All My Children/Port Charles: The Bad Girl Part 6 (FF,petting)
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Setting: Pine Valley Inn. Biana's Suite.

Time: 8:47 PM

A sharp pain in her ribs awakens Olivia. Slightly disoriented from the shock
of waking up, it takes Olivia a moment to grasp where she is.. and with who.
Feeling the warm body she is lying more than half on shift. She stops a
moment to take stock of her situation.

Here she is in Bianca's bed; the girl who recued her from her untimely swim,
lying half on top of her with her right leg pressed in between Bianca's and
her face resting on Bianca's bosum.

Slowly a truly wicked smile creeps onto Olivia's face as an idea strikes her.
'Mmmm.. this should prove... informative to say the least.' Olivia thinks as
she rakes her eyes over Bianca's slumbering form.

Moving her right hand from Bianca's shoulder where it was resting while she
slept, up to cheek, softly and carefully moving Bianca's hair away from her
face, giving her an unrestricted view of Bianca's features as she sleeps.

'There we go,' Olivia thinks, 'Now I'll know if she starts waking up..
besides I wanna see her face!'

Once again moving her right hand very slowly and always watching the other
girl for any sign of wakefulness, Olivia places her hand below Bianca's right
breast. Seeing no sign that she has disturbed Bianca, Olivia slowly, gently
rubs the underside of Bianca's right breast with her thumb through the tank

Hearing Bianca's breath hitch, Olivia smiles and decides to proceed. Rotating
her hand slightly Olivia cups the bottom half of Bianca's very well endowed
breast and slowly squeezed and released, setting an easy rhythm as she
watches Bianca's breath quicken slightly. Licking her lips hungrily, Olivia
moves her thumb up and runs it lightly over Bianca's nipple. Feeling it go
erect under her thumb and hearing Bianca moan deep in her throat, pushes
Olivia past caution. Eyes filled with lust she takes Bianca's now erect
nipple between her thumb and forefinger, rolling it between them and pinching
Bianca's nipple as her moaning grows ever louder.

Moving almost of it's own accord, Olivia's right thigh slowly presses in
between Bianca's legs. Feeling the heat emanating form between Bianca's legs
causes Olivia to groan, "God baby, I'm keeping you. I don't care what I have
to do." Olivia pledges staring at Bianca's face while slowly grinding her
thigh into her. Feeling Bianca unconsciously push up against her thigh almost
sends Olivia over the edge, "You are so hot Bianca. I'm never letting you
go.." Olivia moans out.

Taking in Bianca's flushed face, as she pants and moans from her
ministrations, seeing her slowly move her tongue over parched lips draws
Olivia like a moth to a flame. Knowing that all she has to do is move two
inches down to claim those pouty lips, makes the desire to just crush her
mouth to Bianca's and suck on that marvelous tongue. As Olivia watches
Bianca's face she begins to move her thigh harder against Bianca, pinching
her nipple almost roughly and twisting it slightly, overcome by the sight
of Bianca as she moans pushing against her leg and hand while begining to
toss her head back and forth.

Throwing her head back determined to have Bianca here and now, Olivia catches
sight of herself in the mirror. Seeing her face flushed with desire her eyes
dilated by lust brings Olivia back to her senses. Closing her eyes Olivia
trembles as she fights against the need to just take the beauty beneath her.
Slowly painfully, Olivia moves back down Bianca's body. Moving her now
trembling hand back to Bianca's shoulder a tear slides down Olivia's cheek.
'Oh please, I just... I need.. to hold on. Please....' Olivia thinks,
clutching Bianca to her as if her life depends on it.

Still feeling Bianca shuddering against her did nothing to quell Olivia's
desire for her, but slowly Bianca calmed down, though she still shook
unknowingly with arousal. Gradually Olivia regained her self control, and
just in time as the door bell rings waking Bianca.

