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According To Jim: Lust Or Morale Part 1 - Beware Of The Dogs (F-best,anal,nc)
by CanisLupus

Cheryl sighed, when she heard Jim's snore. After their lovemaking, he had, as
usually, fallen asleep within a minute, right there on the bathroom floor.
She knew that trying to wake him now would be pointless, so she just covered
him with their bathrobes, hoping he wouldn't get sick on the cold floor. She,
however, had no intention whatsoever to sleep in the bathroom. Moreover, she
was still a little horny and her vibrator was in the bedroom. *Funny* she
thought *danger does indeed increase the libido. I always thought that was
only a myth.* She grabbed her pajama to get dressed for her way back to the
bedroom. Cheryl always dressed top first, so she laid the bottom on the
basin. Just as she was about to put the top on, something touched her ankle.
Startled, she shrieked and jumped, the top falling out of her hand. *Damn*
she thought when she realized that it had only been Jim, who had turned
around in his sleep. "Some protector you are, Jim," Cheryl mumbled, "I shriek
and you keep on sleeping. It could have been a burglar, you know."

Having vented a bit, Cheryl turned around to finally get dressed. But then
she swore again. *Damn, this is not my day* she thought. The top had landed
on the shelf above the basin and knocked over some of the toiletries,
including Jim's after shave, which he, as so often, hadn't capped properly.
The cap had come off and her pajama was completely soaked. *Great* she
thought *I will never be able to sleep in that now. I'll have to wash it.*

She considered taking the bathrobe back, but decided against it. She had been
through enough, those past few days. She wouldn't add a sick husband to that
list. She decided to make the best of it. She would go to the bedroom naked
and put on a fresh pajama when she was done. *It's not like anyone's going to
see me* she mused.

She took both pajama parts and carefully opened the door. With some relief
she noticed that Gunther und Fritz where sound asleep. She couldn't really
tell them apart, but one of them was lying a few steps down the hall, the
other right in front of the bathroom door. She carefully took a big step over
the dog in front of her, shut down the light behind her and closed the door.
She didn't want to step on the other dog, so she moved very slowly out of the
hallway without turning on the light (which might wake up the dogs - and that
wasn't something she was going to risk).

Only after she had entered the kitchen, did she turn on the light. She went
to the laundry room and packed the pajama into the basket with the clothes
she wanted to wash the next day anyway. She returned to the kitchen to take
a soda from the fridge. When the cool air touched her naked breasts, her
nipples became immediately hard. Shivering she took the soda and closed the
door. Turning around she suddenly realized that she was standing butt naked
in her kitchen. That was something she had never done before. She suddenly
imagined her sister or brother storming through the door, as they did so
often. She imagined what Dana might say when she saw her sister like this -
naked in the middle of the kitchen, her pink nipples rock hard and her pubic
hair still covered in sweat and Jim's cum. Despite her usual self, that
thought made her even hornier than before. Not so much the thought of Dana,
but the thought of being caught like this in general. *I have to get to the
bedroom* she thought, when she realized that she had started to stroke her
pussy with her free hand without even noticing.

She headed for the stairs, but after a few steps she saw something in the
shadows. Getting a little closer she realized that it was one of the dogs,
sitting on the top of the stairs. He wasn't attacking this time, but he
didn't look like he would let her pass either. *Damn*, she thought, *that
stuff knocked me out for hours. I'll better take the other stairs.*

But when she turned around to go through the den, she saw the other dog
sitting in front of the door. Cheryl was trapped and she knew it. She
couldn't go in either direction without confronting one beast or the other.
The only way left would have been leaving the house completely through the
back door. But the front door was safely locked for the night, so that would
trap her outside. Not to mention the possibility that the dogs might manage
to follow her and chase her through the streets. And butt naked as she was,
she wouldn't dare risk that. The embarrassment would just kill her.

