According To Jim: A Life Altering Event (FF,inc,oral,anal)
by Sonymdupe ([email protected])

People often wondered why Cheryl had actually married Jim. He was quite a
bit older than she was. He was a big hairy ogre, she a stunning, sexy young
woman. Truth was that Cheryl was very comfortable with Jim. In many ways
intellectually his superior, yet Jim was able to provide Cheryl and the
children with a great living. Cheryl did not like to have to work to provide
for the family, and this situation suited her fine. On top of that Jim truly
loved her, protected her and the kids, and in that respect he really needed
her more than she needed him. And finally it did not hurt that he had a
massive cock either. That meant that (after some gentle coaching) her sex
life was truly satisfying as well. Cheryl did not feel the need for any
changes in that department, until very recently that is.

Cheryl and her sister Dana had just returned home from an early morning jog.
The kids were in school, and with nothing better to do Dana had started
joining Cheryl on her morning jogs. It took more than cooking and cleaning
for Cheryl to keep the great shape she was in! Upon returning to the house,
they both needed to take a quick shower. Dana was going to use the shower in
the guest bedroom, but when she was just about to turn the tap on she
realized that she had no towel to dry herself with. Stark naked she ran into
her sisters bedroom to ask her for a towel.

Cheryl herself had just finished undressing and was admiring her body in
the full length mirror in the bathroom. She ran her hands over her body and
was pleased to note that all the proper curvers were still tight and smooth.
She had a few little stretchmarks from childbirth, but that was hardly
noticeable. Her nipples were standing firm on two apple sized breasts.
Although they were not hugy, the were perfectly shaped and firm. She gently
squeezed both nipples between thumb and index finger and they immediately
responded. Blood flowed into them, and they familiar tingle started to spread
over her chest. Cheryl couldn't help but slide a finger through her bush and
in between her already moist cunt lips. It was amazing how quickly she could
get excited. Just a quick flick of her tumb against her clit, made Cheryl
crumble at the knees. She sat down on the toilet, and gave in to her lust. A
quick finger fuck wouldn't hurt anyone. Dana was taking a shower herself, and
not being used to the constant pressure of housework and kids, she never
acquired the skill of taking a quick shower.

Dana however, was standing just around corner, watching her sister slide two
fingers into her now sopping cunt. Her own hand had found its way between her
legs. She could not help but get excited by her sister's masturbation. Cheryl
body was so hot. She already had the most angelic, beautiful face, but she
had the body of to back it up! Dana was not supposed to feel this way about
her sister but she could not help it. Her left hand was slowly massaging her
tits. Dana was less fortunate than her older sister in the tit department.
Her's were slightly smaller, more boyish. However, many men found that
extremely attractive, it made her appear like a young teenage girl in their
minds. Her right hand had found its way to her cunt, slowly rubbing her clit
with her thumb, while her middle and index finger penetrated her tight, wet
pussy. Cheryl had no idea that Dana was watching from the doorway, but Dana
could not stand by the sideline. If sex was involved, she had to participate,
even if it was with her own sister. She couldn't help it. She always had been
the wilder girl of the two.

"I hope you don't mind if I join you? Can't help but be turned on by you,
sis." Dana's words lifted Cheryl out of her sex induced fog. She want to
scream "GET OUT DANA", but somehow sex had taken over her voice for now.
Long enough for her to actually get a good look at her beautiful baby
sister. Her long dark her, boyish tits and shaven mound. She could actually
see Dana's cunt lips glistening. Instead of telling her sister to leave the
room, Cheryl actually heard herself asking "What did you have in mind?" She
had no idea where the question came from, the only thing she felt was a
burning need to get her cunt some relief, soon!

"First we need to have that bush of yours taken care of. Too much hair makes
eating you out too difficult" Cheryl could not believe it. Was her sister
suggesting that she was going to lick and suck on her pussy. No matter how
revolting the thought was that her sister was suggesting having sex with her,
Cheryl could not overcome the wave of kinky excitement in anticipation of
actually having sex with another family member, a woman even. No protests
came out of Cheryl's mouth, just a faint moan, a whimper.

