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Rating: Defenetily XXX

Pairing: hee, hee, hee

Timeline: Two hours after Bianca and Erica talks about Fusions new product.

All My Children: Lust Potion #9 Part 1
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Setting: S.O.S Bianca is still wearing her work clothes as she eats a plate
of nachos while reading over a file.

Time: 2:20 PM

"Bianca, hey!" a voice calls out, breaking Bianca's concentration.

Looking away from her work, Bianca turns to see who called her name and is
greeted by the very welcome sight of Maggie Stone. Dressed in a blue jean
skirt and a matching sweater, Maggie walks over to Bianca's table. "How's
Anna?" Bianca asks slightly giddy at the sight of her friend.

"Anna and the baby are doing great." Maggie answers happily, as she sits
across from Bianca. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I'm just catching a late lunch while I try to figure out what I'm going
to do about this." Bianca replies as she pulls out the sample that Mia and
Simone gave her earlier.

"Isn't this that Fusion-" Maggie begins to say.

"Yup. Simone gave it to me." Bianca says

"Is it any good?" Maggie asks.

"Unfortunetly." Bianca replies wyrly, "It looks great on just about everyone
who's tried it."

"Can I..." Maggie trails off.

"Yeah, sure." Bianca replies, handing Maggie the lip stick.

"Huh." Maggie exclaims as she uses her index finger to apply the lip stick.
"It feels nice... it's so smooth."

Running a hand through her hair, Bianca sighs, "Tell me about it. That's one
of the problems with the stuff. You can't even tell your wearing it."

Hearing the tone in Bianca's voice, Maggie immediately regrets her comment.
"Hey, how about I get us something to drink?" Maggie offers, trying to perk
up her friend.

"I could use a diet coke." Bianca replies with a slight smile, knowing Maggie
is trying to cheer her up.

"I'll be right back." Maggie says with a grin as she walks over to the
bartender, bending over the counter to talk to him.

"God, Maggie's beautiful." Bianca whispers to herself as she watches her
friend, eyes roving over her figure only to pause as the hem of Maggie's
skirt rides up as she bends forward, affording Bianca a great view of
Maggie's ass.

"I'll have to go to the back to get some more." the bartender says politely,
as he goes to the back to pick up a new case.

Running the tip of her tongue over her lips as she watches, or more
appropriately ogles Maggie, Bianca feels her whole body begin to tingle. So
intently was Bianca staring at Maggie that she almost didn't look away in
time as Maggie turns around with her drink.

Maggie whirls around with the drinks in hand as she walks over to Bianca.
'Was she checking me out?' Maggie wonders, as she sees Bianca quickly look
away from her.

"Here's your coke. Sorry it took so long" Maggie announces, a little
unceretain as she looks into Bianca's eyes and see's the usual warmth...
warmth and something else. "Are you okay?" Maggie asks a little unsettled
by Bianca's unblinking stare.

"I'm fine, you were only gone, five or six minutes or so." Bianca says,
smiling in an attempt to reassure her friend. "It's just a little warm in

Hardly reassured by Bianca's statement, Maggie reluctantly stands up and
says, "I camew here to get some of those chilli fries that Anna like...

"I'll see you later Maggie." Bianca says with a soft, silky laugh.

Feeling goosebumps all over her body, Maggie rubs her arms to try and shake
off the feeling. "Bianca... how about I stop by at about five?" Maggie asks
hesitantly, very worried about Bianca.

"I'll be there." Bianca replies cheerfully.

"Okay... bye." Maggie says queitly as she see's Bianca begin to return to
her work.

On her way back to the hospital, Maggie licks her lips and tastes the lip
gloss. 'Tastes like strawberries.' Maggie thinks to her self as she feel a
tingly feeling rush through her and inexplicibly she flashes back to the
SOS and Bianca, as she looked away from her when she got her a coke. "I
know she was looking at me." Maggie says to herself as she crosses the
street. "I know she was."

Setting: Enchantment, Bianca's office.

Time: 4:31

"A half an hour till Maggie gets here." Bianca sighs as she finishes with her
work load today. Looking at her watch, Bianca runs a hand through her hair
and thinks back to her run in with Maggie at SOS. Bianca's face flushes red
and her breathing kicks into overdrive as she remembers Maggie bent over the
counter, talking to the bartender. "Why couldn't you be gay Maggie." Bianca
groans as beads of sweat begins to form on her brow as she imagines how the
day could have been if Maggie were gay....

...."I could use a diet coke." Bianca replies with a slight smile, knowing
Maggie is trying to cheer her up.

