This story is a fantasy and a rather silly one at that. It involves the AOL
girl Connie who appears in Uk adverts.

She is probably copyright AOL.

Do not read if under 18.

America Online: Connie Trapped In The Real World (mmmmF,inter)
by Wallace Mason

Connie knew she was a computer-generated image.

She knew she had something called a "hard drive" which made her solid when
she came out of the computer and into the real world.

She knew that she was based on the image of the beautiful ginger haired model
called Rachel Willis and that underneath her computer montage dress was the
body of a woman.

The fully functional body of a woman.

Connie travelled down the telephone line to help out people with Internet

She concentrated her help with a family in England. What she didn't know was
what the son and his friends of the family had planned for her.

"She's a ginga!" said one of the teenages as they entered the bedroom.

"A ginger minge," said another lad as they turned the computer one.

"She's fucking gorgeous," Billy said waiting for the computer to boot up,
"and I bet she can fuck like a rabbit."

"But she's got not body."

"She's got a mouth," grinned Billy, "and she may have ginger minge under her

"But she's a hologram."

"She's solid. She can touch things. I touched her once," Billy put a disc
into the computer of the programme he had been working on.

Billy's three mates crowded into the small bedroom.

The teenages mum and dad where away for the weekend and his sister was
staying at a friends for the night. This gave the 16-year-old boy full run
of the house and of the computer.

"I hope this programme works," Billy said typing in an execution command.
I can't see how it can," one of Billy's mates Robbie said sitting on the bed.

With the programme in place Billy logged on to the Internet. He entered an
AOL site and pressed the help key.

Suddenly the room was filled with light as thousands of pixels flew out of
the computer forming into the beautiful body of Connie.

She was taller than all the boys with a slim body.

Her flawless legs were visible, as where her arms, the rest of her body was
covered in a moving montage of computer images, which seemed to flow like

Her long slender neck came out of the dress and her gorgeous bright face
topped with her pageboy cut silky shining ginger hair.

"Hello Billy," she chirped, "what's the problem?"

"Nothing Connie," Billy hit a key locking up the modem, "not yet. How do you

"Strange," Connie's bright face looked around at the other boys, "hello

"Hello ginger," said Robbie not believing what he was seeing.

"Best be off," Connie said smiling at Billy she jolted then looked concerned,
"I can't get back in. This is strange."

"Mmmm," Billy looked at her red lips surrounding her wet mouth, "very

"Let's try again shall we?" she said becoming slightly worried.

Billy typed in a sequence and the holographic dress disappeared to show the
young woman's firm breasts, flat stomach, luscious thighs and well- trimmed
ginger minge.

"Billy!" she cried, "don't do this!"

"Me?" he said innocently typing away.

"I..." Connie knew what she was going to say but held it in, she didn't want
to say it, and she didn't know what she was going to say it.

"What Connie?" Billy stood up in front of her, his face just reaching up to
her neck,"do you want something?"

"I...w..." this had never happened before. Images and actions were being
forced into her programme, things she didn't understand.

"Tell me what you want Connie," Billy undid the front of his tight jeans as
the holographic ginger haired woman fell to her knees in front of him and
helped him open his pants.


Billy didn't move. He felt himself harden and as she realised his cock he
wanted only one thing, to feel the wet heat of her mouth around him.

"I want cock," Connie spluttered as she pressed her face into his warm

Billy obliged by thrusting himself into her eager mouth.

Connie sucked on the tip of his cock as hard as she could, not sure what she
was doing or why. Billy pushed his cock into the corner of her mouth making
her cheek bulge out. He swapped to the other cheek as she looked up at him
sucking noisily on his prick.

Billy found it strange that even though she was a hologram the inside of her
mouth was hot. He gripped her silky ginger hair and started fucking in and
out of her oval lips. She complied bobbing her head back and forth taking
more of his young erect prick into her mouth.

"Suck my cock!" cried Billy fucking Connie's face, "Suck it Connie! Suck it!"

