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Avatar - The Last Airbender: The Unrated and Untold Stories - The Guru
by Avatrek ([email protected])

The last week had been a harrowing one for the young avatar, but after
finally getting back his beloved flying bison Appa; things were finally going
his way. With the help of Katara, Sokka and Toph, he was able to raid Lake
Laogai and rescue Appa. They then made it into the Earth King's palace and
convinced the Earth King of Long Feng's treachery. Toph had even gotten a
letter from her mother, asking her to meet her in Ba Sing Se. Sokka and
Katara had also received a letter from their father, to meet him just outside
Ba Sing Se. Katara let Sokka go, while she stayed and helped plan the
invasion of Fire Nation. Even the Kyoshi Warriors had come to Ba Sing Se to
protect the vulnerable Earth King. Aang himself had received a letter from a
guru, who said he could train Aang to control the avatar state.

Aang's good luck was about to come to an end however, after Toph was
kidnapped by Xin Fu and Master Yu, who had been under orders to retrieve Toph
and return her to her parents. The Kyoshi Warriors were also a deception;
Azula, Ty Lee and Mai had stolen the clothes and identities of the warriors
and used their good standing to infiltrate Ba Sing Se and gain the trust of
the Earth King.

Aang and Sokka flew on Appa to where Sokka's father was located, before Aang
went off alone to the Eastern Air Temple to learn how to master the avatar
state. Toph was locked in a metal box being transported back to her parents
and Katara was stuck in a military meeting with the five Ba Sing Se generals,
to help plan the Fire Nation invasion.

"Look Bosco; the Kyoshi Warriors are here to protect us... Aren't you
excited?" said the Earth King excitedly to his bear. "It's been a difficult
week for me... I may be in need of your legendary Kyoshi Warrior relaxation
methods!" hinted a horny Earth King, now staring intently at the figures of
the three painted girls in front of him. He could order them to please him,
like he did with most of his female servants, but because they were known to
be extremely sexually charged warriors and friends of the avatar; he thought
it best to give them the opportunity to make the first move.

Azula sighed silently, looking back at Ty Lee and Mai, and rolling her eyes
in disgust. "These Kyoshi Warriors must be a pack of sluts..." whispered
Azula to her friends, dreading where this was inevitably coming to.

"Yes... I mean..." cheered Ty Lee back at Azula, clearly not understanding
that Azula was upset about the situation. Mai could care either way,
shrugging her shoulders and basically agreeing to do whatever Azula thought

"Fine!" whispered Azula back to Ty Lee, finally submitting to the Earth
King's advances. Azula turned back to the Earth King to agree to help him
relax, only to find him already naked, sitting on his throne and stroking off
his six inch cock.

"Why don't you give me a little fan strip dance before we get things started"
asked the Earth King, not even waiting for Azula's response. She nodded her
head; submitting to the Earth King's will, before all three stood up and took
out their fans to begin a sexy strip dance. Azula knew that the only way to
take down Ba Sing Se and in effect, the entire Earth Kingdom, was to gain the
intimate trust of the Earth King, before taking over the main palace and
opening the gates for Fire Nation troops. To do this, Azula, Mai and Ty Lee
were going to have to shake their booties and have their pussy's violated by
the horny Earth King.

Ty Lee was the best dancer of the three, being acrobatically trained and very
flexible. All three girls waved their fans around and slowly removed their
warrior clothing, starting with their armor and quickly followed by the rest
of their clothes. They were almost completely naked after five minutes of
dancing; having only their green bras and thongs left to take off. They slid
the garments off, covering themselves with the fans as they did so, to
further turn on the very interested Earth King. He was stroking his cock off
as fast as he could, just imaging how great it would be when he finally got
to fuck all three of them. Azula's thinking was; if they did it slow and
sexily enough, they might not all have to fuck the disgusting Earth King
before he popped.

"Come here" commanded the Earth King, as Azula, Mai and Ty Lee threw away
their golden fans and revealed to him their perfect tight teen bodies. All
three girls had had to shave their pubic fire emblem insignias they had
grown. They did this so the Earth King wouldn't become suspicious. It had
taken the girls a lot of time to both grow and trim them into the correct
shape every few days, and it had been painful for them to finally shave them
completely off. Now all they had were three completely bald pussies. Ty Lee
was the fittest of the three, but Mai and Azula's bodies were just as
fantastic. The three girls got onto their knees and crawled up the few stairs
to the throne. When they reached the Earth King, they groped his legs and
thighs before they climbed on top of him and starting kissing him everywhere.

Ty Lee sat on his waist, just above his cock, as Mai and Azula stroked, and
sucked the Earth King's balls and cock. Azula may not have liked the idea of
submitting to the King when he made his initial advances on her, but after
getting a taste of his six inch shaft; she knew she was going to enjoy
fucking him the most. Ty Lee grinded her pussy on the Earth King's waist, as
Azula and Mai continued to work his cock. Ty Lee took hold of his neck and
started kissing his chest and neck until she began to make out with the Earth
King, who was all too ready to kiss the athletic Ty Lee. They did this for
five more minutes before they were ready to have a good ride on the Earth
King's juicy cock. Ty Lee looked down at her two friends, who were jockeying
for position to see who would fuck the Earth King first.

"One at a time girls... One at a time!" the Earth King said, motioning for Ty
Lee to go first. "You two can pleasure yourselves while you wait" commanded
the Earth King, motioning for Azula and Mai to lie down in front of him and
eat each other out. Azula and Mai submitted again to his requests, with Azula
lying on top of Mai in the opposite direction, licking her juicy pussy, just
as Mai did the same with her. They both used their hands to spread each
other's smooth pussies, letting their tongues have better access to each
other's dripping wet pussies.

