All My Children/Port Charles: The Bad Girl Part 12 (no sex)
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Setting: Pine Valley Inn. Bianca's Suite.

Time: 10:09 PM

Stunned silence greets Olivia's annoucement. Bianca snaps out of her stupor
when she hears Olivia's idea. "Strip poker?" Bianca asks quietly.

Olivia slowly nods as her smirk goes from naughty to down right evil and
replies, "Yup." Looking around at the stunned disbelief marring the faces
surrounding her, Olivia asks, "Is there a problem?" Seeing no change in
their expression Olivia laughs out loud, "Come on people. We're all adults
here. Let's have some fun!" Olivia finishes encouragingly.

With a bark of laughter Tim replies, "Well... unless someone has a better
idea, I'm in."

Shaking his head slowly, as if he can't quite believe what he's hearing, J.R.
answers nervously, "Umm.. Okay, I'm in."

Olivia, Tim and JR all turn to Maggie questioning. Seeing the looks she's
receiving Maggie leans back into her seat, racking her brain for anything
that even remotely sounds plausable. 'Oh God, there has to be something!'
Maggie thinks desperately.

"What about Valentine?" Bianca cuts in quickly.

With mirth sparkling in her eyes Olivia replies, shaking her finger back and
forth "You can't watch one movie after another at a slumber party. It's the

Resting her head in her hands, unable to come up with an alterantive Maggie
agrees. "Okay I'll play."

Smiling victoriously, Olivia turns to a wide eyed Bianca, "Well... Bianca?
What's it going to be? Will you play with me?" Olivia asks in a little girlie

Gulping at the question as well as it's double meaning, Bianca nods with a

"Good. Now here are the rules." Olivia says while pulling out a deck of
cards and dealing five cards to each person. Jewelry and shoes do not count
as clothes and must be discarded immediately. Also for those of you who have
never played this version of poker I'll explain how it works. The winner of
each hand gets to pick one person who must remove an article of clothing.
However the wearer of the clothing decides which piece will be removed."
Looking around Olivia asks smiling, "Is there any questions? No?" Looking
around she finishes, "Good, then before we begin please remember that if you
join in a hand you must be prepared to remove an article of clothing, and
that if you no longer wish to play or if you simply have no more clothing
to wager you must leave the room. And two's are wild." Olivia starts to
furiously write on a piece of paper.

Seeing Olivia writing Maggie asks, "What are you doing now?"

"Just writing down what I'm wearing." Olivia answers absently. Looking up she
hands the pad of paper to Tim, "Write what your wearing under your name, then
pass it around so that we know that everyone is wearing the same amount of
clothing. Just to be fair." Olivia finishes with a glimmer of mischief in her

Swiftly everyone writes down what they're wearing and passes the list back to
Olivia who places it next to her. "Good we're all even. Let's play." Olivia
says gleefuly before turning to Tim.

Tim: J.R.: Maggie:

Socks Socks Sweats

Pants Sweats T-shirt

T-shirt T-shirt Boxers

Boxers Boxers Bra

Bianca: Olivia:

shorts Shorts

baseball jersey Tanktop

thong Bikini cut panties

Bra Bra

Looking at his cards Tim asks for three cards. Dealing swiftly Olivia gives
him three cards which he picks up with a smile.

"I could use two more." J.R. requests thoughtfuly.

"I'll take one." Maggie says coyly smiling.

"I'm fine." Bianca states cockily.

Quickly dealing the requested cards out and two for herself they show there

With a snort of disgust Tim throws down his cards and shakes his head, "I've
got nothing."

Frowning, Maggie shows a pair of sixs.

Happily, Bianca shows a full house, two nines and three fours.

With a sigh Olivia shows a pair of jacks.

Giving a half smirk J.R. lays down a full house, two tens and three queens.
"I win, Maggie take something off!" J.R. crows out triumphantly.

