Rating: NC-17

WARNING!!! F/F, F/F, M/F, extreme nc, spank, bdsm, exhib, humil, possible
character death.

Pairing: Bianca/Maggie, ????/????

Type: Mystery

Feedback: Please. Oh Please tell me what you think. I'm a very shallow person
and I really need to know.

Timeline: Three days after Michael Cambias' disappeared.

All My Children: A New Face of Evil Part 1
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Setting: Fusion Building, the Garage
Time: 11:21 PM

All is quiet.

Nothing can be heard except for the rythmic slap of flesh on flesh. The
muffled cries of a women in distress.

"Stop!" the women screams wildly, or tries to. Instead the only sound that
emerges is a muffled squell as her attacker slams into her from behind. Her
eyes wide and red faced as she breathes hard through her nose. Unable to
breath through her mouth due to the thick masking tape covering her mouth
and jaw.

"Whore." a dark mechanically disquiesed voice grunts as a gloved hand grabs
a handful of hair and yanks the woman's head back hard. "Let's see how much
you like it." the voice whispers before slamming hard into the sobbing woman.
Making her scream hard into the makeshift gag.

* * *

Setting: Up stairs... the Fusion offices.
Time: 12:10 AM

"This is taking way too long." Simone states nervousley for the tenth time.

"Relax Simone." Greenlee orders absently, running her fingers through her
hand as she uses her flashlight to read over the new order forms from Macy.

"Yeah, Simone." Mia adds with a wan smile, as she walks over to her friend.
"It's probably just the circuit breakers again. Carlos should have it fixed
any minute now." Mia's eyes rove nervousley over the dark office as she waits
for his impending return.

"He should have been back by now," Simone reiterates as she begins pacing
once more. Jumping slightly as the light turn back on.

"Told you." Greenlee smiles as the elevator doors open and Carlos steps out.
Standing up with a hopefull smile, Greenlee walks over to the handyman, "All

Shaking his head slowly, Carlos dashs her hopes for an inexpensive fix. "It's
just a temporary rig. I'll need to get a lot of parts from the shop."

"Why?" Mia asks, missing the look of trepidation on her friends face. "If
it's just the circuit breakers-"

"It's not the circuit breakers at all." Carlos cuts in shooting a look of
concern at his former flame.

"What is it Carlos?" Greenlee asks immediately, worried by the look in his

"The power line were cut."

"What?" Simone asks.

"Who-" Mia begins to ask but is cut off again by Carlos.

"I don't know." Carlos replies, "But the back up generator was taken out

"This doesn't make any sense." Greenlee says as she mentally runs through
the list of enemies she's aquired, new and old, but is at a loss as to who
would do this.

"There's one other thing." Carlos continues, his concern showing plainly in
his voice. "Someone jammed all the stairway doors leading to the garage."

Feeling a nameless dread whisper in her heart, Greenlee makes a bee line to
the elevator, followed by her friends and coworkers.

* * *

Shaking, Bianca stares up as Michael rises up and buckles his pants.

Leaning down, Michael brushes his lips against Bianca's forehead. "Thanks."
Michael whispers with a grin as he walks away.

"NO!" Bianca screams, jerking upright in her bed as her nightmare runs it's
inevitable conclusion.

Biting back a sob, Bianca rolls onto her side. "It was just a dream."

Closing her eyes, Bianca drifts into a dreamless, fitfull sleep.

* * *

"What the Hell?" Carlos swears as he steps out of the elevator followed by
the women of Fusion. Walking over to the doors leading to the stairwell,
the others see what's upset their friend. The doors have been chained shut.
"What is going on?"

A soft choking sound draws Greenlee's attention away from the current
spectacal being examined by her friends. Walking over to the third row of
cars Greenlee stops dead, a scream struggling to work it's way out of her

Layed out face down with her wrists cuffed around a sign post, Kendall Hart
shivers from the cold, her pants jerked down exposing her now bruised firm

A second later Greenlee rushes to her friends side throwing her coat over her
exposed friend, cringing when she hears the panicked scream muffled by layer
after layer of masking tape.

"Help." Greenlee whispers tugging at the cuffs. "SOMEONE HELP!" Greenlee
screams, cringing at the sight of the marks where the cuffs have bitten into
the skin.

"What is... it...?" Mia asks alarmed, her voice trailing off when she see's
what's caused Greenlee's distress.

Seeing the desolation, the utter horror in the young woman's eyes, Simone can
barely whisper her friends name. "Kendall."

To be continued...


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