All My Children/Port Charles: The Bad Girl Part 10 (no sex)
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Setting: Opal's Car. Opal is driving the brunettes home, while they sit in
the back seat with Olivia on the passenger side pressed into Bianca.

Time: 7:02 PM

"Thanks for sitting back here with me Bianca." Olivia says softly in Bianca's

Shivering at Olivia's breath on her, Bianca tries not to think of everything
else that's being pressed on her. Turning her head slightly, Bianca's face is
only half an inch from Olivia's as she replies with a gulp, "I wasn't about
to leave you alone after tonight Olivia." Moving her hand to the side of
Olivia's face, Bianca tucks a few stray locks behind her ear, cupping her
cheek. "I care about you." Bianca says softly, not even realizing that she's
running her thumb across the side of Olivia's mouth and over her lips.

Closing her eyes at the contact, Olivia leans into Bianca's hand as it
caresses her lips.

"We're here girls..." Opal trails off as she looks in the mirror and sees the
lovely brunettes in a clinch. 'Oh boy!' Opal thinks as she watches the two
girls, 'It's definetly time to drop off these two.' and then reaches for the

The loud sound of the car horn breaks the girls from their revery with a
start. Bianca looks down blushing as she realizes what she was doing and also
that Opal was likely watching. "Thanks for dropping us off Opal!" Bianca says
hurriedly, all but dragging Olivia out with her.

Giving Opal a rougish grin, Olivia adds innocently, "Thanks for the ride,
hope you enjoyed the show."

Eyes wide, Opal stammers out, "Uh.. Umm.. It was my pleasure." Looking over
at Bianca she adds sadly, "You hold on there Bianca. I know that your going
through a rough patch with Erica, but don't give up on her. In her own way
she's tryin to keep you safe."

Bianca's face drops when Opal mentions her mother, "No offense Opal, but what
she did today was disgusting. And it's going to take a good long while before
I get over it." Bianca says firmly.

Her face grows solemn as she looks at Bianca, "I don't think she'll do
anything like this again Bianca." she says introspectively. "I think she
knows she went too far."

Face troubled, Bianca glances back at Olivia waiting by the door to the Inn
before replying, "For her sake I hope so Opal. I stopped Olivia from sending
her to jail once. I won't be able to a second time, and that's what'll happen
if she pulls anything else."

Alarmed Opal gazes at the woman at the Pine Valley Inn, "Do you really think
she'd send Erica to prison?" Opal asks horrified.

"Yes." Bianca replies instantly. "Mom took one of the most painful moments in
Olivia's life and used it to slice her up in front of practically the whole
town. I barely got Olivia to let mom go this time... I don't see her doing it
again." Bianca finishes sadly.

"Well.. I hope it doesn't come to that honey, but with Erica, well..." Opal
says shaking her head doubtfully. Looking at her watch she sees the time.
"Lordy, I have to get goin'. You take care now, Bianca. You and your girl."
Opal finishes with a smile and drives away.

After waving bye to Opal Bianca turns to find Olivia waiting with an amused
little smirk on her face, "What is it?" Bianca says suspiciously.

"Nothing- nothing at all... I just got an idea for later. That's all." Olivia
says mysteriously, as she turns and runs into the inn.

Rushing to catch up (as much as one can in high heels) Bianca just makes it
to the elevator before it closes. "You are so dead!" Bianca growls.

Looking slightly alarmed, Olivia realizes that she's trapped in a small
elevator with an irate Bianca. "Now wait a second here-" Olivia starts to
protest, only to be cut off as Bianca lunges at her.

Anyone passing by the elevator doors as it went up would have heard someone
begging hysterically for help.

"Mercy! Mercy!" Olivia gasps out, tears leaking from her eyes as Bianca
relentlessly tickles her.

"Oh no! NO mercy for you!" Bianca cries out pinning Olivia to the wall,
continuing the assault.

A soft beep goes unoticed as the elevator doors open and a very suprised Leo
gets an eyeful. "Hello ladies. I believe this is your floor?" Leo says trying
not to gawk at the sight of Bianca bodily pinning another girl to the wall.

Hearing Leo's voice, Bianca flys off Olivia, blushing a deep crimson as she
realizes how it must look. "Um.. Leo. This, this isn't what it looks like."
Bianca stammers out, walking to Leo's side.

With a low chuckle Olivia replies, "Yeah, she was just about to have her
wicked way with me."