With a heavy sigh, Maggie pulls off her sweats, revealing a pair of blue
cotton panties. Looking up at Olivia quickly she puts her finger up in a
shushing gesture, "Not one word." Maggie says with a firm stare.

Holding up her hands in surrender, Olivia chuckles softly. 'Cotton?! Ok...'
Olivia thinks to herself. Quickly taking the cards back, Olivia deals out a
new hand.

"I'll stay with this." Tim says smiling.

"I'll have four more." J.R. says

"I'll have four more too." Maggie pipes in, shaking her head discouraged.

"I need one more." Bianca says grinning.

Dealing out the cards to the others, and one for herself, Olivia looks to
Tim, "Well...?" she say's impatiently, waiting for him to show his cards.

"A pair of nines, and a pair of jacks. Is what I got little lady." Tim
replies in his best fake western drawl.

J.R. lays his head in his hands and groans, "Nothing here."

"Big suprise there!" Maggie snickers, earning her a smile from her friends.
"I have a flush; a five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten of diamonds! Beat
that!" Maggie finishes smugly.

"I can't beat that." Bianca sighs, laying her cards face down.

"Well then," Maggie says looking at a suddenly nervous J.R., "I think it's
your turn to-"

"Not yet it isn't!" Olivia says smirking as she cuts Maggie off.

"You can beat a flush?" Maggie asks disbelieving. "Lets see'em girl." Maggie
says intently, all eyes turning to Olivia.

Her smirk growing, Olivia slowly turns over a ten of hearts, a jack of
hearts, a queen of hearts, and a king of hearts. Looking up at Maggie she
lays down the last card... the ace of hearts.

"A royal flush.. You lucky little... Ughhhh!" Maggie cries frustrated.

"Um... Who's taking off what?" J.R. nervously asks, gaining the groups
attention momentarily, before all eyes return to Olivia.

Turning to each person, Olivia stares at each till she sees them squirm
slightly before turning to Bianca. "Let's see some skin, Binks!" Olivia says

Giving Olivia an irratated look for getting her into this, Bianca pulls off
her boxers, revealing a black thong.

"Way to go Bianca. I never would have guessed you for a thong girl." Olivia
teases, having already found out tonight what Bianca was wearing.

Blushing, Maggie looks down unable to meet Bianca's gaze.

"Whoa.." Tim mouths in appreciation. 'Damn it's too bad she's only into
girls.' Tim thinks while checking out Bianca's legs.

'This day just got a whole lot more interesting!' J.R. thinks as he covertly
steals glances at Bianca.

Finally having enough of seeing the guys ogling Bianca, Maggie slaps the
table hard, "Enough with the ogling guys. We have a game to play." Maggie
states, still careful not to look directly at Bianca.

Olivia apparantly disagrees, "Hey now guys, It's alright to look." Olivia
says giving the guys a sympathetic look, before turning back to Maggie.
"After all, some people like to watch.. Don't they Maggie?" Olivia asks
Maggie with a knowing look.

With a gulp, Maggie looks up quickly with the same deer in headlights look
she had earlier.

Seeing the panicked look on Maggie's face, but not knowing the cause Bianca
looks to Olivia. Seeing the small smile on Olivia's face raises Bianca's
suspicions. 'What did you do now Olivia? And what does it have to do with
Maggie..?' Bianca asks herself.

Glancing at Bianca, Olivia decides it's time to resume the game. "Come on
guys. I know she's easy on the eyes," Olivia says allowing her own eyes to
wander over Bianca's figure, causing Bianca to blush, "believe me. I know!
But we need to play, and who knows.. you might see more of her!" Olivia
finishes with a sexy smile.

Tearing his eyes off Bianca, Tim gathers up the cards and hands them to
Olivia. "Let's play! Tim says enthusiastically, stealing a glance at Maggie.

'What the Hell have I gotten myself into?' Maggie wonders, as Olivia deals
out the cards.

"Two more, over here." Tim calls out.