Billy's three mates wanted in of the action. Robbie pulled his prick out and
started wanking it walking towards Connie's sucking mouth.

"C'mon Billy don't hog all the action," Robbie grabbed a handful of Connie's
ginger hair, "Do you want more cock ginger?"

With a sucking popping noise Connie pulled her lips off Billy's erect prick,
"Yes." She found herself saying, "I want cock!"

Robbie turned her around so she faced his thick hot prick. It was bigger than
Billy's thicker and longer, "D'you want this Connie?" he said slapping her
across the cheek with his prick head.

She didn't flinch or react, she couldn't feel pain.

This made Robbie whack her harder with his cock across both cheeks, then her
nose. He was annoyed she wasn't reacting so his poked his prick head into her
eye. She kept starting up at him with a grin on her face.

"Do you want to suck my cock?" Robbie asked.

"Yes," she said, "I want to suck your big prick and balls."

Robbie looked up to see Billy typing on the computer.

Connie continued, "I'm going to suck all of your cock meat. I want to take
your big prick inside my mouth and suck you off until you come."

"You're doing this," Robbie gestured to Billy, "you can make her say these

Billy smiled, "I can make her do these things as well."

Robbie looked down at Connie, "She doesn't feel anything?"

"She can't feel pain," Billy continued typing, "she's a hologram. Watch

Connie gripped Robbie's cock at the root, opened her mouth and stuck her
tongue out. She started slapping the boys cock onto her outstretched tongue,
"You like that?" she said between slaps, "want me to suck you all the way?
Want me to stuff your cock meat down my throat?"

"Do it!" Robbie gripped the side of her head and pushed his thick prick into
her wide-open red wet lips, "eat my cock!"

He pushed his cock deep inside her mouth. She didn't struggle; she simply
enclosed her mouth around his whole shaft swallowing the prick, pulling it
into her throat. Her face pressed hard against Robbie's pubes, her lips
around the root. Her lips opened wider and she started to suck on his balls
as well. Robbie watched in awe as Connie swallowed not only his cock, but
his balls as well.

"Eat me!" Robbie cried pulling her face into his crutch, "Eat me! Eat me
fucking prick meat! Eat my cock and balls!"

His balls slipped out of her mouth and she pushed Robbie on to the bed, his
cock still lodged in her throat. Robbie looked up as the ginger pageboy bob
shoved up and down his young thick prick.

Connie started throat fucking the young boy as hard as she could, her face
smashing hard onto his stomach then pulling up the cock leaving her lips,
then ramming it back hard into her unresisting throat.

All through this she looked at the boy, not wincing, not having trouble, she
was effortlessly swallowing cock, effortlessly letting his fuck her throat
with his hard cock meat.

After a while she pulled her mouth off his quivering jerking cock, she wiped
the precum from her lips.

Robbie noticed there was no saliva, but her throat and throat felt hot and
wet. Connie looked over at the other boys. Arnold was a young West Indian
lad who was already half naked, his long dark brown pointing at Connie.

"Black cock," Connie stood up and walked to the boy, "I like black cock. Do
you want to put your black cock in my hot mouth?"

"Yes," Arnold watched her kneel in front of him licking her lips.

Her hand came up and took hold of his shaft, he shivered as she pulled his
foreskin back forcing the pink prick head to pop out of from the chocolate
brown skin, "Oh my, this is beautiful. You really are a big little boy aren't

Her tongue licked the tip of his cock. She started flicking her tongue all
over his cock from the tip of his piss slit all the way down his blood-gorged
flesh to the base of his dick and then she started licking his balls.

Connie still wasn't sure what was happening, she wanted to do things and say
things but she didn't know why. She pressed her entire face against the black
boys big hairy balls and licked them all over. She sucked one of his balls
into her mouth, rolling it around then almost spitting it out, only to suck
in the other ball.