"I was not!" Bianca all but shrieks out, eyes wide. "She's the one who..."
Bianca trails off as she flashes to dinner and Olivia's version of footsie.
Breathing deeply, Bianca reiterates, "She's the one who started it."

Putting his hand out to stop the elevator Leo shakes his head unbelieving.
"Greenlee's not going to believe this one." Leo says smugly. "Bianca
Montgomery, taking advantage of a sweet, innocent girl. Tssk, tssk, Bianca."
Leo teases.

'Taking advantage of.... sweet.... innocent. YEAH! RIGHT!' Bianca thinks
sarcasticly. "Is there something you want Leo?" Bianca sighs.

"Actually, I came to see if you needed anything." Leo says, his smile fading.
"I heard about what happened." Leo finishes, worry etched into his face.

Giving an angry grunt, Olivia pushes past the two, "Look I'll be inside if
you need me, but I have to get out of this dress." she states not looking

Opening her mouth, Bianca shuts it as Leo lays his hand on her arm, "Go on,
she needs you. I'll call David and see how things went at the party after
you left." he says kindly, before stepping into the elevator and letting
the doors shut.

Summoning up her resolve, Bianca walks into her suite, detemined to talk to
Olivia about where she came from and how she got here. Looking around she
finds her in the bedroom, staring out the window dressed now in a pair of
tight black shorts and a black t-shirt. Approaching slowly, Bianca reaches
out and puts her hands on Olivia's shoulders, "Hey." Bianca says softly.

Sighing softly, Olivia turns around facing Bianca. "I know you have
questions-" Olivia begins nervously, "I just hope your ready for the

"Whenever your ready." Bianca replys soothingly. Taking Olivia's hands in
her's, Bianca leads her to the bed and motions for Olivia to begin.

Closing her eyes, Olivia pulls her knees up and rests her chin on them as
she contemplates her story. "I grew up in Texas and stayed there until I
graduated. I went to a town called Port Charles looking for my mom who went
there supposedly because of a job offer. Of course what I didn't know at
the time was that my mom wasn't really my mom, but my aunt Rachel." Olivia
says bitterly as she starts to rock back and forth.

"If she wasn't your mother.." Bianca trails off confused.

Opening her eyes, Olivia sees the confusion on her face and gives her
hands a squeeze. "I'm getting there." Immersing herself in the past Olivia
continues grimly, "Like I said, I went looking for my mom, but what I found
was my father. You see my father's Dr. Kevin Collin's a psychiatrist at
General Hospital and he saw me one day crying in the park after my mom told
me in no uncertain terms to get lost. We hit it off immediately and I started
telling him about my family. We began to meet regularly after that and I told
him about how I used to dream about drowning just like my aunt Grace did.
What I didn't know was that my aunt Grace was really my mother and she had
commited suicide by drowning herself in a river." Olivia finishes, her voice
shaky as she runs a hand through her hair.

Speechless, Bianca wordlessly leans forward and pulls Olivia into a hug. "I'm
sorry." Bianca says, her heart breaking for the girl in her arms.

Allowing some of Bianca's warmth and calm to seep into her for a moment,
Olivia pulls away. "You haven't heard the best part yet Bianca." Olivia says
with a cynical chuckle. "You see my *mom* had all together different reasons
for coming to Port Charles. The Reese family has this nasty disease that's
passed along geneticaly. I'm not going into the particulars but basicaly my
mom wasn't sure I'd get it or not so she wanted to find a cure... The problem
was she expermented on human beings to get her data." Olivia states, her eyes
filling with remembered pain and renewed loss.

"Oh my God." Bianca exclaims horrified. Unable to understand how someone
could have so little respect for the sanctity of human life.

"Oh there's more to come honey. In my story the hits just keep on comin'."
Olivia says with a mirthless laugh. "A woman named Lucy Coe who was my
father's girlfriend at the time stumbled upon mom's little hobby. After
almost killing my father and Lucy, my mother ran to the docks and threw
herself into the water after I told her to go to Hell. In a twist of fate,
my father pulled her out. Not that it did her any good, she came out
comatose and has been for over two years." Olivia finishes laying back on
the bed. Shuddering as she flashes to her mom laying in the mental ward,

Laying down next to her, Bianca gently enfolds Olivia in her arms, and
strokes her hair.

