All My Children/Port Charles: The Bad Girl Part 15 (no sex)
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Setting: Pine Valley Hospital

Time: Two days later.

"I told you! I told you she'd hurt her! Now look at her." Bianca hears her
mother's voice say angrily, the words beginning to filter into her conscience
as she slowly opens her eye's.

"This isn't... Oliv- ia's fault... mom." Bianca manages to croak out.

Her whole body whirling around at the sound of Bianca's voice, Erica gives
a radiant smile. "Oh honey, your awake." Erica says softly, tears of joy
running down her face. Leaning down, she takes one of Bianca's hands in her
own. "I was so worried. The doctors said you'd be fine but- you just took
so long waking up I-" Erica breaks off as she remembers Joe Martin calling
her to tell her that Bianca was in an accident.

"It's okay mom." Bianca says more clearly, her voice getting stronger by the
word. "I'm fine." Looking around, Bianca begins to get worried as she doesn't
see Olivia anywhere. "Mom, where's Olivia is she okay where-" Bianca begins
franticaly, only to be cut off by Erica.

"Olivia's home." Erica says in a cool even tone.

"Home?" Bianca says questioningly.

Seeing the questioning in her daughter's face Erica lets out an exsasperated
breath, "Yes home. After I told the nursing staff not to let her see you-"
Erica begins but stops when she see's the look on Bianca's face.

"You- You told the staff to keep my girlfriend out?" Bianca asks in a soft,
controlled tones.

Sitting up slightly, Erica defends her actions, "Yes I did. And I would do
it again Bianca." Seeing Bianca shake her head in disbelief, Erica continue's
on gamely. "She's bad for you honey. The accident report said that she was
the one that was driving."

"What?!" Bianca yells out loudly.

"Yeah, she told the officer's that she was the one that was driving." Erica
continue's nonchalantly, unaware of the reason of Bianca's distress. "Jack
had her picked up yesterday and charged with reckless endangerment."

"This is crazy mom! I'm the one that was drivin the car. Not her!" Bianca
says confused as to what Olivia's doing.

"Honey, you were just in a serious accident and when you have a head injury
sometimes the memory's are all jumbled up." Erica says consolingly, believing
that Bianca's lying and covering for Olivia. 'I won't let that little bitch
hurt my daughter again. I'll kill her first.' Erica vows to herself.

"My memory's fine mom. I was driving." Bianca says firmly.

Hesitating for a moment at the steely resolve in her daughter's eyes, Erica
begins to doubt Olivia's story for a moment. "Why would she lie about this
Bianca?" Erica asks dumbfounded.

"Because she cares about me and wants to protect me." Bianca replies slowly,
putting emphasis on the word care.

Erica tosses her head at this, unable to believe that Olivia has even the
capacity to care for her daughter. "I know you want to believe that Bianca,
but that girl is just.. evil." Erica says emphatically, frustrated that her
daughter has so fallen under this girl's spell so quickly.

"She's not evil! You don't even know anything about her and your calling
her evil." Bianca says outraged at her mother's words about Olivia. An idea
dawns on Bianca and she quickly turns back to her mother. "Where's Maggie
at? She can tell you that I was the one that was driving." Bianca continues
worriedly, concerned that her friend hadn't cleared this up. 'What if
something happened to her. I can't lose her like I lost Frankie!' Bianca
thinks horrified.

"The doctors say that Maggie should be fine. She was just coming out of it
when I came to sit with you." Erica says soothingly.

"Good let's go." Bianca says intently, throwing off the covers and swinging
her feet to the floor.

"Bianca you can't-" Erica begins to say worriedly, but is stopped by Bianca's
look of determination.

"I'm going mother. We need to get this cleared up." Bianca mutters angrily,
putting on her clothes. "I don't want Olivia spending anymore time in a cell
then she already has." Bianca finishes intently, walking out the door.

Walking out the door Bianca bumps into David. "Hey Bianca, it's good to see
your up and moving. Maggie's awake and asking for you." David says smiling
tiredly, obviously from lack of sleep.

"That's where I'm heading now actually. What room is she in?" Bianca asks
happily, glad that her friend is awake.

"Room 212. Just around the corner." David says smiling. Reaching out, David
guides her down the hall to Maggie's room.