"Mmmmm!" moaned both the girls, now completely absorbed in pleasuring
themselves; forgetting all about Ty Lee and the Earth King's cock for a few

Ty Le definitely hadn't forgotten about the Earth King's cock, as she used
one of her hands to reach down and take hold of his six inches, pointing its
tip towards her wet pussy. Ty Lee had become a very horny slut ever since
Azula recruited her to her little group using a couple of cocks to convince
her. Now that she was hovering above another, rubbing it back and forth over
her slit, she simply could not wait to have it bottom out inside of her. The
Earth King seemed to read her mind right then and there; he took hold of her
hips and slammed her pussy down on his cock.

"Owwww!" screamed Ty Lee, both in pleasure and pain, shocked by the sudden
intrusion of the Earth King's entire six inches. Ty Lee quickly got
accustomed to the King's size and width, rocking her hips back and forth,
forcing him as deep into her as possible.

"So... Good!" moaned Ty Lee, as Mai and Azula continued to eat each other
out, right in front of the Earth King, who after every couple minutes, would
look down at the girls and smile.

Ty Lee continued to bounce up and down on the Earth King's cock for the next
five minutes, until her orgasm rapidly approached and overtook her

"Unghh!" screamed Ty Lee, as her juices flowed through her pussy and onto the
Earth King's cock and balls, nearly making him cum with her. Her pussy
convulsed violently for thirty seconds before she finally came down and
nearly collapsed from exhaustion.

"You're next honey!" the Earth King said, pushing Ty Lee off his still hard
cock and pointing over at Mai, who still had her long tongue deep in Azula's
pussy. Mai was near her own orgasm and wanted to keep eating Azula out, but
if the Earth King wanted to fuck her, she would gladly oblige.

Azula was left alone to play with her own pussy. Ty Lee was nearly
unconscious and still enjoying her orgasm and Mai was about to sit on the
Earth King's hard shaft.

"Mmmmmm!" moaned Mai, enjoying the sensation of sitting on the Earth King's
hard pole. Just like Ty Lee, Mai could fit the Earth King's entire six inches
into her with relative ease. Mai hadn't been as big of a whore as either Ty
Lee or Azula in the last month, but she had plenty of experience having her
pussy pierced by long thick cocks.

Azula turned herself around to face Mai and the King, watching them go at it,
while she delved three of her own fingers in and out of her dripping wet
pussy. She didn't want to have an orgasm just yet; she was waiting to have
her turn with the King before going through her own orgasm.

As Azula masturbated, Mai was now riding the Earth King's shaft even harder
then Ty Lee had. Mai had already been wet when she had started fucking, and
unlike Ty Lee, she was already feeling the strain building in her own pussy.
The Earth King saw the strain building in Mai's face, and decided to push her
even harder over the edge then he had done with Ty Lee. He took hold of her
hips, and began slamming her up and down on his cock even faster then he had
done with Ty Lee. He watched as her firm breasts jiggled at the hard pounding
she was receiving, and after two minutes, Mai's pussy began to spasm.

"Ahhhh!" screamed a shaking Mai, exploding her own juices all over the Earth
King's lap, before she too was pushed off his still hard cock and on top of
the exhausted Ty Lee. The Earth King motioned for Azula to now join the Earth
King, as her fingers continued to delve in and out of her pussy.

"It's about time... I'm so horny!" moaned Azula, who instead of walking over
to the King and sitting on his lap like her friends had done, motioned for
the King to come over and join her. Even though she had capitulated into
having sex with the Earth King like a whore; she still had her pride as the
Fire Nation Princess. She was going to make him come over and dip his cock
into her wet pussy, not the other way around.

"You've got it baby!" groaned the Earth King, who after having two Kyoshi
Warriors bounce on his cock, wanted to give the last slut a real fuck. He
climbed overtop his previous two victims, and knelt overtop Azula, before
positioning his cock at her slit and forcing most of it into her. Azula
moaned at the penetration, but as the King started to lie down on top of her
and kiss her, she knew she was in for some fun. The Earth King moved in and
out of her at a steady rhythm, trying to please the young girl as much as he
could, while he made out with her.

"Mmmmmm!" mumbled Azula, into the Earth King's mouth, as he continued to kiss
her. Azula was enjoying herself immensely, as she felt the King's tongue wrap
around her own and his cock slip in an out of her faster and faster. She
started mashing her hips upwards into the King as her own orgasm approached.
She also noted that the Earth King had also started to pant as his own orgasm
approached. It was no shocker that he was getting close to an orgasm; he had
been fucking three gorgeous teens for the last thirty minutes without
succumbing once.

"Fuck me harder! Just don't cum inside me, okay" moaned Azula sensually, into
the ear of Earth King. The Earth King didn't respond; he just continued to
slam his six inches into her as hard as he could.

"Yesssss!" screamed Azula, hitting her climax before the Earth King. Her
pussy convulsed before spraying her juices onto the Earth King's cock, which
was completely submerged in her hot wet pussy. Little did Azula know however;
the Earth King had slammed his cock as deep into her as possible for a single
reason, and that reason was to plant his potent seed, as deep into the young
Kyoshi Warrior as he could. He did this with every concubine he had sex with;
he felt it was his duty to leave a piece of himself in each one of them.

"Unghhhhhhhh!" grunted the Earth King unexpectedly, not even warning his
little Kyoshi Warrior that he was about to do the unthinkable deep in her
clutching pussy. The Earth King had built up a massive amount of his seed
after fucking all three Kyoshi Warriors and as he began to spray inside
Azula, he knew it was going to be a massive load. Stream after stream of his
hot sticky cum unloaded deep inside Azula's fertile womb, filling her up in
seconds. With no where to go, the Earth King's sticky semen spilled out of
her pussy with each outstroke, pooling on the floor beneath her.

