All My Children/Port Charles: The Bad Girl Part 13 (FF,petting)
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Setting: Pine Valley Inn. Bianca's Suite.

Time: 7:54AM

Eyes blinking open, Olivia panics as she realizes that she can't seem to
move. The panic dissappears after a moment when she figures out that she
can't move because she's sandwiched between Bianca and Maggie. 'Hello,
girls!' Olivia thnks happily, a smirk beggining to appear on her face as
she takes full stock of her position. Glancing over her shoulder Olivia
can see that Bianca has snuggled into her from behind; with her right leg
thrown over Olivia's legs and her right arm wrapped around her stomach;
spooning her. Looking straight ahead, Olivia finds that she's facing
Maggie's chest, instead of her face. 'Somehow she must have moved up
higher on the bed.' Olivia thinks as she stares at the very pleasant
view in front of her. Allowing her gaze to fall southward along Maggie's
body, Olivia can see that Maggie has thrown her left leg over her torso,
above Bianca's leg. "Whoa... turning down the heat was definitely one of
my better ideas." Olivia says softly to herself as the heat from the two
women flows through her, starting a warmth all it's own.

Using her right arm, (her left being trapped under Maggie,) Olivia reaches
across Maggie to the alarm clock on the counter. 'Let's turn this back on.'
Olivia thinks to herself as she the alarm switch back to on, knowing it's
set for eight a.m. Quickly Olivia checks to see if she disturbed the
slumbering Bianca and Maggie. 'Maggie sleeps as soundly as Bianca!' Olivia
thinks delighted by the fact. "Time for some fun." Olivia says to herself.
Moving her hand to Maggie's face, she traces Maggie's jawline lightly with
her fingers while leaning in and softly kissing Maggie's pouty mouth.
'Mmmm.. Maggie! Am I ever going to enjoy this!' Olivia thinks happily as
she continues to kiss Maggie's pillowy soft lips. Keeping alert to Maggie's
state of awareness, Olivia runs her hand from Maggie's jawline to her
shoulder. Pulling away from Maggie soft lips, Olivia smiles naughtly. "I've
never believed in the saying; look, but don't touch." Olivia says to herself
as moves her hand down Maggie's arm, taking Maggie's hand in her own. Hearing
the Pink Panther's theme song running through her head, Olivia giggles with
a smile fit to shame the devil, 'Time to put your hand in the cookie jar,
Ms. Stone.' With eyes flicking back and forth to Maggie's face, Olivia slowly
moves Maggie's hand to just beneath Olivia's bra. Using her own finger's to
push her bra up, Olivia slides Maggie's hand up her chest and onto her right

Shuddering at the feel of Maggie's hand on her skin, Olivia takes a steading
breath and lowers her bra gently onto the back of Maggie's hand.

After brushing the hair out of her eyes so that she can get a better view of
the ensuing chaos, Olivia throws her arm back around Maggie and shuts her
eyes; feigning sleep.





Bianca's alarm go's off, waking Maggie with a start. Eyes blinking open
slowly, Maggie tries to stretch and wonders why she can't. 'Why can't....'
Maggie thinks as a look of absolute horror washes over her face as she
realizes exactly where her left hand is. Eye's snapping open wide Maggie
looks at a seemingly stunned, equally wide eyed Olivia. Her mouth opening
and closing, Maggie tries to say something, but not a sound escapes her

'This is better than Saturday Night Live!' Olivia thinks to herself, fighting
off the giggling fit that's struggling to burst out.

"Nooo." Bianca groans softly as she covers her head with her pillow to
block out the alarm. 'I thought I turned that damn thing off.' Bianca thinks,

Keeping her eyes locked on Maggie's, Olivia leans forward to turn off the
alarm, pressing her breast more firmly into Maggie's hand.

Not knowing why Olivia was moving towards her Maggie panicks slightly and
starts to push Olivia back, but stops when she hears Olivia moan softly.
Shaking slightly, Maggie feels Olivia's nipple stiffen under her palm when
she pushed her back. Maggie moves her hand downward slowly, gulping as she
feels Olivia's flesh under her fingers and palm. 'Oh God... it's so smooth.'
Maggie thinks in awe, unaware that her hand has stopped moving and that she
has slowly began to squeeze Olivia's breast.