Knocking twice, Bianca peeks in. "Hey sunshine, how's your day?" Bianca says
smiling, heartened by the sight of her friend.

Lifting her bandaged head from the stuff on her lunch trey Maggie smiles
softly at her friends voice. "Well I'm alive. Of course with your driving
it's a wonder that I have all my limbs intact." Maggie says jokingly, then
immediatley regrets it when she see's her friends face fall.

"I'm sorry, I didn't-" Bianca begins apollagetically, but stops when she
feels Maggie's hand on her arm.

"It was an accident Bianca. You didn't mean for it to happen. It wasn't your
fault." Maggie states compassionately, trying to stop Bianca from beating up
on her self.

Laughing bitterly Bianca shakes her head, "I think we both no that's not

"Olivia was kinda distracting you." Maggie says carefuly, very aware of
Erica standing in the doorway and not wanting to mention what she had caught
a glimpse of.

Blushing furiously Bianca averts her eyes, unable to face Maggie now that
she knows that she saw. "Yeah but I could of stopped her. I could have at
least pulled the car over, but I didn't. I was behind the wheel Maggie, me."
Bianca states sadly.

Hearing all that she could stand, Erica backs out of the doorway and walks
hurriedly away.

"Any word on Vanessa?" Bianca asks wearily.

Shaking her head Maggie grimaces, "No, she's managed to slip under the cop's
radar for now."

"What about Leo and Greenlee? Where are they?" Bianca asks concerned about
her friend.

"Their laying low. Leo is taking no chances with Greenlee." Maggie says,
agreeing with her cousin's good sense.

"No he wouldn't..." Bianca replies, nodding.

"Hey, where's Olivia? Is she alright?" Maggie asks worried, wondering what
could be keeping her away from Bianca.

"For some reason, Olivia decided to tell the authorities that she was
driving, so now my uncle Jack has her charged with reckless endangerment."
Bianca replies with a deep sigh.

"That's crazy!" Maggie states, incredulous.

"That about sums it up." Bianca agrees, subdued. 'What are you doing Olivia?'
Bianca wonders.

"We have to tell them what happened!" Maggie exclaims loudly, upset that
Olivia is in this perdicament.

Bianca smiles and nods her head at Maggie's resolve. "I'll wait outside while
you get dressed and we'll tell my uncle Jack what really happened." Bianca
tells Maggie and walks outside the room, so that Maggie can get dressed.

Setting: The Pine Valley Police Department. Jackson Montgomery's Office.

"Let's go over this one more time." Jackson Montomery says patiently, as he
walks around to lean against the front of his desk, facing the individual in
front of him. "You were driving at eighty seven miles an hour and..." Jack
states in a leading tone.

"And a kid ran out in front of the car. I swerved, and we went flying off
the road." Olivia says impatiently, irritated at the continued badgering.
"I've told you this all at least a dozen times now. Are we done?" Olivia
asks angrily.

Smiling to himself Jack continues specutively, "I just need a few details.
Like what Maggie and Bianca were doing as you were flying down the road."

Without blinking an eye Olivia replies in a dry monotone, "Maggie was asleep
in the back and Bianca was asleep in the front."

"How did Bianca get to sleep with all that air hitting her in the face?"
Jackson asks wyrly.

"The top was up." Olivia lies with a disgruntled shake of her head.

Shooting Olivia a speculative look that she misses, Jack walks to the door
of his office and before walking out, he turns to Olivia and says carefully,
"Thanks for all your cooperation Ms. Locke. I have to go to the clerks office
with your statement. You'll have to stay here while I'm gone."

Olivia shakes her head dismissively as he leaves, seething internally. 'What
the HELL am I doing' Olivia screams to herself. 'I can't believe I'm going
through all this trouble, when I should just leave the damn girl to fend for
herself.' At these thoughts an image of Bianca appears in her mind, giving
her pause. "I'm not supposed to fall in love with her" Olivia says softly to
herself as she stares around the room introspectively.

Walking to Anna Devane's office Jack steps in and drops Olivia's statement
and the accident report on her desk. "I need to ask Maggie about the
accident." Jackson states quickly, without preamble.

Eyes flicking to the report then back up to Jackson, a smile quirks at her
lips, "Hello to you to Jack. Would you mind telling me why you want me to
talk to Maggie about the accident? I thought your suspect was cooperating
and had already given you all the details." Anna asks confused.

