All My Children/Port Charles: The Bad Girl Part 4 (no sex)
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Setting: Pine Valley Inn. David's room. Bianca and co. have just arrived and
are standing outside the door argueing.

Time: 10:52 AM

"This really isn't necessary Bianca. I'm alright now. Your mom just caught me
off gaurd thats all." Olivia says looking up at her rescuer.

Bianca shoots a look of pure disbelief to her mother and sees it mirrored in
her eyes, neither could believe how incredibly stubborn the girl was being.
Looking at Olivia she can't help but wonder about who she is and where she
comes from. 'Nows not the time for those questions Bianca.' she thinks to
herself, 'We need to get her checked out first and make sure she's all
right.' Having squelched her curiosity for the moment, Bianca reaches over
and pushes the door bell.

"I'm coming" they here David yell, followed by loud footsteps just before the
doors opened.

As David opens the door he gives a start at the sight of the girl in front of
him, there's something very familiar about her he just can't quite place it-

"Hey! Are you going to stand there or are you going to invite us in?" Olivia
rasps out between clenched teeth. Of course she knew who he was. The only
question is; would he reconize her? 'Damn out of all the doctors for Bianca's
mom to know it would have to be David Hayward.'

Jumping a little David moves aside as Bianca and Erica guide her inside,
"Thank you for seeing us on such short notice David," Erica says, "I know
you've been busy with trying to get Anna back." 'Though why you'd bother is
beyond me.' Erica thinks.

"Well I appreciate the sentiment" David says, knowing very well that Erica
hates Anna but wanting to get to his patient, 'God I know I've seen her
somewhere-' David thinks. Before having Bianca sidetrack him.

"-I found her floating trying to get into the rowboat and that's all I know."
Bianca finishes.

Turning his focus back to Bianca and Erica he asks them to take him to the
bedroom so he can check her out privately. "Yeah, we can do that." Bianca
answers smiling. But when she looked at Olivia's face she saw a slightly
panicked look on her face and realized it might not be alright with her.
Putting her hand on Olivia's cheek she turned head to face her. "Hey there,
you ok with this?" Bianca asks searching for some clue in Olivia's eyes for
the expression she saw when David said he wanted to be alone with her.

Olivia forced the alarm from her face and plastered a reassuring look on
instead, "Yeah I'll be fine Bianca. I just really don't like doctors." she
says to Bianca. Turning back to David she quickly says, "No Offense?"

David grins down at her and says, "None taken" Looking back at Erica and
Bianca he motions them toward the back room, "Please set her down on the bed.
I'll be right there. I just need to get my bag." and walks into another room.

With a groan of pain Bianca and Erica set Oliva down on the bed. Erica went
to talk to David alone while Bianca helped Olivia get more comfortable.

While Bianca was busy helping get Olivia into a more comfortable position,
Olivia spent her time watching Bianca. 'Hmmm, she's not bad to look at, not
at all. There just might be something workable in this unholy mess after
all.' "Bianca," Olivia says shyly, "would you mind if I borrowed your sweater
for a little while?"

Bianca stops fluffing Olivia's pillow and looks at her. "Why do you need my
sweater for?" Bianca says smiling. "It's not as if your going out." she

Olivia just smiles wider, "It's not that-" she says with a blush, "It's just
that when the doctor checks me out he'll want to see my ribs and I only have
this one towel so...." Olivia says in a cajoling tone.

Two sunsets couldn't equel the color Bianca's face turned at hearing this.
Looking at her pink sweater "Well I guess you can borrow it for a little
while -just till the exam is done." Bianca says looking away from Olivia.

Olivia bowed her head down so her hair fell in front of her face, and she
could watch Bianca take off her sweater without being seen doing it. Nor was
she dissapointed either. Bianca looked even better in the tight black tank
top that was under the baggy sweater of hers. 'Yes, she will do nicely.'
Olivia thought, after all she did need a cover if she was going to stay
which because of her ribs, seemed more likely by the minute, and all covers
needed three componets; first cash, second a place to crash, and lastly a
relationship with someone of good standing in the community. 'Lucky for me
that Bianca fits all the criteria.' Olivia thought hiding her smile as she
ogled Bianca in her tight tank top. 'And if she's a girl, not many people
will bother to ask alot of questions about me. No, the questions will all
be, US type questions. Most people see two girls and they always focus on
the fact that their together and not about much else. Yes Bianca,' Olivia
thought leaning back watching her go back to fluffing her pillow and fixing
the covers, 'you are perfect.'

