All My Children/Port Charles: The Bad Girl Part 2 (no sex)
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Setting: The Pine Valley Inn. Bianca and Olivia have just entered her room.

Time: 10:14 AM

Bianca slowly walks her new guest into the bathroom and sets her down on the
edge of the tub, "I'm going to get you some fresh cloths. I'll be right back
will you be ok by yourself for a minute?" Bianca asks staring with concern at
the girl.

Olivia nods her head in affirmination, "Just don't take too long" smirking
slightly she continues "After all if I fell in the tub I could sue."

Bianca stares at her, shaking her head in amusement, smiling as she makes her
way out. Giving Olivia her first chance to be alone and more fully access her
situation. 'Well I certainly could have done worse for a rescuer.' Olivia
thinks with a chuckle wincing at the pain in her ribs, 'Yeah that's what you
get when you jump out of moving vehicles Livvie' Her smiling fading as she
takes in that thought. 'No, it's Olivia now, not Livvie need to keep that
straight. After all wouldn't want to leave a trail now would we.' With a
smirk fully plastered to her face Olivia looks at the apparant luxury that
she has dropped into.

Soundlessly the door opens showing Bianca with a robe and under clothes in
one hand and bandages in the other hand with a towel and washcloth draped on
her shoulder. Setting the bandages on the floor next to the tub Bianca kneels
down and turns the water on in the tub testing it with her hand to get the
tempeture set. With that out of the way she sets the robe and clothing down
on a shelf to the left of the tub and turns to Olivia nervously, "I have to
get you out of those clothes- to clean you up I mean" Bianca amends quickly
making no move to the other girl.

Olivia cocks her head to the left allowing her hair to hide her expression as
she watches her now blushing rescuer bite her lip nervously. 'Oh I have to do
something she looks like she's going to faint!' she thinks a smile ghosting
across her face as she considers the girl in front of her. 'Do I make this
easy for her?... Nah lets play!' Hiding the smile from her voice "Bianca
could you, would you help me? I know this is really embarassing-"

"No, No! It's not!" Bianca cuts in trying desperately to both get control of
herself and to figure a way out of this. "I just- I need bubbles" 'OH My God
I did not just say that!!! "You know for the bath while you start- you know"
Bianca gestures franticly at Olivia's clothes "without me" 'Please someone
stop me from babbling!'

Olivia looks at her, lips twitching as she fought the smile down, "Okay, I
can do that, you just get the bath ready and I'll do my best." Olivia says in
tones of upmost innocence. 'This is going to be SO much fun!' Olivia thought
as she shifted around undoing the buttons in her shirt and jeans while Bianca
finished with the tub.

'Okay, that should be enough bubbles for modesties sake-' Bianca thought as
she turned to Olivia her brain freezing in mid-thought when saw that her
guest had undone all the buttons of her clothes and was apparently waiting
for her! ''

Olivia couldn't help it, she just couldn't not push it, "Bianca" she said
hesitantly, "I can't reach down enough to get my boots off, could you..." she
trails off knowing by the growing blush on Bianca's cheeks that she has hit
pay dirt.

Bianca nods quickly, "Yeah I can do that." she says and kneels down to take
off first the left boot than the right under the watchful eye of Olivia 'See
no problem now I can just go-'

Seeing Bianca take off her boots and knowing shes about to run made it just
too damn hard to resist, so putting on her best pout, "Bianca, my pants their
just too tight- if you could pull them off I should be fine... If you would
that is?"

'WHAT DID SHE SAY!' Bianca was just this side of mad panic now, "Yeah, yeah
sure, I can do that" Bianca says, gulping at the sight of the shapely legs
encased in the tight pants. 'Please, engage brain before SPEAKING! Calm down
Bianca you can do this, you CAN do this! Just reach out, grab the sides of
the pants and pull them off quickly.'

As if reading her mind Olivia put her hands on Bianca's, "Go slow now, I
have to be able to hold on to the tub." Seeing the utterly panicked look on
Bianca's face Olivia decided to let up... a little. "Just the pants now" she
says not hiding the smile in her voice as she braces against the side of the
tub "I can wiggle my way out of the panties in the tub."

