According To Jim: Part 1 - Home Alone (MF,Mf,FF,inc,first,oral,cons)
by Willie Longfellow ([email protected])

About nine o'clock at night my car broke down right in front of a white, two
story house. I had no cell phone and it just happened to be during a rain
storm, with thunder and lighting and even high winds.

As soon as I got out of my car, I was instantly wet. I ran to the front porch
and rang the doorbell.

I started to shake the water off me when the door opened and I looked up.

"Cheryl? Wow you look great, you haven't changed since High School," I said
remembering my first love.

She looked at me, then herself. She was wearing an old faded green robe and
fuzzy slippers and had her pretty blonde hair in a ponytail. She looked at me
again and smiled.

"Willie Longfellow! You big liar. How have you been? Come in out of that
weather." She replied still smiling.

I explained my situation, and she told me her cell phone was broken, and the
phone lines went out about ten minutes ago when she was talking to her sister

Cheryl invited me to sit down, taking my jacket and hanging it up. I sat on
the couch and loosened my tie, when she sat beside me.

We started talking about old times, and things that we been up to.

She told me about her three kids, the youngest two Kyle and Gracie were at
their friends houses for the weekend. Her oldest, thirteen year old Ruby was
with her sister Dana overnight.

Then she told me her husband Jim and her brother Andy have been out of town
for two weeks and still had another week or so before they returned.

Just then I felt her hand on my knee, working up my leg and inner thigh. I
looked at her, and seen a look of lust in her eyes. "I'm very horny it's been
over two weeks since I've had any kind of pleasure." She said, squeezing my
hardening cock through my slacks. "Besides, I felt guilty not fucking you in
the back of the limo after prom." She added.

I reached up brushing the back of my hand across her cheek, I leaned forward,
and we kissed passionately, running our tongues over each others.

She undid my belt and snap as we continued kissing. Then pulled down my
zipper and reached in grabbing my now hard cock, she worked it out and
lightly stroked it.

She got on the couch on her knees and bent over, swallowing my whole cock,
she deep throated me. She started licking my cock while she slowly bobbed her
head up and down, deep throating me ever time she went down.

I told her I was getting ready to cum, and she picked up speed sucking me
harder. I moaned loud. "Oh yes swallow my cum, drink that sweet nectar." As
I blasted my ball juice, down her throat.

She stood up smiling, licking her lips. She dropped her robe to the floor,
exposing her bare, firm breast, and wearing only a pair of French lace

She leaned over and removed my shirt and tie, as I kicked off my shoes. She
then grabbed my pants making me lift my ass, she pulled them down my legs to
the floor, and I kicked my feet pushing the pants away.

Cheryl then turned around, hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her panties
and pushed them down over her hips and down her legs to her feet. Showing me
her beautiful ass, and trimmed pussy.

Cheryl put her legs on either side of mine, reached down between her legs and
took hold of my cock. Slowly sitting she guided my cock to her pussy opening.
As my cock entered her pussy hole, she moaned softly, sinking completely onto
my cock. I groaned from the tightness and warmth.

Cheryl began bouncing up and down on my cock moaning. "It's been a long time
since I felt a cock in my pussy, it feels oh so good."

I reached up in front of her, and cupped her breast, squeezing them. I
pinched and twisted her nipples. Making her groan loud.

A few more bounces and Cheryl screamed. "I'm cumming." And I felt her pussy
juice coat my cock and drip down to my balls.

"I'm about to cum." I said softly.

Cheryl hopped off my lap, turned and drooped to her knees, as I stood up in
front of her. I stroked my cock a couple of times and shot my cum all over
her face and into her mouth.

Cheryl licked the slit in my cock head to get the last drop, and then

I heard clapping behind me. I turned around and Cheryl looked up to see her
oldest daughter and her sister standing there. Dana was clapping.

Ruby looked cute; her hair was in loose pigtails. She was wearing a set of
pink satin pajamas. Dana was wearing a black mini dress, nylons and heels.

"Wow that was so cool Mom." Stated Ruby.

Dana walked over to Cheryl, leaned down and said. "Good job Sis." The licked
my cum from one of Cheryl's cheeks then kissed her.