Waking up suddenly, Bianca labours to catch her breath, feeling as if she
was running a marathon. Bianca feels extremely overheated as she looked down
at Olivia sprawled on top of her slowly waking up as well. "Hey sleepy head."
Bianca says softly as she catches her breath. "It's time to get up." Bianca
says as Olivia crawls off her, her hair hanging down her face, hiding
Olivia's still flushed face from her sight. Getting off the bed, Bianca walks
over to her walk-in closet to get Olivia a robe to where and catches sight of
her reflection in the full length mirror hanging at the end of her closet.
'What the Hell was I dreaming about. I look like I just-' Bianca's thoughts
stop as Oliva steps into the closet and flips her hair back, revealing her
equally flushed face in the mirror.

Turning quickly to face Olivia, Bianca throws her the robe, too confused
to think right now and knowing that some one's at her door she pushes the
confusing thoughts back till later and runs to answer the door.

Seeing her run off, Olivia sighs with relief, 'Phew, whoever that is just
bought me some time.' Olivia thinks. 'Make it count girl!'

Bianca hurriedly runs to answer the door as it flies open, almost hitting
her as an irate Erica and a concerend Maggie walk in. "Bianca where have you
been?!" Erica demands angrily as Maggie closes the door behind them.

Pulling the robe on and tieing the sash Olivia hears Erica shout at Bianca.
Shaking her head in amusement, thanking whoever it was for this diversion
Olivia walks to the livingroom join the fun.

Stomping into the room, Erica paces about as she begins her rant. "Bianca I
thought you were more considerate than this. It's bad enough that you all
but bite my head off then, HANG UP, on me before I can explain, but you left
Maggie thinking you were meeting her for dinner and just blew her off! What
are you thinking? Can you tell me that? What have you been doing the past
nine hours!" Erica yells angrily.

Walking out confidently Olivia couldn't help replying calmly, "She's been
sleeping with me." Seeing the looks on their respective faces, Olivia
couldn't stop the smirk as it formed on her face. 'Oh man I gotta do it,
it's too easy!' Olivia thinks.

Doing what Jack once called her stripper-walk up to Bianca, Olivia wraps her
arms around Bianca's neck and does what she's been dying to do all night;
kiss that delectable mouth.

Bianca stunned by Olivia's proclamation could only stand there as Oliva
stalked up to her put her arms around her neck and started kissing her in a
way no one ever had!

Maggie seeing the dark haired stranger kissing Bianca would have
congragulated her if not for Erica beside her looking like she was going to
go postal any second.

Olivia couldn't believe it; Bianca wasn't stopping her. So she decided to go
further and get some tongue into the mix. 'After all she doesn't seem to be
objecting.' Olivia thought as she moved her hands to the sides of Bianca's
face, using them to open Bianca's mouth as she deepened the kiss and expored
the inside of Bianca's mouth thoroughly enjoying herself. Smiling inwardly
when she felt Bianca's arms go around her.

Looking at the display in front of her Maggie had trouble keeping her own
breathing under control as she was treated to the show in front of her. 'Leo
will flip when I tell him what he's missing!' Maggie thinks as she watches
Olivia continue to ravish Bianca's mouth.

Bianca couldn't believe what was happening to her as Olivia caught her tongue
in between her lips and sucked it like a lollypop; teasing and stroking
Bianca's tongue with her own, Olivia slowly began to win her over. Feeling
the heat from earlier return, Bianca decides to get a little more agressive.
Tightening her grip on Olivia, Bianca pulls her flush against her as she runs
her left hand up and into Olivia's dark mane. Running her fingers through it
she uses her grip on it to pull Olivia's mouth firmer against her own and
takes control of the kiss, lightly biting Olivia's bottom lip and licking it,
before diving back in and caressing Olivia's tongue with her own.

Olivia herself couldn't form a coherent thought as Bianca slowly drove her
insane. Feeling Bianca's arm tighten around her waist made her ribs ache with
pain, but she didn't care; the feel and taste of Bianca against her far out
weighing the pain in her ribs.

