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Rating: R maybe higher

Pairing: Bianca/Livvie

Timeline: Two weeks after Livvie shoots Rafe.

All My Children/Port Charles: The Bad Girl Part 1 (no sex)
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Setting: A train 971

Time: 1:20 AM

"Damn Them!" a woman's voice cries out from the deep shadows, briefly carring
over the sound of the train as it carries it's unknown passanger along. 'She
may have him but not for long, no little Alison. Not! For! Long!' With these
thoughts the woman pushes open the door of the storage closet that she has
been hiding in peeking out to see if anyone is watching before stepping out
and flexing her shoulders, wincing as she works out the cramps that have
developed from ten hours of enforced seclusion.

Turning to get a better view of her surroundings she sees that supplies have
been placed along the inner wall of the train presumebly to load into the
storage closet she just vacated. 'Well they can have it. I won't be here too
much longer' and with that in mind the woman starts digging into the supplies
looking for anything that might prove useful.

As she does, the woman happens to glance up and into a mirror that was placed
on the door of the storage closet. Looking into it causes her to pause in her
scavagings. The woman gives a start when she takes in her disheveled
appearance. Long dark brown hair tangled and matted with sweat and grease,
her face streaked with dirt and oil. Her clothes torn and dirty, all add to
the appearance of a broken, shell of a human being. That is, till one looks
into her eyes does one see the iron will and beyond that to the manic hatred
that so enflames her light brown eyes. Shaking her head from the vision in
the mirror 'doesn't matter, in a few days I'll be able to access my mother's
accounts and get cleaned up.' She finishes packing and smirks as she looks up
at herself in the mirror. "But first it's time to bail."

With that the woman stands up and goes to the door that leads to the
passanger cars. Inside she can hear families laughing and talking in the
cabins. So caught up in the sounds of the people that she fails to see the
ticket collector enter from the other side. She tries to hide by the side of
the door but it's too late and he yells "Wait! Stop!" At his words the woman
dashes down the car and into the adjoining baggage car. She can hear him
chasing after her but she can't find anywhere to hide. She jerks around as
the door slams open and he steps through. She runs to the door but it leads
off the train, and she barely catches herself as the wind almost sweeps her

The man approaches slowly, his hands held out to her soothingly "Look Ms. I
don't know who you are but jumping off the train is just crazy. Whatever your
running from, we can talk about."

The woman looks back out of the portal leading outside, seeing that there on
a bridge, two hundred feet up with water gone dark in the twilight.

She looks back at him and smiles. At the look in her eyes he stops eyes wide
in disbelief as he knows that she will, that she has to, for some reason.
"God help you." he says fervently as she turns and jumps off the train diving
into the water napsack in hand.

* * *

Setting: The boat house, Bianca and J.R. have just walked in.

Time: 9:35 AM

Bianca turns to face her friend, "J.R., I know that you hate David Hayward
but he is Maggie's cousin and we need to find some way to keep her from
leaving town."

J.R looks at her in confusion, "Wait I thought you'd already convinced her
to stay." He leads her over to the bench and sits down.

Bianca declines to sit, but instead paces restlessly about, "I did. But I
don't know for how long." Bianca says as she stops in front of him. "The
problem isn't really Maggie. The problem is with David-"

"You can say that again," J.R mutters cuts Bianca off.

"-and Anna." Bianca continues. Bianca begins to shift nervously knowing that
J.R would probable hate her plan. 'If only he would see the big picture;
namely Maggie leaving.' "Which is why we have to get them back together
again," Bianca finishes and waits for the explosion. She doesn't have long
to wait.

J.R blinks at her like a goldfish in a fisherman's net. The image enhanced by
his mouth gaping open and shuting only to open again as he takes in Bianca's
words. Finally he does, and his face scrunches up in disgust, "I wouldn't
wish David on anyone, not even LIZA!" With that sweeping statement J.R jumps
up and begins to pace, 'Damn Bianca have you completely lost it.' Turning to
face her "Damn Bianca have you completely lost-"

Just then a loud thump rings in the air cutting him off. Bianca looks around,
"What was that?"

J.R looks around agitated at the interruption, "Who cares." J.R walks to the
stairs leading out of the boathouse turning back to Bianca he says, "I know
that you care for Maggie, but have you ever thought that her leaving might be
the best thing for her?" with that he turns and leaves.

As Bianca moves to go after him a low pain filled moan stops her. Looking
around she sees a figure trying to get into the small rowboat next to the
dock. Moving quickly Bianca grabs the bedraggled figure and pulls him out
before he goes under again.

It isn't until Bianca has dragged him onto the dock that she notices that
the him is a her. 'O' my God, um what do I do?' Bianca quickly shakes off her
shock and checks for a pulse. Finding it weak she grabs her phone and starts
to dial 911 but the woman weakly reaches up to stop her.

"Dont-t.. please, I'll be al-lright I just need to r-rest." Opening her eyes
the woman turned to her would-be-rescuer. "If you- would help me over to the-
bench so I can catch--" she says breaking off as the pain in her ribs becomes
to great for talking. 'It'll be fine just can't let her call 911. They'll be
all over me then.' She takes a few steading breaths and continues, "I don't
know who you are but I know you helped me out back there and I'll pay you
back as soon as I can-" she breaks off again nearly retching and clutching
her ribs.

Bianca stares at the young woman, and she is young, she sees that even
through all the grim. "I'm not leaving you here hurt by yourself." Bianca
says, putting her arms around the girl, helping her to her feet. "And if
your not willing to go to the hospital then I'll take you to my place so
that you can get cleaned up."

The girl swivels her head up to stare at the taller brunettes eyes and seeing
the stubborn determination in them, nods in agreement knowing she's in no
shape to fight about it. 'Okay, new plan. Get cleaned up at this girls place,
and then find out where I am.'

As Bianca helps the girl into her car she notices her napsack back at the
dock and picks it up. It has *Train 971* emblazened on it's front.

Rushing back to her car Bianca throws the napsack in the back and turns to
her passanger, "Hey, if were going to be roomies for awile. Mind telling me
your name?"

The young woman chuckles despite the pain in her ribs and turns to her
rescuer, "You can call me Olivia."


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