All My Children/Port Charles: The Bad Girl Part 17 - The Finale (FF)
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Timeline: November 1, 2002

Setting: Pine Valley Inn. Bianca's room. Laura has just walked in.

Time: 4:37 PM

"Laura, what are you doing her?" a dazed Bianca asks dubiously.

Fidgeting, Laura takes a deep breath. "I'm here because the doctor that I'm
seeing said that I should try to make a mends with the people I hurt." Laura
explains in a beseeching tone, "I know that I don't deserve another chance-
and I'm not asking for one. I just want you to hear me out. Can you do

"I guess." Bianca replies tiredly, sitting down on the couch and gesturing
for Laura to do the same.

Sitting next to Bianca, Laura clasps her hands together and begins anxiuosly,
"I've given it a lot of thought. The reason why I started to unravel so

Sighing, Bianca gives Laura an impatient glare. 'God, will she please just
go away!' Bianca thinks to herself, annoyed by the presense of the blonde.

"It wasn't because of Greenlee or Leo. It was because of you!" Laura blurts

A tense silence fills the room at Laura's words. Feeling as if someone hit
her on the head with a brick. Bianca dry scrubs her face with her hands and
asks tonelessly, "Excuse me?"

Closing her eyes, Laura rallies her courage. "Do you remember when I was
chasing after Leo?" Laura asks carefully, waiting for Bianca's nod before
continueing slightly agitated. "Well, as Leo started pushing me away and
after I found out how you felt about me. I- I would throw myself at him
harder because I could see how you felt about me everytime you looked at
me when Leo rejected me. So-"

"So all those times that you threw yourself at Leo were actually *designed*
to make me feel like crap. Thank you so much for visiting Laura." Bianca says
sarcastically cutting in, as she stands up and walks to the door.

Eyes wide, Laura stares in disbelief as Bianca opens the door and turns to
her. "Will you let me finish?" Laura pleads, unable to come to grips with the
fact that she had just been so summarily dismissed.

With an angry grunt Bianca slams the door and stalks over to Laura. "Why?"
Bianca asks in a biting tone. "So I can listen to you blame me- again, for
all your problems? Sorry, been there done that. Don't feel like having a
repeat performance."

"Because I was in love with you!" Laura answers with a shout.

Silence fills the room as Bianca stares at Laura unblinking. Laura opens her
mouth to speak but no sound comes out, so she closes her mouth and waits for
Bianca to react in some way. 'What did I do to her?' Laura asks herself, as
she watches Bianca stare at her. Thinking back to when she first came in,
Laura takes a second look at Bianca; realizing that something else is
definetley wrong here. Hesitating Laura finally asks, "Are you okay Bianca?"

Sitting down next to Laura, Bianca begins to make a choking sound that erupts
into full fledged laughter. "Let me- get th-is stra-ig-ht!" Bianca manages to
gasp out while laughing uncontrollably, "You mar-ried Leo be-caus-se you
lov-ed me!?"

Smiling at the change in Bianca's attitude, Laura bites her bottom lip and
just nods.

"Oh my God!" Bianca all but shrieks, leaning back on the couch with tears
running down her cheeks as the last insane twenty fours overloads her.
Calming a little, Bianca leans over to Laura and gives her a hug, "You have
no idea how much I needed that." Bianca whispers in Laura's ear.

* * *

Down the hall, Olivia and Maggie hear Bianca laughing from her room. A cold
feeling starts to seep into Olivia as she nears Bianca's room.

Hearing Bianca laughing and noting the ashen look on Olivia's face. Maggie
just knows this day is about to get a whole lot worse. "She's probably with
her mom." Maggie states dejectedly, hoping that the mention of Erica will
keep Olivia out.

However Olivia just ignores Maggie and opens the door, freezing as she
watches Bianca embrace Laura and whisper in her ear.

