Disclaimer: No Person of Spider-Man or AMC belong to me blah, blah, this was
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Rating: NC-17 probably nearer to X

Pairing: Bianca/Maggie

Timeline: An hour after Maggie had heard Maria on the stand.

All My Children/Spider-man: Sym-bi-osis Part 1
by Kimmbee4004 ([email protected])

Setting: The boat house by Willow Lake. A crying Maggie sits with her legs dangling over the pier as
she thinks about what she just learned.

Time: 5:45 PM

"God David, why? Why couldn't you be a normal doctor?" Maggie asks herself
tearfully, kicking her feet angrily against the waters surface.

'Anna won't be able to handle this.' Maggie thinks despairingly, as images of
her dream family disintegrates inside her.



Maggie jumps slightly as her cellphone rings. 'Who evers calling picked a bad
time.' Maggie thinks angrily answering her cellphone. "What." Maggie snaps in
an irritated tone, hoping to discourage whoever it was from any thought of
prolonged discussion.

"Hey, Maggie. Are you alright?" Bianca asks concerned; on the other line,
having heard about the hearing from her mother.

"Bianca! I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you." Maggie says apollagetically,
relieved to hear Bianca's voice.

"It's okay." Bianca says with a smile that carries over through her voice.
"I heard about the trial. How are you?" Bianca asks in a slightly worried

Letting her feet rest in the water, Maggie laughs bitterly. "Things are so
far away from okay Bianca, I don't even know where to begin."

Closing her eyes as she listens intently to Bianca, Maggie doesn't notice the
water around here feet grow black.

"I'll be there in about ten minutes." Bianca half asks, tentatively.

"Thank you." Maggie says softly, her eyes opening as she feels a tickling
sensation on her calves.

"Anytime." Bianca says in a heartfelt voice. Seeing line two light up on her
phone, Bianca sighs, "Look I gotto go. Work calls."

"See you later, bye." Maggie says distracted hanging up the phone, her brow
furrowing as the tickling sensation continues up higher, almost to her knees
now. Pulling her legs up off the pier, Maggie gives a startled gasp when she
sees that their covered in a black liquid. "What the Hell!" Reaching down to
wipe off her legs with her hands, Maggie is thrown back as the black liquid
explodes out of the water, slamming into her with the force of a fire hose.
"What-" Maggie yells out but is cut off as the black liquid covers her
completely, smothering her cries.

15 minutes later....

"Hello Maggie?" Bianca calls out, as she enters the boat house wearing a red
sating dress, with a plunging neckline that reaches to the bottom of her
breasts and with a hemline that only goes down to mid thigh. "Hello-" Bianca
starts to call out, but stops when she see's Maggie lying on her edje of the
pier unmoving. "Oh my God! Maggie!" Bianca cries out in alarm, dropping the
bag she is carring and rushing to kneel next to her friend. "Please wake up!"
Bianca pleads, tears running down her cheek as she shakes her friend.

"Wha..." Maggie groans, as she opens her eyes.

"Your awake." Bianca says relieved as Maggie sits up, putting her hand on
Bianca's shoulder to steady herself.

"What happened?" Maggie asks groggily, turning to Bianca.

"You don't know?" Bianca asks confused.

"No... The last thing I remember was talking to you." Maggie says slowly,
still groggy. "I must have passed out." Maggie groans rubbing the back of
her head.

"Here, let me take a look at that.." Bianca says quietly, removing Maggie's
hand and checking on the sore area.

Feeling Bianca's hands on her head, running through her head causes Maggie
to shiver. Looking out of the corner of her eye, Maggie can't help but notice
how stunning Bianca looks.

"Yup, you definetely hit your head." Bianca confirms calmly, as she turns to
face her friend.

"Yeah... I think the sharp pain pretty much confirmed that Dr. Montagomery."
Maggie teases, staring at her friend.

"What, what is it?" Bianca asks slightly nervous, as she notices Maggie's

"I've never seen you in this before." Maggie whispers softly, her eyes never
leaving Bianca's as she runs a finger from Bianca's shoulder, all the way
down to rest in between Bianca's breasts.

Bianca can't seem to breathe, as Maggie's finger rests snugly in between her
breasts. 'Um... what do I do now?' Bianca starts to wonder as Maggie shows
no sign of removing the finger. Too afraid to make a big deal about it and
possibly push Maggie away when she needs her, Bianca remains silent.

"Hot date?" Maggie asks in a silky voice, as she begins to unconsciencely
move her finger up and down in between Bianca's breasts. Lightly stroking
the sensitive skin causing Bianca to shiver.

"No date." Bianca replies nervously, wishing that she had changed before
coming. 'No, I had to where it here didn't I' Bianca thinks sarcastically
as Maggie's finger continues to play more actively with the insides of her
breasts, left exposed by the dress.

With a very, warm smile Maggie asks chuckling, "Well then why are you wearing

"I had a photo shoot." Bianca explains in a rush, as her face reddens. "One
of the girls called off and they couldn't find a fill in, so I said I would
do it."

A look of exaggerated disappointment appears on Maggies face as she pouts.
"And here I thought you were wearing it because of me." Maggie says
teasingly, standing up and offering her hand to her friend.