"Mother fucker... I asked you not to cum inside me!" moaned Azula, pissed,
but still enjoying the sensation of hot cum being poured into her sensitive

"Yes... And I'm the King... I can do anything I want to slutty little whores
like you!" replied the Earth King, laughing as he did so. He emptied the last
of his seed into Azula's womb, before pulling out and letting her cum-filled
pussy overflow and leak onto the floor. Azula sighed in relief, as the Earth
King finally pulled out and she felt his hot load leak out of her. She simply
laid there with Ty Lee and Mai for ten minutes, extremely exhausted and
extremely satisfied. The King stepped over his satisfied victims, putting his
clothes back on and taking the throne again, petting his beloved pet Bosco.

Azula eventually stirred her friends to wake up and get dressed before she
found her last three vials of pregnancy potion. She drained one of them to
avoid the pregnancy she would have been facing without it.

* * *

As Aang and Sokka flew on Appa to meet Sokka's father and travel to the guru,
Toph found herself in a very unfortunate position. She was locked in a small
metal box, with no bendable dirt to free herself with. Her captors were none
other than her old earthbending master, Master Yu, and Xin Fu, the man that
had raped her. They had been sent by Toph's parents, to find her and bring
her home, using whatever means necessary to do the job. Using an unbendable
metal box, her two captors had been able to trick and capture the young Toph,
and were now on their way back to the Bei Fong estate.

"Let me out you creeps!" shouted Toph, surrounded by metal walls. She pounded
on the metal casing, trying in vain to force them to stop and release her.

"I need to go to the bathroom!" shouted Toph seconds later, thinking up a
brilliant plan on the spot.

"I don't think so... Were not that stupid!" replied Xin Fu, knowing that as
soon as he let her out, she'd use her earthbending to escape.

Toph continued her screaming and banging for the next hour without stopping
once. The incessant noise was driving both Master Yu and Xin Fu crazy and
they couldn't take it any longer.

"I know how we can shut her up" Xin Fu whispered to Master Yu, smiling and
obviously hinting towards knocking the bitch out for a little piece and
quiet. They stopped the little buggy transporting Toph and her metal prison,
before walking back to the metal case and slowly unlocking it.

"Get ready Xin Fu" said Master Yu, as soon as he cracked opened the door,
making sure she had no opportunity to earthbend.

"Mother fuckers... Let me out!" screamed Toph, trying to pry open the door.
Master Yu opened the door a little more to let Toph's head poke out ever so
slightly. This gave Xin Fu the perfect opportunity to use his earthbending to
hurl a heavy piece of earth at the side of her head, knocking her out
immediately, without her ever knowing what happened. Toph fell to the ground
concussed and unconscious, with no hope of escaping.

As Toph collapsed to the floor of her cell; Master Yu got the perfect view of
Toph's bald pussy. Toph had not been wearing any underwear underneath her
revealing and slutty outfit. Master Yu had been Toph's earthbender since she
had been very young, and had had plenty of fun with her in the last year of
their master-student relationship. Xin Fu had also been waiting to get a
second shot at the petite earthbender. Now that she was unconscious, Xin Fu
and Master Yu could take all the time they wanted with her, with no
resistance at all. It would be a good payback for all the trouble the little
bitch had caused them since her departure from the Bei Fong estate.

"Let's see what she's got under there!" Master Yu said to Xin Fu, removing
her one piece of clothing and tossing it onto the dirty ground. Xin Fu
whistled at the sight of her tight twelve year old body, finally remembering
how nice it had been the last time he'd seen it. Toph's small breasts had
grown a little since the last time and even her body was fitter.

"Mmmmmm!" mumbled Xin Fu, ripping off his own clothes as Master Yu did the
same. Xin Fu dragged her body to the edge of the wagon, letting her head
droop over the edge. Xin Fu and Master Yu then got off the wagon and got
ready to face fuck the young earthbender. Toph's jaw was slacked opened and
Master Yu was the first to get his opportunity at sliding his cock into
Toph's hot wet mouth. He was already at his maximum size, and as he slid his
four inches into Toph's mouth, Xin Fu began to stroke his own to full
hardness, in anticipation for his own turn. Xin Fu had no trouble fitting his
four inches of cock into Toph's small mouth. The tip of his cock was just
long enough to hit the back of her throat, making her gag with every few in-
strokes. After five minutes of slamming his shaft in and out of her mouth,
Xin Fu pushed Master Yu aside and placed the tip of his eight inch cock at
the entrance of her mouth. Just like Master Yu, Xin Fu slammed his hips
forwards, forcing Toph's unconscious mouth to engulf his massive cock. Xin Fu
was even more ruthless then Master Yu though, bucking his hips even harder
into Toph, forcing his entire eight inches down her throat. Toph may have
been unconscious but she still needed to breath, and having a massive cock
blocking her airway, caused her to gag and nearly suffocate.

"Alright... Alright... That's enough, we won't get our reward if she's not
breathing!" shouted Master Yu, noticing how short of breath his little fuck
doll was. Xin Fu was feeling so good, he almost wanted to disregard the dire
warnings, but in the end he pulled his cock out of her throat and got ready
to fuck the little slut.

"I get that little pussy first!" shouted Master Yu, already dragging Toph's
unconscious body around so she was on her stomach with her legs over the
ledge. It was quite obvious what Master Yu was planning before he spat on his
hand and guided his four inches towards her young pussy. Master Yu placed the
tip of his cock at the entrance of her slit before using both his hands to
take hold of her tiny hips and prepare himself to plunge into her.

"Arrrghhhh!" groaned Master Yu, forcing his entire four inches into Toph's
tight vagina. Toph groaned a little from the sudden intrusion, but because
she was unconscious, she didn't express the severity of the pain she was
actually going through. It was actually lucky she was unconscious; her pussy
was far looser and relaxed in the unconscious state, therefore causing her
far less pain.