She wanted to call out for Jim, but as soon as she took a deep breath, the
dog in front of her stood up growling and from the sound of it, the other
came down the stairs as well. She didn't dare to make a loud noise. After a
few seconds, the dog at the door (she thought it was Fritz) stopped growling
and began sniffing. Slowly he came closer, but as long as he didn't growl or
snarl, she didn't dare to move or do anything else that might change that.
Cheryl was astonished and startled at the same time when she realized that,
whatever Fritz was smelling, it was leading him straight to her. Only when
Fritz stuck his sniffing nose between her legs, did she realize with shock
what the dog was smelling: Sex. He was picking up the scent of the lovemaking
between Jim and her and the juices she had been leaking since. Somehow it
must have made him confuse her with a bitch in heat.

She tried to push his head aside, but with a single growl the dog made it
clear to her that he wouldn't have it. She pressed her thighs together to
limit his access as best she could, but Fritz wouldn't allow that either. A
gentle bite, painful but not strong enough to actually hurt her, forced her
to open her legs again. When Fritz bit a second time, she had to spread her
legs even further than before. Now her feet where about twenty five inches
apart, leaving her private area wide open. Fritz resumed his sniffing, his
cold nose causing Cheryl to wince once or twice. She almost got a heart
attack when she felt a second nose joining in from behind. She had been so
focused on Fritz that she had almost forgotten about Gunther. She tried to
move several times, but finally gave up, when in the end warning growls had
turned into biting again.

Sobbing, Cheryl put her hands over her eyes, trying not to think about what
might happen next. She was sure that, as soon as the dogs figured out that
she was not a bitch in heat at all, but a human, they would attack again and
this time there was no escape. They would hurt her, maybe even kill her. Not
even once did it occur to the blonde's just too decent mind, that the dogs
might actually not care, whether she was a real bitch or not.

Therefore, her eyes grew wide in complete shock, when both dogs began lapping
her at the same time. Fritz moved his tongue over the inside of her pussy
lips, then over her clitoris and on to her pubic hair and then back to the
start. Gunther also began at her lips, but his movement was backwards, up
through the crack between her butt cheeks and over her anus. More often than
not, the dogs' tongues met over her pussy, covering it completely. Her mortal
fear began to mix with arousal. Her knees where getting weak and when after a
minute of cunt lapping Gunther suddenly jumped her from behind, she couldn't
keep her balance. She fell on her hands and knees and before she even knew
what was happening, the German shepherd was on her back. Scratching her waist
with his paws, his hip began to hump. She felt his cock poking around, first
sliding along her butt crack then between her legs.

Cheryl wanted to get away, but as soon as she started moving, both dogs began
to growl once more. She froze again and tried to trap the dog's cock between
her legs instead. Maybe she could get him to just hump her thighs and then
leave her alone. But the dog's movements where to erratic and she couldn't
grab him. Then she felt the tip of his cock enter her pussy and she knew in
an instant that it was too late.

As soon as Gunther felt his cock hitting the moist, warm opening of his
newest bitch, he repositioned himself. He increased the pressure of his front
legs on Cheryl's waist to keep her still, slid further up her back and with
one swift movement, shoved his whole prick up her cunt. "Mmmpf!" she grunted
and thought, *this can't be happening. I'm being raped by a dog? I'll kill
Jim for getting those beasts...* She knew perfectly well that there was
nothing she could do to change anything, so she just lowered her head and
waited for it to be over. Gunther's cock was huge and she could feel her
whole channel being stretches more than ever before. His tip almost hit her
cervix every time he was completely inside of her and his balls kept slapping
at her clit. And the speed with which that cock moved in and out of her pussy
was mind-blowing. She could sense her body starting to betray her, as she got
more and more aroused by this, despite her conscious will. But there was no
way denying that this was the most intense fuck she had ever received. Her
surroundings began to fade out of her conscious mind and before she knew it,
she began moaning with lust. Ashamed of herself she began to push her hips
back at Gunther. Her movements became just as frantic as his, causing his
cock to suddenly slip out of her pussy. Her mind being flooded with hormones,
Cheryl actually let out a sound of disappointment when that happened.
Disgusted with herself, she realized that she actually had to fight the urge
to help the dog, who was poking around with his cock, to find her cunt again.