Ruby walked over to the other side of Cheryl, looked at her Aunt Dana and
asked. "What does it taste like?" Dana replied. "Salty and sweet at the same
time, here." Dana put her middle finger on Cheryl's other cheek scooping up
my cum, and sticking her finger into Ruby's pretty little mouth. "Mmm" Ruby
replied sucking Aunt Dana's finger clean.

Cheryl looked up at Dana with a stern look in her eyes.

Dana looked at Cheryl, smiled and said. "She might as well learn from us,
rather then some dumb assed boy in the back of his daddy's car or his
parent's room at a party."

Cheryl thought about it for a minute, then nodded saying. "You're right,
we'll teach her right."

Dana stood up dropped her dress to the floor, showing off her beautiful body.
Standing in front of me wearing matching panties, nylons and heals and said.
"I had a date tonight but this is a sure thing."

Dana turned and kissed me deeply, then asked. "How would you like to be our
training tool?"

Which I replied. "Oh what the hell I didn't have anything better to do."

Cheryl stood up and looked at Ruby. "Would you like to learn about sex, and
how to do it proper?"

Ruby looked at all three of us, and then staring at my cock, she said. "It
looks like a lot of fun. Sure."

Cheryl and Dana walked me into the kitchen, with Ruby's pigtails bobbing
behind us.

I had my hand on Dana's ass squeezing it as we entered the kitchen.

Cheryl had me sit on the kitchen table and said. "Let's get a fresh start."
And then retrieved a washcloth from the sink and washed my cock and balls
thoroughly, and then she washed her face.

Dana had me lay back on my elbows with my ass right on the edge of the table.
She then spread my legs and sat Ruby down in a chair between my legs.

Dana started pointing at the lower parts of my lower anatomy explaining to
Ruby what they are called. "This is a man's penis, also known as a dick, cock
or my personal favorite joystick, because I get a lot of joy out of using it,
and so does the guy."

"Dana." Cheryl interrupted. "Let's do it right, she will learn the joking
side of sex later."

Dana continued. "Down here are his balls or nuts. This is where all white
sweet tasting cum is until it comes out of the tip of his cock head." She
pointed to the end of my cock. "His balls are clean shaven, usually they
hair, that can get on your tongue, or stuck in your teeth, which ain't fun.
It also makes his balls more sensitive to the feeling of your tongue or
fingers when there is no hair."

Cheryl told Ruby to lick my balls to see what happens.

I watched as Ruby leaned forward, sticking out her tongue and ran it across
my balls. My cock sprang to life going from semi-hard to being as hard as a
lead pipe just from the touch of her tongue.

Ruby kept licking getting my balls wet.

Dana said. "Now lick his cock up and down and get it all wet."

Ruby's tongue felt like silk as it ran up my cock shaft, and all around it,
soaking it with her saliva. Ruby then ran her tongue over my cock head,
tasting my precum at it seeped out of my cock head.

"Now Ruby put the cock in your mouth and suck on it, go up and down and use
your tongue. You'll know what I mean once you get going." Instructed her

Ruby put my cock head in her mouth and started sucking on it, and then I felt
her tongue lick the head of my cock.

"Oh Yea." I moaned.

She then started to swallow my cock, getting about four inches of my seven
inch cock into her warm delicate mouth.

Dana put one of Ruby's hands on my shaft and told her to slowly stroke it as
she sucked.

I looked at Cheryl and asked. "What do you want me to do when I cum?"

Cheryl looked at her cute daughter bobbing up and down on my cock. "Just do
it, were to here to teach her." She replied.

I reached over with one hand and held the back of her gently, holding her
still. I moaned softly. "Oh yes, I'm going to cum." I placed a hand on either
side of her head holding her firmly by her pigtails, and shot my cum into her
mouth. She tried to swallow it all but started to gag and released my cock
from her mouth, letting some of my cum drip back out of her mouth and onto my

Cheryl took her daughter's head in her hands, and licked the cum from her
chin and lips and kissed her passionately.

Dana swallowed my cock into her mouth and sucked the extra cum off of it.
Keeping me hard.

