All My Children/Port Charles: The Bad Girl Part 8 (FF,foot)
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Setting: Adam Chandler's Mansion. Maggie, JR, and Tim have just entered the

Time: 5:51 PM

Maggie looks around for Bianca then walks up to JR and Tim both wearing
tuxedos. "Hey, guys. Have either of you seen Bianca yet?" Maggie asks,
wondering where her friend is.

Shaking his head no, Tim says, "No.. I haven't seen her yet. You look great
tonight Maggie" and it's true. Maggie's wearing a light sky blue strapless
dress with a pearl necklace and white shoes pumps.

JR steps forward about to ask Maggie to dance falls silent as his eyes go
wide when he spots Bianca.

Walking over to her friends, Bianca is dressed in a stunning sleaveless black
dress that reaches an inch above her knees with a slash all the way up the
right side held together by many laces placed in a cross pattern from below
her arm down to her hip. Her hair resting on her right shoulder shifts as she
moves. "Hey guys. How are you doing?" Bianca asks, extremely pleased with the
reaction she is getting from her friends.

JR who out of the three friends has managed to pick his jaw off the ground
gasps, "Bianca you look hot!"

"Thanks JR." Bianca says, smiling at the comment. Then Bianca looks around,
trying to find her date. Not seeing Olivia she turns to Maggie, "Have you
seen my date here Maggie?" Bianca asks distracted as she continues to search
the crowd for Olivia, ignoring the gawking Tim and JR.

"Oh would that be the girl that came out of your bedroom wearing your robe
last night?" Maggie says jokingly.

"What!" Tim squeaks out.

JR is completely speechless. 'Bianca has another girlfriend? I don't even
have one!'

"You have to spill!" Tim says to Maggie, "You can't just tell us that Bianca
had a girl in her room last night and just clam up!" he finishes in a
scandalized tone.

JR steps around to the other side of Maggie, backing up Tim, "Tim's right, if
Bianca's sleeping with some girl we have a right to know!" JR says seriously,
completely ignoring Bianca's presence as does Tim and Maggie.

Bianca is about to object to having her life viewed by her friends as
entertainment, when she sees Olivia walk in the room. Stunned by her dates
appearance she tunes out her friends as they badger Maggie relentlessly for
details about her sex life. 'My god she's beautiful' Bianca thinks as she
watches Olivia walk toward her and her friends. Tapping JR and Tim on the
shoulders gets their attention as she points out Olivia to them. "That, is
my date." Bianca says with satisfaction as she sees the looks on the boys'
faces when they see Olivia for the first time.

Dressed in a red, backless satin dress that was ankle length, with a low
neckline designed to show off rather then conceal, held up by two shoulder
straps and wearing matching high heels. A black choker around her neck
completed the look as Olivia stopped next to her date.

Turning to briefly look at Bianca's friends Olivia smirks, "Hello," Oliva
says, "I'm sorry I don't believe I've met you two." Olivia says addressing
JR and Tim, before turning to Maggie and holding out her hand. "But you I
saw at Bianca's, briefly, before we got distacted... I'm Olivia."

Smiling at the comment about getting... distracted Maggie takes Olivia's
hand and shakes it, "I'm Maggie." she says warmly. Looking over Olivia's
shoulder Maggie see's her cousin Trey talking to David and Leo. "I'm sorry.
I gotta go say hello to someone." Maggie says, then quickly walks over to
join her cousins.

Sliding her arm through Bianca's, Olivia whispers in her ear, "What was that

"Those are Maggie's cousins; Leo one of my best friends, Trey and David who
you met already." Bianca says as she turns to her date. Now with only an inch
between them they catch sight of JR and Tim who look they are going to faint.

Flashing Bianca a naughty smirk that always means trouble, Olivia slowly
turns to the boys while lightly running her hand up and down Bianca's arm.
"Can I do anything for you two?" Olivia asks innocently.

Giving Olivia her patented your evil look, Bianca turns to her friends, "Tim,
JR this is Olivia my date."

