All My Children: Greenlee Gets Hers (FFF,mc)
by Star Gazer

Erica Cane sat at her desk when Greenlee walked into her office. What she
didn`t know was Erica was fingring her wet pussy. with a smile on her face
Erica offered Greenlee something to drink. Greenlee poured her a cup of
coffee. Greenlee sat down and drank her coffee. Greenlee soon felt strange.
Her head began to swril around.

Erica walked up to Greenlee, raised up her dress. She wore no panties.

"Come, Greenlee, lick my hot pussy like so many others have done like Brooke,
Liza, and so many others. Even Vanessa that bitch."

She held Greenlee's head as she licked her pussy. Erica looked at the camera,
which she had hidden. Which just shows Greenlee`s face licking her pussy.
Greenlee held Erica`s ass squeezing it.

"Yes, put your finger in my ass," Erica said.

Then the door openned it was Bianca standing there watching her mother naked
with Greenlee on her desk. Erica saw Bianca.

"Come dear," she said as she held her hand out to her.

Bianca walked up to her mother and kissed her deeply.

"Yes," Erica said, "I am like you after all."

Bianca smiled at her mother, took off her clothes and grabbed Greenlee`s
head pushing it into her puss.

"Yes, baby, make her feel you cum."

Erica was licking Greenlee`s pussy.

"Oh, yess!" Bianca said as she was cumming.

"Come dear. I need to cum, too," Erica sat on Greenlee`s face. "Oh, yes! Work
your tongue you little bitch. Make me cum." Erica felt her body shake.

Bianca was licking Erica`s tits biting her nipples. Erica came.

"Oh, yes!" she said.

Greenlee laid there begging for more. Bianca openned her book bag pulled out
a very big dildo. Erica was shocked to see the size of it.

"Yes, mom, me and Laura just got done. She is so hot, too." Bianca threw the
dildo at greenlee. "Enjoy," she said.

Greenlee put it in her hot pussy.

"Oh, please, help me," Greenlee said fucking herself.

Bianca put Greenlee on all fours putting the other end in her ass. She was
working it in and out. "Let her lick you again, mother."

Erica moved up to Greenlee`s mouth.

"Stick your tongue out," Bianca said.

Greenlee did. Erica came again and again.

They washed up and dressed. Greenlee just woke up. Her pussy was sore and her
ass, too. Erica and Bianca sat at her desk with a tape in her hand.

"I think you best listen," Erica said.

Greenlee looked at them both. "What did you do to me?"

"Oh, my dear," Erica said. "Nothing at all. You did it all. You got what was
coming to you," Erica smiled.

The End?


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