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Avatar - The Last Airbender: The Unrated And Untold Stories Part 11 - The Awakening
by Avatrek ([email protected])

The aftermath of the battle for Ba Sing Se had dealt a terrible blow to restoring the world back to balance. Not only was Aang nearly killed by a bolt of lightning from Azula, the city of Ba Sing Se had been overrun by the Fire Nation and with it, the entire Earth Kingdom. The only good news was that Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph and the Earth King, along with Bosco, Momo and Appa, were able to escape the Fire Nation infested city of Ba Sing Se. As they flew away from the city, the group reflected on the events that had unfolded. Toph had been kidnapped and brutally molested and fucked by Xin Fu and Master Yu. She had also gotten a massive facial from the Earth King while a very horny Sokka planted his seed deep within a defenseless Ty Lee. Zuko had been lucky enough to get both his sister's pussy and a slutty Katara's. Not only did Katara have sex with Zuko while being held captive, she had been seemingly impregnated by some blue-glowing Avatar cum. Azula was the sluttiest of all; she had been sexually active with Dai Li Agents, Zuko, her uncle Iroh, and also the Avatar, against her will. The aftermath had lead to a number of possible pregnancies, almost all of which had thankfully been averted in the nick of time. Azula and Ty Lee were able to procure a couple of very valuable vials of pregnancy potion within the city of Ba Sing Se, after the Dai Li took control. Katara's fate had yet to be determined; she had no idea whether Aang's super cum would sneak a few of the little guys into her fertile womb and leave her pregnant.

The next three weeks were something of a blur; Appa and the gang had flown back to Chameleon Bay, where they had found Katara and Sokka's father. From there, they stole a Fire Nation Navy ship and had made their way through Earth Kingdom waters and towards the Fire Nation. The decision had been made to re-work the invasion plan with a small force; one which would see a small number of water tribe warriors and others invade the Fire Nation on the Day of Black Sun on a stealth mission.

Katara was able save Aang's life with the water from the Northern Water Tribe, but Aang's recovery was a long and difficult one. It would take three weeks before Aang was well enough to actually stand up and walk around. Three weeks was far too long for Katara however; her overactive teenage horniness quickly overcame her loyalties to Aang, and her need to be sexually satisfied overwhelmed her. Aang was completely out of it, and unable to satisfy her insatiable sex drive, and because there was no shortage of Water Tribe men aboard the ship, she knew she could easily seduce one of them and satiate her yearning lust.

It just so happened that Katara had her eye on a familiar face to satiate herself; Bato, who had been her first true sexual partner and the man who had introduced her to the immensely pleasurable art of sex. Bato had introduced Katara to the male penis, letting her suck on his manhood and taste his flavorful essence. It was because of this, that Katara decided he represented her perfect choice as a substitute for her usual sex partner.

A week after the battle for Ba Sing Se, Katara made her move on her father's best friend, by cornering him after he came out of his private quarters. Before he could react to Katara standing outside his door, she had pushed him back into his room and onto his soft plushy bed. Bato looked extremely shocked; he had used Katara's inexperience and naivety when she was a nubile teen back at the Southern Water Tribe to get her to suck him off, but he had never seen her so aggressive. On several occasions, he had let Katara suck on his cock like a lollipop for his own gratification, but never had he gotten a sweet piece of her teenage waterbender pie.

"Katara... What are you doing?" Bato said, seeing a crazy look in Katara's lustful eyes. His eyes quickly flitted down Katara's revealing Water Tribe dress, noticing how she had really developed in the short amount of time since he had last been intimate with her. Katara was curvier, her small firm breasts were a little bigger and her ass far juicier than he could ever remember.

"I can't help myself!" Katara replied, turning around and wiggling her juicy little ass, right in Bato's face.

Bato, knowing it was wrong to violate his best friend's youngest child, tried his best to resist reaching out and squeezing her taut little ass. The decision was made for him however; when Katara took the initiative by bending her knees and sitting right on his lap. As Bato sat stunned with his hands at his sides, Katara began grinding her ass up and down his crotch with some serious determination. It didn't take long for Katara's grinding to yield some definitive results however, as Bato's resolve to abstain from violating Hakoda's trust quickly dissolved. The bulge in his pants grew to accommodate his growing manhood and his hands slithered their way up her thighs and towards her tight teen pussy.

"Mmmmmmm... That feels so good!" moaned Katara, as her hips continued to move back and forth on Bato's growing shaft.

Bato's long fingers made their way down to the lower hem of her dress and pulled it upwards revealing a tiny pair of red Fire Nation panties. Katara had stolen a pair of underwear from a former Fire Nation soldier that had been on the ship, and had thrown them on to cover tight pussy and ass. Katara had gone through several pairs of panties and after her last little sexual foray in Ba Sing Se, she had run clean out. The pair she was wearing now wouldn't last long either, because instead of simply sliding them off her, Bato tore right them off and began rubbing the small strip of Katara's finely trimmed pubic hair.

