All My Children/Port Charles: The Bad Girl Part 16 (no sex)
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Timeline: November 1, 2002

Setting: Pine Valley Hospital. Olivia has just been taken to the emergence
room on a stretcher.

Time: 12:19AM

Bianca watches, with her heart in her eyes, as Olivia is taken into the ER.
'God, what happened. What happened to her.' Bianca thinks in agony as she
remembers Olivia lying so very still on the floor.... and what she was going
to do to her before...

Jake Martin walks up to Bianca as she stares, lost, at the Emergency Room
doors. "Bianca.. Are you okay?" Jake asks concerned, seeing the young women
swaying on her feet wearing a long black coat buttoned all the way up to her

Startled, Bianca turns to him, "Jake, what... do you know what's going on
with Olivia?" Bianca asks plaintively.

"No... I just got here." Jack replies slowly, eyeing Bianca with no small
amount of worry. "I'm here because one of my nurses called, saying that a
large group of teenagers was brought in complaining of severe headaches and
fainting spells. When they did a blood work up they found large amounts of
libidozone in their system." Jake finishes shaking his head, dumbfounded.

Flashing back to Olivia clutching her head, Bianca grabs his arm getting his
attention, "Where did these people come from?" Bianca asks urgently, her eyes
wide with dread, already knowing the answer.

"Apparantley they were at J.R.'s Halloween party-" Jake begins to say, but
stops when he see's Bianca squeeze her eye's shut at the mention of J.R.'s
party. "Bianca, what is it? What's wrong? Were you at that party?" Jack asks
insistantly, worried for the girl in front of him.

"Not me. Not me...." Bianca says quietly, her voice trailing off sadly.

"Well if you wasn't at the party-" Jake starts to say but stops when Bianca's
eyes dart to the ER. "I see." Jake says evenly, understanding Bianca's
distress. "You stay here and I'll go in and see what I can find out." and
with that Jake walks over to the ER.

"I should haeve known." Bianca whispers to herself. 'It was just like on the
boat.' Bianca thinks frantically. 'The headache, the disorientation.. just
like before. But no one ever starting bleeding from their ear's before!'

"Bianca!" Erica Kane's voice calls out from an elevator, carrying across the
hall. Running quickly to her daughter's side, Erica pulls her into a tight
embrace. "I was so worried when Val called and said that an ambulance had
arrived at your office." Erica sighs in relief, still holding Bianca.

"It's alright mom, I'm fine." Bianca says dully, pulling out of her mother's

Looking at her daughter in confusion, Erica catchs a glimpse of a purple
bruise forming on Bianca's face. "What happened to your face!" Erica cries
out in distress, tilting Bianca's face to better examine the bruise.

Ripping out of her mother's grasp, Bianca turns back to the ER doors. "It's
nothing, I'm fine." Bianca replies emotionlessly.

Aghast, Erica grabs Bianca by the shoulder and spins her around, "Bianca,
that bruise is not nothing! What happened?!" Erica exclaims fretfully.

Lowering her gaze to the floor Bianca sighs, "Olivia had an accident. Someone
spiked the food and punch with libidozone. Olivia had some kind of reaction
like I did and fainted... she took me down with her." Bianca finishes in a
dry monotone, gesturing to her face.

"Well is she going to be alright?" Erica asks distractedly, wondering who
would drug a bunch of kids.

Bianca see's Jake come out of the ER, "I have to talk with Jake. I'll talk to
you later." Bianca says in a rush, hurrying over to Jake Martin.

'Somethings not right about this..' Erica thinks as she takes one last look
at her daughter, before going to the elevator.

"Is she okay? Can I see her?" Bianca asks urgently, all but poucing on the
good doctor.

"Slow down Bianca. She's going to be okay." Jake replies soothingly, as his
eyes skim over the medical chart in his hands. "The libidozone caused a blood
vessel in Olivia's brain to rupture slightly. It was just a very small breach
and it was easily fixed. There's nothing to worry about." Jake explains
intently, his eyes returning to Bianca.

"Can I see her?" Bianca asks again, a tremor in her voice.

"Yeah, but she's still groggy from the meds. They'll be taking her to her
room shortly." Jake tells her earnestly.

"Thanks." Bianca replies quickly, not waiting for a reply and rushing over to
the nurses as they push a diorientated Olivia out of the ER in a wheelchair.
Following close behind, Bianca waits outside until the nurses have Olivia
comfortable in bed before entering. "Hey." Bianca whispers to the dazed girl.

Opening her eyes, Olivia see's a very nervous Bianca standing two feet away.
"Hey." Olivia whispers raggedly, as memories of the last hour come flooding

"I just.. I- I.." Bianca begins to say as she stares into Olivia's eyes, but
stops as she flashes to Olivia backhanding her across the face and telling
her to shut up.

Olivia can only stare in horrified wonder as Bianca turns around and runs
out of the room. 'Oh God, what have I done?!' Olivia thinks desperately to
herself, as the door shuts; cutting off the view of Bianca running away.

Running down the hall, Bianca just manages to slip into the elevator right
before the doors close. Leaning against the elevator wall, Bianca stares
unseeing at the doors as tears run down her cheeks. "Goodbye Olivia." Bianca
cries desolately.

As the doors open to the parking lot Bianca pulls out her cellphone and
dials, "Hello Maggie. I need your help" Bianca says intently.

Setting: Pine Valley Inn

Time: 4:17 PM

"Are you sure about this Bianca?" Maggie asks her friend as they drop off the
rest of Olivia's clothes and personal items to a room at the other end of the

Turning to Maggie, now in her candystriper uniform, Bianca nods. "I just need
some space after... after what happened." Bianca replies tiredly.