Throwing her head back, Olivia grunts in pleasure as Maggie slowly begins to
explore her breast. 'Not exactly what I planned.... But I can deal.' Olivia
thinks as her breathing starts to deepen.

"Someone PLEASE turn off the alarm!" Bianca all but shrieks from under the

Crashing back to reality, Maggie realizes what she's doing and yanks her hand
out of Olivia's bra. 'What the Hell did I think I was doing?!' Maggie thinks
to herself, blushing a deep crimson. Turning over quickly she slaps her hand
against the snooze button, silencing the alarm. Jumping up from the bed
quickly, Maggie scurries to the bathroom shutting the door behind her.

Sitting up, Bianca looks questioningly to Olivia, "What's with Maggie?"

Thinking fast Olivia turns to Bianca with a bright smile, "I don't know."
Olivia replies with a shake of her head. With a lazy smile, Olivia cups
Bianca's cheeks in her hands, "I have an idea. With this Vanessa running
around it would probably be better if we made ourselves scarce." Olivia
says biting her bottom lip.

"And go where?" Bianca asks, intrigued by the idea.

"Anywhere you want." Olivia asks, smiling as she sees that Bianca is at least
thinking about going.

Pursing her lips as she thinks, Bianca smiles hopefully, "How about Port
Charles?" Bianca asks tentatively.

Jerking back as if struck Olivia regards Bianca in silence, all traces of
her smile now gone. "No." Olivia replies after a minute, her tone neutral.

Watching Olivia get up and put on her clothes, Bianca holds her breath
waiting for more. Exhaling loudly Bianca shakes her head when Olivia doesn't
elaborate, "Why not?"

Turning her head, Olivia gives her a look of utter disbelief. "How can you
ask me that?" Olivia asks, pacing as she talks. "You remember the part of
the story I told you where I jumped off a train so I wouldn't have to go
back there. Why would you want to go there?"

"Maybe because I want to help." Bianca replies standing up and walking to
stand in front of Olivia.

Olivia crosses her arms while shooting Bianca a level look, "Help? With
what?" Olivia asks almost angrily.

Staring earnestly into Olivia's eyes, Bianca replies tenderly, "I don't know
what happened in Port Charles Olivia, but I do know that you were hurt. And
you're still hurting.... aren't you?"

Unable to keep meeting those compassion filled eyes, Olivia closes her eyes
for a moment before responding in a voice aching with pain. "I know that your
just trying to help, but it's too soon for me to go back there." Opening her
eyes, Olivia can see the disappointment on Bianca's face. Reaching out,
Olivia cups Bianca's cheek in her hand, "When I go back there- when WE go
there, it's going to be rough and I don't think Maggie should be dragged into
my mess along with my girlfriend." Olivia states not unkindly.

Stunned, Bianca just stands quietly for a moment as what Olivia just said
registers. "Girlfriend?" Bianca says so quietly that Olivia almost misses it.

Laughing, Olivia shakes her head, "I should have known you'd get stuck on
the part of the sentence, where I refered to you as my girlfriend." seeing
the look on Bianca's face Olivia stops laughing, "Don't you want to be my
girlfriend?" Olivia asks, suddenly insecure.

Blinking the cobwebs away, a hundred watt smile shines on Bianca's face.
"Oh... I'll have to think about that one." Bianca replies playfully. Seeing
the anxious look on Olivia's face Bianca enfolds Olivia in a hug. "I'd be
honored if you'd be my girlfriend." Bianca whispers in Olivia's ear.

Nuzzling into Bianca's arms Olivia sighs in contentment, "Thank you."

"Anytime." Bianca replies smiling into Olivia's hair.

Basking in the comfort of Bianca's arms for a moment, Olivia sighs. "Why
don't you get dressed and pack a couple bags and I'll see what's keeping

"I can do that." Bianca says happily. Releasing Olivia from her embrace,
Bianca begins to pack thinking about Olivia. 'I have a girlfriend!'

Splashing water on her face Maggie stares at herself in the mirror. 'I'm not
gay! I like guys!' Maggie thinks to herself as tears of frustration slide
down her cheeks. Maggie summons up a picture of Tim in her mind to try and
get rid of these disturbing thoughts only to have the picture dissolve into
Olivia as she took off her top at the poker table. "Please someone help me?"
Maggie sobs softly.

