All My Children/Port Charles: The Bad Girl Part 5 (no sex)
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Setting: Pine Valley Inn. Biana's Suite, Bianca and Olivia have just come
back from David's...

Time: 11:35 AM

"God I hate doctors." Olivia says as she follows Bianca into her suite. "I
have never met one who didn't like to poke and prod every spot that happens
to hurt the worst."

Bianca looks over at her new house guest and smiles, "Hey, it could be worse
you know. Your ribs could be broken." she says then moves the pillows on the
couch so that Olivia can be more comfortable.

Olivia lowers herself slowly onto the couch, striking a dramatic pose, "Yeah
then what would you do with me? Would you leave me to my own devices in this
cold, harsh world?" she says half serious.

At this Bianca crosses her arms in front of her chest and says jokingly, "I
seriously doubt your all alone in this world."

"You'd be suprised." Olivia says bitterly looking down breaking eye contact
with Bianca.

Noting with concern Olivia's response Bianca kneels down on the floor next to
the couch in front of her. Reaching out with her left hand she smooths the
hair away from Olivia's face then slides her hand down her cheek and lifting
Olivia's face to meet her gaze. "I'm not going to pretend to know or even
understand what you've been through but your not alone now. You've got me."
Bianca says then leans forward, gently pulling Olivia into her embrace.

Olivia just lay there in shock as Bianca held her in her arms and stroked her
hair. Shocked not only from Bianca's words, but from the warmth seeping into
her from the taller brunette. Feeling her breathing begin to pick up pace
from the delicious tingling forming all through out her body starts to make
her ribs ache. And with great reluctance she pushes Bianca away.

At this Bianca looks questioning at Olivia, her left hand moving unconciously
back to Olivia's cheek as she tries to understand why Olivia just pushed her

Seeing the look on Bianca's face Olivia rushes to reassure her, "Sorry about
that- ribs were starting to hurt. Not that it wasn't nice being held" Olivia
says. 'Very Very nice.'

Bianca smiles at Olivia's comment about being held, glad that she wasn't
pushing her away for another reason, 'Slow down girl. You just met her a
couple of hours ago.' Bianca thinks, 'Yeah, and now she's living with you'
a voice that sounded suspiciously like her mother shot back in her head.
'It's not like that at all!' Bianca thinks back desperately as she flashes
back to the bath she gave Olivia and the sight of her in only towel coming
into the living room. 'Really,' her mother's voice calls back tauntingly,
'then how come your left hand is stroking her cheek!' Bianca looks down at
her left hand in panic and snatchs it away as if burned as she blushes

Olivia sees Bianca blush as she quickly takes her hand away. Slowly reaching
out and taking Bianca's hand back in between hers she says, "You don't have
to be embarassed, I like it when you touch me. It makes me feel safe."
Shaking her head as she goes into herself for a moment before making eye
contact again she whispers, "And that's not something I've had alot of



The phone rings breaking the moment as Bianca recovers her hand giving Olivia
a soft smile before answering the phone. "Hello" Bianca says.

"Hello honey" Erica says on the other line at Enchantment. "I was wondering
how it went with David?"

Looking down at her guest and making eye contact again with Olivia, Bianca
almost missed what Erica said as her gaze was pulled into Olivia's light
brown eyes. "Oh David said that her ribs are bruised and that she shouldn't
be alone right now, so she's staying with me for awhile" Bianca replies.

A few seconds pass as Erica digests this, "I see," she says, her tone neutral
"and how long will she be staying?"

Bianca shifts slightly as she answers, "Only a few weeks til her ribs are
better. David said she shouldn't be alone."

Erica growing more confounded by the minute struggled to keep her irritation
out of her voice, "Well doesn't she have family or friends here? Someone else
who can look out for her while her ribs heal up." Erica says as she begins to
pace in her office. Losing control of her temper as she thinks about the
other girl. "I mean really Bianca! You're not her family, you don't owe her

"Whoa mom! Slow down!" Bianca jumps in not understanding where this is coming
from. "I don't think she has anyone to turn to, and I wasn't going to leave
her all alone." Bianca says to Erica, very aware of Olivia's eyes on her.

"Well have you asked her?" Erica asks as she pushes down the image of Olivia
coming out of her daughter's bathroom while requesting Bianca's aid in
getting dressed.

Tearing her eyes off of Olivia, Bianca begins to get a sick feeling in her
gut as she realizes why her mom is really so curious about Olivia and why
she's so agitated about the idea of her being in the same proximity with
Olivia. 'For once, just once can't you trust me?' Her expression turning
cold as she responds, "No mother I haven't but I'll tell her you asked if
you want?"

Scrambling about as she tries to calm her daughter she thinks of something,
"Think for a second Bianca, just think. How do you know that your meeting
with this girl was and accident? For all you know it could be another set up,
like Frankie!" Erica says quickly.

If Erica had been able to see Bianca at that moment she would have known that
she had made a horrible, terrible mistake. Because she would have seen Bianca
flinch from the question/accusation as if hit and grow pale and cold. 'Well I
guess she can't trust me after all' Bianca thinks as she collects herself.
"Mom, I seriously doubt she bruised her ribs, almost drown in Willow Lake
just to meet me." Bianca replies sarcasticly.

Erica belatedly realizing her error tries to say something but is cut off by
Bianca before she can even begin.

"No, no. I know what she did. She had some guy come along with a baseball
bat, hit her ribs with it and wait for me to come along to dump her in the
lake!" Bianca practicaly yells into the phone.

Olivia sits up amazed as she listens to Bianca lay into Erica on her behalf.
'Okay, I've definetly not been paying close attention to the little cream
puff. She's not all light and sweetness after all.' Olivia thinks with a
mental chuckle, 'No there's definitely some steel under all those curves.'