'She is trying to drive me crazy!' Bianca thinks as she slowly; as per
request, starts to pull the other girl's pants off. Keeping her eyes firmly
on Olivia's face she manages to get them off. 'I did it! Without the nervous
breakdown!' Putting the pants in the dirty clothes hamper she turns back with
a smile and stands up, "Well, I'll be out in the hall, if you need anything
just yell." Bianca says and walks to the door.

Olivia runs a hand thru her hair as she decides best how to proceed, 'I've
taken it easy enough on her, time to hit her with the big guns.' With virtue
sounding in every word Olivia calls out to Bianca "Actually there is a couple
things I still need your help with..." she manages to choke out "If you
would." Just barely stopping the overflowing mirth from taking over. Watching
how Bianca stopped, as if a fishhook was attached to her and suddenly pulled,
not to mention the way her hand on the door handle actually trembled nearly
made her loose it all together. 'I've never seen anyone get this nervous at
the idea of me naked. Hell, not even Rafe was this bad. I don't remember ever
having this much fun!'

Bianca for her part was not having so much fun. 'What could she want now?'
she thought as she turned around. Seeing some strange expression in her
eyes for a moment she paused than shruged it off, 'No way was she smiling,
no way.' Walking back to her in disbelief "What is it Olivia?" a little
impatiance showing in her voice.

Hearing the tone she smiled to herself, "Actually Bianca I just need you to
pull the shirt off me and I'll almost be done. K?"

Bianca took a deep breath and closed her eyes, 'I took off her pants, this
can be done. I am calm.' she says to herself. "Okay just put your arms up as
much as you can and I'll pull off your shirt."

With a small smile on her face Olivia complies moving slowly so as not to
aggravate her ribs, she holds still as Bianca pulls the shirt off her. Her
smile widens as Bianca takes the shirt to the hamper and looks to the door
obviously wanting to leave. 'Not quite yet my little hero.' "See Bianca,
that wasn't hard was it?" Seeing Bianca's return her smile was all the
encouragement she needed, "Now all you have to do is reach behind me and
unhook my bra and we should be done." The look on Bianca's face was worth
the pain of keeping the laugh in, Olivia decided. 'Oh boy, I think I broke
her. Look at her face it's gone white!'

Indeed it had. Bianca's face was a sight to behold. Her dark brown eyes went
went wide. Her cheeks turned a pale pink and her mouth seemed to move but
nothing was coming out. 'Umm.... bra...... she...... wants me to...........
take off........ no..... no...... NO!'

Seeing as she may have taken this a bit too far Olivia pulls it back a bit
"Bianca I think you may have misunderstood. I only wanted you to unhook it.
I'm going to hold on to it with my hands so it doesn't come off." Olivia
says, watching as the color floodes back to Bianca's cheeks and her mouth
snaps shut with an audible click.

Bianca's brain kicks back in 'The next girl I see in the water stays in the
water!' "I thought their was something wrong with that statement" Bianca says
with a shake of her head as she leans forward, putting her arms around Olivia
to unhook the bra, and turns around swiftly as Olivia throws the bra into the
hamper then slips under the water.

"Thanks Bianca for everything." Olivia says meaningfully. Truly touched that
anyone would put up with this much grief for a stranger.

"It's okay, I'll come back in ten to bandage up those ribs" Bianca says
with a smile as she walks out the door. 'Oh lordy what have I gotten myself
into..' Bianca thinks as she lays out on the couch. 'I'll just wait out here
till she calls..'

Nine minutes later....

A loud ringing sound makes Bianca bolt upright. Looking around in confusion
she gets off the couch to answer the door.

"Hello, darling" Erica Kane says to Bianca as she walks past her daughter
and into her suite, "I thought I'd come up early instead of waiting for lunch
like we planned-"

"Hey Bianca! I thought you were going to help me get dressed!" Olivia's
voice rings out as the bathroom door opens showing Olivia barely wrapped in
a towel; with six inches of thigh exposed and the top just under the swell
of her breasts. Her hair combed straight down to just below her shoulders.
The light making her skin glow as if from within completes the picture as
the young beauty walks in. Olivia looks from mother to daughter, 'This
promises to be interesting.'


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