Dana had quicky collected Cheryl's razor and foam, which she used to keep
her legs perfectly clean. With a wet towel she soaked her sister's pubic
hair, and then applied the foam. Then she slowly, gently scraped all the
excess hair away from Cheryl's pussy. Dana took extra cair near Cheryl's
lips. She folded the lips out, and in tiny, careful movements, the last
few hairs disappeared. The touch of her sister's fingers on her pussy,
nearly made Cheryl have her first orgasm. This was too much for her to
take in. Finally Dana used a cold wet towel to rinse all the hairs and
remaining soap off Cheryl's cunt. The only thing that remainded was a
beautiful, virginal cunt. After a final application of some after shave
moisturizer Cheryl was ready for a real, incestuous, lesbian encounter
with her sister. "I want to bet that when Jim sees your naked cunt, he
will fuck you more than once tonight", Dana said gleefully. "I get first
shot at your bald beaver though". And with that she lowered her mouth to
her sister's pussy, and suck Cheryl's lips into her hot mouth.

Cheryl did not know what was happening to her! Jim had eaten her cunt many
times, but this did not compare to that. Dana was poking her tongue deep
into her big sister's cunt, fucking it in a rapid pace. Her hands had
travelled over Cheryl's tight belly to her tingling tits and were mauling
those delicious globes. Her fingers were twisting and pinching the over
sensitive nipples. Dana was gobbling up all the juices that were pouring
out of Cheryl's cunt. Lapping it up. She then switched her mouth to her
sister's clit, sucking and nibbling on it until moans of pure extacy
escaped out of Cheryl's throat. One hand slid back down to Cheryl's cunt,
and Dana now inserted two fingers into her sisters steaming pussy. She
started to fuck her sibling's cunt in a furious pace, all the time keeping
up her frantic finger fucking. She soon noticed that Cheryl's cunt was
adjusting to her fingers and before Dana realized what was happening she
had four fingers into her sisters cunt. Faster and faster she fucked her
horny sister with her hand. Slowly she slipped her thumb between her four
other fingers and applied some pressure.

Cheryl could feel the furious handfuck that her sister was applying to her
cunt. She could not see what Dana was doing, but felt her boiling hot mouth
on her clit, and her hand in her pussy. It was an amazingly erotic sight to
look down at her younger sibling, to see her delicate face, nose, mouth and
tongue buried deep into her older sister's cunt. All of a sudden Cheryl felt
additionaly pressure applied to her cunt, followed by a stretching of the
entrance to her cunt. Before it could turn into real pain it was replaced
by the most incredible penetration of her pussy, as if the biggest cock in
the world had buried herself deep into her womb, and it was moving. When she
opened her eyes, she saw her baby sis looking up at her, smiling. Cunt juice
was smeared around her lips and even nose and she had a mischievous look in
her eyes. "Look sis, those babies you delivered must have stretched your
cunt a bit, because you are now being truly fistfucked," Dana exclaimed with
glee. She then started to seriously fuck her sisters cunt. She attacked
Cheryl's clit with a vengeance and pounded her fist in and out of her
sibling's cunt.

This was all that Cheryl could take. The most gargantuan orgasm was taking
over her body. She screamed out in ecstacy, and her body was twitching around
her sister's pistoning fist. She put her hands on the back of Dana's head,
and ground her baby sister's face deaper into her exploding pussy.

Dana kept fucking Cheryl with her fist, while continuosly sucking on her
clit. She nearly suffocated as Cheryl kept pushing her face into her cunt.
Cheryl went through a succession of violent orgasms that left her breathless
and hoarse. Dana then gently slipped her fist out of Cheryl's cunt, and gave
a final kiss on her sisters kiss. She straightened up off the bathroom floor
and planted a long, wet, sloppy kiss on her sister's lips. Cheryl welcomed
the intimate act, and drove her tongue deep into Dana's mouth. Her arms
enveloped her little sister into a warm embrace, her hands stroking Dana's
back, finding their way to the brunette's tight buns, tenderly massaging each

Out of breath, Cheryl finally broke the kiss. "I love you honey, in even more
ways than before."

"I love you too sis." Dana replied. I am glad we have this additional
experience to share.

"When did you start having sex with women?" Cheryl wanted to know.

"I haven't slept with many, mind you. My first one was Ivy, my Chinese room
mate in college. Her and I were masturbating under the covers of our beds one
night. Both knowing it of eachother, but both pretending we were asleep.
Finally Ivy, always the practical one, jumped out naked and walked over to my
bed. She slipped under the covers with my and gave me a real tender, long
kiss. As long as we are roommates without boyfriends, and in need of a good
orgasm, we might as well pleasure eachother she told me. It beets frigging
ourselves to a less than satisfying cum. And then she went down on me."
Dana's cheeks turned red as she recounted her first lesbian experience.

Cheryl remembered Ivy well. She really was a stunning girl. With long,
glossy, straight black hair. Tall for a Chinese. Very mysterious and exotic
looking. "Any others I know?" she asked her sister.