"I'll be right back." Maggie says with a grin as she walks over to the
bartender, bending over the counter to talk to him.

"God, Maggie's beautiful." Bianca whispers to herself as she watches her
friend, eyes roving over her figure only to pause as the hem of Maggie's
skirt rides up as she bends forward, affording Bianca a great view of
Maggie's ass.

"I'll have to go to the back to get some more." the bartender says politely,
as he goes to the back to pick up a new case.

"Hey there." Bianca says softly to Maggie as she walks up to her, resting
her right hand on the middle of Maggie's back. "What's taking him so long?"

"He said he had to go into the back to find more coke." Maggie replies
huskily as she feels Bianca's hand moving in slow circles on her back.

"He could be gone for awhile." Bianca whispers into her ear, as she moves her
hand down to Maggie's denim clad behind and begins to lightly caress her.
"And we have the place to ourselves."....

....Breathing heavily, Bianca's left hand moves down her body and begins to
rub at the crotch of her jeans as she goes deeper into her fantasy....

...."You like that. Don't you." Bianca states rather than asks as she lifts
the back of Maggie's skirt and lets her hand explore the tight firm cheeks
as her left hand runs up and down her side; grazing the side of Maggie's
breast with each stroke.

"Bianca," Maggie pants as Bianca's touch begins to become more bold, "Someone
could come in any minute- the bartender will be-"

"No he won't." Bianca says smiling, "I paid him before you got here to lock
up and leave when you asked for a coke."

"Uhhh... Bianca" Maggie groans as Bianca's left hand reaches under her to
caress her breast....

...."Maggie" Bianca moans as her right hand reaches up under her shirt to
fondle her breast; knocking her breasts free of the constraining bra and
unknowingly raising her shirt up to her neck at the same time.

Dressed in a white turtleneck sweater with a matching skirt Lena walks slowly
to Bianca's office after hearing that Erica has left for the weekend. "Ms.
Montgomery?" Lena calls out from outside Bianca's office doors. "Are you
alright? Your secretary said you were still here and I need to give these to
Ms. Kane but she left with Mr. Stamp."

Lena could have been saying that the building was on fire and Bianca would
not have stirred from her seat as the tingling in her body increases ten

Taking a deep breath, Lena opens the office doors and walks in unnanounced
and promptly drops all the documents to the floor as she takes in the sight
of Bianca. "Ms. Montgomery?" Lena squeaks out, first tentatively then louder
as she realizes that Bianca doesn't hear her. "Bianca."

Hearing her name, Bianca opens her eyes and smiles as she see's Maggie
standing across the room. "Come on in." Bianca says with a smile.

Her mouth suddenly very dry, Lena makes a snap decision and chooses to close
the door behind her and walks up to Bianca.

"It's about time." Bianca says to Maggie as she reaches under Lena's skirt
and runs her hand up along Lena's leg to her hip.

Despite the fact that she knows that inter-job dating is a big no- no in
almost all companies, Lena just can't pass up a hot morsel like Bianca.
Grabbing Bianca's hand out from under her skirt, Lena sits on the top of
Bianca's desk. "If we're going to do this, we're doing it my way." Lena
says in a commanding tone.

"However you want it to be." Bianca replies instantly, her eyes glazed as
Lena leans over and pulls the shirt completely off her. Then unsnapping the
already useless bra.

"That's better." Lena purrs, as she reaches out and strokes Bianca's chest.
Her long fingers dancing over Bianca's nipples, occasionaly pulling them
slightly, grinning as Bianca whimpers in pleasure.

* * *

Walking out of the elevator, Maggie heads straight to Bianca's office, her
head buzzing and her body tingling as she nears the office doors. Just as
she's about to knock, Maggie hears a strange sound and instead presses her
ear up against the door; trying to figure out what's going on.

Pulling away from Bianca's chest, Lena sits up straight. "Get on your knees."
Lena tells Bianca.

By this time Bianca is beyond questioning how this came about, as her fantasy
and her self induced pleasure takes total control of her.

Sliding her shoes off, Lena offers her foot to the prostate Bianca, "Lick

"What... I" Bianca begins to protest but is cut off by Lena.

"I said lick it." Lena orders sternly.

Her hands shaking slightly, Bianca takes Lena's foot in both hands; using her
right to hold it by the ankle and her left to keep it steady, Bianca licks
the inside of her foot with long slow strokes of her tongue.