Connie moved back up to she prick, licking the underside of his cock all the
way back up to his prick head. Once there she sucked on the tip, her cheeks
hollowing,while her hands came up and stared wanking up and down the black
boys long cock shaft. She sucked and wanked him for about a minute, then she
turned he attention to the last boy.

Jerry watched the woman finish sucking Arnold's cock, his hard on was
pressing against his jeans. The woman was still on her knees when she turned
to Jerry. "And finally," she grinned walking on all fours over to the last
boy, "let's taste the final contestant."

"So she can't feel pain?" Robbie asked Billy as she made her way to Jerry's
inexperienced cock.

"Yeah," Billy took his t-shirt off, "and if my theory is right she'll always
be a virgin because the pixels in her cunt will regenerate after every fuck."


Connie was now on her knees in front of Jerry frantically unzipping his fly.

All she knew was she had to get at his cock and balls.Jerry didn't move. He
felt great,the nervous energy had gone and the fact that Connie wanted him
aroused and excited him. He wanted her to touch his cock and balls, and when
she finally got inside his fly and was trying to get under his pants, he knew
that he wanted her to suck him off, to throat his cock meat.

"Oh baby, I want this," she moaned, "I want it so badly. Please let me suck
your cock. Please let me eat your cock. I want to take you in my mouth, I
want to stick you meat down my throat. Please," she looked up at him, "please
sir can I deep throat your fat prick?"

Her hands moved all over his hard penis. His balls were warm to touch; she
pressed her lips against his 16 year old balls.

She licked them.

"Your balls taste so good," she kissed them, "I want cock! I want you to ram
your cock down my throat! I want your cock! I want your cock and balls in my
mouth now!"

Jerry grabbed a handful of ginger hair and pushed his cock into her hot
wide-open mouth. He almost fell over as she felt her mouth around his cock;
he slipped back into a comfortable chair while Connie buried her face into
his crutch driving his prick further into her mouth.

Gripping the side of her head he fucked her face up and down his shaft
watching his prick slid in and out of her red lips. She forced her head
harder onto the cock, making him almost jump out of the chair as he felt
her deep throat his cock.

Jerry hadn't been sure about spending the weekend at Billy's but now as he
watched the silky ginger hair ramming on and off his crutch, the hot lips
sucking as she forced more cock into her mouth and felt his prick head slide
in and out of Connie's throat, he knew he'd made the right decision.

"Suck it Connie!" Jerry rammed his prick all the way down her throat. Connie
swallowed hard. He was about to cum; his prick was about to explode.

Suddenly Connie heard him gasp and she felt him thrust his cock so far into
her face she thought she was going to actually swallow it. Connie somehow
knew what was going to happen next, Jerry came in her throat.

Wave after wave of thick hot cream poured into Connie's mouth. She swallowed
it, but no sooner had she rid her mouth of one jet of spunk than his cock let
out another rush of sperm. Connie kept swallowing more and more hot cum as
Jerry gripped her hair pushing her face against his crutch.

"Eat me!" he yelled, "eat my cock! Eat it all!" He was going wild fucking
hard as he could. His body twisted and gyrated as his cock was held in her
mouth and throat, his whole being seemed to be spurting out of his dick and
pouring down Connie's throat. She sucked hard and he rammed her harder.

Billy watched in awe at Connie sucking hard on the constantly cumming cock
of his friend. He wondered where the cum would go, how could the hologram
contain it.

He looked for tell tale puddles around Connie to see if it was keeping
through, but there was nothing there.

Jerry pulled Connie's face off his cock; her mouth was open wide, showing it
full of spunk. The thick hot juice dribbled down her chin, his cock pumped
one more time and a string of spunk caught Connie in the eye.

"What a cocksucker!" Jerry yelled pushing Connie's cheeks together so his cum
spewed from her red lips, "That's the best deep throat action I've had in

"That's the only deep throat action you've had," Billy said walking over to
Connie and lifting her to her feet.

Connie licked the cum around her lips, then put her finger in her mouth and
pulled it out coated in the boy's thick spunk.

