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According To Jim: Lust Or Morale, Part 3 - Listening To Dana (Acts 1&2)
by CanisLupus

Act 1

At 10 a.m. the bar was still mostly empty. A handful of customers here and there at the tables could be hardly made out in the dim lighting. Besides the bartender, Cheryl and Dana were the only ones at the bar itself (and from what Cheryl could see, they were the only women in the whole room). Dana was wearing a short black dress and Cheryl a tight, dark blue blouse and a black, very short skirt.

The whole situation made the blonde very nervous. On Dana's disposition, Cheryl was going commando and she could feel her naked pussy hanging partially free over the back of the rather small bar stool. The tiny skirt was the only thing that kept everyone from seeing her most private area and one unmindful movement could be enough to change that.

"This was a stupid idea", Cheryl said. "Let's go home."

"No way", Dana answered determined. "We talked about this - you agreed - now we're going to see this thing through!"


"Cheryl", Dana interrupted sternly, "You think you're a pervert, just because of two 'incidents'. I suggested that you should find out for sure before you start putting yourself down and you agreed. Geeze, you were about to run to Jim and tell him everything! I mean, you know I don't like your husband, but even I accept - however reluctantly - that you love him, pervert or not. So before you go and ruin your marriage, you should make sure that you are what you think you are - and you agreed!

If you come to realize that those events were just some one time things, unlikely to be repeated, telling Jim would only serve to hurt him and you know that. To that end you promised - promised! - to do anything I tell you to, without back talk."

Seeing Cheryl squirm, Dana took her sister's hand and continued in a caring voice: "Listen, when this day is over, you will either have enjoyed every moment or not. If you liked nothing of it, we call the whole thing a failed experiment and you go back to your good old soccer mom life."

"But", Cheryl said, admitting to what she really feared, "what if I do like it, or parts of it?"

"Then you know who you are and can start accepting it. If you don't or if you refuse to find out, you will only get frustrated and very unhappy."

Cheryl thought about it and finally sighed with resign. "All right, you're probably right." She took the drink Dana had ordered when they came in and emptied the glass in one swig. "But what are we doing in a bar at ten in the morning? I'm afraid to move a muscle. I don't wanna get arrested for indecent exposure, you know..."

"Don't you worry about that, sis", Dana answered with a wink. "I have everything carefully planned. No one will get arrested today..."

"If you say so", Cheryl said with lingering doubt in her voice. "So now would you please tell me..."

Cheryl interrupted herself, when she felt a sudden breeze on her butt cheeks. Apparently her fears had come true and her skirt had slid up, exposing her ass. Her face became all red from embarrassment. She wanted to pull it down again, but froze when she felt something else. Wide-eyed and speechless from shock, Cheryl looked at her evil smiling sister, while something was pressed against her sphincter. "Ouch", she cried in pain, when the sphincter gave way. Unable to say anything else, she felt strong hands gripping her waist, while her ass was invaded by a long hard cock. She gave Dana a reproachful look, silently grunting from the pain. Although she knew how cocky her sister was, Cheryl would never have expected to be raped today, least of all in the ass.

But Dana only smiled and leaned closer. "You told me you came rather hard when that dog fucked your shithole..." With the pain slowly beginning to give way for pleasure, Cheryl leaned over, placing her hands on Dana's thighs for support. She let out a first soft moan, as the man behind her took this as a cue to increase the force of his thrusts. While he was shoving the whole length of his cock up the blonde's ass, Dana continued unperturbed: "...and you imagined being watched while you masturbated in the kitchen..."

Cheryl groaned, lowered her head and closed her eyes.

"...and that is why we are here. Everyone in this room is looking at you, watching you getting fucked in your asshole by a total stranger..."

Cheryl couldn't deny that the situation was beginning to arouse her more that she would have ever imagined. The cock in her ass had the perfect size, filling her back door as if it was meant to be. She could feel her own juices beginning to flow, slowly forming a small puddle on the seat.