"Now we're going to fast forward past lying ex-friends, a scheming biker and
of course the handsome, charming dark lover with a pension for killing people
that I love. I'm going to leave that talk for anther night." Olivia says

"I'm going to tell you about how I came to be here in Pine Valley. Staying
away from the *lying ex-friends* discussion still, I will tell you they hurt
me and I wanted revenge. So without going into detail, I had a one nighter
with someone I thought was good. Wrong again Olivia. It turns out that he
went a little crazy and had recently decided to go vigilante. Calling himself
*Lancelot* he went out fighting crime, saving kittens and generally making an
ass out of himself." Olivia says in exasperation.

Bianca just nods in affirmination at this and continues stroking Olivia's

Seeing that Bianca wasn't going to comment further Olivia continues, her
voice harsh, "Well to end my story, a pair of do-gooders named Rafe Kovich
and Ian Thornheart decided to stop his little crime fighting gig. I watched
them fight hidden in the brush off to the side and lost the baby....."

...... Port Charles, the park.

After watching Ian destroy tbe Avatar, Olivia walks steathily away. Stopping
as she feels a terrible cramp inside her stomach she falls to her knees.
'Oh no. Please no. Let my baby be alright.' Olivia thinks desperately, but
knowing that it wouldn't survive the death of it's father. Another way of
pain hits her, causing her to pitch forward into the dirt. Unable to barely
whimper for the pain Olivia can't call out for help from the people just
fifty yards away. Finally, blessedly, the pain becomes too intense and she
passes out.

Waking in the late hours of the night, Olivia knows she has to leave before
everything comes crashing down on her. Moving slowly, Olivia gets up and
makes her way to the train station.....

"...... After that I knew I couldn't go back, so I stole away on a train."
Olivia says distantly. Shaking off the last tendrils of that terrible day
she gets up off the bed and starts pacing, as she continues. "After almost
eleven hours of hiding I was discovered by one of the ticket collectors.
Knowing that I would be sent back I ran to the end of the train and jumped."
Olivia says distractedly as she picks up the knap sack from the train.

Remembering where she found Olivia and how hurt she was, Bianca bolts upright
with a gasp. "Are you crazy! You could have killed yourself! The only place a
train crosses Willow Lake is the old bridge on Damil Lane! That bridge is at
least a hundred feet off the water!. God no wonder you were so bruised up!"
Bianca rants.

"I didn't know what else to do Bianca." Olivia whispers defeatedly. "I had
no one to turn to. You see, my father happens to currently be residing in a
mental institution." she finishes hopelessly.

Looking into her eyes and seeing the utter desolation there Bianca's
expression softens. "I know it couldn't have been easy to tell me all this-
thank you for trusting me." Bianca says tenderly.

Both girls stand there for a moment until Olivia smiles slightly and says,
"You know, I'm in the mood for a good old fashioned movie- you know- a
creature feature type movie. Preferably one with lots of blood and guts."

"Are you sure-" Bianca starts to say hesitantly, then stops as she sees
Olivia smile wickedly at her. "Why are you looking at me that way?" Bianca
says on her guard.

Putting on an expression of exaggerated innocence Olivia replies with a
little pout, "Can't I look at you without you getting all paranoid."

Looking down right panicked now, Bianca looks Olivia up and down, trying to
figure out what she's up to. And knowing Olivia, when she pouts- it's never
good. Unfortunetly, Bianca knows Olivia well enough to realize that she'll
talk only when she's good and ready. Which is usually way too late. "Hmm,
well whatever your up to it'll have to wait till I get back from the video
store. I should be back in five, maybe ten minutes." Bianca says while
grabbing her coat. "Are you sure you'll be alright by yourself?" Bianca asks

Rolling her eyes, Olivia replies pitifully, "I thingk I can last ten
minutes.. I- I just don't know how much longer.." she finishes with a
melodramatic gasp.

"Point taken, your not an invalid. I'll be back soon." Bianca says shaking
her head at Olivia's antics and leaves.

Eight minutes later...

"Hello." Bianca calls out returning from her movie run, getting Olivia's
attention who was staring out the window. "What'cha looking at?" Bianca says

"Oh I was just looking at the town." Olivia replies distractedly. Glances
up at Bianca she suddenly smirks that naughty smirk of hers, "I like those
friends of yours... we could invite them over. I seriously doubt their
having alot of fun after..." Olivia trails off as she recalls the evenings

"You want to invite my friends over?" Bianca asks, quickly trying to push
past the moment.

Flashing a smile at Bianca, Olivia nods, "Yeah, I think it'd be alot of
fun... we could play cards, veg out in front of the television watching
movies and eating junk food. We could make it a sleepover." Olivia says

"A slumber party.. hmm." Bianca considers, "I don't see why not!" she
replies, before rushing off to the phone and calling her friends.


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