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ANT Farm: Cameron Gets Some (mf,mff,inter,oral,anal,ncon,cons)
by Tori ([email protected])

Ever since the ANT program was cancelled, Chyna's brother Cameron has been feeling lost. He was a loner before his sister joined him at the high school and now that she and her friends were gone, he was slowly sinking into a dark depression. They were the only ones that paid attention to him and it was the first time he had any friends and now they were gone.

In addition to the ANT kids, the object of his lust, Lexi Reed, was also gone. It was discovered that she was a mathematics genius and joined the other kids at the new school run by an eccentric electronics billionaire. Cameron used to sneak into the girl's locker room to spy on her. He'd hide in one of the lockers and jerk off to her while she changed after cheer practice. Now everyone was gone except Paisley, Lexi's best friend. Paisley was a tall, gorgeous blonde cheerleader with long legs and a smile that could light up a room. She was also dumb as a stump but her sweet demeanor more than made up for it.

One afternoon after school, Cameron was standing by his locker when he saw Paisley walking down the hall in her cheerleader uniform. "Hi Cameron" she said with a huge smile on her face. Cameron stared at the beautiful girl and immediately got hard. He hadn't been this hard since Lexi left.

Suddenly, he grabbed Paisley and pulled her into an empty classroom. He punched Paisley in the face, knocking her unconscious. As she fell to the floor, he grabbed her sweater, pulling it off revealing her sports bra. He found a pair of scissors on the desk and cut the bra away. Paisley was starting to wake up just as Cameron cut her panties off leaving her in nothing but her skirt and sneakers. He pulled her up onto her knees and took out his rock hard cock. For a short kid, he was hung like a horse and Paisley was about to take his 12 inches up her ass.

"Take my cock you fucking bitch" he said, stroking his meat.

When he started pushing his cock into her ass, Paisley let out a scream. He shoved his cock all the way inside of her and began to fuck her ass. Cameron grabbed a handful of her blonde hair and rode her like a dog in heat, slamming in and out of her ass.


He was brutal in his assault and Paisley was soon crying, feeling the huge cock raping her ass. The assault lasted over 15 minutes and ended with Cameron filling the young girl's ass with his hot load. When he finished, he pulled out and stood over his prize. Paisley looked up at him just as he unleashed a stream of hot piss all over her face. He left her there lying on the floor covered in piss with his cum still oozing out of her gaping asshole.

When he got home, he went up to his room and jerked off. He relived the rape in his head over and over again and finally had to stop when his cock got too sore.

* * *

The next day at school, he was surprised but relieved that no one came to arrest him. He saw Paisley in one of his classes but she just sat there, not even acknowledging his presence. He watched her walk to her next class and could tell that she was still in pain and smiled. His cock got so hard at the sight of the gorgeous blonde slowing making her way down the hall that he had to go to the boy's room and jerk off.

After classes ended, he went into the empty classroom where he assaulted Paisley and was shocked to find her there waiting for him. Paisley walked up and slapped his face and then reached down and grabbed his hard cock. She slowly sank to her knees and pulled his jeans down. His hard cock slapped against her face when she pulled his boxers down.

She looked up at Cameron and said, "If you wanted to fuck me, all you had to do was ask. You didn't have to rape me."

Paisley opened her mouth and took him deep into her throat, swallowing the massive cock in the process. Her glossy lips sucked and slurped on him as she bobbed her head up and down, swallowing the entire length. Cameron was in heaven. He looked down at the gorgeous blonde sucking his cock and said, "That's it baby, suck that black cock. You love this nigger meat, don't you cunt?"

She played with his balls and when he came, she swallowed every drop. She was surprised that even though he just came, he was still rock hard. "Is this what you want Cameron? Do you want my tight little ass again?" she said.

He watched as she bent over the desk and pulled up her skirt. She pulled her panties down and spread her cheeks apart. Cameron didn't need to be asked twice so he went over and pushed his cock into her already gaping asshole. "Not as tight as yesterday but still good slut. Take it up your ass baby. Take that nigger cock" he told her as her spanked her asscheeks.

The young black teen sodomized the gorgeous blonde cheerleader for almost 30 minutes, making her grunt and moan like a two dollar whore. When he told her he was going to cum, she got on her knees and swallowed her second load of cum. Cameron zipped up and watched Paisley pull her panties back up and she said, "You can have me anytime Cameron. Anytime you want."