Feeling a sudden draft, Bianca looks to the door and see's a stunned Maggie
and a blank faced Olivia. "I guess this is what you meant when you were
talking about space." Olivia says sofly, before turning around and quickly
walking out.

Spring up from the couch, Bianca immediately runs after her.

Crossing her arms in front of her chest, Maggie blocks Laura from giving
chase. "Just who the Hell are you?!" Maggie says with an angry scowl.

Finding her way blocked, Laura trys to move around Maggie but finds her way
blocked by the feisty girl. "Will you move! Bianca needs me!" Laura begs.

"No, what Bianca needs is some time with Olivia- her girlfriend." Maggie says

"Her girlfriend?" Laura asks weakly, staring at the strange girl in front of

"Yeah.. her girlfriend. They've been having some problems and having Olivia
walking in on... this." Maggie states upset, gesturing to the couch. "Did
not help matters at all." Maggie explains with a frustrated look back to the

"I didn't know she had another girlfriend." Laura says in a small voice.

* * *

"Olivia! Wait!" Bianca calls out after her erstwhile girlfriend as she runs
into the elevator. Getting to the elevator just as the doors close, Bianca
swears. "Damn." Bianca moves quickly to the adjacent elevator. Hitting the
button for the lobby, she runs a hand through her hair Bianca looks at the
floor marker, it reads 18th. "Please let me catch her!" Bianca pleads
silently, flashing back to the look of desolation on Olivia's face.

"What the Hell." Olivia curses softly as the elevator doors open at the third

"Hello there dearie." an older women in a light blue dress says kindly as she
enters the elevator. "Where ya headin?"

Olivia just closes her eyes and lets her head fall back against the elevator
wall with a thud.

* * *

Hearing the tone signaling that the elevator had reached it's destination,
Bianca rushes out of the elevator the moment the doors open. Scanning the
lobby, Bianca lets out a defeated groan when she see's no sign of the
beautiful girl. Hearing the elevator next to hers open, Bianca whirls around
just in time to see a wide eyed Olivia run full tilt into her followed by an
elderly woman in a blue dress.

"Watch where you're-" Olivia begins angrily, then stops as she realizes who
she has run into. "Oh no.." Olivia mutters, attempting to disengage herself
from Bianca's grasp.

"Oh no you don't!" Bianca says firmly, "We're going to have this out once
and for all." and with that, Bianca all but dragged a protesting Olivia back
into the elevator.

"I'm not a piece of luggage that you can just-" Olivia says angrily,
wrenching her arm free as the doors close behind them.

Bianca punches the lower right button, and the elevator comes to a sudden
halt. "Nothing happened between me and Laura." Bianca says in a calm voice.

"Right." Olivia replies in the same angry tone.

Seeing the disbelief on Olivia's face, Bianca shoots her an annoyed glare.
"Laura is the last person in the world I would cheat on you with." Bianca
explains, exsaperated. "Then last time she was here she made my life Hell
every time we saw each other."

The irritation in Bianca's tone when she spoke Laura's name forced her to
look into Bianca's eyes for some kind of confirmination. Feeling waves of
relief wash over her at the open honesty in Bianca's eyes, Olivia smiles
slightly. "Oops." Olivia says meekly.

"Yeah oops." Bianca replies in a controlled tone, with traces of resentment
in it. "I can't believe you thought I would cheat on you.- With anyone."

Her smile turning bitter, Olivia leans back against the elevator wall. "What
did you expect? I get out of the hospital and the first thing I hear is that
my girlfriend doesn't want to see me and that I've been moved way down the
hall." Olivia says in a pain filled voice. Closing her eyes tightly, Olivia
takes a deep breath, "And to top it all off, when I do see you it's while
you're in the arms of some other girl." Olivia finishes with a sob.

"I had reason to move your stuff out." Bianca says, a touch defensive. "If
you recall Halloween night."

"That was the drug- you have to beleive me! I would never hurt you on my
own." Olivia cries out in desperation.

