All My Children/Port Charles: The Bad Girl Part 14 (FF,petting)
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Setting: Outside the Pine Valley Inn. Bianca and Olivia are standing by a 98
blue Ford car.

Time: 9:41AM

"What time is it?" Olivia asks leaning against the hood of the car, boredom
clear in her voice.

"About twenty till ten." Bianca answers checking her watch. Turning toward
her girlfriend, Bianca takes a moment to admire Olivia. Wearing a pair of
skin tight black leather pants and a white tank top that excentuates her
dark complexion Olivia looks positively delicious, Bianca decides.

"Hi guys!" Maggie calls cheefully from the hotel entrance.

"Do you have everything?" Bianca asks, turning to see Maggie as she walks up
to them wearing a knee length blue skirt and matching blouse.

"Yup." Maggie replies with a chipper smile. "You want this in the back or
the trunk?" Maggie asks Bianca, motioning to the small brown suitcase in her
right hand.

"Trunk." Olivia cuts in quickly with a smirk. Seeing the questioning look on
Bianca's face Olivia adds with in a naughty tone, "We might want some room
in the back."

Bianca just shakes her head in response and smiles as she goes around to the
trunk and throws Maggie's suitcase in with theirs.

"Get a room." Maggie says good naturedly, before jumping into the backseat.

Throwing the two girls an innocent look, Olivia gets into the passenger side.
"I just meant we might need room for hitchhikers and other stuff." Olivia
explains in a sweetly innocent tone, belied by the pure mischief swirling in
her eyes.

"Other stuff... right." Bianca laughs as she crawls into the drivers side of
the car.

"So.... Now that we're all together, would someone tell me where we're
going?" Maggie asks wonderingly, ignoring the flirting going on in front of

Olivia turns in her seat and regards Maggie for a moment with a solemn
expression and replies, "South."

"South? Where south?" Maggie asks slightly confused.

"Well, we were going to go out of the country by plane but we figured that
Vanessa might have some goon or something watching there, so we decided on a
road trip instead." Bianca explains smiling, looking back at Maggie.

"My idea." Olivia says with a wicked smirk.

'A road trip? With these two lust bunnies? They can't be serious!' Maggie
thinks till she looks at the earnest expression on Bianca's face.

Noticing her friends lack of response, Bianca reaches out with concern. "Hey,
are you okay Maggie?"

"Yeah I'm okay... road trip it is!" Maggie replies with a forced smile.

"Let's get the Hell out of here!" Olivia yells enthusiasticaly, as Bianca
pulls out onto the road.

Four Hours later...

Glancing into the rear view mirror, Olivia smiles at the sight of a sleeping
Maggie. 'It's about time.' Olivia thinks to herself as she looks over at her
gorgeous girlfriend. Dressed in a red tank top and short black skirt, Bianca
is totally oblivious to Olivias's lust-filled gaze as she drives down the
main road leading out of state. Keeping her body just a hair's breath from
Bianca's own Olivia leans forward and whispers in Bianca's ear, "Maggie's

Breath catching at the feel of Olivia's breath, Bianca swallows quickly. "I'm
trying to drive Olivia." Bianca says quietly, her voice trembling.

Laughing soflty, Olivia presses up against Bianca. "That is what's going to
make this so much fun!" Olivia replies hotly placing a hand on Bianca's

Eyes wide, her hands gripping the steering wheel in a death grip, Bianca
tries desperately to focus on driving as Olivia begins to nip at her ear and
trail her fingers up and down her leg. 'Just stay in the right lane. Just
stay in between the lines.' Bianca chants to herself over and over again.

Feeling the car begin to jerk sporadicaly as Bianca begins to lose her focus,
Olivia removes her hand from Bianca's leg and slips it under her tank top.
Making small circles with her fingers, Olivia is enjoying the reaction she
is getting from Bianca. 'Oh... poor baby! Want me to kiss it and make it
better....?' Olivia thinks as she moves her lips down to the side of Bianca's
neck and kisses it lightly. Hearing a small moan from Bianca, Olivia smiles
against Bianca's neck and inches her way up Bianca's stomach to just below
Bianca's lace covered breasts.

'That feels so good!' Bianca thinks to herself, as the feel of Olivia's mouth
on her neck and the hand inching up her chest begins to take it's toll. Her
breath begins to shorten and her driving becomes more erratic as Olivia
slides her index finger under the middle of her bra. "What.. What are you
doing?" Bianca asks, breathlessly.

Licking from Bianca's neck straight to her ear, "I noticed that you seem
to have trouble breathing...." Olivia replies in a sultry voice running
her tongue along the outer edge of her ear. "and I thought I should... you
know, remove some of your more constrictive clothing." Olivia finishes in
an achingly sexy tone as she hooks her index finger around the middle of
Bianca's bra and begins to pull it down.

'This isn't happening! I'll just ignore her and she'll st-' Bianca's frantic
thoughts stop suddenly as Olivia pinches her right nipple. "Oh God..." Bianca
groans from deep in her throat, "Olivia..."

"Yes Bianca? Was there something you wanted?" Olivia whispers, teasingly
in Bianca's ear as she begins to roll her nipple between her thumb and

"This is wrong." Bianca protests desperately, even as her body responds to
Olivia's ministrations.

Using her left hand to pull up Bianca's tank top, exposing her large, full
breasts, Olivia leans forward and says mischieviously, "Your point..?"

Eye's wide, Bianca watches as Olivia lowers her mouth, taking Bianca's
already hard nipple between her lips and lightly sucking. "Uhhhh..." Bianca
groans loudly as the sensation of Olivia's mouth lightly sucking her nipple
burns through her body straight to her crotch.

Humming softly, Olivia begins to use her tongue to flick the tip of Bianca's
nipple, relishing the quiet moans that her soon to be lover can no longer

"Olivia.... uhhh.. please...!" Bianca begs in a harsh tone as her body begins
to win the battle against her mind.'

'Gotta ya now, Bianca!' Olivia thinks as she hears Bianca's words. Olivia
slowly begins to circle Bianca's nipple with her tongue, while she reaches
over with her right hand and caresses Bianca's other breast.

Feeling Olivia's tongue circle and flick her nipple occasionally is too much
and Bianca reaches down with her right hand and tangles it into Olivia's
hair, holding her tight against her breast. "Yes...." Bianca moans softly,
surrendering to Olivia fully.

'Mmmmm.. your mine now Bianca, and I'll never let you go.' Olivia thinks
determinedly, as she sucks harder on Bianca's breast, and letting her teeth
slide across the nipple.

"Don't stop!" Bianca cries out passionately, arching her back and forcing
more of her breast into Olivia's mouth. Her mind lost in a haze of pure
sensation and hunger, Bianca is unaware of her foot pressing harder and
harder on the accelarator.

"What..?" a sleepy Maggie mutters from behind them. Awakened by a jolt, as
the car hits a bump in the road as it's speed continue's to build.

"More... please more..." Bianca begs, her voice filled with aching need as
her head snaps back when Olivia catch's her nipple in between her teeth, then
flicks it madly with her tongue.

Unaware of the activities in front of her, Maggie sits up and gasps as she
see's the car racing down the road at break neck speed. Eye's wide she see's
a little girl walk into the road and screams, "LOOK OUT!"

Bianca's head jerks back to the road when she hear's Maggie's and she
wrenches the steering wheel to the right trying to swerve out of the way.
The next sound she hear's, is the sound of the tires screeching and Maggie
and Olivia screaming. Then she hears nothing as the car runs off the road
and flips over and over down a seventy foot hill side.


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