Amazing Race 5: Middle Of Frickin' Nowhere (FF,M-mast,inc,voy,mc)
by Hamster

Middle of Frickin Nowhere, Earth...

Twin sisters, Kami and Karli where lost in the most remote part of the world
without any frickin' money. It was a problem. The town they were in was
actually named Nowhere! It was a collection of rundown looking buildings that
surrounded a well and was surrounded by barren, rocky desert. The twins had
wandered from one end of town to the other and still had no clue. It was 99
degrees in the shade, dusty, and most of the people in Nowhere looked like
escaped criminals. Worse, the twins were getting on each other's nerves.

"I'm thirsty." Kami said.

"You should be this is all your fault." Karli replied.

"That makes no sense." Kami shot back angrily.

Why was it that when people were mad they said the most idiotic things to
prove their frickin' points?

"We need to find money and find it now." Karli said sulkily.

The pair was arguing so loudly in the street that they were easily overheard
by a gruff looking sandy haired man, who approached them purposefully.

"Hello, young ladies I could not help but over hear you. Am I to understand
that you are lost and short on funds?" The sandy haired man asked.

"Yeah, so." Kami asked.

"Well, you see, I think that I can help you out." He said.

"Oh and how's that?" Karli asked suspiciously.

"Well my name is Lawrence and I am the owner of a Website called" He explained. "You two wouldn't happen to be related would

"We're twins." They said at once.

"Fabulous, are you interested in earning say 3 grand each?" He asked.

The girls' eyes widened.

"What would we have to do?" Karli asked.

"Just some modeling." He said. "Against the lovely desert backdrop."

The twins looked at each other and shrugged.

"We can do that." They said at the same time.

"Outstanding." Lawrence said enthusiastically. "Please follow me."

He led the girls to a building that thankfully had air conditioning. Both of
them were so relieved to be in a climate-controlled environment that they
were willing to do almost anything their host wanted. Their host figured it
was time to knock out that last 'almost' part.

"Ok ladies I'm going to need you two to watch a special training video. Is
that alright?" He asked as he strategically placed a bucket of bottled water
on ice atop the desk in front of them.

The twins licked their lips at the sight of the cool refreshing water.

" problem..." Karli said as she reached for a bottle of

"Ok with me." Kami said as she also grabbed a bottle.

"Excellent please grab an extra bottle to drink while you watch and follow me
to the TV room." He said as he escorted them to a room with a leather sofa
and big screen TV. "Just turn it on and hit 'play' I'll be back in an hour."

"Hey wait..." Karli started but Lawrence had already shut the door and locked

Kami shrugged went to the TV turned it on and hit play on the DVD player.

Lawrence waited on the other side of the door with an evil look on his face.
The DVD contained graphic portrayals of incest. It also carried subliminal
messages that would make the twins lust for each other. The waters were laced
with special drugs that would make the twins obedient. After two hours he
opened the door and saw the hot blonde twins staring at the TV in a daze.

"Wow, I feel so weird." Karli said.

"Yeah me too." Kami said.

"I think you might feel better if you eat each other out." Lawrence

"Yeah good idea." They both said.

"Wait let me get the camera in here." Lawrence said.

When Lawrence finally got back with the camera the twins were already
undressing each other.

"Goddammit will you please let me set up first!" He shouted.

The girls whimpered and pouted and then broke apart. Once Lawrence was set
up, the twins threw themselves together and started to make out and run their
hands all over each other's bodies. It didn't take long at all for cloths to
start flying off. Once naked the now submissive twins Began rolling around on
the floor kissing and feeling each other up. Watching two hot naked blonde
twins roll around on the ground was certainly fun but it was time to get
really freaky.

"All right ladies get to fucking." Lawrence ordered.

Kami and Karli broke off their lip lock. Karli crawled down her twin sister's
body and her lip's found Kami's tits. Her lips wrapped around the hard
nipples and she began sucking on it. With her right hand she massaged the
other boob occasionally tweeking the nipple. Kami was moaning with pleasure.
Karli began humping against Kami's thigh. She humped her sister's thigh until
her pussy juiced all over it then she slid down to her twin's lovely pussy.
She was making loud slurping and licking sounds as she munched noisily on the
tasty cunt.

"Mmmm oh yes, oh yeah sis, that is so good don't stop!" Kami moaned.

One of Karli's hands slipped under her sister's ass and massaged the firm
cheeks while the other one had a finger work in and out of her pussy. It
wasn't long before Kami was cumming loudly and wetly.

"Now you do me." Karli said.

"Before you start I have a prop you should use." Lawrence said as he handed
Kami a strap on.

"Wow thank you!" Kami said gratefully.

Kami started to try putting it on but her sister stepped up and knelt in
front of her twin. Karli then helped secure the straps in for her sister.
Karli grabbed the rubber cock and began to lick and suck it as if it was a
real cock. After getting it nice and moist she got gown in the doggy-style
position and wiggled her ass invitingly.

Kami took the bait. She took hold of her sister's hips and pushed the dildo
slowly into her wet pussy. Kami started fucking her sister without and Karli
thrust back to meet each stroke. Kami picked up the pace and thrust harder
and harder. Karli was wailing louder and louder in pleasure. Lawrence had
his cock out in one hand and was stroking his meat.

Karli cried.

Her sticky sweet girl-juice spewed over the rubber rod. Kami suddenly had a
wonderful idea. She stepped around to her sister's face and let her suck the
clean the rubber dildo. Karli clearly thought this was a good idea as well
because she was obviously savoring her own sweet juices.

As Lawrence finally stroked himself to an orgasm he could only imagine how
popular the video of these hot twins was going to be.
_ _ _

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