Disclaimer: Once again, this story is about fictional characters, so
fictional, they don't even have a 3rd, dimension, being cartoons. If you
are offended on their behalf, you are seriously disturbed. If you are
offended on your behalf, don't read it. Now bugger off.

Note: Katara is 14 and Toph is 12.

Codes: fg, cons, first, rom

Avatar - The Last Airbender: Katara And Toph's Other Story
by Tricksterson

"You're very pretty Toph," said Katara to the younger girl as they made their
way through the streets of Ba Sing Sei. They were on their way back from a
spa where they had, for the first time since they had met, bonded. On the way
back to the hostel that was serving them, Katara's brother Sokka and Aang,
the Avatar who was the reason for their all being together as home while they
stayed in the Earth Kingdom capital they had run into a group of upperclass
girls who had made the serious mistake of comparing Toph to a poodle-monkey.
A mistake for which the two Benders had made them pay dearly. But Katara had
felt her new friend had needed reassurance anyway.

"It's okay," Toph replied. "It doesn't matter. She paused and then said, "But
thank you anyway." She paused again. "I wish I could return the compliment
but I have no way of knowing what you look like."

The Water Tribe girl pondered this as they walked and just as they reached
the door of their residence said, "Yes, you can."

"Yes, I can what?"

"Find out how I look." As she said this she opened the wood and paper door of
the house and they entered. "With your hands."

"With my...hands?" The younger girl seemed not just hesitant but positively
embarassed at the prospect.

"Yes. Run them over my face. Haven't you ever done that before?"

"Um, only with my parents. It's kind of...intimate."

"I don't mind." By now they had wandered from the common room into Toph's

The young Earth Bender sighed. "Fine, sit down." After Katara was sitting on
the floor she said, "Close your eyes," and started running her delicate yet
surprisingly strong fingers over the other girl's face.

It was all Katara could do not to pull her head back and jump up. With her
eyes closed it felt like spiders crawling over her in the dark. She kept
control of herself because it had been her idea and she didn't want to
break the fragile bond the two girls had so recently forged. And because
she thought that part of Toph was looking for an excuse to do just that.
Friendship, she suspected was not something the other girl was either
familiar or comfortable with.

When Toph took her hands away and the Waterbender opened her eyes she saw a
look of surprise and puzzlement, almost of shock on the blind girl's face.

"You're not pretty..." Toph said in a hollow voice.

Hurt coursed through Katara. She'd never thought of herself as particularly
vain but she would have had to be blind herself not to notice how boys and
even men sometimes looked at her. Stung far more than she would have thought
possible she got up and almost ran out of the room and into hers, slamming
both doors shut behind her as she did so.

"'re beautiful," finished Toph, whispering into an empty room.

* * *

Katara came awake as the door to her room slid quietly open. Months of life
on the run had taught her never to sleep *too* soundly. That same honed
awareness told her that it was no stranger that was sneaking in. It was Toph.

Right now she almost would have preferred it to be a Fire Nation assassin.
She hadn't hidden away in her room all day, that would have caused too many
questions she didn't want to answer. But she had spent it in an
uncharacteristically broody mood that had made Sokka and Aang circle around
her warily under the assumption that it was *that* time of the month.

Now she lay still, pretending to sleep and wondering what the other girl was
doing in her room. Had she come to apologize? Given Toph's blunt personality
that was unlikely.

She heard Toph move towards her then kneel beside her. She fought not to
stiffen as once again the blind girl's fingers crawled over her face.

"I know you're awake Katara."

She sat up, both brushing away the other girl's hands and letting the sheet
fall away from her body, which was naked except for a strip of cloth wrapped
around her hips. A trace of embarrassment went through her but not for long.
After all, Toph was another girl, blind and an intruder to boot.

"What are you doing here, Toph?" she asked grouchily, hoping the other girl
would give her a reason to start a fight.

The Earthbender was uncharacteristically hesitant, almost shy. "I...I wanted
to see if I was right earlier. If you were really so..."

"Ugly?" Katara was surprised at how bitter that came out. Maybe she really
was vain.

"Ugly? No! Beautiful!" The other girl's voice softened. "You're beautiful
Katara," said Toph and then blushed.

"I thought you said..."

"Maybe you should have waited until I finshed the sentence," the younger girl
said tartly, sounding more like her usual self.

"So...can I touch you again?" There was an odd hunger to her voice that,
again, was very unlike the Toph she was used to.

Katara shrugged, then remembered who she was talking to. "Okay, sure," she
said, getting to her knees and bracing herself for the creepy feeling of the
other girl's fingers skittering over her.

Only it was different this time, slower, gentler. This time instead of
spiders it felt like she was being massaged with feathers. It felt so nice
in fact that she didn't think to stop Toph's hands when they left her face
and started caressing her neck and shoulders.

