Avengers TAS/Batman TAS/Spider-Man TAS/Tomb Raider: Cat Lovers
by Hamster

Gotham City Museum of Natural History...

Lady Lara Croft had arrived in Gotham early in the morning she headed
directly to the Gotham city Museum to talk to James Beck, James was the
curator of the Museum. Lara had known him a few years and she advised him
to turn down the Gotham job. Gotham was full of freaks. More so than even
New York. But He had taken the job as Curator at Gotham and he had over
the years employed Lara’s services on more than one occasion. This time
was different, he did not need her to acquire an item, he needed her to
return one.

"Hello Lady Croft." Professor Beck said as he shook Lara's hand in front of
the giant Brontosaurus* skeleton in the museum lobby.

"Please James, I keep asking you to call me Lara." Lara said as she shook his

"And I, my dear Lady Croft, keep telling you that I don't feel that that is
an appropriate way to address a lady." Professor Beck replied.

Lara smiled. The professor always treated her with great respect that didn't
come from a mere fondness fro Lara's large breasts. It least it didn't
COMPETELY come from a fondness for Lara's breasts.

"Professor what can you tell me about the missing artifact?" Asked Lara.

"Well it is a cat shape statuette that was said to have been used in middle
aged European satanic rituals. Its is carved from obsidian and it's eyes are
actually rubies." Explained the professor.

"El Gato Del Diablo, Satan's Cat." Lara said knowingly.

"Exactly." Said the professor.

"Have you considered that it may be that leather-clad jewel thief with a
fondness for felines?" Asked Lara.

"Catwoman? No she works alone and there's no evidence she has stolen anything
at all in the last two years. The thieves who stole El Gato were dressed as
ninjas." Explained the professor.

"Ninjas? I told you that Gotham was a weird town. I will look into it." Lara

(*Author's note: In an issue of Batman it's shown that Gotham Natural History
Museum has a Brontosaur in the lobby. Can't remember the issue number but the
skeleton provides a clue to one of Two-Face's crimes.)

The Mansion of Akiko Sakuri...

Catwoman silently stepped through the halls of the mansion without making
anymore sound than an actual cat. She stepped towards the double doors and
checked for a security system. Finding the connection Catwoman followed it
to a control box that was hidden behind a portrait. After deactivating it
she picked the lock on the door and stepped in. The Ball room was filled
with cat-themed paintings and statuettes, there was even a stuff Sabretooth
tiger in the center of the room that had been preserved in tar. The Gato
was in a glass case in the center of the ball room. Behind that there was
a cage with several women in it. In front of the cage were several ninjas,
a man in a funny hat and a woman. A pair of ninjas with drawn swords
immediately charged at her. They too moved in total silence, the only noise
the made were grunts as Catwoman broke the first one's ribs with a powerful
kick then knocked the other one out with a well-placed punch to the temple.
Catwoman turned back to the first one and raked her claws across his face
then knocked him out as well. The silence was broken by the sound of someone

An Asian woman in a sharp red buisiness suit, flanked by two Ninjas took a
step forward.

"My but you are magnificent. Get her." The woman said.

The man in the funny hat, whom Catwoman finally recognized as the Mad-Hatter,
slammed the cage door open. The three women inside lept out and ran in the
direction of Catwoman. The women in the cage were Chesire, Cheetah and
Blackcat. Catwoman knew that with all the ninjas in addition to the three
supers she was in serious trouble. As graceful as she was quick Catwoman
turned and fled.

She ran down the hall at fast as she could and broke for the window she came
throw, unfortunately standing in front of the window was Tigra.

"This is bad." Catwoman said.

Tigra bounced into the air then tackled Catwoman to the ground the two clawed
at each other viciously. Cloths ripped and the two women screamed wildly.
Catwoman kicked Tigra in the boob and sent her flying through the window but
Cheetah and Blackcat were already on her. Catwoman tried to deliver a kick to
Blackcat but the white-haired heroine caught Catwoman's boot and then dropped
Catwoman on her on her ass at which point Cheetah put her foot on the jewel
thief's throat.

"Cease your struggling my sweet, It will all be over very soon." Said the
Hatter as he placed a collar around Catwoman's neck.

Outside of the gates to the mansion...

Lara Croft was hiding in the bushes besides the wall that surrounded the
mansion. She was dressed in her buisiness cloths. Aqua top, leather shorts,
combat boots. She checked her equipment both to insure that it was in working
condition and that she had everything she needed. Nightvision goggles, two
Uzis, extra ammo, plastique, stun gun, 9mm pitol, hunting knife, garrote wire
and tool kit. After taking her inventory she began to secure her weapons and
equipment on her body so that they would be easy to reach but out of her way.

"Arming for war?" Asked a deep voice behind her.

Lara drew her 9mm and turned to face the person but she was hit in the hand
with a batarang and dropped her weapon. She made for her uzi and her hand
became covered in webs! She saw now that the person or more correctly persons
she faced were non other than Batman and Spider-man.

"It appears that I am in the presence of two genuine heroes." Lara said.