"Two here too."J.R. states with a sigh.

"I'm fine with this." Maggie says smiling.

"I could use one more." Bianca says as she looks at a grinning Olivia. 'What
IS she smiling about.' Bianca thinks worriedly.

"Here you go folks." Olivia says cheerfully as she deals out there cards and
one for herself.

"Nothing here." Tim says with a sigh, tossing the cards into the middle of
the table.

"A pair of fives." J.R. says with a sneer.

"A pair of nines and a pair of jacks." Maggie says, shooting a wicked glance
toward a very nervous J.R.

"I've got nothin'." Bianca says with a shrug.

"Ditto." Olivia says shaking her head as she and everyone else turns to

"Well.. who's it going to be Maggie?" Bianca asks hoping it won't be her.

"I win! J.R. take something off!" Maggie says in a whiney immitaton of J.R.

"Real mature Maggie." J.R. grumbles as he takes off his socks.

"Right back at'cha pal." Maggie says with an overly sweet smile.

"Children, enough." Olivia says smirking slightly as she deals out the cards

"Okay... I need three more." Tim says as he studies his cards.

"I need one more." J.R. says as he looks at each of his opponents carefully.
'The next time I lose, it'll be either my shirt or my pants.' J.R. thinks
apprehensively, as his eyes stop momentarily on Maggie; his first victim and
biggest problem.

Maggie glances to Bianca, "I could use one more." Maggie asks, as she glances
at Bianca. 'I can't believe Bianca's wearing a thong!' Maggie thinks before
returning her attention to Olivia.

I want one more too." Bianca says distractedly, as she wonders why Maggie was
staring at her.

"Coming right up." Olivia says as she deals the cards out.

"A pair of queens." Tim says with a smirk, as he glances toward Maggie.

"Nothin'." J.R. sighs.

"I've three tens." Maggie says, rolling her eyes at Tim's rather pathetic
attempt at subtle ogling.

"Humph! I've got four jacks!" Bianca says turning to Olivia. 'Beat that!'

"You win." Olivia says picking up the cards again. "I'm getting a Diet Coke."

"So.... who's it going to be this time?" J.R. asks as Olivia comes back.

Glancing over at Olivia "Payback time Olivia." Bianca says with a smirk.

With a smirk of her own Olivia sets down her Diet Coke and immediately takes
off her tank top as she sits down, exposing her lace covered breasts to the
small group. Opening her Diet Coke, Olivia takes a drink before addressing
the stunned people around her. "What?!" she asks, her eyes sparkling with

"Oh My God!" J.R. practically whimpers.

"I'm right there with you." Tim says, as he stares at Olivia's barely covered

Maggie shakes her head in disbelief that Olivia just did that. 'Look at those
two.' Maggie thinks annoyed at the way J.R. and Tim are staring at Olivia,
and even more annoyed that she has to fight to stop herself from gawking too.
'I'm not gay. I am not gay. I AM NOT GAY!!!' Maggie thinks as Olivia puts her
arms up and stretches back in an exaggerated manner.

"Will you please stop teasing them?" Bianca asks mildly gesturing to the

Pouting slightly, Olivia nods and looks to the guys. "Sorry fella's, she said
to stop." Olivia says mournfully, as she starts to deal out the cards again.

Still trying to clear out the vision of a stretching Olivia from his mind,
Tim asks for three cards.

Licking his lips, J.R. asks for two cards.

'Don't let me be blushing!' Maggie thinks fervently. as a semi clad
stretching Olivia keeps popping into her head. "I want four!" she all but

'Okay...' Olivia thinks, turning to Bianca.

Bianca looks from Maggie to Olivia, "I'll have one more please." Bianca asks
absently, the sight of a nearly topless Olivia only slightly less startling
after having bathed her. 'Was Maggie checking her out?' Bianca wonders, then
shakes the thought off. 'Your being silly! Maggie's not gay.'