"Give it to her buddy!" yelled Xin Fu, cheering on his partner in crime, as
he stroked off his own eight inch cock. Master Yu had her by her small hips
and was now moving in and out of her with increasing speed. His balls were
slapping her little white ass every time he thrust into her pussy. Her whole
body shook and jiggled as Master Yu continued to pummel her. It wasn't long
however before both Toph and Master Yu approached orgasm, and as Master Yu
began to pant, her pussy began to spasm, tightening its grip on his shaft.

"Mmmmmmm!" mumbled Toph, subconsciously enjoying the orgasm she was going

"Fill that bitch up!" cried Xin Fu, still stroking his cock and enjoying
Toph's facial expression.

"Unghhhhhh!" grunted Master Yu, filling the young earthbender Toph to the
brim in mere seconds. Master Yu had built up quite a large load of cum for
Toph, and now he was content to deposit the entire hot load, deep into her
clutching pussy. Toph still hadn't reached maturity, and therefore could not
be impregnated. Master Yu sighed in pleasure, before he removed his softening
cock from her sloppy cum-filled pussy, letting the majority of his cum, pour
out of her and onto the dirty ground.

"My turn!" shouted a clearly excited Xin Fu, who basically pushed the
exhausted Master Yu out of the way to get to Toph.

"Her pussy looks good, but I don't want your sloppy seconds" said Xin Fu,
after taking a close look at Toph's sloppy pussy. Instead, he got up onto the
wagon and positioned his cock at her extremely tiny asshole. She wasn't a
virgin when it came to fucking her ass, but it was still the tightest ass Xin
Fu had ever seen and would probably ever fuck. He guided the head of his cock
to the entrance of her back door, prodding the tight hole to loosen it up a

"Holy Fuck! This is going to be tight!" moaned Xin Fu, both worried and
excited at the prospect of trying to force his massive eight inches into her
tiny hole. Toph's unconscious state again worked in favor for Xin Fu, as the
head of his cock slowly penetrated Toph's ass.

"Arrrghhhh!" groaned Xin Fu, who was in some real pain. It felt like the tip
of his cock was going to be cut off by her squeezing ass. But instead of
giving up, Xin Fu pressed on, using his hips to push forward and force two
inches into her. Toph groaned again, clearly in pain, but was unable to
express how much pain she would have really been in. Xin Fu cared little for
what kind of pain Toph was feeling; in fact, he actually laughed a little
before he pushed even more of his cock into her tight ass. As Master Yu put
his clothes back on and took a front row seat to watch Xin Fu violate Toph's
ass. After five difficult and painful minutes of trying to fit his entire
eight inches into her, Xin Fu was finally felt his cock bottom out, and his
balls come into contact with her little white ass.

"Ahhhhhh! That feels good!" moaned Xin Fu, now using his hands for leverage
to rock her ass back and forth. Now that his entire eight inches had made it
into Toph, the going was a little easier, and Xin Fu was able to move his
cock in and out of her with increasing rapidity. Even though he was able to
move his shaft in and out of her ass, the pressure on his cock was almost
more then Xin Fu could take and after another three minutes, his orgasm
approached and overtook him.

"Here's another load for you, you mouthy bitch!" Xin Fu said, taunting the
unconscious Toph before spraying his hot seed into her rectum, filling her
just as quickly as Master Yu had done. Xin Fu held Toph's hips still while he
dumped the last of his cum into her and pulled out with a plop. A rush of his
cum poured out of her ass and onto the ground, joining Master Yu's. With
their little lesson concluded, Xin Fu used Toph's only piece of garment as a
rag to clean off his cum and shit covered cock. Xin Fu and Master Yu then
picked Toph up and threw her into her metal prison naked, before throwing her
dirty dress in after her. They slammed the door on her and left her to wake
naked, alone, and full of their cum.

"That ought to keep that bitch quiet for awhile" laughed Master Yu as they
started back on their way to the Bei Fong estate and their huge reward.
Unfortunately for Master Yu and Xin Fu, Toph woke with a stir only a few
minutes later, and after realizing that she had just been violated, she got
dressed and brainstormed a way to break out of her metal prison. It took her
another ten minutes of concentrating, but after sensing the earth particles
in the metal, she was able to bend the metal door. She ripped it open and was
able to lock her two violators in their metal cage; leaving them there to

* * *

Aang, Sokka and Toph had all got what they wanted; they had been able to
leave the palace and do whatever they desired. Aang had left to master the
avatar state, while Toph had been fortunate enough to get a letter from her
mother. Katara and Sokka had gotten a letter from their father, but Katara
was kind enough to let Sokka go and meet him while she stayed to help plan
the invasion of the Fire Nation on the day of black sun.

Katara was locked in a large war room, surrounded by the five generals of Ba
Sing Se, who were all bent over a massive map, planning the eventual
destruction of their mortal foe; the Fire Nation. Katara was no brilliant
military strategist; but her knowledge of where and when to attack would come
in handy, when choosing the correct method of toppling the Fire Nation palace
and stopping the Fire Lord and his war. She may have been bored, but she
wasn't alone; Momo had joined her in the war room, and he was able to bring a
little levity to the intense atmosphere created by the passionate generals.

"In exactly two months, the army and navy will invade the Fire Nation on the
day of black sun" said the lead general seriously, just as Momo jumped onto
the huge map, disturbing the entire meeting.

"Or we could send in Momo to do some damage, ah ha ha ha!" laughed a jovial
Katara, not realizing how inappropriate it was to let an animal into the war

Katara quickly stopped giggling at Momo's actions, sensing that nobody else
in the room had found it as funny as she had. Katara blushed, embarrassed by
her own childish actions, before shooing Momo out of the room. She returned
to the war room map area and noticed that every single one of the five
generals was staring at her intently, obviously displeased by her disruptive

"What?" asked Katara innocently, trying to look as blameless as possible.