"It's called spunk Connie," Billy took her over to the bed, "do you like the
taste of spunk?"

"I like cock," she said lying on the bed, "spunk comes out of cock?"

"Yes, lots of spunk comes out of cock. You make it come out by swallowing

Jerry was exhausted so he didn't join the three boys as they laid Connie
on the bed, their young hands rubbing over her perfect naked body. Arnold
rubbed her firm breasts while Robbie and Billy paid special attention to her
well-trimmed ginger cunt.

"Ginger minge," Robbie smiled as his fingers pulled her cuntlips open and
looked into the pink raw flesh.

"This is a virgin ginger minge," Billy's finger touched the opening of her
cunt hole and pushed his finger in up to the knuckle, "it's so fucking

"Unused hologram cunt," he snaked his finger in next to Billy's.

Arnold started sucking Connie's now erect nipples.

"Why did they make her like this?" Robbie asked licking her exposed clit and
shoving his finger further up her tight ginger twat.

"Maybe so they could fuck her," Billy slipped another finger into the
stretching opening, "Do you like this Connie?"

"I like cock," Connie said looking up at the ceiling wondering why she could
feel something entering the lower half of her body.

"You taught her well," Robbie started fingering the tight hole with Billy.

The boys now had two fingers each inside the ginger cunt.

Arnold meanwhile straddled Connie's chest and put his cock between her
breasts. He pushed them together and started fucking her firm pink tits with
his long black cock.

"Look Connie," Arnold propped her head up so that she could see his prick
sliding out of her cleavage as he tit fucked her, "your favourite food is
fucking your titties."

Connie smiled up at Arnold then looked at his prick head as if buffeted
between her tits, which he wrapped around his cock. The whole thing looked
bizarre to her as she watched the mushroom head poke out from her cleavage.

"Try and catch it in your mouth," said Arnold and then laughed as he watched
her lips open trying to snatch the prick as it came towards her open mouth.

Robbie now had his fingers further inside her ginger cunt, "I can feel her

Push your fingers up you can feel it."

Billy did so, "There it is, told you Connie was a virgin."

"Not for long," Robbie shoved his hand hard into her cunt tearing open the
thin wall of skin - well it wasn't skin was it, it was made up of pixels.

Arnold was now fucking her tits harder, pushing his cock head into the ginger
woman's open mouth with each lunge. Every time his cock went into her mouth,
she sucked on the end trying to keep it there, but her pulled it out.

Billy now had his hand full inside the woman's pussy and to his amazement
Robbie's hands was firmly in there as well.

"She's so flexible," grinned Billy, "pull out, I want to test a theory."

In unison the boys yanked their hands out of Connie's overstretched cunt.
They watched as the hole contracted back to its original compact and tight
state in less than a second.

Billy's finger wiggled between Connie's cuntlips, "Tight as a drum. And I bet
my computer she's a virgin again."

"I'm gonna cum Connie," Arnold fucked his black cock between her pink tits
faster, "I want you to stick your tongue out so I can cum on it."

Connie opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out so that his prick head
slapped against it as he fucked her tits.

"Connie I want you to eat my spunk," Arnold was losing control in the as her
fucked her tits harder, his balls slamming against the underside of her
breasts, his cock making a valley of pre cum between her perfect boobs, "you
gonna eat my spunk?

"Say it Connie!"

"I'm," the cock smacked her tongue, "gonna eat," SMACK, "all your hot cum."

He came suddenly, spunk spewing out as he was in the middle of a lunge. The
cum over shot her tongue and landed across her nose, eyes and fringe of her
ginger hair. He pressed his cock head onto her tongue as more hot white juice
exploded into her mouth.

Connie slurped it all, trying to draw it into her mouth, but there was far
too much of it and it ran out of her mouth and down the sides of her chin.

Connie closed her lips around Arnold's twitching, spurting prick head. She
sucked as hard as she could drawing every bit of the teen's cum into her
mouth. His prick and balls were dry and apart from the sperm that covered
her beautiful face,she ate all of it.