"Let's see'em!" Olivia says with a smirk, after she deals out the cards they
asked for but keeping all hers.

Shaking his head slightly and smiling at the wording of the request, Tim
throws his cards down. "Three queens!" Tim announces laughing.

"Nothing again." J.R. says less enthused.

"Nothing here either." Maggie says with a long sigh.

"A pair of three's." Bianca says frowning, before turning to Olivia.

"A pair of seven's..." Olivia says and continues when Tim starts to smile,
"and three ace's! I win again!" Olivia chortles.

Turning to Maggie, Olivia bats her eyes quickly and says sweetly, "Maggie...
sweetie? Would you mind taking something else off?"

Scowling at Olivia, Maggie takes her shirt off revealing the matching
cotton bra underneath. Turning to the already gaping guys, Maggie says
threateningly, "Not one word."

Holding up their hands in surrender the two guys don't make a sound as they
check her out. Maggie clad in only a matching pair of blue cotton bra and
panties, is truly a sight to behold. With her toned, flat abs to her sleek
tapered legs, Maggie is truly stunning.

Olivia whistles loudly, getting the attention of the entire room and begins
dealing out the cards.

"I'm good." Tim says leaning back in his chair, smiling.

"I'll take four." J.R. mutters loudly.

"I'm fine." Maggie says smiling brightly.

"One." Bianca states quietly biting her lower lip as she studies her hand.

"Here you go folks!" Olivia says cheerfully as she deals out their cards,
then giving herself four.

"Read 'em and weep! Three eights and two six's!" Tim gloats as he looks
quickly over at Maggie.

"Strike three." J.R. says sulking in his seat.

Annoyed with the way Tim looked at her Maggie mimics Tim's tone, "Read 'em
and weep! Five kings with the joker!"

"I'm out." Bianca mutters, turning to Olivia.

"Nothing here folks!" Olivia says with false cheer.

"Like Bianca said, it's payback time." Maggie says to Olivia.

Olivia gives a little mocking bow then stands up and removes her shorts
revealing her white bikini cut panties.

'God I wish I was Bianca!' J.R. thinks as he takes in the sight of Olivia in
only a bra and pair of panties.

'God I wish I was that chair!' Tim thinks as Olivia sits back down and deals
another hand out.

'Do Not Look!!' Maggie thinks desperately as she looks at the cards being
dealt her.

'Oh boy! This is more than slightly distracting.' Bianca thinks as she tries
to focus on her cards and not the semi naked girl next to her.

"Four please." Tim requests politely, his eyes still a little glazed over
from the sight of Olivia.

"I'll stay." J.R. says automaticaly, barely looking at his cards.

"Two more." Maggie says quickly, running a hand through her hair and avoiding
any eye contact with Olivia.

"I'm good." Bianca says in a chipper tone of voice.

Smiling slightly, Olivia deals out the cards and giving herself one.

A smile of near ecstasy crosses Tim's face as he says jubilantly, "Four

J.R. doesn't even say anything, he just lays his cards in the middle of the
table and groans.

"Huh, I'm out." Maggie says a little desperately, as she sees the look on
Tim's face as he looks at her.

"Me too!" Bianca says also seeing Tim's grin and understanding Maggie's

"Three tens....... and one little joker." Olivia says teasingly, dragging it
out a little.

"Son of a bitch!" Tim curses, and hides his head in his hands.

"You kinda suck at this don't you?" Olivia says not unkindly.

Looking up, Tim lets out a short bark of laughter. "A little, yeah."

With a sultry smile on her face, Olivia looks over at Bianca. "It's time for
your close up Ms. Montgomery!" Olivia says theatrically.

Giving Olivia a dirty look, Bianca takes off the baseball jersey, exposing
her black lace encased breasts.

Feeling his pants become alot tighter in the crotch, Tim asks Olivia to deal
another hand.

'There are days like this when I wish I was a girl!' J.R. thinks to himself.