A sneer comes into Bianca's voice as she lays into Erica some more, "You know
mother I never really understood why Kendall always got so angry about the
fact that you would never trust her. Well Now I know." Running a hand over
her face as her anger leaves her she hangs up her phone without another word
and turns her cell phone off.

At Enchantment Erica is staring at the phone in her hand in disbelief.
Unable to understand how she let everything spin out of control so quickly
and unable to conceive of the fact that her daughter had hung up on her
Erica rests her head on her arms trying to figure out to fix things with
Bianca. 'I know I went a little over board, but there's something about
that girl that I don't trust.' Hearing the phone in her start to buzz she
quickly hangs it up. Sitting up she picks it back up and dials her fiance;
Chris Stamp's number. Getting only a busy signal she leaves a message on
his voice mail asking him to get back to her as soon as possible. Walking
to the window of her office she looks down on Pine Valley, 'I don't know
what your up to Olivia, but I intend to find out.' Erica thinks with a
determined look on her face.

Back at Bianca's suite Olivia's looking at Bianca in stunned amazement. 'Oh
my God! She just hung up on her mother! Bianca is something else that's for
damn sure!' Olivia thinks.

After hanging up her phone Bianca quickly turns back to Olivia to see her
sitting up with her head resting in the palm of her hand watching her.

"Umm, you probably need to rest after everything so I'm going to go fix the
bed-" Bianca says hurriedly walking towards her room, only to be stopped by
Olivia grabbing her arm as she tries to pass.

Regarding Bianca in silence for a moment more Olivia stares into Bianca's
eyes before speaking, "It's been awhile since anyone has stood up for me the
way you did.. thanks." Olivia says softly.

Looking down at her, Bianca smiles slowly, "Well she was wrong. I have a
problem with believing you would have yourself beaten up and thrown into
Willow Lake just to meet me." Bianca says a twinkle coming into her eyes.

With a look of mock seriousness on her face Olivia responds with a snobbish
tone, "Of course not, all that icky water would just destroy my beautiful
skin and perfect hair." she says preening outrageously.

Despite herself Bianca can't help the laugh that comes out at Olivia's
antics. "Well if your done with your Greta Garbo impersonation, it's time
to get you to bed before you fall asleep on the couch." Bianca says still

"Well I always did depend on the kindness of strangers" Olivia says in a
southern drawl as she rises from the couch to be lead by a laughing Bianca
to her room.

Going into a cabinet she pulls out a matching black bra and panties, "Here
you go," Bianca says with a blush that could light her room. "You can sleep
in these if you want or I can get you something else." Bianca says, as she
hands them to Olivia.

Olivia looks up at Bianca and gets this... well the only word for it is
naughty smile that Bianca reconizes from the bath, 'My god she was smiling
then. What is she up to-' Bianca's thoughts are cut off and her eyes go wide
as she sees Olivia start to slip off the towel. Even though she turned away
as fast as she could from the suddenly naked Olivia. Bianca still gets a
small flash of her in her mind, thankfuly hazy... sort of. Breathing a sigh
of relief at hearing the rustle of fabric against skin that could only me
that Olivia was getting dressed, Bianca looks nervously around, "Well, while
your getting some rest I'll go and-" Bianca says and is cut off by Olivia.

"Bianca..." Olivia say in a sultry tone that sends a shiver right through
Bianca. "Could you turn around. Please."

Closing her eyes and offering a short prayer that Olivia be dressed, Bianca
turns around taking in the sight of Olivia in the pair of panties while
holding the bra on with her hands by the cups. Walking right up to Bianca so
that she had to lift her head up to see her eyes Olivia asks, "Bianca I seem
to have a bit of a problem." Olivia couldn't help but smile at seeing Bianca
gulp at her words, "You see Bianca , I still can't reach around to snap the
bra on, could you..." Olivia trails off demurely. Her smile giving away the
fact that she was enjoying this immensely.

Seeing the smile didn't change the fact that she was right, Bianca thought,
wondering why she didn't give her a bra with a front clasp. 'It's just like
when you took her's off before.. just reach over and snap it on!' she thinks.
So moving hurriedly she puts her arms around Olivia finding the ends of the
straps and supressing a groan, but not the shudder at the feel Olivia's skin
beneath her hands, Bianca manages to clip it on after two fumbling tries.
"Well it's done now.. I.. um.. have to-" Bianca says nervously but is cut off
by Olivia.

"Wait. Your not about to leave me here all by my self are you?" Olivia asks
with a slight tremor in her voice. "I mean couldn't you stay for a little
while.. at least till I fall asleep?" Olivia continues.

"I don't know..." Bianca says dubiously.

"Hey don't worry I'll be out in no time. I've hardly had any sleep in the
last day or so" Olivia says. Watching for a response Olivia presses forward,
"I just.. I just don't want to be alone right now.. Okay? Please stay? Just
till I fall asleep?" Olivia pleads.

Bianca taking in Olivia's anxiety felt her resolve crumble, "Just till you
fall asleep." Bianca says, laying down on the bed.

Looking over at Bianca lying on the bed waiting for her, though not for the
reason she wants... yet, sends a shiver through her. Slowly, crawling forward
on all fours in only a pair of bra and panties, knowing Bianca is watching
her. Olivia slides in to bed next to Bianca and gives her a kiss on the cheek
then presses herself close, smiling to herself as she feels Bianca shiver
slightly and closes her eyes. Knowing that despite having had almost no sleep
for the last 48 hours, it'll take several hours to fall asleep nestled up to


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