"She's lying." Jackson replies grimly, while he opens the accident report to
the second page ande turns it to face her. "She claims that the top was up
when they went over the hill side, but if they had then the report would have
shown that the top's locks were broken... they weren't."

"You think she's covering for Bianca?" Anna states more than asks.

"Probably." Jackson says nodding, agreeing with her assessment.

A quick knock sounds on the office doors before their shoved open amiting
a disheveled looking Bianca and Maggie. "Uncle Jack..." Bianca trails off,
seeing that he's in a meeting.

Raising his eyebrows, Jackson beckons to the pair. "What can we do for you
Bianca?" Jackson asks politely, already having a good idea why they're here.

"I'm here about Olivia. She wasn't driving the car uncle Jack... I was."
Bianca admits quietly.

"I figured as much from Olivia's statement." Jack says chuckling softly.
"There were a few inconsistances in her story."

"Can we go see her?" Maggie asks concern evident in her tone.

"As soon as we get a statement from Bianca, you both can go see her." Jack
says kindly, reassuring the two girls.

"I'm going to go check on Greenlee, if you don't need anything else." Anna
says to Jack, as she walks to the door.

"No chief Devane. I've got it covered." Jack replies good naturedly. Waiting
till Anna leaves before continuing. "Why don't you start from the beginning."

"Well..." Bianca hesitates before continuing nervously, "Maggie was asleep in
the back and I was driving. Olivia and I were goofing around in the front and
I hit the petal on accident. Then a little girl came out in front of the car
and I swerved to miss her and went off the road."

"That's it?" Jack presses.

"Yes." Bianca answers calmly.

"Okay.." Jack says as he starts writing down Bianca's statement. "I'll bring
your statement by my office for you to sign. Meanwhile you can stay with
Olivia in my office until I get there." Jack finishes warmly.

"Thanks uncle Jack." Bianca says happily, giving him a hug.

"Your welcome sweetheart." Jack responds smiling, kissing the top of her head
and watching her pull Maggie out of the office to see Olivia.

"Hello..." Bianca calls out, while peeking inside Jack's office.

Whipping around at the sound of Bianca's voice, Olivia unconciously smiles
at the sight of her. "What are you doing here?" Olivia says evenly, trying
unsuccessfully to erase the smile on her face.

"I came- we came to get you." Bianca replies with a smirk, crossing her
arms. "We told my uncle Jack what really happened." Bianca finishes quickly
overriding Olivia when she tries to cut in. "I don't know what you were
doing, but lying to the cops is never a smart thing to do- especialy when
it's my uncle Jack your lying to."

'I really am falling in love with her' Olivia thinks to herself. Both happy
and appalled by the very idea. 'This shouldn't be happening. I only needed
her so that the whiny, bitchy people of Port Charles would be thrown of the
trail.' Then why are you still here. A voice from deep inside her asks, when
your cover has pretty much been blown to hell, why stay?

"Olivia?" Bianca calls gently, laying a hand on her shoulder. "Are you

Shaking her head to clear it of all the disturbing thoughts, Olivia smiles
slightly and replies, "Yeah... I guess so."

"Ahem, ladies?" Jack calls out politely from the doorway. "I have your
statement for you two to sign."

Turning to her uncle, Bianca take the statement and uses a pen to sign it
before handing it to Maggie.

"What happens now?" Olivia asks tiredly.

"Now, you three get to go home and get some rest. As I understand it J.R.
is having a party tomorrow" Jack says with a paternal smile. "From what I
gathered from Bianca this was an accident. And as for your little previous
statement... well.. I'm willing to let it go, this time."

"Thanks Mr. Montgomery." Olivia says happily, glad that she won't be charged
with obstructing an investigation.

So your dropping the reckless endangerment charges?" Bianca asks hopefully.

Confusion spreads across Jack's face at Bianca's question. "I never charged
Olivia with any thing. Where did you get- Never Mind." Jack says with angry
disbelief. 'I should have known.' Jack thinks to himself: 'Erica'

Shrugging it off, Bianca grabs Maggie's and Olivia's hands and leads them
out. 'Off to find my costume!' Bianca thinks excitedly, as thoughts of
Halloween prevade her thoughts.


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