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Date: 11/05/2006

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Strong language, BDSM, male solo sex, voyurism, female solo sex,
male/female sex

Category: Het

Pairing: Spider-Man/Scarlet Witch

Archive: Yes

Feedback: Yes, I want feedback.

Summary: Captain America invites Spider-Man to a meeting at the Avengers
Mansion, where he gets into a sudden super-powered fist-fight with the
Scarlet Witch.

Other Notes: This AU story is based on the cover of AVENGERS Volume 1, Issue
Number 236.

Dedications: None so far.

Avengers - TAS/Spider-Man - TAS: To Become An Avenger
by Andrew Troy Keller ([email protected])

It was on the Fifth day of the month of November that a certain
wall-crawling, web-slinging superhero known as The Anazing Spider-Man has
perched himself on a ledge of one of the many tall buildings within the City
of New York and gazed his eyes upon the rest of the city just before he had
turned his head towards one of that building's stone gargoyles, took a deep
breath and said, "You know, Bruce. I really do envy you. I mean, all you get
to do is just sit there and do absolutely nothing. You don't have to worry
about wacko super-villains who want to kill you, girlfriends who suddenly
disappear before your eyes and nasty cold-hearted newspaper publishers who
print lies about you. I just don't know what I should do with my life now."

But that was before a certain piece of aircraft known as a Avengers Quinjet
had just started hovering next to the suddenly-awestruck Spider-Man, opened
a side-hatch and allowed the Living Legend Of World War Two named Captain
America -- who is now one of the many members of Earth's Mightiest Heroes --
to place himself in front of the opening and say, "You must be Spider-Man!
You were awefully hard to track down, Son! As for what we're doing here, we
wish to invite you to come with us to our mansion headquarters and attend a
special meeting with us! So, what do you say, Spider-Man?"

And then, after he had given that idea some thought and figured that -- with
a little help from his Spider-Sense -- everything that Captain America had
said to him was on the up-and-up, the Sensational Spider-Man had said 'yes'
to the Star-Spangled Avenger's invitation and leaped off of his perch and
into the Quinjet.

Then, after the jet had flown itself all the way to the famed Avengers
Mansion and landed itself inside the mansion's landing bay, the Spectacular
Spider-Man had stepped out of the Quinjet and followed Captain America down
to the meeting room, where five of the other Avengers were waiting for the
both of them to show-up.

And after the awestruck Web-Slinger had sat himself down in one of the
meeting room chairs, a smiling Captain America had placed his gentle hand
on Spider-Man's shoulder and said, "Today, my fellow Avengers. I have
returned with a possible new member. Thor had once approached this young
man to invite him to join us, only to have him turn Thor down. But that
was then and this is now. Speaking of which, we wish to ask him one more
time. Spider-Man, would you like to join the Avengers and become one of
the Earth's Mightiest Heroes?"

And then, after he had scratched the back of his head and let out a sigh, a
very-uncertain Spider-Man had stood himself up, looked at all of the Avengers
and said, "Look, Everybody. I know that you want an answer from me and I'm
really honored that you had decided to give asking me to join you guys one
more time, but due to some personal problems in my life, I... just need some
time to think about it. Okay?"

"Sure thing, Son. If you want to do so, you could go ahead and take some
time by yourself in our indoor gym," a confussed Captain America had said
to Spider-Man after he had started scratching his head and just before the
Wall-Crawling superhero had stepped out of the meeting room and placed
himself inside the indoor gym.

And after he had sat himself down on a pile of mats, the one web-slinging
superhero whose real name was Peter Parker had taken a deep breath and
thought to himself, *Jeezus Fucking Shit, Parker!Have you gone and lost
your fucking mind? I mean, Captain America and the Avengers had asked you
to join them... and all you do is act like a total asshole! What are you
trying to do? Get them pissed-off at you?*

And sure enough, that one question has suddenly been answered, for Peter's
Spider-Sense has started warning him of danger and caused him to leap himself
away from the mats just before a sudden blast of hex-energy had blasted those
mats into ashes and he had looked at the gym entrance and discovered that it
was Wanda Maximoff, the one Avenger who was also known as the Scarlet Witch
who had fired that blast.

