All My Children/Port Charles: The Bad Girl Part 3 (no sex)
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Setting: The Pine Valley Inn. Erica just entered Bianca's suite, and just
seen Olivia come out in only a towel.

Time: 10:31 AM

Erica looks from her daughter who seems to be struck dumb, to the scantily
clad girl who just came out of the bathroom. "Excuse me, but what is going on
here?" Erica says, and looks to her daughter who snaps out of her grogginess.

"Mom, oh this is Olivia, she's well- um." Bianca starts to explain.

"I don't see what business it is of hers who I am." Olivia says to Bianca.

Turning to Erica, she crosses her arms and looks her up and down, "Just who
do you think you are coming in here like you own the place and interrogating
Bianca?" Olivia says to Erica.

Erica turns to Olivia with an appraising eye, "Well Bianca" Erica says with
a smile and a mocking tone, "looks like you're getting into the habit of
finding gutter trash. I thought you said you were done with strays."

Bianca stares in shocked outrage at her mother, "I can't believe you just
said that. I can't believe you would trash Frankie like that." Bianca says
shaking her head. Erica takes a step toward her and reaches out to her with
her hand, but Bianca takes a step away from her. "God, it wasn't bad enough
that you trashed her when she was alive, now-" Bianca says shaking her head
her anger growing, "now your using her memory to push your way into my
private life."

"Bianca, honey, Please... I- Ijust was in shock. I mean seeing this- this
person, come out here like this," Erica says gesturing to Olivia's apparall
or lack of, "asking to help her get dressed. What was I supposed to think?"

Bianca just shakes her head sadly, 'Oh I don't know maybe that you trust me
to know what I'm doing?' Bianca thinks but takes a breath and says, "Mom, I
know your upset that Chris found your father without asking about it-" Erica
looks like she's going to cut in but Bianca stops her with an up raised hand,
"and that has you more than a little... unsettled. But that doesn't give you
the right to come in to a situation that you know nothing about, and jump to
a lot of conclusions." Bianca's eyes glint with determination as she takes
two steps forward and stands toe to toe with her mother as Olivia watches on
astonished by the steel she sees in Bianca.

Olivia slowly moves to the side of the couch as she watches them face off,
'Well now there's more to Bianca than I thought. Huh, I'm gonna have to watch
her better if I decide to stick around till things back home cool down.'

Erica shakes her head in remorse and pulls Bianca into a hug, throwing her
arms around her daughter. "Bianca I just don't want ot see you hurt like you
were with Frankie- not that this.. this girl is anything like Frankie but I
just reacted and I didn't mean to throw Frankie in your face like that. I
know you loved her. And I do trust you honey... It's just hard sometimes."

Olivia's eyes go wide, 'HER.'

Olivia looks at Bianca with a smirk and thinks, 'Well now, isn't this
interesting. At least now I know why she was freaking out about seeing me

"Okay, not that I don't appreciate the floor show but I'm kind of in the buff
here," Olivia says as Bianca and Erica break out of their embrace. "but I was
hoping you would brush out my hair first before getting dressed."

Bianca looks over at Olivia and smiles, "Yeah, I think I can do that, I just
have to get my brush." Bianca says cheerfully, glad to see that her mother
does trust her.

Erica looks at Olivia with open contempt, "Here, do it yourself" Erica says
and throws her purse at Olivia catching her by suprise and bouncing off her

"OWWWW, Damn it!" Olivia screams out clutching her ribs, tears streaming down
her face as she falls to the couch.

Bianca looks at her mother in horror, "God what did you do!" Bianca says then
kneels next to Olivia, pulling her into her arms. "Hey, are you all right do
you need to go to the hospital?" Bianca asks concerned.

Erica looks down in grim amusement, "My God Bianca," Erica rants, "I barely
tossed it to the girl, she really is just like Frankie-"

Bianca looks up while still holding Olivia in her arms, "MOM shut up, just
shut up and get out! We'll talk about it later!" she says angrily.

"Now wait a min-" Erica begins but is cut off.

"NOW MOM! Get out! She hurt her ribs before and you probably hurt them more,"
Bianca says furiously.

Erica looks at the battered girl more closely and can see bruises on her arms
and legs, "Oh God, I didn't know- here I'll call the hospital-" Erica says
and starts to dial on her cell phone.

"Noo..oo.o" Olivia manages to gasp out despite the pain.

Bianca sees Erica dialing and understands Olivia's distress, "Mom, stop! She
won't go to the hospital." Bianca says. Then looking down at the trembling
girl, sighs, "Though I'm begininng to think that might have been a mistake."

Erica stops dialing but keeps her cell phone out as she asks, "Why won't she
go to a hospital? And how did she hurt her ribs?"

As Olivia's pain starts to ebb Bianca looks up at her mother, "I don't know
why she won't go to a hospital, I don't even know how she got hurt to begin
with." Bianca says to Erica. Looking back down at Olivia Bianca slowly begins
to stroke her hair back, 'Who are you Olivia, and how did you get hurt so

Erica kneels down next to Bianca and the shaking girl, "Where did you find
her at Bianca?" Erica asks as she looks at Olivia with pity in her eyes.
Ashamed with herself for not seeing the bruises before; just a barely clothed
girl in Bianca's suite.

As Olivia's shaking decreases under Bianca's patient ministrations, "A-at a
boat- rowboat.." Olivia starts to say before the pain once again silences

Erica looks from Olivia to Bianca in confusion, "In a rowboat? What is she
talking about Bianca?" Erica asks softly.

Bianca thinks back and says, "I was at the boat house with J.R and found her
trying to get in one of the rowboats by the dock. She could barely move. If
I hadn't been there...." she trails off her eyes once again drawn to the girl
lying shuddering in her arms.

Erica purses her lips as she contemplates Bianca's story, 'Why won't she go
to the Hospital?' Erica thinks as she looks down at Olivia. "Look if you
won't go to the hospital I have a... friend who could take a look at you and
make sure nothings broken, OK." Seeing the steel start to return to Oliva's
eyes, "If not I'll take you to the hospital kicking and screaming and in your
condition you really won't be able to stop me. So shall I call my friend or
not?" she adds with a smug smile.

Olivia still in too much pain to talk just nods.

Erica dials her cell phone, "It's me, Erica. David I need you to look at
someone I'm bringing over no questions asked, OK?" Erica says. Immediately
her face brightens as she hears his response, "Good, We'll be there in a
minute. Bye." Putting her phone away she turns Olivia with a victorious
smile. "It's all set. We just need to get you over there."

Erica turns to Bianca, "I'll get the left side you get the right and we'll
take her to David and get her some help" Erica says. Looking briefly at the
girl on her right 'And maybe some answers' she thinks asthey make their way
to David's.


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