"hmmm... mmmh... mmmh...", she was moaning now with every thrust and drove her fingernails into her sister's flesh. Dana reached around Cheryl's torso and began to unbutton her blouse. When it was open, she folded and tied it behind her back, leaving her naked breasts with their rock hard nipples open for everyone to see.

Cheryl could feel the stares of everyone in the room just as intense as she could feel the cock pounding her ass. It was almost as if her dangling breasts where set on fire, only that they didn't burn but added more heat to the fire in her hammered asshole instead. She had to admit that she actually was enjoying herself, that she was uncovering a wanton part of herself that had been buried deep within. She bent her back to push out her breasts and even twisted her torso a bit, to give the audience a better view. The stranger's cock seemed to push even deeper into her ass now. Without mercy his cock hammered again and again into her ass, causing her body to rock and her breasts to jiggle. And as the speed of the fucking increased, she could feel that the man was close to shoot his load. That only spurred Cheryl further on, making her moan louder and louder, until she couldn't help but scream out her horniness for everyone to hear.

"Oh... Oh... Oh... yes... yes... YES... OH, GAWD, YES... OH... OH... FUCK MY ASS... HARDER... HARDER... YES... YES... AAAAAAARRRG..."

With the stranger was cumming deep within her ass, the blonde had one of the loudest orgasms of her life. Exhausted, she put her head down on her sister's thighs, hardly noticing the cock being pulled from her gaping asshole.

Cheryl waited until she had caught her breath, before she got off the chair. She paid no attention to the cum and pussy juice running down her thighs. Slowly she brought her clothes back into order, secretly scanning the room for a sign of the stranger. But all the men were strangers to her and most of them had obviously been jacking off to what they had witnessed. There was no way for her to tell which of those had just fucked her and she knew that her sister wouldn't ever say.

With a mental shrug she decided that it might even be better this way. The mystery only added to the experience...

Act 2

Two hours later they were at the public library. Dana led her sister to the far back of the second floor. There didn't seem to be any people around, so this was probably the part every library seemed to have, with the books that no one ever read.

Apparently Dana had the day thoroughly prepared, since behind the last shelf a blanket had been spread out. Lying on the blanket was a woman of about Cheryl's age - wearing nothing but a blindfold. Her long red hair was spread around her head like a halo and her arms and legs where spread apart, just as if she had been put there for some pagan ritual. Her huge knockers were flattened, following the curves of her upper torso, since she was lying on her back and her pussy was as hairless as her armpits.

Dana gave her sister a moment to take in the picture, before she whispered: "Don't say anything, just play along." That said, the brunette began to undress. Cheryl hesitated for a second, but after the experience in the bar, she decided to keep following her sister's lead. After all, it might prove fun to be the stranger herself this time.

Soon, both sisters were every bit as naked as the woman on the blanket. Dana knelt down beside the redhead to gently tap her shoulder. By the time Cheryl was kneeling herself, the woman had turned around to lie on her stomach. While she reached for her purse, Dana explained in a still low voice: "This is Maggie. I met her through a mating site on the internet. The blindfold was her idea. She is here to make her own fantasy come true, part of which is, that she'll have no way to ever know who we two really are. That's why I don't want you to talk and why I am only whispering. For the same reason you will be 'Lisa' from now on and I will be 'Marge'."

Cheryl nodded in agreement and watched, as her sister took a bottle with massage oil from her purse and began pouring some of it on Maggie's back. Getting the gist of what Dana was doing, Cheryl joined her in massaging the stranger's shoulders. Soon the redhead was voicing sounds of contentment, while the two sisters worked their way from the shoulders to the upper back and on to the lower. Just before they would have began to massage the behind, Dana signaled her sister to stop. Instead, imitating the brunette's example, Cheryl changed her position and began to massage Maggie's foot.

Due to the sister's actions, the redheads legs became slightly spread apart and while moving on to massaging her shank, Cheryl couldn't help but keep peeking at the other woman's crotch. Maggie herself had closed her eyes and was moaning with delight.