Both babble incoherantly for a moment before Tim steps forward and reaches
out his hand, "I'm Tim hero of Pine Valley, it's..good to meet you."
Tim says. His eyes whiplashing between Olivia's face and her cleavage.

Taking his hand Olivia says, "I'm Olivia, Bianca's date." Moving forward a
step she says softly so only he can hear, "And my face is up here not on my

Hiding his laugh in a cough, Tim can only nod. Then seeing a potential dance
partner he walks away.

"You've probably guessed by now that I'm JR, resident screwup," JR says with
a half smile.

"Well I'm Bianca's date as you've probably guessed by now." Olivia says
laughing as she reclaimes Bianca's arm in hers.

Hearing a little girl laugh, JR turns to see his sister Colby and his Aunt
Mia coming in. "Ummm, guys I have more people to greet, talk to ya later."
JR says quickly rushing off to greet his family.

A little insecure, Olivia turns to Bianca after watching JR greet his family.
"Do you know everyone in Pine Valley?" she wonders aloud.

Tenderly patting Olivia's arm, "It seems that way sometimes." Shaking her
head as she sees her uncle Jack walk up to them, "Actually alot of the time."
Bianca finishes.

"Hello Bianca." Jackson Montgomery says, greeting his niece and pulling her
in for a hug.

Pulling out of the hug Bianca turns to Olivia, "Olivia this is my uncle,
Jackson Montgomery." Bianca says, then turns to Jackson. "Uncle Jack, this
is Olivia, my date." Bianca says, finishing the introductions.

"It's good to meet you Mr. Montgomery." Olivia says with a winning smile,
taking the initiative.

Raising an eyebrow he nods, "Ahh, so your the Olivia that Erica has been
talking about." Jack muses out loud. "Erica says Bianca pulled you out of
Willow Lake?" he asks not unkindly.

"Yeah, I arrived suddenly, then Bianca pulled me out of the water" Olivia
says quietly.

Hearing the pain in Olivia's voice, Bianca changes the subject, "Are you here
with Mary Smythe uncle Jack?"

Looking over at his niece he see's what she's doing at drops the subject,
bowing out gracefully. "No, I'm not. Actually I came in hopes of running
interferance between Anna and David Hayward." Jack says spotting Anna. "How
that bastard got invited to a party for Maria's return I'll never understand.
If you ladies will excuse me." He says before leaving.

'Well now it. It appears the good doctor has made a few enemies here.' Olivia
thinks to herself "But who's Maria, and why does Jackson hate David so much?"
Olivia wonders, talking out loud.

Believing that Olivia is asking her that, Bianca answers. "Maria is a women
who's life David saved, but turned around and kept from her family for

Olivia looks up with a visious smile that disappears as fast as it comes,
'Jackpot! Davey boy did you ever screw up this time.'

Unaware of Olivia's thoughts, Bianca continues on, "The reason my uncle Jack
hates David is because of everything he's done since coming here. Uncle Jack
says that David thinks he's above the law. Of course with Uncle Jack being
the District Attorney that doesn't sit to well." Bianca finishes explaining
and looks back to her date. "Did I bore you too much there? You look pretty
zoned out." Bianca says intently.

"No I'm fine." Olivia says smiling. "Just thinking."

'This is going to be so much easier than I thought to get rid of David if he
remembers me' Olivia thinks happily. 'Much better than the alternative.' she
thinks flashing on shooting Rafe.

Suddenly a man with piercing blue eyes and silvery hair walks into the room,
"Guests!" he says, "refreshment and food are available in the main dining
room, if you'll all follow me. The party will begin shortly." the man
finishes, walking through the doors on the right.

"I take it that was Adam Chandler?" Olivia asks Bianca.

"Yup, the one and only." Bianca says chuckling.

With an arm slipped through her's, Bianca leads Olivia into a lavish dining
room with four large tables. Each table has a pearl white tablecloth that
reaches the floor on all sides. Moving towards the table closest to the door
Bianca and Olivia make sure to sit at the end across from each other in case
they want to leave quickly. As they sit, they pull the tablecloth across
their laps and reach out instinctively for the others hand.

