All My Children/Port Charles:
The Bad Girl Part 15a - The Halloween Episode (FF, petting)
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Timeline: October 31, 2002

Setting: The Chandler Estate.

Time: 11:25 PM

'Now this is a party!' J.R. thinks with a smile as he looks at the throngs
of guests swarming around. At least over half of the school showed up for
his party, 'This should definetely put my rep back up where it belongs.'

"Hey, J.R!" Tim calls out, walking toward his friend dressed as a pirate.
"Have you seen Maggie around?" Tim asks, his gaze searching the massive

Shaking his head, J.R replies, "No man I'm sorry. Haven't seen her." Seeing
two couples about to go into the boat house, J.R quickly rushes off "You
could check in the west wing." J.R says over his shoulder.

'The Hell with it.' Tim thinks firmly as he see's a hot blonde dancing by
herself. 'I'm tired of chasing Maggie Stone. If she wants me, she can find
me.' and with that final thought, Tim walks over to the blonde and starts
dancing with her.

Twenty minutes earlier....

.... A shadowy figure slowly stalks into the ball room of the Chandler
Mansion. Dressed from head to toe in black the figure checks to make sure
that no one else is in the room before moving to the tables that hold the
food and refreshments. The dark figure removes the black ski cap, revealing
the grinning face of Marcus Dunn. "Oh Chandler. You really should have kept
your mouth shut about where you got those drugs." he says with a bitter
laugh. "You always wanted to be popular." Marcus continues, still laughing
as he pulls out a large canteen and pours it's content into each drink and
food dish. "Well your going to be the most popular bastard in the whole
town once your guests get a taste of Dr. Hayward's love juice!" After
empting the last of the libidozone into the punch bowl, Marcus takes one
last look around. "Trick or Treat J.R. Trick or Treat!" Marcus giggles,
walking back to the terrace and over the edge to the hanging rope.

Ten minutes earlier....

...."Where are you Bianca?" Olivia says out loud, as she drinks her third
glass of punch. Dressed in a tight, form fitting black lycra catsuit, Olivia
sways to the music and stares out at the people around her who are (literaly)
grinding away to the music. 'I just know she's at work doing something for
Erica that just couldn't wait. I mean I'm just her girl and keeping your
promise to your girl doesn't mean quite so much.' Olivia thinks sarcasticaly.
Feeling slightly dizzy and a sharp pain in her head, Olivia goes to the
refreshment stand. 'Maybe- Maybe she was right,' a flustered Olivia thinks
breathing heavily, there's just too many people here.'

Watching as the people move against each other on the dance floor, (You can't
really call it dancing anymore.) Olivia gets an idea. 'If she won't come
here. I'll just have to go to her!' Olivia thinks lighting up at the thought.
"And I'll bring some of this great punch and cake so she doesn't feel left
out!" Olivia says to herself, grinning. Feeling the heat of the crowd getting
to her again, Olivia hurriedly grabs two punch glasses and a couple pieces of
cake and makes her way out.

Presently.... The Enchantment Building

Bianca is sitting at her mother's desk wearing a blue and white cheerleader
outfit with a PV on the front. As Bianca pours over the papers her mother
-oh so convienently left for her to do right before she was supposed to go
to J.R's party, Bianca doesn't see the door to the office open or Olivia
slip inside.


Bianca jumps as the door to her office is slammed shut. 'What the...' Bianca
starts to think and immediately stops thinking, (or breathing) as she takes
in her girlfriends appearance. Poised against the door with one leg crossed
over the other, Olivia looks like nothing less than dark, smoldering lust.
"Um.. I thought we were going to meet at the party?" Bianca asks nervously,
licking her suddenly dry lips.

Giving a low throaty chuckle at Bianca's reaction to her outfit, "Well,
since you didn't show up for the party. I decided to bring it to you."
Olivia replies with a sweet smile, belied by the eager light in her eyes.

"Well... thanks." Bianca says slightly confused.

Seeing Bianca's confusion, Olivia points over to the couch where she rested
the cake and punch. "I thought you might like some of it." Olivia shrugs, in

Smiling in understanding, Bianca hurries over to the couch. "Oh, what did
you bring me!" Bianca asks excitedly staring at the offerings and completely
missing the look of hunger that ripples across Olivia's features as she see's
Bianca's outfit.

"Just some cake and this great punch that they had there." Olivia says in an
offhand manner, downplaying it for all it's worth. "Try some.. you'll like
it." Olivia tells her encouragingly. Picking up one of the glasses of punch
Bianca takes a large drink.

"Your right. This is great!" Bianca concludes staring at the glass of
punch in her hand. Looking up, Bianca is suddenly dizzy as she watches her
girlfriend approach her.

Olivia's lips quirk up into a smirk as she observes Bianca's reaction to her
approach. 'That's it baby, take a good... look!' Olivia thinks, doing her
stripper-walk over to Bianca.