"I need one more." Tim says quietly. Trying to keep his mind on the game and
off the three beautiful semi naked women around him. 'Please don't let anyone
notice.' Tim prays silently.

Glancing down at his cards, J.R. says smugly with a confident smile, "I'm

Breathing heavily at J.R.'s tone, realizing that it means he already has a
good hand, Maggie hesitates then says reluctantly. "One."

"Two." Bianca says shortly, a little worried with how far the game has gone.

"Told you this game's fun!" Olivia says laughing to J.R., who hasn't blinked
once since Maggie took off her shirt. Swiftly dealing out the cards to the
others, Olivia gives herself three.

"I have a pair of nines." Tim says intently, looking over to J.R.

"Two sevens, and three kings!" J.R. announces happily as Maggie and Bianca
both turn desperately to Olivia.

"Well!!" Maggie asks irate, knowing it'll likely be her who will have to
disrobe if J.R. wins.

With a neutral expression on her face, Olivia turns over the ten of diamonds,
the jack of diamonds, the queen of diamonds...

J.R. starts muttering "No, no, nooo.." as Olivia starts turning over her

"....the king of diamonds..." Olivia continues.

Maggie, Tim and Bianca all hold their breath as the last card is revealed.
"...the ace of diamonds." Olivia finishes.

"No fucking wsy!" J.R. says nearly crying. "That did not just happen!"

Clearing his throat, Tim turns to Olivia and asks eagerly, "Who's next?"

Olivia shrugs as she lets her gaze wonder from Bianca to Maggie and then to
J.R. and Tim. Letting them sweat for a second Olivia turns suddenly to Bianca
with a truly wicked grin, "Let's see some pink, Bink!" Olivia coo's.

Everyone freezes at Olivia's words. Then they all turn to Bianca.

'All I wanted to do was to cheer her up!' Bianca thinks frantically. 'How
did we get here!'


Tim's cellphone rings suddenly causing them all to jump slightly, with an
apologetic shrug Tim pulls out his cellphone, "Hello, this is Tim." he
answers cheerfuly. Pausing to listen to the person on the other line Tim's
expression changes from anger to worry as he replies to the unknown caller,
"Yeah, we'll be there. Bye." Hanging up his phone Tim turns to J.R. "We
have to get over to Hayley's." he tells J.R.

"Why do you have to go?" Olivia asks irritated at the interruption.

Turning to regard Olivia and Maggie he replies with a heavy sigh, "I don't
have the details, but it seems that Vanessa has escaped and Mateo needs J.R.
and me to watch little Enzo till she's caught. You three should stay here
for the night, it's not safe with Vanessa wandering around free."

"Another good time bites the dust." J.R. says sarcasticaly as he stands and
goes to the living room to collect his things.

"It's been different." Tim says to Bianca laughing. "We should do this more

Blushing slightly at the compliment (as well as the not so subtle looks at
her legs and torso) Tim was giving her, Bianca replies warmly standing up as
well, "It was my pleasure, and I do hope we can all do this again."

As Tim and J.R. leave, Olivia turns to Maggie and Bianca. "Okay, would
someone like to tell me who Vanessa is?" Olivia asks confused by the recent
turn of events.

Stunned silence fills the room as Bianca and Maggie try to find the words to
explain Vanessa.

"Vanessa is complicated." Bianca hedges, not sure how to go into the subject;
knowing it will lead to Frankie.

'That was informative.' Olivia thinks, bewildered at Bianca's evasiveness.

"She's a psychotic bitch, that's who she is." Maggie chimes in bitterly,
upon seeing the confused look on Olivia's face. Taking a deep breath, Maggie
continues in a more controlled tone, "Vanessa is my aunt. She also was the
international drug trafficer called Proteus, who killed quite a few people
including my sister."

"Can we not talk about this." Bianca cuts in, trying to deflect the
conversation away from Frankie.