'This is nice.' Olivia thinks while holding Bianca's hand. 'I have a great
girl, I'm at a great party, and best of all the only thing that can stop any
of it... I've already found how to destroy!' Yes, Olivia decides life is
good. Looking at Bianca she sees a frown flicker on her lips while looking at
the table across the dining room. 'Damn, I should have known! Olivia thinks
seeing Erica and knowing that's the reason for her distress.

"Bianca..." Olivia calls out to her date getting her attention. "Could you
point out Maria so that I know who the guest of honor is please?"

Searching the tables she spies her- ironicaly seated next to her mother.
Laughing helplessly she points her out, "She's sitting on the right of my
mother. The man on Maria's left is Edmund, the grieving husband. And the
man across from my mother is Chris Stamp, my mother's fiance." Bianca says
still laughing. "In Pine Valley, you can usually go to any social gathering
and find my mother somewhere at the heart of it."

'At least she's smiling now.' Olivia thinks to herself watching Bianca.
"After meeting your mother I can't help but wonder what your father is like."
Olivia says shaking her head. Then freezes when she sees Bianca's face.

Bianca stops laughing as if someone threw a switch. Feeling like someone hit
her, Bianca flinchs back into her chair. "My father's dead." Bianca says

"Oh God." Olivia whispers, as another piece of her heart reaches out to the
girl across from her. "Bianca I'm so sorry." Olivia chokes out, blinking back
the tears that are threatening to spill out.

Looking into Olivia's eyes, Bianca can see the aching sadness in them. Still
holding her hand, Bianca squeezes it comfortingly, "It's okay," Bianca says
soothingly, "you didn't know. He... died two years ago. You just.. caught me
by suprise, that's all."

"I still feel like dirt." Olivia says breaking eye contact. Flashing to her
own father in the mental ward, believing he's Ryan because of what she did,
Olivia shudders.

"My dad had a heart attack. It was awhile ago. Sometimes... Sometimes I
forget that he's gone. And when it hits, it tends to hit hard." Bianca
explains. "None of that is your fault." Bianca says starting to smile,
the pain in her eyes fading.

Looking up with a manic look in her eyes, Olivia states in the coldest voice
Bianca has ever heard, "If anyone ever hurts you, I'll hunt them into Hell

Doing a double-take Bianca blinks as she hears this, 'Did she just say what
I think she die... Umm, say something Bianca!!' "Wow! My own personal
avenging angel. Gotta say I like it." Bianca jokes trying defuse the

Seeing the alarm on Bianca's face Olivia quickly moves to rectify the
situation, "Hey, sorry about that. It's just... your one of the few people
who has genuinely cared about me without wanting something or needing
something from me." Olivia says her voice aching with sorrow, "The idea
that someone might try to hurt you.. it bugs me. I didn't me to freak you
out. Sorry." Olivia says with a small apologetic smile.

At the table across from theirs, David Hayward shivers as a cold wind blows
through his soul. Hearing Olivia's words but from a different mouth, David
suddenly knows exactly who she is. 'Livvie. Damn what's she doing here?
David thinks, going over the possibilities, 'No she can't know. It's too
soon for her to be here! I have to get rid of her!' Scrubing a hand over his
face he wonders out loud, "But how?"

Feeling a tap on her shoulder, Olivia turns around seeing an elderly woman
standing by the empty chair beside her. "My names Lisa Cronell. Is this seat
taken?" the old woman says kindly.

"No, please sit. My name's Olivia and that..." Oliva says gesturing to Bianca
who is helping an older man inot the seat net to her, "Is Bianca Montgomery,
my date."

Lisa takes the offered seat and sits down, "That old coot sitting next to
your date is my husband, Mike Cronell." Lisa says with a slur in her voice.
It's obvious these two have had one too many.

"You know, I'm glad I came tonight Lisa." Mike says swaying slightly. "I
haven't had this much fun since that bash in Jersey in 87'."

"It's been a while Mike..." Lisa replies wistfully, her head drooping from
too much drink.

Holding her left hand over her mouth to hide her laughter, Olivia gives
Bianca a squeeze with her right. Seeing the pain she thoughtlessly had given
Bianca absent she vowed never to let anything hurt Bianca again.