And after she had given a confused Spider-Man a good hard look and said, "So,
you're suppossed to be the one hero known as the Amazing Spider-Man! Well,
all I could say is you're actually nothing more than a big, fat joke!", the
Scarlet Witch had fired another hex-bolt at the Spectacular Spider-Man, only
to have him leap out of the way of the blast and shot some webbing out of his

And after that webbing has caused Wanda to be stuck to a wall, an angry
Spider-Man had landed himself in front of his helpless enemy, looked at her
straight in the eye and growled, "Listen, you dumb-ass mutant-bitch!I don't
know what your problem is, but I bet that it's nothing compared to me losing
the love of my life and worrying about what happens to the kind and sweet
lady who had raised me ever since my parents had died!Well, don't you have
anything to say?"

That had caused poor Wanda to lower her head in shame, allow a single tear
to run down her cheek and say, "I really am sorry about what I had done to
you, Peter. You see, it was actually a test to see if you actually are worthy
to become an Avenger. As for how I was able to know everything about you, I
was able to use one of my hex-bolts to read your mind. I really am sorry and
if you don't want to be an Avenger, we'll understand and leave you alone."

But instead of just saying that he doesn't want to be an Avenger, a noble
Spider-Man had removed his mask and left-up Wanda's head to see what his face
really looks like just before he had wiped the tears off of her face and
asked, "What makes you think that I don't want to be one in the first place,

And then, after they had shared a small chuckle between them, both Peter and
Wanda had looked at each other's eyes for a minute or two and kissed each
other ever so passionately on the lips just before he had freed the Scarlet
Witch from her bondage, stripped off the rest of his Spider-Man costume and
started stroking his stiff cock right in front of her.

And after she had removed all of her clothes and started pumping two of her
fingers in and out of her hot, wet pussy and carressing her own tits with the
other hand, Wanda had moved herself closer to Peter and allowed him to start
licking all over her bare-ass naked body -- all the way down to her hot,
moist snatch and carressing her stiff mounds.

Then, after she had placed her hands on his bare shoulders and said,
"Aaaahhhh, yeeeessss! That's it! Do it, Peter! Touch me! Touch me there!
Suck my wet pussy dry! Aaaahhhh!" Peter had turned himself around and
allowed Wanda to start sucking on his stone hard dick, causing him to
suddenly realize that he was experiencing the one thing that he had never
experienced with anyone other than his beloved Mary Jane Watson before,
for he was once again able to experience pure and untamed erotica... and
enjoying every minute of it.

Just then, after he had placed his stiff cock inside her asshole and used
each of his hands to carress both her tits and snatch, a sexually-energized
Wanda has placed one of her hands on Peter's bare shoulder and the other
hand on his bare arm and yelled, "AAAAHHHH, YES! THAT'S IT! DO IT, PETER!

And then, after the two newfound lovers had started moving themselves harder
and faster and their lovemaking has finally made it to the Avengers Mansion,
both Peter and Wanda had came and collapsed due to exhaustion just before
she had placed her head on his chest and her hand on his shoulder and said,
"Look, Peter. I know that you still love Mary Jane with all of your heart
and you're still worried about your Aunt May, but as long as you're one of
the Avengers, you'll have the rest of us to help you and be like your
extended family... no matter what that fucking dumb-ass prick, J. Jonah
Jameson says about you in the Daily Bugle."

And after they had shared a small chuckle between them, both Peter and Wanda
had snuggled themsleves up to each other and fell asleep with their naked
arms in a lover's embrace.

Just then, on the very next day, a whole bunch of news reporters and
photographers had arrived at the front doorsteps of the Avengers Mansion
and allow the team's leader, Captain America to introduce to them the
newest Avenger, a web-slinging hero known as the Amazing Spider-Man.



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