"I don't know what happened between you two. And I'm not askng." Maggie says
quickly, as she see's Bianca open her mouth to speak. Maggie continues with
a sigh, "What I mean is, do you really want to do it this way. Moving her out
and into another place before she even gets out of the hospital?"

Running a hand through her hair Bianca turns to regard Maggie with an even
stare, "It's the only way Maggie. I wish there was another way but there
isn't." Bianca replies in a cool tone, before turning to go back to her room
with Maggie in tow.

Walking into her suite, Bianca continues almost angrily, "I'm not the one
who did this Maggie... she is! It wasn't all her fault, with the drug in her
system but.... that she could do something like that..."

'Drug.... what did Olivia do Bianca?' Maggie asks silently, as she watches
Bianca walk into the bedroom to change.

As Bianca changes her clothes, Maggie picks up her cellphone and dials,
"Hello. Could you tell me when Olivia Locke is due to be released?" Maggie
asks quietly, her eyes glued to the doorway in case Bianca gets done early.
"At five? Thanks." Maggies says quickly, hanging up right as Bianca walks
out in a pair of boxers and a white tank top.

"Who was that?" Bianca asks with a yawn.

Taking a deep breath, Maggie replies soothingly, "I was checking on when
Olivia is getting discharged."

"Oh." Bianca says noncommitedly, looking away.

Seeing Bianca's downcast look, Maggie hastens to explain. "I thought it was
a good idea to go pick her up- to kind of ease the blow."

Closing her eyes, Bianca shivers at the thought of Olivia's reaction, "I
understand. When are you going?" Bianca asks shakily.

"I should leave in a few minutes." Maggie says none to happy with how pale
Bianca looks. Walking over to her, Maggie takes one of Bianca's hands in
her own. "Is there anything you want me to say to her?" Maggie asks

Giving Maggie's hand a squeeze, Bianca answers her sofly, eyes fillewd with
unshed tears. "Tell her... tell her that I need some time- that I need to
sort through everything."

"Okay Bianca." Maggie says in a voice aching with sorrow, for her two
friends. Releasing her hand, Maggie leaves to tell Olivia the bad news.

As soon as the door closes behind Maggie, Bianca let's out a strangled moan
and sinks to her knees. "This is for the best- it is." Bianca says to herself
in a harsh whisper, tears running unchecked down her cheeks.

Setting: Pine Valley Hospital.

Time: 4:31 PM

Maggie slowly walks up to Olivia's room, trying to figure out how to tell
her that Bianca *needs space* whatever that means. 'How am I supposed to
tell Olivia that Bianca doesn't want to see her? The first thing she's
going to want is to see Bianca.' Maggie thinks, panicking slightly. "It
would be alot easier if I had the slightest idea why Bianca doesn't want
to see her." Maggie mutters to herself, stopping as she hears voices
through the door.

"I have to see her!" Olivia's voice rings out, stubbornly.

"You need to rest." Jake Martin retorts, frustrated by the young women who
has been after him for the last ten minutes to sign her out.

"Uhhmm." Maggie says walking into the room, looking to a stubborn Olivia
dressed in a hospital gown, to a slightly wild eyed Jake. "If you don't mind
Dr. Martin, I could drive her home." Maggie suggests, in a solicitous tone.

Throwing his hands up, Jake gives up. "Fine. Just make sure she rests." Jake
says sternly before walking out of the room to sign the release papers.

Turning to Maggie with a warm expression of gratitude, Olivia suprises
Maggie with a quick hug. "Thank you!" Olivia says happily, pulling out of
the embrace to look for her coat. "I really need to talk to Bianca." Olivia
says distractedly, more to herself then to Maggie.

'I knew it. This is so going to suck.' Maggie thinks to herself as she
watches Olivia gather the rest of her things. "Olivia..." Maggie begins to
say, but stops when Olivia turns around with a heartbreakingly hopeful look
on her face.

"Yea, what is it?" Olivia asks hesitantly, seeing the look of dread on
Maggie's face.

Biting her lip, Maggie closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. "Your not
going to Bianca's." Maggie states carefully.

Shaking her head, Olivia replies in a calm tone. "I know things are a
little.. off with Bianca and me after last night but-"

"We moved you into a room down the hall." Maggie says quickly, cutting
Olivia off abruptly.

Crossing her arms, Olivia's expression clouds up angrily as she glares at
the suddenly uncomfortable girl in front of her. "You did what?!" Olivia
asks in a low, cold voice.

"Bianca told me to tell you that she needs some some space after what
happened." Maggie explains warily, as Olivia glares at her.

Eyes stinging from the appearance of unwanted tears, Olivia turns away to
collect herself before responding. "Is that all she said?" Olivia asks in a
strangled tone, still facing away from Maggie.

"I wish there was more.. I'm sorry." Maggie says tiredly, feeling like she
just ran a mile.

Wiping away a stray tear, Olivia turns around with a determined look on her
face. "Well I have more to say to her.. and I'm going to say them whether
she wants to hear it or not."

Setting: Pine Valley Inn. Bianca is lying on the sofa, her eyes red from
crying when the doorbell rings.

Time: 4:36 PM

"I'm comin, I'm comin." Bianca mutters to herself as she walks to the door.
Running a hand through her hair, Bianca opens the door and blinks in shock.

"Hello Bianca." Laura English says with an impish smile. "Can I come in?"

Bianca can only stare in shock as Laura walks by her and into her home.


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