Until the Earth Kingdom girl's small soft hands reached her small soft

"Wait, stop, what are you doing?" she asked, reaching up and grabbing the
other girl's wrists.

"I'm sorry. I just...wanted to see if the rest of you was as...nice as your
face." Suddenly Toph looked almost frightened. But for the Water Bender girl
things had clicked into place.

"You're man-souled, aren't you?"


"That's what we call girls who are...attracted to girls in the Water Tribe."

"Man-souled." Toph said it slowly, as if tasting something unfamiliar. "Well
it's better than what they call us in the Earth Kingdom.

"Unnatural freaks. Abominations." She couldn't see the apalled look on the
older girl's face but went on as if she had. "Yeah. Add something else to the
list of things I had to hide from my parents."

"It's a pretty long list," Katara said sympathetically.

"Yeah, it is." She paused. "So...I'm...sorry I embarrassed you."

For once Katara was glad the other girl couldn't see her face because she had
a major blush going on. "Actually it felt...nice. Really nice."

"Sooo, are you 'man-souled' too?"

"No. At least I didn't think I was." She frowned, then sighed. "Maybe there's
only one way to find out." She put Toph's hands back where they had been,
just above her small round breasts and let go.

"Mmmm," she groaned, closing her eyes as Toph's hands danced on and around
her tits, circling inward until they brushed her dark brown nipples, drawing
forth a louder groan, "Unnngh!"

"Shhh!," urged Toph. But as her small, powerful fingers started tweaking
the now fully erect and hardened nipples, Katara felt an even louder moan
building up inside her and stifled it the only way she could think of, by
pulling the younger girl towards her and planting a kiss on her lips.

At first it was just lip on lip then, as Katara's mouth opened in the
reflexive moan Toph's reponded likewise. Tentatively, tongues darted out,
touching each other, each touch like a spark of electricity jumping between
the two girls. Now Katara's own hands began to explore, moving up and down
the younger girl's almost boyish body, feeling out the barely developing
curves through the thin shift that was all she was wearing.

With their bodies closer Toph let her hands move from her friend's front to
her back, exploring the muscles there and drifting down Katara's spine to her
firm, round ass, movement the other girl mimicked.

After cupping Toph's small buttocks, Katara reached down to the hem of the
other girl's shift and lifted. Startled, Toph broke off their kiss, then gave
a rare smile and lifted her arms to let her Waterbender lover take it off.

Katara ran her eyes over the young girl's waifish figure then leaned forward,
placing her lips on one pale brown nipple and sucking, gently at first, then

At the first suck Toph's blind eyes widened and an explosive gasp came from
her. She'd never felt anything this good! The gasp became a moan when the
older girl added tongue to lips, tickling the small, hard nipple.

"Mooorrrre!" came the soft cry, to be stifled by Katara's mouth as the older
girl lay down on her sleeping mat and pulled her small lover down with her.
The cry became louder as the Water Tribe girl reached down between Toph's
legs and stroked her hairless pussy lips.

The older girl had a sudden intuition. "You've never...touched yourself,
down here have you?" Toph shook her head then arched her back and screamed
as Katara slipped a finger into her love canal. 'So much for keeping things
private,' thought the older girl. But now at least they didn't have to
restrain themselves. Man-souled women usually hung out with each other or
the men of the tribe but certain physical facts brought them together with
other women of the tribe during their blood time or in sweat lodges and she
had heard them discussing...techniques, techniques she decided to give a

Continuing to probe inside her lover she kissed her way down her slender body
and joined her tongue to her finger in her probing. The effect was stunning
as Toph's body became an almost perfect bow and a string of drool came out of
her mouth accompanied by a wordless gargle. For a second Katara was afraid
she might have permanently injured the other girl in her ignorance when she
didn't respond at first. Then she whispered harshly, "
you," then smiled slyly. "Payback time."

Katara lay back and let Toph's clever hands work their way down her body
until they reached her crotch, then thrust first one, then, two, then finally
three figers inside her. Soon she too was jerking spamodically under waves of
pleasure like nothing she'd ever known.

* * *

As they lay together afterward, Toph lifted her head from her love's breast
and asked, "What do we tell the boys?"

Katara frowned and kissed the top of her head. "We'll figure something out."

" you Katara." The Water Tribe girl smiled.

"I love you too."

* * *

In fact as she came out of her room the next morning she saw Sokka leaning
against one of the posts that held up the ceiling, a twig in his mouth and a
smirk on his face.

"Soooo, man-souled huh?"

She blushed and looked at the floor. "Um, I guess, I don't know. Surprised?"

"You yeah, Toph no. But," he shrugged, "you're my sister. This will be just
one more thing to tease you about."

Aang wandered in, still half asleep. "What was all that noise last night?"
Brother and sister shared a look. Every now and then Aang said something to
remind them that he had been raised by monks. Katara sighed and elbowed her
brother before he could open his mouth. This was going to be...awkward.


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