"Actually we are just on our way to the Bergmans' costume bar mitzvah party,
do you know the way?" Asked Spider-man.

"Lady Lara Croft, the notorious tomb raider." Batman said as he ignored
Spider-man's joke.

"I see my reputation precedes me." Lara said.

"Who is she again?" Asked Spider-man.

"An archeologist." Batman replied.

"You're joking? Wait you never joke. You are actually an Archeologist?"
Spider-man asked.

"Yes, why does that surprise you?" Lara demanded.

"Because you look more like more like a model for a outdoor life magazine
than a button-down collegiate type." Spider-man said.

"You are a very amusing man, and I don't just mean that daft costume you
choose to wear." Lara said.

"Don't encourage him." Batman said. "He gets worse."

"Thanks Bats. You couldn't be all 'my buddy here is a real cool guy, you
should date him'?" Spider-man shot.

Batman ignored the comment. Spider-man was fast, strong, skilled,
intelligent and had more heart than most of the so-called heroes Batman
knew. Unfortunately he also seemed unable to shut up. He was a little like
Nightwing, Nightwing on helium.

"I assume you are here for the Gato del Diablo." Batman said.

"You seem to have me at a disadvantage Batman. Since you seem so
knowledgeable maybe you can tell me how to get this webbing off of my hand?"
Lara asked.

"Bad news lady, never actually made a neutralizer for it. Your stuck with
that for about 40 minutes to an hour." Spider-man said.

"Here this will dissolve it." Batman said as he handed her a vial from his

"You have a neutralizer for my webbing?! I don't even have a neutralizer for
my webbing." Spider-man said.

"I try to stay ahead." Batman replied. "What do you know about the missing

"What missing women?" Lara asked.

"Several of our colleagues and enemies have vanished here in Gotham. They
only seem to have one thing in common." Batman said.

"What's that?" Asked Lara.

"They're all cat lovers." Replied Spider-man.

Akiko Sakuri's Bed Chamber...

Akiko sat on her huge bed. Laying on it behind her in full costume were
Tigra, Chesire, Cheetah, Blackcat and Catwoman. Facing them was the Mad

"They will all be completely under your control but only so long as you make
sure that they wear the collars." Mad Hatter assured Akiko.

"Very well sir. In that case our business is concluded." Sakuri said.

"Not so fast." The Hatter interjected. "What about our agreement."

Sakuri sighed deeply. "I so wanted a complete set. Very well take her."

The Mad Hatter held out a hand. "Come along Chesire my dear. We must be on
our way."

Almost trance-like Chesire stood and joined the hatter. Sakuri was
disappointed to see them leave. Unfortunately the Hatter had insisted on
keeping Chesire for himself. She was going to have to take satisfaction in
her remaining slaves. Now all the beauty and skill of these women belonged
to Sakuri.

"Come here Catwoman." Sakuri said.

Catwoman crawled across the bed and draped herself over Sakuri's lap. "I
have always loved cats. And my passion for them grew when I saw the first
newspaper articles about you. I always knew that I would have you some day."

Sakuri idley played with one of Catwoman's breasts. She moved her hand over
to the zipped on the front of Catwoman's costum and unzipped it to her waist.
Sakuri reached in and played with the other woman's cunt for a few minutes.
She savored Catwoman's soft purrs.

"Tigra, Cheetah get in the '69' position and eat each other out." Sakuri

Tigra and Catwoman both had fur and actual tails. This was a massive turn on
for Sakuri who loved to watch them do it together. Tigra removed her shorts
and tank top, Cheetah never bothered with cloths. Tigra laid on the bottom
and Cheetah climbed on top. The felines began to lap at each other's pussys.
Soon their tails were twitching in pleasure. Sakuri was getting pretty hot
watching them.

She motioned for Blackcat to join her. Blackcat had costume that also
conveniently unzipped in the front. Sakuri did just that. After making
Catwoman and Blackcat peel away the rest of their costumes Sakuri ordered
them to get on all fours side by side. Sakuri removed her own robe and then
ran her fingers through each woman's hair. She kissed one then the other.
She laid down with her legs spread wide open. Blackcat began to eat her out.
Catwoman lay down next to Sakuri. Sakuri kissed as she fingered her with one
hand and pawed her breasts with the other. She could hear Tigra and Cheetah
moaning and slurping on each other's cunts that almost made her cum on it's
own. Blackcat's tongue strokes soon brought her over the edge.

"Yes, oh yes my precious kitten." Sakuri cried as she came.

Once Sakuri settled down she had Catwoman and Blackcat switch.

Outside the mansion...

The Mad Hatter was very pleased as he got into his limo. He had made a
substantial amount of money on top of gaining control of the lovely Chesire.
Chesire was in the seat next to him. She was definitely hot in a serious
way. The Hatter unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock which hardened
fairly quick.

"I think you can start sucking on it my dear." Said the Hatter.

Chesire bent over and opened her mouth. She enveloped the Hatter's cock
in her mouth and stroked it with her tongue, Hatter stroked her hair
appreciatively as the pleasure rippled through his cock.