Dana and Cheryl moved on to the knees. They kept stroking and massaging the back of the knees until the delightful moans turned into passionate ones. Only then did they move on to the thighs. They began at the bottom and slowly worked their way up. Gently pulling the stranger's legs further apart in the process, Cheryl got a clear view of Maggie's pussy, which was quite wet by then. The blonde couldn't turn her gaze away from the swollen lips of that pussy and she realized that she could barely wait to explore that moist place with her tongue.

Her own cunt was starting to scream for attention now, but Cheryl forced herself to concentrate on the job at hand. When they were done with the thighs, Dana moved her hands to Maggie's butt and Cheryl dutifully followed her example. They began to firmly knead Maggie's cheeks, which seemed to arouse her without measure, judging the increased intensity of her moans.

Inspired by what had happened in the bar earlier, Cheryl let her index finger wander to the top of the redhead's buttcrack. She could feel her shiver, when she let it slowly travel through the crevice, until it reached its destination. She waited a few seconds, giving Maggie time to protest. But when none came, she gently began to push and thanks to the massage oil, she had no problem to invade the other woman's anus.

"Mmmh... Mmmh... Mmmh... Mmmh..."

Meanwhile, Dana had begun to fondle Maggie's pussy, causing the redhead to moan even more. Cheryl could feel her sister's fingers being pushed in through the thin wall separating both channels. Her eyes were transfixed on the sight of her own finger moving in and out of a total stranger's butthole. At the same time she kept kneading Maggie's asscheeks with her other hand, just as Dana did. "Ahh... Ahh... Ahh..." Maggie moaned loudly, when both sisters began to fingerfuck her holes in an alternating rhythm.

"Yes... oh, yes... ooohhh... this feels soooo gooohooood...", the redhead groaned.

Suddenly Cheryl was very well aware of where she was - kneeling butt naked on the floor of a public library with her finger pounding another woman's asshole. Her heart missed a beat or two at the thought, but her fingers didn't. She could feel her juices running down her thighs as Maggie's ass muscles began to cramp around her finger. Taking that as a sign, both sisters increased their speed until Maggie's body began to jerk in the throes of a major orgasm.

"YES... OH, YES... OH GAWD... YEEEEESSSSS!" she screamed loud enough to make Cheryl expect security to show up any second.

But no one did, so Dana told Maggie to turn around. As soon as she was lying on her back, Dana began to fondle the large breasts. Cheryl however pushed the stranger's legs apart and knelt down between them. Her mouth was actually watering at the thought of finally tasting the juices of this woman. Her heart was racing when she pushed the pussy lips apart and allowed her tongue to move over the inner walls and the clitoris of Maggie's pussy. The smell alone was so intoxicating that it made her head spin and before she knew it, the 'oh so decent' mother of three children was lapping up juices like a hound dying of thirst. She began to finger fuck herself, while she lapped again and again over the redhead's love knob.

When Maggie's returning moans of passion suddenly became somewhat muffled, Cheryl risked a quick look up and was rewarded with the sight of her sister straddling Maggie's face and leaning on her breasts. Judging by the look on Dana's face, Maggie was doing a fine job of cunt licking herself. While she kept kneading Maggie's tits with force, Dana had to bite her lips to keep her own moans quiet.

Cheryl, who had returned to the task at hand, began to moan herself into the other woman's cunt. She kept concentrating on Maggie's clit while her fingers were flying over her own. Soon enough all three of them were undulating their hips and moaning as loud as their respective position allowed. Cheryl felt as if it were the same waves of passion that washed through their bodies, just as if they were but three aspects of the same pool of lust. Their simultaneous moans became ever louder and faster, until they all finally came in one giant rush of pure pleasure, before they all collapsed on top of each other.

After allowing them a short while to recover, Dana signaled Cheryl to stand up and get dressed. Before they left, Dana turned around once more, looked at the stranger's still naked body and told her to count to one hundred before removing the blindfold...


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