"Well, I think it's time for me to go." Maggie says watching the two kiss.
Looking at Erica's stunned face she decided that now would be a good time to
go before all Hell (Erica that is) broke loose. Tip toeing to the door Maggie
manages to slip out without being noticed. 'I have GOT to find Leo.' Maggie
thinks, looking back at the door to Bianca's suite.

Ignoring the light sensation of her pager as it virbrated against her skin,
Erica couldn't believe what she was seeing. 'It's like Frankie all over
again. Well I was right about her and I'm right about this Olivia creat-'
Erica thinks, coming out of her shock just as her cell phone rings cutting
off her train of thought as well.

Jumping slightly at the sound of the cell phone ringing Bianca and Olivia
break off the kiss but remain in each others arms as they stare into each
others eyes. Olivia smiles and brings her left hand up wiping away some of
the lipstick on Bianca's mouth. Letting her fingers move over the lips she
just tasted.

Staring in amazement at the women in her arms, she didn't know whether to
throw her out, kiss her again, or laugh out loud at the look on her mother's
face! Smiling at the last thought she saw Olivia's smile turn into that
naughty smirk of hers she couldn't help leaning forward and kissing her on
the forehead, "You are so evil! I can't believe you did- no, check that, I
can believe it!" Bianca says giggling.

"We really need to talk..." Bianca begins to say after she stops laughing,
but stops as she catchs some of what her mother is saying. Moving out of
Olivia's embrace, Bianca grows more and more incensed as she hears the
one-sided conversation her mother is having.

"I don't care how old she is Chris, she's still my daughter! I am not going
to let another freeloading little witch rip my daughter's heart out again."
Erica says forgetting about the presence of her daughter and the
aforementioned freeloader right behind her. "You said you'd get me that
background check on this Olivia, so do it! Erica must have heard something
on the other end she liked because she suddenely smiles, "Oh thank you Chris!
I'll be there in a moment!" Erica says hanging up. Turning around she is
totally unprepared for the look on her daughter's face, "Bianca, honey-"
Erica starts to say then stops as she realizes that Bianca must have heard
everything. "Look honey, I know that this looks like I'm inter-" Erica starts
to say but stops when Bianca turns around and walks to the door.

Turning around Bianca opens the door and looks at her mother, Bianca's face
looks like it's carved from stone as she stares at Erica. "Get out." Bianca
says quietly.

Erica looking at her sees something in her daughter's face she never thought
she'd see when she looked at her; nothing. There was no feeling in Bianca's
eyes as she looked at Erica and for the first time Erica became of very
afraid she might have lost her daughter.

Seeing that Erica was going to try and talk Bianca lifted one hand up to
silence her, "Just get out Mother, I don't want to look at you right now."
Bianca says emotionlessly.

Searching her daughter's face she knows that she won't convince her of
anything right now. So swallowing her pride she walks to the door turning
around she looks at her daughter, "I love you Bianca. All I want is the
best for you. You know that." Erica says then turns without another word
and leaves.

Walking up to the door, Bianca quickly checks to make sure her mother really
left then locks the door. Closing her eyes, she leans back against it and
takes a deep breath before exhaling loudly. The loud sound of gunfire from
the television breaks her out of herself as she opens her eyes and sees
Olivia laying back on the couch, one smooth tanned thigh crossed over the
other as she watchs The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. Blinking the cobwebs
away Bianca walks up to Olivia as she watches the opening credits. "What do
you think your doing?" Bianca asks.

Acting as if she has no idea what Bianca is talking about she replies,
"Watching a Clint Eastwood movie."

Shaking her head in exasperation she continues to stare at Olivia, 'OH MY
GOD! Who is this girl!' Bianca thinks.