Katara, knowing that she had successfully seduced Bato into having her, pulled her dress completely off as she continued to slide up and down on his lap. With one hand still rubbing her clit, Bato reached up and began fondling Katara's phenomenal breasts, squeezing the soft mounds and the hard nipples, eliciting moans of pleasure from the horny waterbending teen. As Bato's fingers began to move in and out of her moistening pussy, Katara got ready to get on her knees and repay his kindness with a little bit of her own. Before she could do that however, a sudden tingling in her loins began to emanate throughout her body as several waves of euphoria overcame all her other senses.

"Arghhhhhhh!" Katara screamed, going through an extremely hot orgasm and squirting a large portion of her warm juices all over Bato's long and skillful fingers. The orgasm only lasted a few moments, but the sensation emanated through her for several seconds after. Wanting to pay back her kind host, Katara took the opportunity to slide off Bato's lap and get on her knees. She turned around and moved her hands upwards towards his waste line. With a quick tug, Katara was able to untie and remove his belt, revealing a massive eight inch erection. Katara had seen his massive tool before, but she had forgotten how tasty it looked when her mouth was only inches away from it. Katara slid her lips over Bato's bulbous head before slowly engulfing more and more of his very large and very hard shaft.

Bato knew this feeling well; he just sat back, placed his hands at the back of Katara's head and helped move her lips back and forth over his shaft.

"Mmmmmmmm!" mumbled Katara working over both his shaft and balls with her hands and mouth. It didn't take long for Katara to see the strain on Bato's face and Katara knew that with that strain, would come a very sticky end. Katara didn't want that to happen so early; she still wanted to have her pussy stuffed by Bato's throbbing rod, so to the obvious chagrin of Bato, she pulled her hot mouth and lips off his hard cock and stood up in front of him. Bato wasn't very pleased with Katara's abrupt stop, but after getting a perfect full view of Katara's tanned and trim body, he became very delighted. He got even more excited when Katara stepped closer to him and pushed him backwards onto the bed and crawled on top of him. She sat just above his pulsing hard cock, before leaning over and kissing Bato on the lips. Bato was a little shocked, but decided to play along; he had no idea how big a slut Katara had become since she had first sucked him off.

"What are you doing Katara...? I don't think your father would approve..." Bato said, feeling Katara's hand reaching back and gripping his eight inches. Before Bato could object any further however, Katara slid the tip of his rod into her tight teenage crevice.

"Oooooooh!" moaned Katara, enjoying the sensation of having her tight twat filled with a man's hard meat. Bato made a similar noise of approval, before he felt Katara push down harder and engulf more of his throbbing shaft into her supple pussy. Bato, realizing that resistance was indeed futile in this case, took hold of Katara's tanned ass and help slam her down farther until he was balls deep in her.

"That feels so good!" groaned Bato, as Katara started moving up and down him, bouncing on his cock like a little fuck bunny. As Katara drove her ass downwards onto his lap, Bato plowed upwards, slamming more and more of his meat as deep into her as possible. He knew he wouldn't last much longer; Katara's amazing body, her tight pussy, and her skillful sexual techniques were overwhelming Bato much too quickly for his liking.

Ever since Katara had read the sex book from the Library, her skills as a seductive temptress had definitely improved her fucking technique and in the process, had inevitably reduced the length of time her lovers could last while fucking her. This was the case for Bato of the Water Tribe; his panting got louder and his thrusts became wilder, as Katara could feel the heat and size of his swelling cock slam into her.

"I'm gonna cum Katara!" groaned an exhausted Bato, who was so close to orgasm that he could barely hold on a moment longer.

"WAIT FOR ME!" shouted Katara, whose own orgasm had been rapidly approaching ever since Bato had begun thrusting into her like a wild man. The heat and rapid growth of his manhood inside Katara had also contributed to her imminent explosion, and she fully intended to reach her end before she let Bato cum inside her. A few deep thrusts later and Katara's orgasm hit its climax.

"YESSSSSSSSS! CUM INSIDE ME!" she moaned like a whore, squirting her juices for the second time; this time down Bato's piston-like shaft and onto his tightening balls. Bato's could feel Katara's pussy convulse and clamp down on his already swollen shaft. The feeling was too much for him to handle and as Katara enjoyed the afterglow of her own powerful orgasm, Bato let out a grunt of release.

"UNGHHHH... UNGHHHHHHH!" Bato grunted, driving his cock as deep into Katara's wet snatch as possible before filling her teenage womb with a massive quantity of warm sticky seed. Shot after shot of his cum filled her beautiful teen body until there was no room left in her already stuffed pussy. With each following grunt of release, Bato's hot cum leaked out of her tight hole and onto Bato's bed sheets.

Katara had expected Bato to cum as soon as she had gone through her own powerful orgasm; what she hadn't expected was the amount of seed he had pumped into her teenage womb. Lucky for Bato, Katara had already been impregnated with Avatar cum, and a healthy hot adult size load fired into tight cunny was just what Katara needed to satiate her horny teenage libido.

