All My Children: David Gets His
by Star Gazer ([email protected])

David Hayward woke up with with is head hurting, like a hammer just hit it.
He foucused his eyes and saw Dixie dressed in a long black silk robe.
"Dixie," he said, "What happened?"

Dixie just smiled at him.

"We are having a party David."

"Who?" David said.

"We are!"

Tad stepped up to him in the same robe followed then by Opal, Brooke, and
both Dr. Martains. Erica wore a white robe.

"Oh, yes Jr., too," Sixie said.

Then Adam Chandler came in with Liza.

"What the hell?!?" David said.

"Why...? Well, David you've been fucking us, with your charm for so long
we decided to fuck you and you, your mother and Leo."

They brought out Vanessa and Leo both naked. David saw he was naked too, but
couldn`t move. He had a cock ring around his cock, made out of silver.

"Nice touch," Dixie told Erica.

Tad took off his robe, walked up to Vanessa, who was on her knees. His large
cock was semi-hard.

"No," he said, "Lets have David do it for you. He will have to learn how to
in prison.

Jake Martain held David's head, "Go on bro feed him your cock."

Tad put his cock in David's mouth. "Suck it you bastard!" He fucked David's
mouth while Erica had Vanessa eat her pussy as Dixie and Opal pulled on her

Brooke looked at Leo with a dreadful stare. He had drove Laura into Bianca's
arms with his fucking of Greenlee. She took her robe off had a large strap-on
dildo. Liza held Leo's head by pulling his hair. Brooke made Leo suck the

Tad's cock was rock hard now. "She ready Erica," Tad asked

"Oh, yes. She is all wet."

Dixie kissed Tad.

"Here son, put this on. Don't want any accidents."

"Sure dad," he said.

Dixie put on the large condom. Tad's cock was a large 12 inches and 2 inches
around. He pushed into Vanessa hard. "Oh, yes! She is good and wet. Dad let
her suck you off."

Meanwhile Jake had David sucking his cock. "Now whose the cocksucker?"

Erica was playing with David's balls. "Look at that! He likes sucking your
cock," Erica said, "What a male slut he is."

Brooke had Leo on his stomach. She pushed the large dildo up his ass hard.
"Take that you bastard!"

Leo screamed, but Liza had her pussy in his face.

Adam walked behind Vanessa, his cock was hard from Dixie sucking it.

"Go on Adam! Take the dirt road," Tad said.

Adam fucked her ass.

Dixie and Opal were making out with Jr. Dixie was sucking his young cock
while he was licking Opal`s pussy.

Jake was about to fuck David's ass when Erica said, "Let me." She pulled out
a VERY large dildo

"Oh my," Jake said.

"Oh, yes, David dear. You will feel all of this."

Tad was pounding Vanessa`s pussy. "You want some dad?" he said. He pulled out
and his dad took over. Tad pulled off his condom, saw Dixie and took her
hand. They went to the bed room .

Opal was holding Jr.'s head. "Oh, dear you do that so good."

Then everyone heard David scream as Erica pushed the dildo up his ass. Blood
came trickling out. Erica shoved more up his ass.

"Oh shut up!" Jake said, "Put his cock back in David's mouth."

He fucked David's mouth till he came.

"Drink it all," he said.

David swallowed it all.

Liza was fucking Leo now while Brooke let Leo lick her pussy. It was a night
to remember for David was going to jail. Vanessa and Leo were both turned
into sex slaves for the group. Yes, David Hayward got his.


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