"Miss... You've been a distraction ever since you entered this war room...
You have no strategic military knowledge except for the day of the attack,
correct!" commanded one of the disgruntled generals.

"Yes... But..." started Katara, trying to appease the generals' anger. Katara
quickly realized that it wasn't going well; so, like every time she found
herself in an awkward or difficult position, she decided to flaunt what she
had. Before she could hike up her dress and perhaps show a little ass, she
was interrupted by more angered questioning.

"What do you have to offer, except for disrupting a highly important war
meeting?" demanded another one of the generals, before Katara could show off
the goods. The question was the perfect opportunity however, for Katara to
truly prove her worth.

"Oh... I think I can find a way to make myself useful to you handsome men!"
replied Katara, in a sexy and innocent voice. As she flirted with the
powerful Ba Sing Se generals; Katara began to hike up her dress. Katara had
gotten her old dress replaced with one that was almost an exact replica. She
hadn't wanted to show up to such an important meeting dressed in a torn and
cum-stained dress, so Aang bought her a new one. If anyone thought the last
dress had been slutty, they hadn't seen the new one. It was a blue Southern
Water Tribe dress, except for the fact it was a good four inches shorter. It
was so short that the bottom of her ass was nearly always visible. Aang had
also been so kind to buy her a brand new tiny pink thong, just in case Katara
was wearing it on a windy day. Other than that, Katara had no other clothing
to cover her up. Her long tanned legs were a constant distraction to every
man she walked by, and the generals were no exception. As much as they
berated the young girl, they couldn't help but snipe quick glances at the
incredibly attractive teen's smooth tanned legs. Katara had noticed this
throughout the war meeting, and now that she needed something to divert their
attention from her earlier bumbling antics, it was the perfect time to
exploit those glances. Katara turned around as she started to hike up her
dress and bent over, so every single one of the generals got a perfect view
of her tanned teen ass, framed in her tiny pink thong.

"Hmmmmm!" mumbled one of the generals, now obviously interested in what
Katara had to offer. He motioned for the generals' aids and guards to leave
the room before returning his gaze back to Katara's perfect ass. The rest of
the generals were just as curious, leaning over the map table to get a nice
look at her ass. She gave them a quick wiggle, just to make sure they all got
instantly hard.

"How's this for something to offer" moaned Katara, bending right over and
reaching underneath herself to rub her pussy through her pink thong. A wet
spot formed where she was rubbing in only a few seconds, showing she was
already wet from the kinky situation she was in. A few of the generals knew
where Katara's little exhibition was heading and decided to be the first in
line to what was about to come.

"Calm down boys... Everybody's gonna get an opportunity" moaned Katara, as
three of the five generals scrambled over each other to try and get to Katara
first. Katara giggled a little, watching grown men act like little children
was humorous to her. To add a little fuel to the fire, Katara slowly slipped
off her pink thong and threw it at the crowd of men, which now had all five
men fighting to get to Katara first.

As Katara slid off her blue dress and threw it to the side to protect it from
getting dirty, the group of five generals all made it to the naked Katara at
the same time. They all stopped and surrounded her, getting a excellent look
at her naked form from every angle possible.

"I'm ready... Cum and get me!" purred Katara, smiling, and preparing herself
to be engulfed by the group of horny men. The generals collapsed on top of
her, groping every inch of her tight tanned body. Katara was in heaven, as
every inch of her body was squeezed, massaged, kissed and licked. Both of her
perfect round firm breasts were being massaged while three fingers probed her
wet pussy. One of the generals was massaging and kissing her perfect ass,
while the last general was making out with Katara.

"Mmmmmmmm!" moaned Katara, enjoying the unique sensation of being swarmed and
treated to such extravagant pleasuring. Katara continued to moan like horny
slut for another ten minutes, as every inch of her body was manhandled and
caressed by the five generals. Just as the generals began to get undressed
and prepare to receive their own pleasuring, Katara was able to reach a very
powerful orgasm. One of the generals had been delving three fingers in and
out of her pussy and just as she was about to cum, he pulled them out.

"Unghhhhhh!" screamed Katara, squirting a massive amount of her warm juices
onto the floor beneath her. "Oh my god! That was amazing!" moaned Katara, as
her orgasm subsided. "Ohh... It looks like it's your guys' turn" finished
Katara, noticing that all five men had torn off their armor and had gotten
naked. Each one of the generals was hard as a rock, ranging in size from five
inches to an incredible eleven inches. Katara eyed the massive eleven inch
cock greedily, wanting more than anything to have it deep inside her wet

The five generals picked Katara up and placed her on the map table before
they themselves got onto the table with her and positioned her accordingly.
The general with the massive eleven inch cock got underneath Katara, making
her lie down directly on top of him; face to face. He could feel her firm
breasts and nipples brush against his chest as Katara used one of her hands
to take hold of his cock and guide the massive shaft into her dripping pussy.
The general let the experienced Katara do all the work, guiding the head into
her sopping wet pussy, before putting some weight on it and accepting half of
it in seconds. Katara was able to fit the rest of the general's cock into her
in another couple minutes, just as the other general's couldn't wait any

"Cum on over boys, I've got two hands and a mouth, don't I?" moaned Katara,
now riding up and down on the massive eleven inch pole. She smiled as three
of the last four generals walked up to Katara, letting her take hold of two
of the cocks before opening her mouth and engulfing the other. Katara's
ability to juggle four cocks at once was impressive; bouncing on one, while
stroking two others and bobbing her mouth over the last. Katara felt bad for
the one general left out, but as she got accustomed to being manhandled by
four of the generals, she raised her ass up ever so slightly to indicate her
willingness to accept a fifth cock into the orgy.