Ruby looked at me and asked. "Did I do a good job?"

"Oh yes, Angel that was great." I answered.

Dana stopped sucking, but held my cock firmly so it would stay hard, looked
at Cheryl and asked. "What's next?"

I sat completely up to hear the answer, Cheryl had Ruby stand up. Then Cheryl
sat down in Ruby's seat and started to remove her daughter's clothes. Pulling
Ruby's pajama top over her head, exposing her budding tits in her small bra.

Reaching around to the front of Ruby and untied the string holding her pajama
bottoms up, hooking her fingers in the waist band, she pushed the pants and
panties to the floor.

Cheryl looked up at me and with that big beautiful smile of hers she said.
"I give you my daughter, make her happy."

I got off the table and picked Ruby up and placed her on the table. I then
had Cheryl and Dana stand on either side of Ruby. And then I sat down in the

I looked up into Ruby's eyes. "Ruby." I said. "What you did to me was a
blowjob or cock sucking; it is a form of oral sex. I'm about to show you
another form. This is referred to as pussy eating or cunt licking. Any way
I'm going to do to you what you did to me."

I pulled Ruby to the edge of the table and spread her legs wide. Leaning
forward I kissed her pussy in several places. I then ran my tongue up and
down her slit real slow. I then spread her pussy lips opened with my thumbs
and ran my tongue across that virgin opening getting her pussy wetter with
every lick of my tongue.

Cheryl put her fingers in the waist band of Dana's panties, pulling them
down over her ass cheeks. Dana sat on the table next to Ruby so Cheryl could
finish removing her panties.

Dana leaned over and kissed Ruby. "How does it feel Ruby?" She asked.

"Oh wonderful." She replied with a soft moan.

Just then I stuck one finger into Ruby's virgin pussy. She squirmed as I
started to work it in and out.

Rudy and Dana moaned loud at the same time, and with one last shove of my
finger, Ruby started cumming, she grabbed her Aunt Dana's hand and squeezed
hard. Cheryl looked up with pussy juice on her lips and said. "My little girl
is having her first orgasm, should I put that in her baby book." Dana laughed
then moaned.

"I'm cumming." And she flooded the two fingers Cheryl had stuffed in her

I offered my finger to Dana, and she licked it clean.

Cheryl stood up and kissed Dana letting her taste herself.

I stood up and kissed Ruby making sure she tasted herself. I then looked down
at her freshly fingered pussy, and then tapped Cheryl on the shoulder, and
pointed down at Ruby's peach.

"Holy shit, you popped her cherry! Now she's ready for the full treatment."
Cheryl exclaimed boldly.

Dana lay back on the table and said. "Maybe she should see it happen close up

Cheryl nodded.

I moved over between Dana's legs and laid my hard cock on her pussy, sliding
it up and down her slit. Ruby sat up on her knees to get a closer look.
Cheryl moved behind Ruby and caressed her daughter's body.

Finding the opening of Dana's pussy, I slowly entered her inch by inch so
Ruby could watch.

Ruby's eyes got bigger and bigger watching my cock disappear into her Aunt's
pussy. When I was balls deep, Dana moaned. Ruby said. "Wow."

I started to work my cock in and out of Dana's pussy, as Ruby watch in

Cheryl placed Rudy's hand on Dana, guiding a finger to Dana's clit and moving
it in a circular motion. She instructed her daughter. "Keep doing that and
you will help make Aunt Dana cum."

Cheryl moved over to Dana's head, leaned down and kissed her, reaching up she
unclasped the front of Dana's bra and started massaging her breast.

Cheryl then climb on the table and straddled her sister's face. Dana's tongue
speared Cheryl's pussy.

I began picking up speed faster and faster into Dana's pussy while I watch
her tongue dart in and out Cheryl's pussy. "Where do you want it?" I groaned.

"In my pussy. Oh god I'm cumming. Cum in my pussy, fill me with your cum, cum
with me." Dana screamed, as her pussy juice coated my cock.

I buried my cock in her as my pulsating cock shot my cum deep into her womb.
"Oh god that was fantastic." I said as I slowly pulled out of her. Cheryl
cried out with a loud moan and came all over her sister's face.