"I can help you." Olivia says softly stepping into the room and shutting the
door behind her.

"Olivia! Um.. about earlier I didn't mean to.. I didn't..." Maggie stammers
as tears begin to run down her cheeks.

Looking at Maggie in this state Olivia feels a twinge of guilt. 'I shouldn't
feel guilty!' Olivia thinks angrily, 'She's the one who peeped on me and
Bianca when we were watching the movie. She's the one who decided to grope
me.' Something of what she was thinking must have seeped into her expression,
because Maggie breaks eye contact and stares at the floor. Seeing the
miserable state Maggie's in and knowing that she's at least partly to blame
Olivia shakes off her anger and steps towards the other girl. "It's okay
Maggie, really. It got cold last night and we had to huddle together for
warmth. Body parts were bound to touch." Olivia says in understanding tones.

Maggie looks back over at Olivia, feeling some of her trepidation ease but
still too nervous to talk.

Seeing some of Maggie's fears leave her Olivia opts for humor, "Besides,
what's copin a feel between friends" Olivia says jokingly.

"You don't understand!" Maggie whispers desperately, "I'm not like that!"

Olivia quickly puts her hands over mouth and leans against the door, trying
with all her might to quell the wild laughter inside. "Your not... that
like that.. are you?" Olivia gasps loudly. 'This girl's in serious denial.'
Olivia thinks as she contains the fit of laughter, regaining control. "Honey,
when a girl stares the way you were when I was making out Bianca on the
couch there's only two reasons." Olivia says patiently, walking over to the
sink and wetting a rag. "One, is that the girl in question is just a little
curious, in which case she would turn away when discovered. And two...
there's the girl who's more than curious, who will keep watching even though
she's already been spotted peepin." Olivia finishes as she walks over to
Maggie and wipes away the tears with the washrag.

Maggie closes her eyes and flushes in shame at the reminder of her earlier
escapade into voyerism.

Lowering her voice to a whisper, Olivia continues firmly, "And to my
knowledge Maggie. Straight women don't stare at other women the way you were
staring at me when I took off my top last night."

"Please.." Maggie begs, not even aware of what she's asking for now. Only
knowing that she wants this confusion to end.

Reaching out, Olivia pulls Maggie into a much needed hug. "Maggie, straight
women don't do, what you did to me in that bed five minutes ago." Hearing
her begin to cry again, Olivia strokes Maggie's hair comfortingly. "It's
okay. It's nothing to be ashamed of Maggie." Olivia says still in the same
firm, comforting tone. Feeling the sobs racking Maggie less, Olivia pulls
away and wipes her face again and says jokingly, "We just won't mention your
first lesson of girl on girl anatomy to Bianca for awhile."

A small tentative smile breaks free on Maggie's face as she hears this.
"Thanks. I don't know if I could handle Bianca knowing I groped her
girlfriend while she was lying right next to us, just yet." Maggie says
with a weak laugh.

Olivia's face grows serious for a moment before she replies, "I will have
to tell her sometime. You know that. I'm not keeping stuff from her."

"I know." Maggie sighs. "But not right away." Maggie states more than asks.

"No, not right away." Olivia replies smiling, reassuring Maggie.

Nodding, Maggie takes the rag from Olivia and wipes her face off again.

"Besides we've got to get you cleaned up Ms. Stone. We have a trip to take!"
Olivia tells a bewildered Maggie excitedly.

"What trip?" Maggie says slightly dazed, but with a stronger, more sure smile
than before.

Smirking slightly, Olivia hands Maggie her cloths and replies exuberantly,
"With Vanessa on the loose, Bianca and I- well.. mostly me- came up with the
idea of leaving town for a couple of days."

"Where to?" Maggie asks grinning, Olivia's excitement beginning to sweep into
her as she starts getting dressed.

"We haven't got that far yet." Olivia replies with a small smile. "When your
finished getting cleaned up we'll talk about it then." Walking over to the
door, Olivia says teasingly over her shoulder, "I'm sure we can find you a
girl of your own- where ever we're going!"

Maggie can only blink in shock as she watches Olivia walk out the door.


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