The last general noticed her little ass raising and the wink she gave him as
she did it, taking it as a sign for him to take her horny ass with his cock.
He got behind her and got onto his knees, before guiding his six inch cock to
the small entrance of her tight asshole. He knew it was going to be a tight
fit and possibly uncomfortable, but he was more than willing to suffer a
little pain for the pleasure he would surely receive in the end. He prodded
her tight hole a little before plunging half of it in with some difficulty.
Katara's face scrunched up in pain, as she felt the last cock penetrate her
ass and get into the action.

"I'm cumming!" screamed Katara, just as the cock in her ass plunged into her
completely. Katara's juices gushed out of her tight pussy, enveloping the
cock in her pussy with her warm fluids. It was the sensation of that one
orgasm, which set off two other orgasms, starting with the cock in her mouth,
which convulsed and began to spasm.

"Ahhhhhh!" groaned the man fucking her face. Neither Katara nor the general
made any attempt to pull his cock out of her mouth. Katara wanted the entire
load; she didn't want to miss a drop of the general's tasty seed, and she
didn't as the general sprayed four thick streams of his hot cum into Katara's
mouth and throat. Katara kept her mouth sealed tightly around the general's
cock, sucking every drop she could out of his shaft, before the general
pulled out of her mouth and stepped back to watch the rest of the orgy.

As the cock in Katara's mouth convulsed and began to erupt, the massive
eleven inch cock in her pussy began to swell and convulse as well.

"Unghhhhh!" grunted the man in her pussy, streaming a massive amount of his
hot sticky cum directly into her unprotected and fertile womb. Neither Katara
nor the general made any attempt to save her from the possible pregnancy, as
Katara actually tried to force more of his cock into her already stuffed
pussy. The general in her pussy continued to fire a massive amount of his
seed into Katara, as her mouth and throat were coated with a similarly
massive amount of semen by the general in her mouth. The eleven inch cock in
Katara's pussy coated her pussy with so much cum that it began to pour out of
her and pool on the map below her.

"Mmmmm... That feels so good! I love having cum in my pussy!" moaned Katara,
after swallowing the entire mass of cum in her mouth. She had been able to
maintain the steady stroking off of the two generals positioned on either
side of her while she received the double dose of sperm. The double dose of
hot cum was not the last that Katara would receive; the combination of
Katara's extremely tight asshole, coupled with all the grunting, convulsing
and explosions of cum, forced the man slamming his entire cock into Katara's
ass to go through his own powerful orgasm.

"Yesssss... I'm cumming!" groaned the general stuffing his cock into Katara's
tight ass. He soon erupted his own massive sperm load, deep into her rectum,
filling her ass with five thick and sticky strings of warm cum. Katara again
moaned; enjoying the unique sensation of having another one of her holes
filled with hot seed.

"That feels so good! Who's next?" moaned Katara, already prepared to have her
pussy and ass stuffed by the last two hard cocks. As the two now soft cocks
that had just came inside her pulled out; the two men who were still hard,
got ready for some sloppy seconds. Katara's pussy and ass were dripping with
cum, but both the generals could've cared less, knowing that the cum would
prove as a good lubrication for them while they stuffed her. Katara decided
to change positions while she had the chance; flipping over and letting one
of the men slide underneath her already used ass. She sat down directly on
the general's hard five inch shaft, slipping all the way down on it with
ease. The general groaned as Katara bounced up and down on it, before getting
ready to accept the last cock into her cum-filled pussy. The last general got
on top of Katara, face to face, and slid his eight inch cock into her with
similar ease. With good lubrication and powerful thrusting by all three
parties; the three were able to orgasm at nearly the same time.

"Unghhhhh!" moaned the man fucking her ass. He used his hands to pull her
hips down as far as possible on his cock before spilling his own rather large
load into Katara's cum-soaked anus. The sensation of having her ass filled
with a second load of warm cream was what set off the exhausted Katara for
her third and final orgasm of the war meeting.

"Mmmmmmmm!" purred Katara, shaking one more time and squirting the last of
her juices onto the general still in her ass. The moaning and groaning of the
other general and Katara were more than enough for the last general to finish
Katara off with his own dose of semen.

"Arghhhh!" grunted the general in her pussy, squirting four more loads of hot
cum into her slutty pussy. Katara was exhausted from her own three orgasms
and the tremendous workout she had been put through. She did close her eyes
in pleasure, as she felt the last streams of potent seed fill her already
full pussy. Both generals pulled out of Katara with a plop after a few
seconds, letting their cum leak out of her and onto the map table. Katara,
exhausted and half-dead, closed her eyes and fell asleep right on the map
table, while the generals got dressed and got off the table.

"Well... Shall we get back to the invasion plan then?" said one of the
generals casually, leaving Katara in the middle of the table, covered and
surrounded by their accumulated cum. They went through the last of the
details smoothly, before waking the exhausted Katara and asking her to take
the agreed upon plan to be sealed by the Earth King.

"Huh? Yeah... The Plan... Right!" replied Katara, exhausted and disoriented
from all the fun she had just had. Katara used her waterbending to extract
the cum from her pussy and ass, before adding it to the cum on the map table
and directing the mass into a nearby garbage shoot. Katara then slipped on
her little pink thong and threw on her slutty blue Water Tribe dress. Katara
left the war room and made her way towards the main palace and throne room.
She decided to get a cup of tea to recuperate before getting the invasion
plan sealed by the Earth King. When she arrived at the Jazmin Dragon, she was
shocked to see Prince Zuko and his uncle Iroh working there. Katara knew she
had to tell someone of Zuko's presence in the city, so she ran to the throne
room to warn the Earth King. Instead of finding the King, Katara found the
Kyoshi Warriors, who were supposed to be protecting the Earth King. Katara
told them of the Zuko and Iroh's incursion before she realized that they
weren't the Kyoshi Warriors, they were the Azula and her friends. Ty Lee was
able to knock Katara out in a few quick blows, sending her crumpling to the
palace floor. Azula had her own plans to think of, so she locked Katara in
one of the palace rooms before taking her plan to the next step.