"A few more in college, just experimenting. The only one you would know was
Mrs. Masterson, our high school math teacher. Once in a while I actually went
to a gay bar with Ivy, just to spice up our love life. Especially after one
of us had been dumped by another boyfriend. On one of these I ran into Mrs.
Masterson, Julia, she was totally embarrased. After I asked her to dance
though, one thing led to another and before I knew it I was eating her out
in the back of her car. We actually semi-dated for a few months. She tought
me the most about lesbian love." Cheryl definitely remembered Mrs. Masterson.
A beatiful, graceful lady. By the time Cheryl was in high school, Mrs.
Masterson must have been low to mid thirties. Long red hair, legs that went
into space. All the boys drooled over her, but she never dated anybody as far
as the students knew. Now Cheryl realized why.

"Anyway," Dana said, "enough about my past life. How about my present life.
I gave you the biggest orgasm you have had in the past decade, now it is time
for me."

Cheryl's heart started beating faster. Of course Dana wanted to get fucked
in return, but again this would be a first for Cheryl. Not only did she get
fucked by her sister, now she was expected to fuck her sister. Her first
sibling fuck and her first lesbian fuck, and she had no idea what to do.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked hesitatingly.

"Whatever you want to do, my deer sister." Dana replied. "As long as it gives
me one hell of a fucking orgasm."

"Well in that case just lie on your back. I'll eat your juicy cunt out first.
Got to get started somewhere. I'll just do what I think I would like to have
done to me." With that said blonde Cheryl pushed her baby sister Dana on her
back. She gave Dana on more lingering kiss and then slowly slid down her sis'
body. She spend a little time teasing Dana's boyish titties. Lightly biting
and chewing on them until they were fully erect and pick. She then licked her
way down Dana's taut belly, around her bellybutton until she reached her
younger sibling's quivering quim. She hesitated for just a few seconds. Dana
held her breath, anticipating the delicious feelings that would soon be
coursing through her body.

Then with a vengeance Cheryl attacked Dana's sopping wet cunt. She slid two
fingers smoothly into her younger sister's cunt. She was definitely not going
to be able to slide her first into Dana's pussy. Hers was beautifully tight,
not stretched through childbirth yet. It squeezed around Cheryl's two vingers
as they started fucking Dana's cunt in earnest. At the same time as Cheryl's
fingers penetrated her sister's horny slit, Cheryl's mouth was all over
Dana's cunt lips and clit. Her remaining hand was now torturing Dana's
breasts and nipples. Cheryl's could not help herself. As she was pistoning
in and out of her baby sister's cunt with one hand, she was squeezing and
pinching Dana's delicate nipples. The combined sensations of pain and
pleasure sent Dana to the edge. When Cheryl then started gently nibbling and
biting into her sister's clit, Dana couldn't control herself anymore. A great
big orgasm washed through her petite body. Her arms were flailing around,
while her upper body was twisting and turning. Cheryl could hardly control
her sister underneath her one arm.

Cheryl did not stay satisfied with bringing her beautiful sister to just this
one orgasm. Dana had brough her to multiple orgasms, so Cheryl could at least
get her to the brink of insanity just one more time.

As Dana was finally calming down, Cheryl renewed her attack on her sister's
cunt. She was trying to think what to do next, when she realized how much she
enjoyed when Jim played with her anus while eating her out. Promptly Cheryl
let go of Dana's breasts and brough one hand under her sibling's butt. Gently
she started tickling at Dana's backdoor entrance.

Dana did not know what was happening. The unexpected attention given by
Cheryl to her backdoor was turning her wild. Her pussy started overflowing
with juices as the tip of Cheryl's finger entered her rectum. Nobody had
played with her ass before. This was a new sensation and Dana loved it!
Before she knew it another small orgasm was already flowing through her
body. She pushed her big sister's head deaper into her hot snatch. Cheryl
kept lapping at her cunt opening and clit, continuing the double penetration
of two fingers in Dana's cunt and he tip of one finger in her sister's ass.

When Dana had calmed down from the second orgasm Cheryl decided to try one
more thing. "If the tip of my finger in your ass can bring you to a small
orgasm, what would an entire cock do, my beloved baby sister?" Dana did not
immediately realize what Cheryl meant with that.

Quickly however Cheryl had collected a few pillows and made Dana lean over
the pile of pillows doggy style. This really propped her ass up in the air.
She had also retrieved the bottle of massage oil that she used occassionally
to give Jim a decent shoulder rub. She slowly poured a little of the oil
down Dana's crack. Cheryl started rubbing the oil into her sister's skin.
When enough oil had been applied around Dana's sphincter area, Cheryl slowly
pushed her entire right hand index finger into her sister's ass. By this
time Dana had obviously guessed what was going to happen, and she was eagerly
awaiting the anal intrusion that was about to take place.

