
large boobs.

"Hello." The first one said with a bright smile as she met them halfway to
the house. "can we help you?"

"Hello, I was just on the trail of a white rabbit and I was starting to get
very hungry. You wouldn't happen to have some spare food would you? I can
help with your chores."

"Oh you don't have to do chores we'll be happy to give you some food, please
follow us." The first maid said.

The milkmaids' names where Buttercup, Daisey, and Annabell; Alice learned
this as she was led to the house.

"So what do you guys do at this ranch?" Alice asked.

The maids giggled.

"We get milked silly. We're cows." Daisey said.

"Oh." Alice said. 'Curiouser and curiouser,' Alice thought.

Buttercup said. "We'll take you up to the house. Farmer Brown isn't home
right now so you can pinch something from the pantry."

Buttercup, who seemed to be the lead cow, had opened the Farmer's house and
escorted Alice and her herd-mates inside. The farm house kitchen was
sparkling clean and filled with baskets of bread and cheese. Alice
immediately went to the fridge while the girls examined the cheese rolls.
Alice noticed that some of the cheeses had labels that read 'Buttercup' or
'Annabel' or 'Daisey'.

"Hey is this cheese made from..." Alice let the question hang, not knowing
if it would upset her hosts to ask.

"Our milk?" Daisey asked. "Yes, please try some."

Alice cut herself off a slice of cheese from the roll labeled 'Daisey'.

"Wow its really good." Alice said.

Daisy gave her a proud smile.

"Hey who's Jersey?" Alice said as she picked up a block of cheese with an
unknown name.

"Oh she was one of us, but she disappeared a couple of days ago." Buttercup

"Hey you have roast beef!" Alice exclaimed as she removed his discovery from
the fridge. Alice's eyes both went wide with realization. She then replaced
the roast beef.

Alice devoured some bread and cheese as well as some apples and a cherry
cheesecake. She spotted some black candy and tucked it in her sports bra for
later consumption. After finishing her meal, she was hard pressed to find
anything to drink.

"Do you have anything to wash this down with?" Alice asked.

"Well we have plenty of milk." Buttercup said as she grasped her large
breast. "Farmer Brown hasn't been by to milk us today. You'd be helping us
an awful lot if you could drain some milk, you know, to relieve the

Alice looked at them and shrugged.

"Sure, no problem." Alice said.

"Lets go in the living room." Buttercup suggested.

Each of the cows sat on one of three couches and lowered her top to reveal
large, firm, round breasts. Alice looked at each boob before deciding which
one she wanted, she finally decided and hopped up onto Buttercup's lap.

Alice opened her mouth and took the nipple in her mouth. Alice began sucking
long and hard and was rewarded with sweet, creamy milk. Annabell had jumped
on her sister's lap and was having a similar experience with Daisey.

Buttercup moaned slightly and stroked Alice's hair as the young blonde milked
her enthusiastically. Finally Buttercup gently pushed Alice's face off.

"That's fine for that one sweety, you have one more to go." Buttercup said.

Alice eagerly dove into the second breast. Buttercup's hand slid up Alice's
skirt. Alice didn't mind at all as her focus seemed to be solely on getting
as much sweet, creamy milk as she could. Buttercup slipped her hand under
Alice's panties and began to rub the teen's pussy. Alice moaned softly into
Buttercup's breast. Daisey was also gently fingering her sister Annabell. As
Buutercup's hand pumped her pussy harder and harder Alice stopped sucking on
the deliscious tit altogether and began moaning in pleasure. She grabbed one
large breast and squeezed hard, spraying milk all over her face. Buttercup
dipped her head down and began to lick it off the other girl's face. Suddenly
Alice's body jerked as she had a very satisfying orgasm.

"Oh wow Buttercup that was so good." Alice said as she dipped her fingers
into her own pussy to recover some girl cum, she'd acquired a taste for it.

"Thanks you taste pretty good yourself." Buttercup said as she too grabbed a
finger full of sweet Alice-cum.

On the floor Annabell and Daisy were in the '69' position slurping and
sucking on each other's pussy with great relish.

"You guys sure are a close family." Alice commented.

"Yeah." Buttercup agreed with a big smile.
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