Relieved to have Maggie's finger removed from her chest. Bianca takes
Maggie's hand and is pulled up-right up against Maggie. Gulping as she feels
her body brush against Maggie's, Bianca smiles nervously. "Would you like to
get something to eat?" Bianca asks tryiing to pull herself together.

"I'd like something to eat." Maggie replies, licking her lips hungrily.

Gulping, Bianca reaches down and picks up her fallen bag. "I got us some bbq
chicken and ribs." Bianca states with a smile, still a little unsettled. 'Get
a grip girl... it's Maggie for Gods sake!' Bianca thinks furiously, upset
that she'd allowed Maggie to affect her this way.

"Cool. We can take it to the cabin." Maggie says exitedly, as she grabs her
shoes and begins to pull them on.

"I'll just go start the car." Bianca says evenly, no trace of the relief that
she's feeling showing in her voice. 'The stuff at the courthouse must have
shook her up more than I thought,' Bianca thinks with a worried frown.
'Maggie's not usually so touchy feely.'

Looking up, Maggie catches sight of Bianca walking away. 'She is so
beautiful.' Maggie thinks to herself as she stares at Bianca's long, toned
legs as Bainca walks down the steps. Shaking he head, Maggie tears her eyes
off Bianca and focuses on retying her shoes.

Shutting the door as she sits, Bianca lets out a breath she didn't realize
she had been holding. 'What was that?' Bianca wonders, feeling as if
something was staring at her body, and not in a innocent way. More like in
a hungry way. "It couldn't have been Maggie." Bianca says aloud, with a
trace of doubt in her voice as she flashes back to Maggie's earlier behavior.

"What couldn't have been Maggie?" Maggie asks bemused.

"That was fast." Bianca says startled at Maggie's sudden appearance.

Jumping into the car, Maggie looks over at a Bianca, "What couldn't have been
me" Maggie asks again, turning to Bianca.

Thinking fast, Bianca replies with a plastered on smile, "I've been getting
prank calls at work. I was just thinking out loud about who it might be."

"Well... the next time it happens, just star 69'em." Maggie says laughing.

"I will." Bianca says with a chuckle of her own

Yawning, Maggie pushes the seat back, so that she lay back and puts her feet
up on the dash. "I think I'm going to catch a few z's. Wake me when we get
there." Maggie says with another yawn.

A quick glance to the right confirms that Maggie is already dosing. 'Sleep
well Maggie. I'll keep you safe.' Bianca says silently to the sleeping

* * *

Jerking awake, Maggie looks around in bewilderment. "Where the Hell am I?"
Looking around herself, Maggie see's that she's on a small island the size of
a football field with a small oasis in the center, surrounded by palm trees.
Feeling a sudden chill, Maggie looks down at herself and discovers that she
is completely naked. "What is going on?" Maggie mutters to herself as she
begins to walk to the oasis. Hearing something splashing in the water up
ahead Maggie hesitates before continueing on more cautiously.

"Are you going to come in or not!" Bianca calls out from the middle of the
Oasis, "The waters fine!"

Stepping out from behind the palm tree, Maggie sees her friend swimming in
the pool, laughing and gesturing to her to join in the fun. "I'm not sure
that's a good idea-" Maggie begins to say, but stops when Bianca dives under.

Bobbing back up a few feet away from Maggie, Bianca throws her bikini top
and bottom at Maggie.

Catching the bikini out of the air, Maggie's throat goes dry as she realizes
that she's naked with Bianca on an island with no one else around. Maggie is
about to ask Bianca what they're doing there but the question becomes lodged
in her throat as Bianca back strokes to the center of the pool, giving Maggie
an eyeful of Bianca's body in the process.

Reaching the center of the pool, Bianca calls out in a soft caressing tone as
she treads water. "Be with me Maggie. You know you want to. You always have.
Come to me."

Feeling Bianca's words slide over her causes Maggie to shudder. Whether from
fear or desire she doesn't know, but regardless she slowly walks into the
pool and swims to a smiling Bianca.

That's it Maggie! Just a little closer. You have no idea how much I want
you." Bianca groans, as Maggie begins to swim in earnest to her.

As a she reaches Bianca, Maggie is taken by suprise as Bianca kisses her hard
and wraps her legs around her waist. 'Oh God!' Maggie thinks, groaning as
Bianca begins to grind her body into her own.

Breaking off the kiss, Bianca grabs Maggie's face in her hands. "Do you want
me?" Bianca asks urgently.

"Always." Maggie says fondly.

Smiling, Bianca kisses Maggie and continues to kiss her even as they sink
under the water.

When the water rushes over her head, Maggie tries to extricate herself from
Bianca but can't as Bianca only holds on even more tenaciously. "No!" Maggie
screams into Bianca's mouth as they sink together into the darkness.

* * *

"Hello sleepy head." Bianca says smiling at her friend as Maggie opens her
eyes. "We're here."

Moving a bit slower than her friend, Maggie hangs back and watches her lovely
friend walk into the cabin ahead of her. "Yes Bianca, we are here now." she
says with a small laugh before following Bianca inside.

To Be Continued in Part 2


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