When my cock popped out of Dana's pussy my cum seeped out afterwards, as
Cheryl climb off the table she looked at Ruby and suggested. "Why don't you
use your tongue and clean Aunt Dana off?"

Ruby bent over and flicked her tongue across Dana's pussy, tasting our mixed
juices. She lifted head and looked at me and Cheryl. Smiled and said. "Mmm,
good." Ruby retuned to her lesson and continued to lick out Dana's pussy.

I sat down in a chair to rest, when Cheryl walked over to me, getting on her
knees she parted my legs and leaned forward licking the head of my deflating
cock. She looked up a me and stated. "Ruby's right. Mmm good." Leaning over
again, Cheryl licked my cock and balls clean.

Ruby climb off the table after cleaning Dana completely off and walked over
to me. I put my arm around her tiny waist, and pulled her close to me;
reaching up her back I unhooked her tiny bra and let it drop to the floor.
I leaned over and kissed her budding breast, flicking my tongue across each
nipple afterwards.

Dana sat up straight with a big smile on her face when she heard Cheryl ask.
"Would you like to fuck my little girl now?"

I leaned further down kissing Ruby's flat stomach, working my way back up to
her little tits with kisses. I then looked at Ruby and asked. "Would you like
to feel my hard cock, in your tight little pussy?"

Ruby looked down at her mom and just nodded.

Cheryl stood up and said."Good, let's go to her room, a girl should always
get her first fucking in a bed. Dana you take them there. I have to get
something, and I will be right back."

Cheryl left the kitchen, and reached down and picked Ruby in my arms.
Carrying her I followed Dana up the stairs to Ruby's bedroom.

As we entered the bedroom I seen two twin beds and asked. "Which one is

Ruby pointed to the bed, and I sat her on it, standing up beside Dana. Dana
turned and kissed me and started to play with my cock getting it hard again.

Cheryl returned with a bottle baby oil, she walked over to me and Dana and
poured a little into Dana's hand. Dana started stroking my cock coating it
with baby oil.

Cheryl sat on the bed next to Ruby and had her daughter lay back and spread
her legs. She poured some baby oil on Ruby's pussy and started to work it
into her slit, and then she worked one finger into her daughter's pussy,
working it back in and out, Ruby moaned.

Looking up at me Cheryl said. "She's ready, willing and able."

Dana suggested that Ruby be on top so she could go at her own pace.

I nodded and took my place on the bed. They helped Ruby onto my stomach, and
Cheryl took hold of my cock and guided it to her daughter's pussy opening,
sticking the head at the entrance.

Cheryl instructed Ruby. "Push down slow and easy, taking only what you can
handle." Ruby began pushing down on my cock little by little stopping every
once in a while to get use to the feeling.

Cheryl and Dana sat down on Gracie's bed, holding hands as they watched Ruby
fuck for her very first time.

Her pussy was so tight. I had to fight off the urge of cumming until Ruby was

When Ruby had five inches of my cock in her, she stopped and laid down on my
chest, relaxing and enjoying the feeling of being filled.

She looked up at me, and then over at her Mom and Aunt Dana smiling. She
began moving her ass and only her ass as she hugged me.

Ruby was now fucking me with her pussy, going real slow at first, and then
she got into a steady pace bouncing up and down on my cock.

She moaned into my chest, and I thought how lucky I was. This 13 year old
girl was fucking me with the tightest pussy that I have ever felt in my life.

Ruby was picking up speed coming down harder and harder onto my cock. She
yelled out. "Ahhhhh." as she pushed my entire cock up her pussy. She sat
straight up and shouted. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

I sat up and hugged Ruby, and looked over at Cheryl and asked. "Where?"

Cheryl looked at Dana, turn to me and in unison they looked at me and
replied. "In her."

I grabbed the sides of Ruby's face and kissed her hard sticking my tongue in
her throat. We both moaned as I emptied the cum from my balls into her tight

I pulled Ruby down with me as I laid back down on my back. We both looked
over at her Mom and Aunt, and seen them getting into a 69 position with Dana
on top.

Ruby and I watched as we faded off to sleep.



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