"I know." Bianca states quietly, stepping close to Olivia. "Too much had
happened at once and I didn't know how to deal with it."

Olivia looks away, unable to meet Bianca's understanding gaze any longer.
"I'm sorry." Olivia whispers in a heartbreaking tone.

"It's okay Olivia. It wasn't your fault, I know that." Bianca says gently
with a reasurring smile, before continueing in a somber tone. "When I saw
you walking away from me, from us. I knew right then how much I really
loved you."

"Bianca...." Olivia whispers, tears in her eyes as she stares up at Bianca's
soft, loving features.

Reaching out, Bianca covers Olivia's lips with her finger, cutting her
off. "You have no idea how grateful I am that I have found you Olivia.. No
idea..." Bianca trails off in a whisper, as she stares into Olivia's tear
filled eye's.

Suddenly the elevator gives a great lurch and Olivia is thrown forward into
Bianca who catches her in her arms. The lights in the elevator go out and
the emergency lighting in the elevator kicks in, bathing the couple in a
soft red glow.

"What was that?" Bianca asks worriedly looking around, still holding Olivia
in her arms...

Olivia laughs lightly and points to the control panel, that has: out of order
flashing where the floor numbers should be. "Looks like when you pushed- or
should I say hit, the button you broke it." Olivia replies in a teasing tone.
"Someone probably pushed the call button and it froze."

Reaching up Olivia brushes some loose hair from Bianca's face, enjoying the
feeling of being in Bianca's arms again.

Turning her attention back to the girl in her arms, Bianca starts to speak
but stops when she see's the heat in Olivia's gaze.

"Just how grateful are you Bianca?" Olivia asks in a husky tone, as she
traces Bianca's lips with her thumb.

Looking into Olivia's eyes, Bianca nods her ascent; she couldn't, wouldn't
deny her love this.

Seeing the agreement in Bianca's eyes, Olivia replaces her thumb with her
lips. Lightly kissing Bianca's lips once before pressing more firmly on
Bianca's delicious mouth.

"Mmmm.." Bianca moans softly, biting lightly at Olivia's lower lip before
pulling back and resting her forehead against Olivia's.

"I like your taste in clothes." Olivia whispers teasingly, as she starts to
run her fingertips up and down Bianca's back and shoulders.

Feeling like Olivia's fingers are burning into her flesh, Bianca spins Olivia
around and pins her to the back of the elevator by her shoulders. "Gotcha
now.." Bianca says in a sultry tone, kissing at the side of Olivia's neck.

"God Bianca, don't stop." Olivia groans, the feeling of Bianca kissing her
neck and throat making her insides burn for more contact.

Moving her hands under Olivia's coat to the back of the hospital gown, Bianca
makes short work of the ties holding it together. "Don't worry honey. I won't
stop." Bianca says hotly, before sealing her lips against Olivia's throat;
causing her to moan loudly.

"Yessss.."Olivia hisses as she feels the hospital gown slide off her body,
leaving her in only the shoes and coat. Running her hands through Bianca's
hair, Olivia tugs her hair; signaling Bianca to go lower.

More than willing to comply with the silent urging of her soon-to-be lover,
Bianca kisses and licks every inch of skin until she reaches the tops of
Olivia's breasts. Staring up into Olivia's lust filled eyes, Bianca smiles
before taking Olivia's right breast into her hand and squeezing lightly,
all the time maintaining eye contact as she slowly works her hand closer to
Olivia's nipple.

"Please..... suck..." Olivia begs, desperate to feel Bianca's mouth on her
body again.

Her lips curling into a smile that would give the devil pause, Bianca leans
forward and uses only the tip of her tongue to slowly roll and flick Olivia's

"Oh fuck!" Olivia calls out, almost crying with need as Bianca slowly drives
her insane with her agile tongue.

"Patience. We're getting there." Bianca says teasingly to Olivia in between
licks, enjoying the desperate whimpers coming from her lover.