* * *

Erica finds David in the hallway staring off into space deep in thought as
she approaches him. "Earth to David." Erica says in her usual subtle way,
startling him back to reality. "I can see you've found your bag. Would you
mind telling me whats going on in that head of yours?"

David gives Erica a half smile in return, "Oh Erica we don't have the time
it would take to tell you everything that's going on in my mind -not if we
want to help your little friend" he says his smile more forced than natural.

She puts her hand on his arm stopping him from moving, "David we've known
each other well enough to know when we're covering; and you my friend are
definetly covering. The question is what?" Erica asks moving to stand in
front of him, her hand still on his arm.

"Honestly Erica? I don't know?" he answers with a confused shake of his head.
"Theirs something familiar about the girl. But I can't-" he stops with a
frustrated expression on his face. Removing her hand from his arm he turns
to her, "I really don't know who she is but I do know she's waiting on us."
David finishes plastering on his best nice doctor smile he went down the hall
to his patient.

* * *

Walking in the room, Erica and David were greeted to the sight of Bianca
laughing at something Olivia had just said, "You would have loved it Bianca,
poor Jack had to practicaly bath in epsin salt for an hour before his skin
turned pink again" Olivia said laughing along with Bianca.

Clearing his throat David made his way over to his patient smiling, "Well it
seems Bianca has been keeping you entertained till we got here." David says
turning to Olivia.

She smiles in response and turns to Bianca, "Yeah she's the best."

Bianca rolls her eyes in response but smiles.

David nods to her, "Yes she is, however I need some time alone with you to
discuss your medical background as well as to examine your injuries." he says

Olivia turns to Bianca and Erica, "This shouldn't take too long, but you
don't have to stay if you don't want to." Olivia says.

Standing up Bianca runs a hand through her hair, "I'll be in the other room,
when your done." Bianca says smiling shyly. "Promise." then walks out with
Erica. In time to hear Olivia groan as David starts asking about her medical

Erica turns to Bianca on the way out of the room, "Look, honey, I have to go
check on a few things." Erica says hugging Bianca. "I'll see you later and
you can tell me how it turns out with Olivia." then kisses her cheek.

"I'll call you later mom, and tell you how it's going with her." Bianca says,
"I might be to busy to stop by tonight."

Erica looks at her daughter with arched eyebrows, "And what would you be
doing at that time of night young lady?" Erica asks.

With a shocked look on her face that her mom would actually voice that
question, Bianca quickly kisses her on the cheek than all but pushes her
out the door. 'I cannot believe she insinuated that. Not that I should be
suprised. Not when it comes to mom.' With that thought Bianca sits on
David's couch wondering about her new friend.

Ten minutes later....

The door opens and Bianca hears Olivia saying sarcasticaly, "Thank you Dr.
Hayward for all the help."

David steps out of the room, "You can see her now, but be warned she's a
little grumpy." he says with a smile.

Bianca walks up to him and smiles, "Thanks for seeing her, when she's feeling
better I'm sure she'll be grateful too." Bianca says wondering if that's

"Thats okay Bianca no thanks are necessary. Her ribs are severly bruised so
I taped them up. However they'll need to be changed each day. She shouldn't
be left alone for the next couple of days, I assume she's staying with you?"
David asks.

"Actually I don't know where she's staying to tell the truth. But I'll try
to convince her to stay over for the next couple of nights if she's alone."
Bianca says specultively.

"Well I'll leave you two to work out the details. However I'm heading out in
a minute to talk to see a patient so I'll leave the tape with you to give to
her, when your done remember to lock up." David says and walks out the door.
It's only when he's outside that he wonders how she knows his last name.

Walking into the room Bianca's thoughts were bouncing all over the place,
'Either she's all alone and needs me or she's has someone who can help her
and doesn't need me. The problem is, is that I think I'm going to have to
ask because I don't think she'll ask for help even if she needs it.' Even
more disturbing to Bianca is that she doesn't know which she wants it to be.
Taking a deep breath Bianca sits next to a sulking Olivia and asks, "Umm,
do you want to crash at my place? David says you shouldn't be alone for the
next couple of days" Seeing a look of hurt flash in Olivia's eyes she adds,
"Not that, thats the only reason I want you to stay I just want you to be
okay" Bianca says tenderly.

Olivia looks up at Bianca and sees that she actually means it. 'Wow, so you
really like me, huh? That makes things so much easier. Now all I have to do
is watch out for Mommy Dearest and do something about David Hayward and I'll
be set. Let that bitch Lucy try and find me now.' Olivia thinks. Looking up
and smiling brightly she says, "Sure I'd love to stay with you... Roomie!"


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