With all the oil the first finger went in quite smoothly. Cheryl then started
to make small little circles with her finger inside Dana's ass. With her left
hand Cheryl had resumed the double penetration of before. Two Fingers were
slowly sliding in and out of Dana's now well lubricated cunt. The circling
motion of Cheryl's finger in Dana's ass, and the copious amounts of oil
applied made it very easy for Cheryl to slide her middle finger into her
sister's ass together with her index finger. She then started to slowly fuck
her hand in and out of Dana's rectum. Now Dana was getting the undescribable
feeling of having two sets of hands giving her a thorough DP.

"OK baby, now time for a more serious ass fuck," Cheryl breathed into Dana's
ear. Unbeknownst to Dana, Cheryl had retrieved a large dildo out of her
nightstand. For just a few moments Cheryl used Dana's cunt juice to lube up
the dildo by sliding it several times between her siblings cunt lips. Once
it was nice and slick, she positioned the black rubber cock at the opening
of Dana's rectum. The cock was not huge, but big enough for an anal virgin.
Probably 8 inches long and 2 inches diameter. Dana let out a whimper of
disappointment when she felt Cheryl's fingers slipping out of her ass.

"Don't worry baby, you will soon forget about my pitifully little fingers,
when this massive cock is raping your innocent ass." Before Dana could reply
Cheryl had pushed the tip of her dildo into her baby sister's ass. Dana's
sphincter immediately closed tightly around the cock head. Dana briefly
looked over her shoulder to see what her devious sister was trying to do.
When she saw the large penis sticking out of her ass, she could not help but
get even more excited.

"Hurry up baby, shove that monster deep in my ass. I deserve to be raped in
my butt. I am such a slut." Cheryl had never imagined that her own sister was
capable of such filthy language, let alone talk to her own older sister in
that way. It turned Cheryl on to no small degree.

She slowly applied a little bit more pressure on the dildo. Smoothly it
penetrated deeper into Dana's accommodating ass. First just an inch, then
two, and within 2 minutes a full 7 inches had disappeared into the brunette's
previously innocent ass. Soon Cheryl was seriously fucking her sister's ass.
Time and again she pulled the entire dildo back out, only to slam it back in
with force. Each time the cock slid back into her ass, Dana let out a cry of
exstacy. Cheryl had not stopped administring to her sister's clit and pussy
either, so within just a few minutes of ass pounding Dana was on the verge of
her biggest orgasm yet.

When Cheryl felt that orgasm coming on, she stopped playing with baby sis'
cunt. She reached behind her for Tarzan, the biggest dildo she owned. The
diameter was at least 3 inches, and the cock was 10 inches long. Before Dana
was even aware of the change of situation, Cheryl had pushed half of Tarzan
into her sister's juicy cunt. Dana did not know what was happening. Both her
holes were thoroughly stuffed, she had never been fucked so hard in her
entire life. To enormous cocks, one buried deep in her virgin ass, the other
completely filling up her slutty cunt. To top it off both cocks were placed
there by her own sister of all people! A warm, kinky, sluttish glow started
to descent over her body and mind. This sexual high would be hard to beat.
She was about to have the most massive orgasm in her entire life. She had to
share it with Cheryl though.

"Cheryl, turn me on my side, and lie on your side as well, with your head
facing my cunt. I want to taste your juices, and make you cum while you
ravage my ass and cunt." Cheryl did not need to be told twice. She quickly
turn her lovely sister over on her side, and folder her own body to fit the
position of her sisters. They were now in a traditional 69 position, ready
for the final chapter of their forbidden sexual adventure. Cheryl started
pounding both dildo's in and out of her sister's cunt and ass, while she
could feel Dana's hungry mouth lapping at her now shaven cunt.

Neither one knew how many orgasms they experienced that time. Cheryl only
knew that the mouth of her precious baby sister's mouth on her own cunt and
the sight of two big dildo's in her sister's cunt and ass brought her to the
edge and over the edge in 10 seconds. Dana did not feel anything but two
massive invasions into her body driving her into a stupor. The orgasm was so
intense that she nearly blacked out, but she kept conscious only because she
did not want to miss even a second of this unique experience.

After they had both calmed down, Dana cuddled into Cheryl's arm. Not a lot
of words were said about this life changing event. One thing they agreed on
though, this would definitely not be the last time. Who knows what the future
held in store for them.


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