Moments later she wished she had given in to the urge, for Gunther got lucky
again. Only this time it wasn't her pussy he hit. With a painful grunt,
Cheryl felt a cock being shoved up her ass for the very first time. The dog
immediately resumed his wild fucking, not caring which hole he was in. Cheryl
however felt tears running down her face when she realized that her shame was
now complete. In all those years they where married, she had never allowed
Jim to fuck her ass, nor any boyfriend before him. The idea of anal sex
itself was almost as disgusting to her as the idea of having sex with an
animal. And now here she was, down on the kitchen floor, naked, being
ass-raped by one dog and with another one running around nervously, waiting
for his turn...

Slowly the pain in her ass eased and was replaced by pleasure. Again she felt
betrayed by her own body, when she felt the all too familiar sensation of
electrical charges washing through her body. She couldn't help it, but moaned
with lust, when she felt another orgasm approaching.

"Oooh... oh, no... oohh nooo... damn... gnnnnnaaaaaaahhhhh..." As much as she
tried, she couldn't hold it back. All her muscles where contracting, when she
finally climaxed and the additional friction caused Gunther to cum as well.
Cheryl felt Gunther's hot jism shoot up her bowel, increasing her lust and
her shame at the same time. She was still moaning, when the dog had finally
enough and jumped off of her. She felt a gush of cum flow out of her ass,
when the cock was pulled out. Cheryl was burning with shame and all she
wanted to do was take a shower, wash the shame off her body and go to bed,
to forget what had happened this night.

Unfortunately she had completely forgotten about Fritz. Only seconds after
Gunther was off, he jumped on her back and grabbed her waist. *Oh no* she
thought terrified *please, no. Not again...*

But it was too late, already she could feel the poking of Fritz's cock on her
ass and thighs. With a deep sigh, knowing exactly that there was no way of
avoiding it anyway, she decided to help this time. To avoid another
accidental pounding of her ass, which still felt quite sore, she reached back
and grabbed the poking cock with a firm grip and guided it to her pussy.
Knowing by now, what she had to expect, she firmly closed her eyes. As soon
as Fritz felt the wetness of her hole, he lurched forward, shoving his big
member into Cheryl with one forceful motion. In the attempt to trick her own
mind, the blonde mother tried to imagine that it was Jim who was fucking her
doggie style for a change. But that turned out to be yet another mistake. All
it did, was to make her realize, how much bigger this cock was and how much
more it was filling her cunt. It was even bigger than Gunther's, since she
could feel it actually hitting her cervix, until it even pushed through and
entered her womb.

"Ahh... Aaahhh... Aaaaaa....." Her moans of pain soon turned into moans of
lust, when her muscles adjusted to the size of Fritz's member. Every thrust
made her hotter and hotter until she felt the first waves of an upcoming
orgasm. She could feel the dog's knot swelling up, but she was too far gone
to try and prevent it from happening. "Ooooooooohhh" with a long moan she
finally accepted the huge knot into her pussy.

Once the knot was in, Fritz stopped his efforts, but Cheryl wouldn't have
that. With the turmoil of conflicting emotions raging through her mind, she
figured that, after all she'd been through, she at least deserved another
orgasm. So she began pushing back her hips against the dog, until he got the
hint and began moving again. His thrusts where much slower this time, but
every single one of them pushed the knot over her g-spot, bringing her closer
and closer to her desired climax. When she finally felt the dog's hot sperm
shooting into her womb, she came with an intensity she had never known

"Oh, yes... yes... fill me with your cum... oh, yes... oh... oohhh...
ooooohhhh... I'm cummmmmmmminnnnnnnnnnnnnng..."

All her shame was washed away in the tidal wave of that orgasm. Too intense,
too fulfilling was the feeling of all that jism filling her body. She kept
pushing her hips back, causing one orgasm after another, until Fritz's knot
had at last shrunk enough for him to get off of her.

When she felt him leave and what seemed like a gallon of dog cum shooting out
of her pussy, Cheryl collapsed totally exhausted on the kitchen floor...

To be continued...


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