Alice In Wonderland: The Unfamily Version Part 6 - The Flower (f/plant,preg)
by Hamster ([email protected])

Alice was back on the trail of the white rabbit and was traveling through a
meadow full of wild flowers. She was quite tired and decided to sit and rest
a minute.

"Hmmmm I wish that I had something to crunch on." She said out loud.

Suddenly she remembered the candy she taken from the cows' house. She took it
out and popped one into her mouth.

"Ewww that is absolutely foul!" She said.

Suddenly she felt very strange, and queasy. The whole world seemed to be
swelling, expanding, the world was getting bigger. Then she realized, the
world wasn't getting bigger, she was shrinking!!! And she was shrinking at
an alarming rate. By the time she had stopped shrinking surrounding grass
looked like trees and a passing butterfly was like a huge condor.

"Oh, bother." She said. She'd completely shrunk out of her cloths.

"Hello." said a voice above her.

Alice looked up and saw a flower. Except the flower had the face of a human
woman and eight long vines at the base. Instead of hair the flower woman had
a crown of bright, vibrant blue petals.

"Oh hello, I seem to be a bit screwed." Alice said.

"What is wrong?" The flower asked politely.

"Well I'm no longer my right size. I've shrunk, right after I ate that black
candy." Alice said as she showed a piece to the flower.

"Hmmmm that is a pickle. Well I might be able to help you, if you help that
is." The flower offered.

"Is this about sex again? It's always about sex when somebody wants something
here." Alice frowned.

"Afraid so." The flower.

"What the hell. I'm already naked."

"Excellent." Replied the flower.

The flower's vines gently lifted her into the air and leaned her back
against the stem. The Flower's leaves were massaging Alice's boobs gently as
to others held her up by supporting her thighs. A vine slid its way up to
Alice's pussy and began to jab at her pussy. Causing her to squeal and squeak
with every poke. The leaves completely enveloped her boobs and were pushing
and squeezing on the lovely tit flesh from all sides. The vine stopped
jabbing and suddenly rammed it's way up into her moist cunt. Alice was so
wet that the plant had no trouble sliding into her. The flower fucked her
thoroughly for several long minutes to make sure that she was juiced up real
good. Suddenly Alice could see a large bulge traveling through the vine, like
a bunny inside a snake, and it was heading in her direction. She quickly
realized that the bulge, or whatever was inside of it was going to work it's
way INSIDE of her. She began to struggle but the flower had a good strong
hold of her and anyways at her current size it was as if she being held 30
feet in the air, if the flower let go the fall would break her neck. Alice
gritted her teeth as the bulge finally made it's way all the way up the vine
and past her pussy hole. Alice cried out as the large object opened her up
wide and forced it's way into her cunt.

"EEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!" Alice cried as whatever was in the bulge squeezed
it's way into her womb and made it's self at home.

The flower continued to rub her breasts gently. In the meantime the vine slid
it's way out of her and began to rub her pussy from the outside. Alice could
feel whatever was in her womb growing, writhing and expanding. She looked
down and saw her belly begin to swell. It got alarmingly big at an unnatural
rate. Within minutes she looked as if she was 9 months pregnant! Suddenly
whatever was in her womb began to shift around painfully.

"What have you done to me?" Alice demanded.

"I have merely planted my seed in your womb. It shall be over soon don't
worry." Said the flower.

Whatever was shifting and growing inside of Alice began to push its way out.
It eventually opened up her hole as it crawled out of her pussy making Alice
scream hysterically as it did so. Alice's 'daughter' looked like the other
flower except much smaller. The little flower's roots dug into the ground.

Alice was laying on the ground exhausted and sweaty.

"Bitch." Alice said.

"Now a deals a deal," the flower said.

"Go down that path and you'll come to a toadstool with a caterpillar on it.
He will be able to help you." The flower said.

"Great, thanks. Lousy cunt." Alice muttered.


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