After she left, he sat down on a chair and thought about what had just happened.

* * *

The next day, the two teens met in the same room after school. Cameron wanted to fuck her pussy but she wouldn't let him. She was saving her virginity for when she got married but she happily agreed to let him sodomized her again and again. It was dark out by the time they left. When he got home, he found an email waiting for him. It was from Lexi of all people.

It said, "We need to talk. Meet me tomorrow after school."

* * *

The next day he went to the address Lexi provided and discovered it was a motel in the seedy part of town. He asked the guy at the desk if Lexi was there and he pointed him towards her room. He knocked and when the door opened, there was Lexi in her old cheerleader uniform. "Come on in Cameron. We've been waiting for you" she said.

When he walked in, he saw Paisley lying on the bed in her uniform with a huge smile on her face, fucking herself with a dildo. Lexi came up behind him and grabbed his crotch and said, "Paisley told me about this monster between your legs. She also told me what you did to her. I'm surprised you had the guts especially after all the times you hid in that locker and jerked off watching me." She laughed and squeezed his cock harder and said, "I knew you were there the whole time. Why do you think it took me so long to get dressed?"

Lexi unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock and started stroking it. Paisley started to cum and when she pulled the dildo out of her pussy, she squirted all over the sheets. Lexi got down on her knees and started to suck on his hard cock.

Cameron couldn't believe it. The girl he's been lusting after all these months was on her knees giving him head while her best friend fucked herself with a dildo. The sight of Paisley with her legs spread and Lexi's lips around his cock was too much and he came within minutes. Lexi licked him clean and then got on the bed with Paisley.

Lexi licked her lips and spread Paisley's legs apart. Cameron stood there and watched as she went down on Paisley. Lexi wasn't wearing any panties so her cute little round ass was in full view. When Cameron looked closer, he saw the butt plug that she had shoved in her ass earlier. He climbed up behind her and slid his cock into her pussy. Lexi started to moan as she licked and sucked on Paisley's sloppy hole.

Cameron grabbed her by the waist as started to pound away, his balls slapping against her clit with each deep thrust. Paisley started to cum again and covered Lexi's face with her squirt. Cameron couldn't hold out any longer and came just as Lexi started to shake with her own intense orgasm. The three teens collapsed on top of each other and laid there for a few minutes.

Cameron got between the two blonde beauties and laid back. Lexi started to kiss her way down to his cock while Paisley snuggled against his chest. Lexi took him in her mouth again, deep throating his massive foot long. When his cock was hard and covered in her saliva, she got on top of him, pulled the butt plug out of her ass and slowly lowered herself down, impaling her ass with his cock. She sat there for a few seconds and then started to ride him. She looked down at the smiling black teen and took off her uniform top, revealing her perfect tits to him. Cameron reached up and played with her nipples as she picked up speed and started to slam her ass up and down on his cock.

Paisley crawled behind them and sucked on his balls. She had both of them in her mouth when she pushed her long finger into his ass. This was too much for the teen and he shot his load inside of Lexi's ass. The feeling of his cum filling her got her off and she started to cum too.

When she let his cock slip out of her ass, Paisley took it into her mouth and sucked the remaining cum and swallowed it down. She licked and sucked the cum out of Lexi's ass and then cleaned Cameron's cock.

Cameron had his way with the two blonde beauties over the next several hours. When he couldn't get it up anymore, the two girls played with each other while he watched. If he had known this was going to happen, he would have raped one of them sooner. He went home a little after midnight, leaving the two girl lying on the bed covered in sweat and cum.

Cameron hooked up with Lexi and Paisley as often as he could. When word got around that he was fucking the two gorgeous cheerleaders, every girl in school wanted him. The other boys, even the jocks, were jealous of the short geek but that didn't bother Cameron. The swagger in his walk and his confidence helped him excel in his classes and he even made the honor role. The icing on the cake was when he showed up at the prom with not one but two dates. All eyes were on him when he walked into the gym with Lexi and Paisley on each arm.

Years later Cameron won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. When he accepted the award in Stockholm, his beautiful wife Paisley was standing by his side. Who knew that a geeky black kid from San Francisco could make it in life and all he had to do was fuck some white girls.

The End


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