"Yes!" Arnold yelled pulling his cock out of her mouth, "that felt so fucking
good, Connie! You're one hell of a cocksucker!"

Arnold fell to one side onto the bed as Connie sat up. She rubbed the spunk
on her chin with her fingers and looked at it.

Billy was busy on the computer again while she sucked the cum off her

"Stand up Connie," Robbie told her.

Connie rose slowly from the bed still a little mesmerised by the hot sticky
fluid she rubbed between her fingers and felt in her mouth.

Robbie sat on the bed puling her to him so that he faced her well-rounded
flawless arse cheeks.

"Can you feel this?" he slapped her left buttock as hard as he could, "or
this?" he whacked his palm on to her spongy right buttock, watching it
flatten under his hand.

"Feel what?" Connie asked looking at the wall, not flinching as he continued
spanking her bottom.

"This?" Robbie spanked hard on her buttocks until his hand was sore, but not
a blemish appeared on Connie's pink cheeks.

"Wait," Billy typed in a command, "try it now."

Robbie slapped his hand on to Connie's left buttock. It made a red imprint
on the soft pink flesh. He spanked away at her buttocks until they turned a
cherry red under his on slaughter.

He turned his attention to the back of her thighs.

Connie still couldn't feel it; she looked back over shoulder at the teen
spanking her arse.

"Connie," Billy spoke, "bite your bottom lip and look sad. That's it." Billy
sat on he bed next to Robbie, "Now Connie sit your tight ginger cunt on my

Connie moved away from Robbie who whacked her bum a few more times. With her
back to him she stepped over his legs and bent her knees as if she was about
to sit on his lap.

Her gorgeous ginger head looked over her shoulder as she aimed her
well-trimmed pussy at Billy's erect cock.

Her pussy lips touched the tip of Billy's prick, slowly opening her lips,
pushing his bulbous head into her tight virgin cunt. Something in her
programming made her bite her bottom lip and let out a gasp. She pushed
down further until the head of Billy's cock was sucked into her tight
ginger hole.

"Put all my cock in your pussy," Billy lay back and let Connie do the work.

Her pussy lips parted quickly and his prick slid all the way in.

She sat there for a while, the boys cock deep inside her then she suddenly
remembered what to do.

"You have a beautiful cock," she exclaimed, "your prick is so hard. Let me
fuck you."

Connie started bouncing up and down on Billy's prick. Pulling the cock almost
out of her tight cunt then slamming herself back on to it.

She started fucking his prick like a wild woman, her red buttocks bounced and
jiggled against his thighs as she started to fuck him faster and faster.

"Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!" she said in unison with her body bounding up and
down, "let me fuck you!"

Connie winced very time the cock shoved deep inside her.

She wasn't feeling it, it was just the programme.

As she rode his cock she looked over at him and big smile on her face between
the wincing.

"You like cock Connie?"

"I love cock!" Connie put her hands on the top of her head and bounced up and
down even faster.

"Bounce! Bounce!" she screamed.

Billy felt as if her prick was about to explode.

He slapped her buttock and she pulled off him in an instant, turned around,
opened her mouth wide and swallowed his entire cock in one gulp.

He gripped her head forcing her face further into his crutch and spunk
started to spit out of his hard cock, which was half way down Connie's

"Swallow it!" he cried gripping her hair and feeling her face pressing hard
against him.

He could feel his cock jump and spasm inside Connie's tight gullet as wave
after wave of hot sauce spewed into the woman.

When he was finished he released her head and he watched as Connie let his
erect cock slide effortlessly out of her throat and mouth.

Just before the cock head passed out of her lips she gave it a suck and
kissed it.

Connie knelt in front of Billy smiling.

Her face still looked as if she was going to give him information about the
internet, not like the face of a woman who had been fucked senseless for the
last half and hour.

Robbie knelt behind her gripping her tits roughly with his hands.