* * *

Azula's plan to take over Ba Sing Se was going very well, not only had her
pussy just been filled with the Earth King's hot cum, she now had captured
the young waterbending friend of the avatar. The next stage of her plan was
already in the works; with Ty Lee and Mai making Dai Li agents aware of their
true identities and their intentions to dispose the Earth King. The Dai Li
agents brought back this vital information to their imprisoned leader Long
Feng, who had be locked up after the Earth King had discovered his
manipulation and his covering up of the war. Azula knew that it was just a
matter of time before his agents took her to see him. It would be there,
where she would forge a secret alliance with the Dai Li leader, and in the
process, use his Dai Li troops to seize control of Ba Sing Se.

"What is this about...? Your agents show up in the middle of the night and
drag me down here... You will not treat a Kyoshi Warrior this way!"
complained Azula, who had been dragged down to Long Feng's cell by two Dai Li

"But you're not a Kyoshi Warrior, are you? Princess Azula of the Fire
Nation!" replied Long Feng, obviously proud of his abundance of accurate

"What do you want?" responded Azula, not missing a step, appearing to be

"I want to know how committed you are about taking down the Earth King... If
you truly are, I will give you the avatar if you're able to give me the
throne of Ba Sing Se" Long Feng offered, knowing how much Azula wanted the
avatar's head.

"I'm listening" responded Azula, happy that Long Feng had taken the bait.
Little did Long Feng know however; Azula wanted both Ba Sing Se and the
avatar, and after she got her chance at killing the avatar, she would betray
Long Feng and use the Dai Li to takeover the leadership of Ba Sing Se in the
name of her father.

"First you must prove your commitment to the cause however!" Long Feng
replied, snapping his fingers for the guards to slam the door on the four of

"Huh?" replied a stunned Azula, as she felt the guards' hands begin to feel
her soft ass. "Fuck... This again!" moaned Azula, tired of pleasing old horny
men with her sexy body. "I'll show you my commitment to our little plan on
one conditioned" moaned Azula, as the guards groped and pulled away her armor
and clothing.

"What is this one condition?" replied Long Feng, as he pulled down his pants
and began to stroke his hardening shaft.

"NOBODY CUMS INSIDE OF ME!" yelled Azula, knowing that she only had two vials
of her precious pregnancy potion left. If she ran out, she would be
completely vulnerable to any man's seed, and pregnancy was the last thing she
needed. Lo and Li could be called on only after Ba Sing Se was captured, so
Azula knew that two vials would have to last.

"Fine!" responded Long Feng, ordering his men to follow her one condition.
Long Feng had no interest in joining in; he would rather watch his men use
the Fire Nation Princess like a fuck doll and masturbate to the sight of it.

"Good! Take me!" purred Azula, letting go completely and allowing the two Dai
Li agents to remove the last of her garments until all she was wearing was
her gold thong. One of the Dai Li agents got behind her and started massaging
and kissing her ass, while the other starting kissing and rubbing her well-
developed and firm teenage breasts.

"Owww!" moaned Azula, as the agent behind her tore off her thong, pinching
her pussy in the process. Long Feng was stoking his fully hard cock off to
the sight of Azula being molested by his horny agents as they continued
pleasuring the young princess. As the agent behind Azula started eating out
her pussy from behind, the agent kissing her began to twist and pinch her
small rosy nipples. Azula moaned again before feeling something entered her
pussy from behind her seconds later. She first thought that the Dai Li agent
had already started fucking her, but after looking back, she noticed that he
had formed a long cylindrical shaft of stone in his hand and was thrusting it
in and out of her wet pussy.

"Mmmmmmm!" moaned Azula, enjoying the penetration of the large stone
cylinder. They continued to pleasure Azula like this for more ten minutes
before they got to horny to keep going.

"Ahhhhh!" groaned Azula, as the agent behind her jammed the cylinder of stone
six inches into her pussy and left it their while he and his fellow agent
tore off their uniforms in mere seconds. Azula squatted down low and got onto
her knees, enjoying the sensation of having the stone cylinder remain in her
wet pussy. She was now eye-level with the two agents' cocks and grabbed each
of them with both her hands. They were both around seven inches and Azula
knew she could easily deep-throat them both with relative ease. She opened
her mouth and took in both cocks one after another; fitting more and more of
them in her hot wet mouth until she was able to deep throat them both
consecutively. Long Feng was enjoying the view, sitting right in front of
Azula as she stared at him, sucking off both his agents, one after the other.
Azula kept up the rotation of sucking the agents' cocks in succession before
they were ready to fuck her.

"FUCK ME!" screamed Azula, ready to have a real cock penetrate her dripping
wet pussy. As Azula stood up, she felt the stone cylinder in her pussy being
pulled out. "Ahhhhhh!" moaned Azula, as an orgasm swept through her surprised
body. She shuddered and a small trace of her juices began to run down her
inner thighs.