Feeling Bianca's eyes on her and carefully keeping the look of blinding
innocence on her face she turns to Bianca, cocks an eyebrow and asks, "Is
there something else? If not would you mind getting some popcorn, -that is
if you have any." After receiving no answer Olivia tips her head back and
blows out a long breath, then turns and faces Bianca. "If you want to talk
about this I suggest you have a seat. I am not getting a crink in my neck
looking up at you." Olivia finishes with a smirk.

As Bianca moves to sit next to Olivia, she finds herself staring at her lips,
'It was just a kiss Bianca, get a grip!' Bianca thinks. Sitting down next to
Olivia, Bianca tucks her legs under herself, trying not to stare at Olivia's
mouth again.

'Mikey I think she liked it.' Olivia thinks as she sees Bianca look at her
mouth for the third time. "Bianca I'm sorry your mom want nuts back there,
if I had known she would go that far I wouldn't have done it." Olivia says
apologeticly. "It's just..." Olivia says in frustration trailing off,
breaking eye contact with Bianca.

"It's just what?" Bianca asks cupping the other girls face in her hands.
Bringing her face around to make eye contact again. "What is it Olivia?"
Bianca asks stroking Olivia's cheek with her thumbs.

"When I was in the other room, putting on the robe, I heard how your mom was
going off on you..." Olivia says trailing off again as the feel of Bianca's
hands starts to make her skin tingle again. Closing her eyes for a moment,
she pushs the feelings Bianca's hands are producing in her down. Opening her
eyes Olivia smiles sadly, "What right did she have to go off on you the way
she did? I couldn't stand it- it was like-" Olivia breaks off her face pained
as memories of Port Charles flood in.

"It was like what Olivia?" Bianca asks concern lacing her words.

Seeing the caring in Bianca's eyes a part of Olivia's heart thaws out, at the
same time a part of her gets angrier at what she heard. "I couldn't let her
talk to you like that Bianca." Olivia says ignoring Bianca's question. "And
remembering the way she lost it when she saw me the first time... well, I
knew the perfect way to shut her up." Olivia says with some of her trademark

Bianca laughing lightly at this replies, "Well it worked all right."

Her smirk fading a bit Olivia recalls the blow out between the two, "Yeah,
but I never meant for you to get hurt Bianca." Olivia says. Laughing
sardonicaly she says, "Hurting people is one thing I seem to do well."

Hearing the pain in the other girls voice, Bianca leans closer to her, "What
happened tonight wasn't your fault Olivia. It's just part fifty-five in the
never ending saga that is my life. You just happened to get caught up in it."
Bianca says earnestly.

Staring into Bianca's eyes Olivia can see that she really doesn't blame her,
'Wow, this is new. Someone who doesn't blame me for every damn thing.' Olivia
thinks. Smirking that naughty smirk of hers she asks slyly, "It was pretty
hot- that kiss I mean."

Laughing out loud Bianca replies, "Yes, it was pretty hot."

"Good, then you won't mind watching this movie with me. After all I
usually don't make out with someone till after the first date." Olivia says

"Okay, I can do that." Bianca says, giving in, leaning back on the other side
of the couch.

Moving slowly, Olivia slowly moved over top of Bianca and settled in between
her legs, as Bianca watched wide eyed. "What do you think your doing." Bianca
asks nervously.

Laying her head on Bianca's chest she looked up, "Getting comfortable on my
new favorite cushion." Olivia says matter of factly.

Not protesting at being used as a cushion; the feel of Olivia pressed into
her was too nice to give up. 'Besides,' Bianca thought, 'I can tell her to
get off whenever I want.' Feeling Olivia squirm on her, Bianca looked down
to discover that Olivia was staring at her. "What is it?" Bianca asks.

"Nothing." Olivia says smirking. "But just so you know, I do expect a
good-night kiss." Olivia finishes her eyes twinkeling.

Shaking her head at Olivia's words, Bianca replies unbelieving, "You are

Turning back to the movie, Olivia smiles, 'Honey, you have no idea!'


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