"Stop" he commanded. "Take your pants off."

Chesire did as instructed first removing her belt then pulling her pants down
to her ankles. The Hatter took a minute to caress her bald cunt.

"I appreciate greatly that you shave down their Chesire." The Hatter said.

"Thank you master." Chesire said robotically.

"Now come here and show me how well you ride cock." Hatter ordered.

She straddled his waist and impaled herself on his tool. He moaned
appreciatively as she pushed herself up and down on his penis. Her breasts
bobbed up and down in front of the Hatters face as she rode his cock for all
her worth. He came after only a few strokes. He was about to tell the Limo
driver to get moving but the window shattered and a batarang clocked Chesire
in the head, this was followed shortly by Hatter getting webbed to his seat.
Hatter then felt a gun to his temple.

"I'm only asking once, where are Catwoman and Blackcat?" Asked Batman.

"I'm not afraid of some gun, everyone knows that Batman doesn't kill." Hatter
said although he did not sound very confident.

"I assure you that Lady Croft has no such compunctions." Batman said before
punching Hatter in the ribs. There was a loud cracking sound. And Hatter
screamed like a little girl with a skinned knee.

"Was that necessary Bats?" Spider-man asked.

"I was serious when I said I would only ask once." Replied Batman.

"You know I think maybe we should take off that color thingy that this ladies
wearing." Spider-man said.

"Excellent idea Spider-man." Lara said.

"NO!!!" The sobbing Hatter cried while clutching his ribs. "She'll murder

"Then I suggest you tell my impatient friend what he wants to know." Lara
said sweetly.

Inside the mansion...

The ninjas really did not know what hit them. Batman was thirty times the
fighter that any one of them could ever hope to be and to make things worse
he was angry. Spider-man was also very angry, and he had super-strength. It
was a very bad day to be a ninja. The Three invaders made their way deeper
into the mansion until finally they were confronted by Sakuri wither Feline

"Let's see how you like fighting the women you came to save." Sakuri said.

"Sorry but I don't like fighting girls, they hit too hard and they fight
dirty." Said Spider-man.

Spider-man fired his webbing at the women who were soon held to the ground.
Lara ran forward and kicked Sakuri in the face.

Later Beneath Wayne Manor...

In the Bat-cave Catwoman and Batman stood facing each other with their masks

"You should have let me claw the eyes out of her skull." Catwoman said.

"She'll pay for what she did to you, but she will do so through the law."
Batman said.

"Your as bad as Superman sometimes." Catwoman said. "But better looking."

Catwoman kissed him. He kissed her back hard and squeezed her ass. He
unzipped her costume and helped her peel it off. He removed his belt and
pulled it down. He pushed her up against the wall and kissed her hard. She
rapped her legs around hi waist and he drove his cock into her. She wrapped
her arms around him as she pushed her against the wall as he fucked her
harder and harder. He rode her hard until she began to cum.

In the Guest Bedroom...

Spider-man was laying naked on his back. A fairly good position because
Blackcat was on top of him with her generously proportioned breasts were
mashed against his chest.

"Ummm..." Spider-man started as he tried with monumental difficulty to find
something to say.

Blackcat reached back and held his cock in her hand. She gave it a hard
squeeze before repositioning herself so that she could slide her pussy down
onto the hard shaft. Spidey was blinded by pleasure and he barely had the
presence of mind to reach up and squeeze her tits. Her sexy white main shook
as she pushed herself down on his fuck pole over and over again. This was
the most fun Peter had ever had as Spider-man.

Wayne Manor's kitchen...

Tigra was wearing a black tank-top and black shorts as she snuck down to the
kitchen for a midnight snack. She was spreading some tuna onto some toast
when she heard somebody enter the kitchen. It was Lady Croft. She was wearing
black spandex shorts and a black sports bra.

"Up for a midnight snack are we?" Asked Lady Croft.

"Yeah I got pretty hungry." Replied Tigra.

Lara stared at Tigra for a minute. Tigra became slightly uncomfortable and
chewed her sandwich nervously.

"What is it? Is there something on my face?' asked Tigra.

"No, nothing like that. I just love tigers and happen to think you are the
most magnificent looking thing that I have ever seen." Said Lara.

Tigra smiled and then blushed brightly. "That's quite a complement."

Lara approached her and rubbed her arm that fur is so lovely. She reached
over and stroked Tigra's tail making the woman purr softly. Lara's hand
rose to Tigra's cheek. They kissed. They each grabbed a hand full of ass
and squeezed. As the two women made out their hands roamed freely over
each other's bodies. Tigra's hand found it's way into Lara's shots and
Lara's found it's way into Tigra's. The two woman were finger-fucking each
other as they fondled each other's breasts lustfull. They started to take
off their minimal clothing and then got into the '69'-position and started
to eat each other out loudly.

Alfred made his way into the kitchen and was greeted by the sight of this
lesbian sex.

"Oh my!" He said quietly as he looked on.
_ _ _

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