Shooting Bianca a sympathetic glance Maggie replies in a consoling tone,
"Sorry Binks." Shaking her head, Maggie checks the time. "Wow, it's almost
eleven. Do you want to watch a movie or somethin...?" Maggie asks, trying
to change the subject.

'That has to be the lamest attempt to change the subject I have ever heard.'
Olivia thinks, looking over at Maggie. 'What's the big mystery?' Olivia
wonders, as she turns to Bianca. Opening her mouth to ask Bianca about
Vanessa, Olivia closes it immediately when she see's the pleading look on
Bianca's face. 'I'll ask her in the morning.' Olivia decides. "I'm about
movied out." Olivia replies with a laugh, letting the subject drop. 'God,
what is happening to me! I shouldn't care what she feels- it's not what I'm
here for!' Olivia thinks desperately to herself as Bianca smiles.

Unaware of Olivia's inner turmoil, only grateful that she has apparently
decided to let it drop Bianca shrugs, "Yeah, me too. After the night I've
had.." Bianca says yawning, "..I'm exhausted."

"I'll take the couch." Maggie begins only to be cut off by Olivia, who snaps
out of her internal conflict at the mention of sleeping arrangements.

"Like Hell you will!" Olivia objects, "People who go to slumber parties
always sleep in the same room. Besides, Bianca's bed is big enough for the
three of us... You'll sleep with us tonight!" Olivia finishes with a naughty
smirk that only Maggie catches as she begins to wonder- not for the first
time, what she's gotten herself into.

"I'll get the bed ready." Bianca states, walking to her bedroom, not wanting
to get caught up in the debate.

"Umm.. Maggie? What are you doing?" Olivia asks, as she watches Maggie
sliding her sweats back on.

Freezing at the question, Maggie looks over at Olivia warily before
responding, "Putting my sweats on."

'Not if I can help it.' Olivia thinks, fighting to keep the smirk off her
face. Keeping her voice mildly curious, Olivia responds, "Your not seriously
thinking about wearing those to bed are you?"

"Yeah.. and?" Maggie asks, slightly confused.

"And you can't!" Olivia objects, shaking her head incredulous. "You don't
see Bianca throwing on some clothes to sleep in do you?" Olivia asks, then
answers her own question, "No you don't." Seeing the look of bewilderment
still on Maggie's face, Olivia sighs in exasperation, "I can't sleep good
clothes; neither can Bianca. And neither of us will be able to sleep with
you next to us in that!" Olivia explains, motioning to Maggie's attire.

Feeling the walls begin to close on her, Maggie thinks desperately, 'No
problem. I'll just take my own blanket in with me.' Looking up, Maggie
gives a tentative smile, "Okay, if you and Bianca are uncomfortable I'll
sleep in this." Maggie says, agreeing with Olivia.

With a deep breath, Maggie grabs the blanket from the couch and heads to
Bianca's room.

Watching Maggie disappear into the bedroom, Olivia laughs quietly then
walks quickly to the thermostate and turns it to forty five degrees. "Nighty,
night, Maggie" Olivia says as she walks to the bedroom laughing softly.

Walking into the bedroom, Maggie sees that Bianca is already under the covers
on the right side of the bed, while Maggie is still putting her stuff away.
With a small smile, Olivia slides under the covers next to Bianca; leaving
Maggie with the left side of the bed.

"What are you smiling about?" Bianca asks suspiciously, noting Olivia's grin.

Eyes wide and mouth open in suprise, Olivia is the picture of wounded
innocence. "You are getting a little paranoid Bianca. Why do you think
I'm always up to something?" Olivia asks, with the hint of a smile.

Bianca regards Olivia in silence as she flashes to the movie and earlier in
the evening when Olivia decided to play her x-rated version of footsie with
her. "I wonder why." Bianca says wryly, as Maggie gets into bed with the
extra blanket from the living room.

The last thing Bianca see's before turning off the light, is Olivia wearing
a very naughty smirk.


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