He still couldn't get over the fact she couldn't feel pain.

He took both her nipples in his fingers and twisted them.

She didn't react, only glance over at him.

He slapped both her boobs only to have her look around as if she was bored.

"Has she a fully working arsehole?" Robbie felt between her cheeks and pushed
his finger into what felt like her anus.

"Try her ginger minge," Billy said, "it's so fucking tight."

"Maybe I will," Robbie bit her on the ear, "we've got to have a Connie
sandwich sometime."

Robbie stood up and turned his back on Connie, "I've always wanted someone
to do this," he opened his arse cheeks with his hands and shoved his bum
towards Connie's face, "see this Connie?"

Connie shuffled around on her knees to come face to face with a hairy unkept
arsehole, "Yes," she chirped.

"Stick your tongue up my arsehole and reach around a grab my cock."

Billy winced as he watched Connie bury her beautiful face between Robbie's
arse cheeks, her tongue sticking out, her hands reached around the boys waist
to grip the root of his thick prick.

"Yes!" Robbie cried, "She's doing it!"

Connie started lapping away at the boy's brown ring, her nose and face
pressed hard in the crevice of his buttocks. He took hold of her wrists,
made her hold his cock and the root and the head and started her wanking
his shaft.

"Suck it you dirty slut!" Robbie reached around gripping her back of her
head, holding tightly on to her silky ginger hair and grinding her face into
his arse, "you know you fucking love it!" he shoved back so that he actually
felt her tongue slip rght up his arsehole.

"Arse sucker!" he was in a frenzy as he gyrated rubbing his arse into
Connie's unflinching face. She carried on sucking and licking at the teen's
sweaty, dirty arsehole.

Her hands flew up and down his shaft and every now and then she shook her
head between his arse cheeks making him cry out even louder.

When he knew he was ready to cum he pulled himself off her face and turned
waving his big cock in her shit stained face, "C'mon Connie. Nobody gives
head like you."

Connie's face moved forward, her mouth slipping over his cock and then she
was devouring him like a full course meal. But it wasn't in her throat and
that was where Robbie wanted it, clear down past her tonsils.

Connie's full, sensuous red-lipped mouth moved down his shaft. Robbie forced
his erection between her ruby lips.

"Aaawwww!" Connie gasped, she eyed his cock meat hungrily as he eased in
slowly into her face, inch by inch into her throat.

Robbie watched as she winced as he shoved his hard prick further into her

Billy was busy typing in new commands, new orders.

"Swallow it!" he urged her on, noticing she was actually having difficultly
deep throating his hard cock meat, "take the whole fucker into your mouth!"

Her hands came round gripping his buttocks as she forced her head further on
to his tool. He felt her throat convulse and spasm as if she was gagging.

This made he all the more determined.

"Take it!" he fucked into her throat, "here I cum Connie!"

Her lips seemed to be moulded around his pulsating shaft, her tongue rolling
around the meat as she applied suction with her cheeks.

Her face seemed to screw up as he drove harder into her face.

"Ohhh, cunt. Your mouth is just like a warm tight cunt!" he groaned feeling
her lips touch his balls and suddenly he started to cum inside her gagging

Like the teens before him he held her face hard against his crutch as he
spent himself inside her beautiful face.

The teens could see for the first time a twitch cock shaped bulge in Connie's
throat, a new programme Billy had added.

Even though she went through the process of gagging she didn't feel it and
the teens hot lust juice filled her throat and mouth without causing her any

Billy still wanted to know where it was going.

Unless somehow her hard drive was able to digest the teen's spunk. If she
were real he would have bet she's have a belly full of cum.

Connie slid her mouth off of Robbie's dwindling tool as it left her lips she
spoke, "Did you feel it Robbie? In my throat?"

Robbie nodded looking over at Billy who just smiled.

The teens went down the kitchen to have a few beers while Connie sat
patiently upstairs waiting for the next guiding hand and pounding cock.

The end for now


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