"Thats it" Lena hisses in delight, her body shivering from the feel of
Bianca's tongue as well as Bianca's submission to her. "Now, move up my leg,
till I tell you to stop."

Lifting Lena's leg slightly, Bianca grabs onto the calf as she slowly kisses
and licks her way up from Lena's ankle.

"Mmmm.. Good girl Bianca." Lena croons softly, "keep going, higher now."

'Anything you want Maggie. Anything at all.' Bianca thinks feverishly, as her
lips and tongue caress the inside of Lena's thigh, barely an inch away from
her destination.

Opening the door slightly so that she can see inside, Maggie is shocked by
the sight in front of her. Bianca on her knees, topless, as she runs her
tongue up a strange womans leg. 'Oh my God' Maggie thinks to herself, as she
is torn between staring at Bianca's well endowed breasts or watching Bianca
kiss and lick her way up to the older woman's pussy.

Leaning back on the desk, Lena mover her right hand slightly behind her to
keep herself steady and uses her left to draw her panties to the side. "You
know what to do." Lena breaths, as she waits for the first touch of Bianca's
mouth on her cunt.

"She's really going to do it." Maggie whispers to herself, entranced by the
scene in front of her.

Bianca bends Lena's legs at the knees and pushes her legs upward to give her
the best possible access before she leans in and breaths in Lena's arousal.
'I love you Maggie.' Bianca thnks as she dips her tongue down in between
Lena's legs.

"Right there." Lena growls, trembling at the feel of Bianca's tongue stoking
up and down her slit. Biting her bottom lip, Lena throws back her head as
Bianca pushes first one then two fingers inside her and begins to lick her
clit in time to her thrusting fingers.

"Uh, uh, uh, uh" Lena grunts as Bianca pushes in and out of her cunt with her
fingers. Completely unaware that Maggie is watching the entire scene they are

"Oh you beautiful American bitch!" Lena groans as she looks down between her
legs as Bianca begins to speed up her pace; finger fucking Lena faster and
harder, while she licks and sucks her clit hard.

Breathing hard, Maggie looks on as Bianca eats out the European woman on her
desk. 'Who does that slut think she is.' Maggie thinks to herself angrily.

Clenching her jaws together, Lena archs into Bianca's mouth, fighting down
the urge to scream as she cums, and cums hard.

Removing her fingers from Lena, Bianca licks up the warm stickiness with
relish, 'More Maggie, More.' Bianca thinks to herself as she begins to
search and probe every inch of Lena's crevice for more of her wetness.

Catching her breath, Lena sits up unsteadly and looks in amazement as Bianca
continues to eat her. "Enough Bianca." Lena whispers roughly. When Bianca
shows no sign of stopping, Lena grabs her by the hair and yanks her away. "I
said enough." Lena reiterates calmly.

"Owww." Bianca cries out in pain, rubbing her head where Lena just yanked her

Ignoring Bianca's distress, Lena fixes her skirt and recovers her shoe before
pulling out her cell phone. "Hello, I'd like a taxi sent to Enchantment."
Lena says in a still calm voice as she begins to run a hand through the still
kneeling Bianca's hair. "Yes, as soon as possible."

"That vicious little..." Maggie mutters as she watches Lena's treatment of

Leaning forward, Lena kisses Bianca on the forhead and stares into her still
glazed eyes. "Don't worry Bianca. I'm not done with you. No I'm not. I just
had to call for a taxi so that I could take you back home with me. That way
there's less chance of us being interrupted there."



"Who could that be?" Lena wonders outloud as she answers the phone. "What...
oh! Ms. Kane," Lena answers with a sinking feeling, "yes I'll be there. Good
bye Ms. Kane."

'That didn't sound too good for you little Leeena.' Maggie thinks with a
snicker as she sees the disappointed look on her face.

Hanging up her phone with a sigh, Lena looks back to a very flushed Bianca.
"I'm sorry Bianca." Lena begins regretfully, "Your mother, seems to want me
to go to New York with her... so we won't be able to finish this."

BEEP, the intercom turns on and Val's voice can be heard. "Ms. Lena your taxi
is waiting for you."

"Thanks Val." Lena says mournfully as she gazes one last time at the vision
kneeling in front of her still. "Goodbye Bianca."

Moving to the side of the door, Maggie hides down the side corridor till Lena
is out of sight, before walking into Bianca's office.

Hearing her office door open again snaps Bianca back to awareness,
"Maggie...." Bianca whispers as she takes in Maggie's smouldering gaze
right before she walks into the room, shutting the door behind her.

To Be Continued...


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