After a lively debate on the pro's and con's of the use of chemicals to
remove harmful insects from farm land, the elderly couple moved on to talking
to the couple on the other side of them.

Leaning forward Bianca whispers, "Are you having fun yet."

Seeing a smirk appear on Olivia's face and the mirth dancing in her eyes,
Bianca knew she was in trouble. Olivia says quietly, "Pay back time."

With a look of suspicion on her face, Bianca asks, "What are you-" then stops
at the feel of Olivia's foot moving up the outside of her right leg.

"Well I'll be tarn hootin', if it isn't Bianca I see before me." comes Opal's
voice from behind Bianca.

Bianca's left hand shakes slightly as Olivia moves her left foot from the
outside of her leg to the inside, rubbing up and down the calf.

Completely unaware of the antics going on below, Opal walks to the head of
the table and gives Bianca a big hug. "Don't worry about your mama honey,
she'll let this go. She's just so darn stubborn. Seeing Bianca's far away
look, Opal mistakes it's meaning. "Oh honey, I didn't mean to upset you."
Opal says with remorse.

"I wouldn't worry about it. Opal, isn't it?" Olivia says, at Opal's nod of
affirmination she continues, "From what I've seen those two will be back on
track in no time."

Opal gives Olivia a suprised look turning her attention to her, "I'm suprised
to hear you say that after all she said to you." Opal says impressed,

Olivia smiles charmingly, "I'm making it my person duty to make certain that
Bianca feels good." Olivia replies, and without missing a beat uses her foot
to push Bianca's right leg away and rub up and down her thigh.

'She's just playing with you! Dont Panic!' Bianca thinks frantically as she
feels the erotic sensation of Olivia's foot moving back and forth on her
thigh. With her breathing erratic and her face flush Bianca is truly a vision
to behold. Desperately Bianca tries to calm down, 'It's just footsie, that's
all. Just footsie! Calm down!' Bianca thinks and slowly evens out her
breathing as Opal turns around.

"You know Bianca, your mother isn't wrong often, but I think she is wrong
now. This girl's an angel compared to what Erica described her as." Opal says

Bianca blinks at her friend, 'An angel? Yeah right!' Bianca thinks as she
tries to ignore the slow torture Oliva is putting her through. "She has her
moments." Bianca pants out.

Olivia laughs at the idea of her as an Angel getting Opal's attention away
from Bianca. "I'm not an angel Opal" Olivia says still laughing as Opal looks
over at her. Olivia reaches over with her left hand, clasping Bianca's hand
firmly, rubbing her thumb into Bianca's palm.

Opal smiles kindly at Olivia's display of affection, "You may not be an angel
Missy but your good for Bianca. Even I can see that, and so will Erica. She's
just so stubborn sometimes." Opal frets.

Olivia smiles as Opal talks and still grasping Bianca's hand firmly in hers
moves her left foot up between Bianca's legs.

'OH MY GOD!!!' Bianca shrieks in her mind, as she feels Olivia's right foot
rubbing at her crotch. Trying to pull away, Bianca discovers that she can't
because Olivia won't let go of her hand! 'She can't be doing this to me! Not
in public like this!' Bianca thinks as Olivia manipulates her body through
the sheer panties she wore.

Glancing over at Bianca she see's her pleading glance after she discovers
that she won't let go of her hand. 'Sorry honey. But I like my feet right
where they are!' Olivia thinks, as she slowly rubs her toes against Bianca.
Feeling through her stockings the delicious heat emanating from Bianca as
she pushes and prods against Bianca.

Getting an idea Opal leans closer ro Olivia and says quietly, "I think we
should have lunch- the three of us. So we can get to know each other better
and see if we can't figure out a way to get Ms. Erica to see reason."

'Please, God, MAKE HER STOP!' Bianca moans internally, as she feels the heat
growing in her as Olivia play's with her from below. Sending a pleading look
to Olivia, in the hopes she'll have mercy on her. But those hopes are dashed
when she see's the gleeful sparkle in Olivia's eyes. To make matters worse,
her silent plea of mercy is answered by a redoubling of Olivia's efforts as
she feels her panties getting wet.