Both the agents laughed, as Azula continued to shudder and revel in the
sensation of her powerful orgasm. Just as it ended however, Azula felt one of
the agents grab her hips from behind and turn her around. He picked her up
and made the young princess wrap her legs around his waist, while the other
agent helped steady the two of them. Azula knew what was being planned, so
she used her hand to reach behind her and take hold of the agent's cock. She
rubbed his cock head against her moist folds before inserting it and letting
it slide into her. With the agent face to face with her, Azula rested her
head against his shoulder as he began to lift her up and down on his shaft.
Azula moaned like a whore, as both Long Feng and the other agent watched with
glee, stroking their cocks at the sight of her being fucked by one of their

"Mmmmmm!" moaned Azula as the agent's entire shaft finally made its way into
her pussy. After that, the agent picked up his pace, fucking Azula like a
common whore. Ten minutes in however, the soldier slowed his pace; not
wanting to cum too earlier, and obviously noticing the look of lust in his
fellow agent's eyes. The other agent wasn't too concerned with her pussy; he
was more interested in her other tiny hole, which was in full view to him as
Azula bounced up and down, riding his friend's cock ravenously. Azula had
lifted her head from the agent's shoulder to see why he was slowing, only to
notice the other agent greedily eyeing Azula's most sacred hole. Her ass had
been penetrated before, but Azula was always weary of getting double stuffed,
even though she had always enjoyed it when it was all over.

"Fuck my ass!" moaned Azula, giving the other agent a wink and the go ahead
to stick his seven inches into her tight teen ass. Long Feng began to
masturbate even harder at Azula's dirty words. The agent behind her decided
to follow Azula's strict orders, and after his fellow agent pulled Azula all
the way down onto his cock, he gave Azula a swift slap on her ass, to tender
the meat as it were.

"Ughh!" grunted Azula, as she waited patiently with a seven inch cock buried
in her pussy. The agent used one hand to spread her ass cheeks before using
the other to prod her tiny asshole, preparing it to be penetrated by
something much larger. Satisfied that his cock would find a way into her tiny
hole; the agent guided his cock to his entrance and slowly slid it in.
Azula's hole widened to accommodate his seven inch cock, making her groan in
pain again. It was awkward position, the three of them were in, but after
some jostling, grunting and a few painful minutes, Azula and the Dai Li
agents were finally able to get into rhythm. It took another five minutes of
pushing to get his cock fully into her ass, but when he finally did, both
agents were able to thrust in and out of her two holes in perfect symmetry.

"Mmmmmmmmm!" moaned Azula again, this time going through another powerful
orgasm; coating the cock in her pussy with a second helping of her warm
cream. The sensation of having her cream cover his cock was almost too much
for the agent in her pussy to handle, but after Azula gave him a look of pure
loathing and denomination; he decided to slow his pace again and stave off
his explosive finish. It took ten more minutes of hard fucking before both
men were near their end. Azula had rested her head back onto the agent's
chest, satisfied that he wasn't going to cum inside her. With her oblivious
to their intentions, the two agents looked at each other as they prepared to
fill the young Fire Nation princess with their cum, ready to time their
orgasms to begin at the same time.

"Three... Two.... One...." counted the two agents, with Azula unaware about
why in the world they were counting.

"Wait don--" started Azula, realizing what they had planned to do together.

"UNGHHHHHHHHHH!" grunted both agents at exactly the same time, spilling their
separate loads into both of Azula's hot holes. Azula knew she was too late to
stop them, so instead of trying to get them off of her, she closed her eyes
and accepted the agent's hot sticky cum without any further protest. It was
the largest load Azula had ever felt being shot into her unprotected womb and
rectum in her entire sexual life. Both of their cocks pulsed for a good
thirty seconds, spewing voluminous amounts of potent seed, deep into her. She
hated to admit it, especially after commanding them not to cum inside her,
but the sensation of both her holes being jammed pack with their hot cum felt
amazing to Azula. After they both finally finished cumming inside of her;
they dropped her onto the ground roughly before they both fell backwards onto
their own asses, exhausted but happy about what they had accomplished. Their
intention had been to show the Fire Nation princess who the real bosses
where, letting her know that they would only followed Long Feng's orders.

"Mother Fucke---" started Azula, ready to berate the agents for doing exactly
what they had promised not to do. Before she could finish her sentence
however, she felt several long strands of hot sticky cum plaster her face.
Long Feng had been stroking his cock furiously ever since he notice his men
filling the princess full of their cum. Just as Azula hit the ground, he
began to cum, and not wanting to disappoint the princess, he had gotten onto
his knees in front of her face and pasted her with his seed.

"Ahhhhh!" moaned Azula, disgusted by what Long Feng had just done to her. Not
only had his soldiers disobeyed her orders, their leader had embarrassed her
by giving her a big facial. Azula got onto her knees, still blinded by Long
Feng's cum, and made some hand movements before striking down and killing the
two agents on either side of her with her dangerous lightning attack. Killing
them was her only real option; she could not tolerate those who disobeyed her
orders and after their leader came on her face, she knew she couldn't let the
other Dai Li agents know of her embarrassment. A bright flash of blue
lightning struck the two soldiers dead, sending them flying into separate
corners of the cell, before Azula turned back to Long Feng and began scooping
his cum from her face and licking it off her fingers. Cumming on her face
without permission may have pissed her off, but there was no good reason for
letting Long Feng's tasty cum go to waste.

"Don't worry Long Feng... I have no intention of killing you... I still need
you to tell your soldiers to follow my orders!" ordered Azula, as she
finished cleaning off her face.

"Yes Princess Azula... Of Course" responded a now terrified Long Feng. Azula
nodded her head before picking up the last two vials of pregnancy potion from
her Kyoshi Warrior clothing and leaving Long Feng's cell, completely naked.
As the two dead agents' cum continued to leak out of her holes, Azula drained
one of the vials, avoiding pregnancy, hopefully for the last time. She strode
out of the Ba Sing Se prison completely naked, not needing the ridiculous
Kyoshi Warrior outfit anymore and happy to have finally sealed the Earth
Kingdom's fate. She now had only one vial of pregnancy potion left, but she
also now had the support of the Dai Li, and after she killed the avatar, she
would get rid of the Earth King and betray Long Feng. Ba Sing Se would belong
to her father, and Lo and Li would be able to come to the city and provide
her with all the pregnancy potion she needed.


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