"I'll do anything you want... anything." Olivia whispers hungrily, as she
stares into Bianca's eyes.

"Anything it is." Bianca says hotly, before taking Olivia's nipple into her
mouth and sucking hard, flicking it with her tongue. Bringing her right hand
up, Bianca takes Olivia's other nipple between her thumb and forefinger,
pinching and rolling it to the accompanyment of Olivia's moans and sighs.

"Just like that! Yesss... Uhhhh.." Olivia moans passionately, winding her
hands more firmly into Bianca's hair to keep her right where she is.

Running her left hand down Olivia's side, Bianca moves her hand to Olivia's
butt; squeezing and rubbing the firm globes.

Pulling on Bianca's hair like a leash, Olivia pushes her head lower; even as
Bianca continues to fondle her ass.

"I need it Bianca... please... baby... do it!" Olivia begs in a throaty
whisper, sighing when Bianca moves down her body.

'I'm really going to do this.' Bianca thinks to herself as she stares at
Olivia's wet, shaved pussy. Then all thought ends as she takes one long lick
from the bottom of Olivia's slit to her clit.

"Fuck yesss...! Olivia grunts with pleasure, hooking her right leg over
Bianca's left shoulder to give Bianca better access.

Losing herself in the taste of Olivia, Bianca uses her right hand to spread
Olivia's nether lips and licks up and down inside Olivia's pussy. Bianca's
left hand still squeezing and caressing Olivia's bottom.

"Thats it! Stick your tongue in me.... uhhhh God...!" Olivia groans loadly,
as her head thrashes back and forth while her hips begin to pump up and down
against Bianca's lush mouth.

Bianca slowly pushes two fingers into Olivia and begins to fuck her with long
even strokes as she takes her clit in between herr lips and sucks hard.

"UHHHHH...... GOOOOOOODDDDDDDD............YESSSSSSSSSSSS!" Olivia screams at
the top of her lungs as she franticaly holds onto Bianca's head as she cums
hard into Bianca's mouth.

'Yummy!' is the only thought Bianca has as she licks up Olivia's sweetness
from her lips.

Falling to her knees as Bianca pulls away, Olivia gives Bianca a loving kiss.
"Thank you." Olivia whispers softly.

Running a hand through her hair, Bianca stands up and disrobes. "My turn."
Bianca says in a chiper tone as she stares down at her new lover. "Lay down."
Bianca says hoarsly, as she prepares to have Olivia make love to her. Biting
her lip as she watches her lover lay back, Bianca lowers her left knee next
to Olivia's left shoulder then lowers the other knee next to Olivia's right
so that she is straddling Olivia's face.

Not needing to be told what to do next, Olivia leans her head up to plunge
her tongue directly into Bianca's pussy and then starts to move her tongue
back in forth in Bianca.

Reaching out with her right hand, Bianca braces against the elevator doors
to keep from falling as Olivia begins to fuck her pussy with her tongue.
"YESSSS!" Bianca grunts savagely, as she takes a handful of Olivia's hair
in her left hand and begins to grind agains Olivia's pretty face.

Using both hands, Olivia reaches up and cups Bianca's breasts, squeezing and
pinching her nipples as Olivia batters her tongue into Bianca.

Feeling her body begin to tighten up as her orgasm begins to rush forward
unexpectedly, Bianca leans back and puts her right hand on Olivia's head and
grinds harder onto Olivia's tongue. Back arching as she feels her orgasm
slam through her, Bianca throws back her head and screams her pleasure.

'She tastes so good.' Olivia thinks to herself with a giggle as she slowly
cleans off Bianca's pussy.

Partialy sitting on Olivia's chest Bianca slowly comes to her senses and
feels a slight breeze. Looking up she sees the elevator doors open and
Maggie and Laura are standing right in front of her wide eyed.

"We heard Olivia scream..." Maggie trails off.

To Be Continued in Family


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