'Oh yesss.' Olivia thinks to herself, feeling how wet Bianca is getting
through her stockings. It's all made so much hotter by the fact that one of
Bianca's friends is here while she's doing this to her. 'Lets see how she
likes this.' Olivia thinks smirking as she moves her foot in a circular
motion against Bianca, while randomly pressing against her.

"Oh God..." Bianca moans out loud, as the last of her control deserts her.
Unconsciously moving her hips in response to Olivia's teasing, Bianca now
grasps Olivia's hand tighter as she feels her body taking over.

Feeling Bianca begin to pump her hips back and forth against her foot sends
a rush of heat through Olivia. Grinning wickedly at Bianca she replies to
Opal, "We'll be there."

Eyebrows raised Opal turns to Bianca, "Did you say something dearie?" Opal
asks concerned.

Fighting through the haze of lust Bianca manages to stutter out, "No.o..oo."

Seeing how far gone Bianca was Olivia lets go of Bianca's hand and grabs
Opal's arm. "Bianca's had quite a bit of excitement for the day" Olivia
explains, removing her feet from Bianca who groans out in denial at the
loss of contact. Quickly putting her shoes back on, Olivia rushes to her
feet and goes to Bianca's side, placing herself between them facing Opal,
"I was just going to ask Bianca to dance then take her home... If you'll
excuse us?" Olivia says with a disarming smile.

Shaking her head doubtfully, "Well I guess I'll see you both tommorrow. Try
to be there by ten 10 o'clock so I have time to drop off Petie." Opal states
looking dubiously at Olivia before walking away.

Breathing out a sigh of relief, Olivia turns to Bianca. 'Look at her! I did
that... damn I'm good!' Olivia thinks while looking Bianca up and down.

Bianca's face and neck is flushed a deep red as she holds on to the edge of
the table for dear life. Feeling Olivia's eyes on her she slowly looks up at
her, "Yo.. you are... so.. Dead!" Bianca gasps out.

Walking behind her chair, Olivia puts her hands on Bianca's shoulders and
begins to slowly massage them.

The feel of Olivia's hands on her, causes Bianca to moan quietly and lean her
head back against her, "What are you trying to do to me?"

Leaning down next to Bianca's ear Olivia whispers, "Have I told you how much
I love your dress tonight?" Without waiting for a reply Olivia continues,
"No, I don't think I have. I want to dance. Do you want to dance with me
Bianca?" asks Olivia kissing Bianca behind her ear.

Bianca closes her eyes as Olivia kisses her, and tilts her head to give
Olivia better access.

Reaching out, Olivia takes Bianca's hands in hers and stands Bianca up on
shaky legs. Putting an arm around her waist, Olivia steadies her, "Whoa there
girl. Take it easy now. That's it." Olivia says quietly, as Bianca slowly
gets her bearings. Swaying slightly Olivia leads Bianca out to the ballroom.

Hearing a slow song start as they get Olivia puts her arms around Bianca's
shoulders as she feels Bianca's hands go to her waist. Looking down at the
girl in her arms, Bianca shakes her head in confusion. 'What am I going to
do with you?' Bianca thinks wonderingly.

Looking hesitently up at Bianca Olivia licks her lips, "Your not upset are
you?" Olivia asks.

Amazed Bianca shakes her head, "Now why would I be upset, Olivia?" Bianca
asks causticly, "Could it be because-"

Before Bianca could finish her query Erica Kane's voice could be heard
shouting from across the room, cutting Bianca off. "Get away from my

Her face flaming red, this time from embaressment, Bianca groans, "God...
what now?"

Power walking across the room with her fiance in tow, Erica pushes her way
through anyone unlucky enough not to move out of her way. Standing in front
of her daughter waving a piece of paper like the flag at Normadi, Erica
smiles triumphantly, "This girl isn't your friend Bianca. Her name isn't
even Olivia.. It's Livvie, Livvie Locke!" Erica yells out.


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