Gulping at the sight of her girlfriend walking in that suite makes Bianca
blush as she gets slightly light headed. 'Ummm...' is all Bianca can think
as she watches Olivia move toward her as if in slow motion. Looking at
Olivia, Bianca can make out every muscle and curve of Olivia's body under
the suit as she slinks closer to her. "Oh God..." Bianca breaths out

The cat suit shines as the light bounces off it, revealing the wearer in
all her glory as she stands before Bianca. "I take it you like my costume
Bianca?" Olivia asks huskily, running a hand from her hip all the way up
her body and through her hair.

Mouth opening, Bianca stares, stunned at the vision in front of her, "Oh I
like." Bianca says incredulously openly looking at Olivia in a daze.

"Good girl!" Olivia says quietly, running her tongue along her upper lip.
Picking up the piece of cake with her right hand, Olivia puts her left knee
beside Bianca's hip and swings her right leg over the other side of Bianca,
placing herself right on Bianca's lap. Steading herself with her left hand
on Bianca's shoulder as another sharp pain lances into her head.

Breathing heavily at the feel of Olivia pressed so intimately into her Bianca
asks playfully, "Are you going to feed me now....Olivia?"

Biting her bottom lip, Olivia nods and breaks off a piece of cake and pushes
it between Bianca's lips, coating her nouth with frosting. "I think I messed
up your make-up. Let me fix that." Olivia says softly, before leaning in and
licking all over Bianca's mouth.

In need of oxygen, Bianca pushes Olivia away gasping for air. 'Wow, if
she was at rehab I would have let her feed me all the time!' Bianca thinks
giggling, her eyes dilated.

Feeling another jolt slam through her head when Bianca pushes her away,
Olivia drops the remaining piece of cake down Bianca's top as she clutches
her head. 'God this hurts' she thinks in pain.

Bianca continues to giggle, her head thrown back as she stares at the ceiling
lights totally oblivious to Olivia's pain.

Taking a few gasps of air the pain subsides and Olivia opens her eyes. Seeing
Bianca so relaxed, and where the piece of cake landed; Olivia decides to go
for it. Leaning forward Olivia whispers to a still giggling Bianca, "I seem
to have made another mess." Shaking her head in resignation, Olivia continues
mournfully, "I guess I have to clean it up again. You don't mind that.. do
you Bianca?" Receiving no answer Olivia thinks with a smirk, 'Guess not.' and
leans down and begins to lick and kiss the top of Bianca's chest where the
cake first fell.

Not knowing, not understanding, Bianca groans as she feels something lapping
at the top of her breasts. 'Dammit dog, go play with something else!' Bianca
thinks trying to push the offending imaginary dog away.

Pulling roughly on Bianca's top, Olivia grunts in frustration as Bianca tries
to push her away. 'Damn tease' Olivia thinks angrily as she leans back and
rips Bianca's top down the middle, baring Bianca's breasts to Olivia's hungry

Hearing the fabric rip and feeling the cold air on her chest wakes Bianca
somewhat from her daze, 'What.. what's going on?' she thinks wincing as
little jolts of pain come from breasts. Looking down, Bianca freezes in
shock at the sight that greets her: Olivia using her tongue to spread the
frosting all over her breasts and then sucking it off, allowing her teeth
to scrape against Bianca's sensitive skin. "Wha... What are you doing?"
Bianca asks wincing slightly as Olivia bites a little too roughly on her

Looking up in annoyance, Olivia uses her hands to roughly knead Bianca's
breasts, "What does it look like I'm doing?" Olivia grunts as she starts to
pull and twist Bianca's nipples.

Eyes wide and filled with pain, Bianca tries to push the older girl off her,
"Stop your hurting me..." Bianca cries out.

Feeling the pain begin to return, Olivia rears back and answers Bianca's plea
with a savage backhand across her face. "Shut up! Do you hear me? Just shut
up!" Olivia hisses out through clenched teeth, while pushing the dazed girl
flat on the couch and pinning Bianca'a hands above her head with her left
hand. Using her knee's Olivia prys Bianca'a legs apart and runs her right
hand down Bianca's body, "That it baby! Come on!" Olivia grunts, her head
filled with white hot pain as she cups Bianca through her panties rubbing

Snapping out of her daze from the Olivia's blow, Bianca realizes she's in
trouble. "Noo.. Please... I don't want to.." Bianca begs, tears running
down her cheeks as she feels Olivia starting to slip her hand underneath
her panties.

"Oh yesss!" Olivia hisses out with a look of manic glee frozen on her face.
"Your mine-" Olivia begins to growl but is cut off as the pain intensifies
three fold. Her head snaping back as if wrenched by some unseen force, Olivia
screams as wave after wave of unrelenting agony storms through her head as
her face contorts into a mask of hellish torment.

Stunned, Bianca watches as Olivia tumbles off her to the floor, clutching
her head before going very still. "Olivia?" Bianca asks cautiously, still
not sure about approaching her after her attack. 'God what happened to
her..?' Bianca asks herself still shaking as she pulls her torn shirt
together. "Olivia.." Bianca calls out again this time worried for the girl.
Reaching out Bianca turns Olivia's head so that she can see her face and
see's blood trinkle out of Olivia's left ear. "Oh my God!" Bianca whispers
panicked. Running to her desk Bianca dials 911, "Hello my... friend is
bleeding from her ear..."


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