As Bato fired the last load of his hot cum into Katara's sopping wet and cum-filled hole, she collapsed onto his chest and they both fell into a deep and restful sleep, with Bato's softening eight inch rod slowly shrinking inside of her.

* * *

As Katara was being plowed like the little waterbending slut that she was down below deck in Bato's quarters, Toph was on the bridge of the ship, wasting away the day with Sokka and Hakoda. Toph had somewhat limited sight when aboard a ship at sea; her blindness and keen sense of hearing was affected by the ship itself and the waves running up against the hull. She had therefore stuck close to either Sokka or Katara during their voyage so far, and had no plans in being left alone on the metal Fire Nation contraption. The only problem was, she was bored out of her mind; no earth to bend, no fun to be had and generally nothing to do, had left the young earthbender looking for mischief.

The graveness of the situation and the constant looming of danger had meant very few opportunities for anyone including Toph, to get their rocks off during the sea voyage. As Hakoda left the bridge for a little rack time, Toph decided that a perfect situation had arisen for her to finally have a little fun and break up the dreary monotonous day.

"Toph... What the fuck!" Sokka groaned loudly, just as Toph's small fingers wrapped around his waist and she groped him from behind. Not that he didn't like the feeling of Toph's small but skillful hands groping at him, but Sokka was charged with guiding the ship through dangerous Fire Nation waters, and a little fun with Toph would endanger the whole crew and an unconscious Aang in the process.

"Oh... Come on Sokka... Please....." Toph pleaded as her fingers moved beneath the band of his pants and brushing up against his slowly growing shaft.

"Fuck Toph... Why do you have to be such a slutty whore!" groaned a defeated Sokka, realizing Toph's tempting advances were just too much to spurn and a quick fuck was the only alternative. "As long as I... Unhhhhhhh... keep focused, I think I can do two things at once!" Sokka mumbled, letting the sensation of Toph's tiny fingers move back and forth over his massive rod.

"Sure you can!" Toph laughed, knowing that her sexual skills would soon overpower his better judgment and he'd have no choice but to focus solely on fucking her brains out. In fact, Toph was going to make sure Sokka gave her his full attention. She'd moved around to the front of Sokka, while he continued to manipulate the throttle and steering wheel. Not letting go of his cock at any point, Toph quickly pulled down his pants to get a look at his massive eleven inch tool; one which she had had the pleasure of fucking only once. Without hesitating, Toph leaned forward on her knees and took several inches of his hot throbbing manhood directly into her sweet pre-teen mouth. Sokka moaned loudly as Toph set out to work pleasing a somewhat distraught Sokka, whose eyes were still glued forward in a glassy stare.

Sokka could feel the warm sensation of Toph's small hot mouth engulfing and sucking on his monstrous cock. His father had left him in charge of keeping the ship on track, but Toph's actions were quickly subverting his soldier like loyalty to his father and his duties. Without even realizing it, Sokka began moving hips back and forth in rhythm with Toph's motions, adding to the growing pleasure.

"I've been waiting for this ever since Ba Sing Se!" moaned Toph, lifting her head from Sokka's shaft just long enough to let him know how much she enjoyed sucking on his tasty lollipop. Just before placing her lips back on the tip of his eleven inches, Toph pulled off her Fire Nation cloak and her skimpy Earth Nation robe, leaving her completely naked.

Sokka couldn't help but take a quick look at Toph's small but extremely tight pre-teen body. With his one quick look he noticed that Toph's small but nicely shaped tits were a bit larger than they had been only a few weeks earlier. Still trying to focus on the narrow waters in front of him Sokka reached down and took hold of one of Toph's firm boobs, feeling and enjoying her new and improved developing body.

"Like what you see?" Toph said, lifting her head from Sokka's cock again and standing up face to face with Sokka. He took another look down at her pale little body, getting a good look at both her pink nipples and her bald and extremely delectable pussy. Toph gave Sokka a quick smile and wink before turning around and taking hold the steering wheel. She barely had to bend over at all to take hold of the wheel, but she did just enough, so her ass was sticking out just far enough to rub up against Sokka's throbbing eleven inches.

"GODDDDDD!" groaned Sokka, feeling Toph's hot ass rubbing up against his fully hard and glistening rod. He stole another quick glance at Toph's tiny but perfect juicy ass before giving into her lustful advances. "FUCK IT!"

"Don't you mean FUCK ME!" Toph replied with a giggle as she felt both of Sokka's hand grasp her hips and help guide in his massive eleven inch tool. "Don't worry... I'll drive!" she said as the tip of Sokka's cock began nudging up against her tight pussy lips.

"What... but you can't see" Sokka replied quizzically, looking down at the back of her head.

"I wasn't talking about the ship silly" Toph responded, slamming her hips backwards with every ounce of power she could muster.

"Oh...NGHHHHH!" Sokka moaned in unison and pain with Toph, as half of his massive cock was jammed into her unbelievable tight twat. After recovering from the shock of such a painful intrusion, Sokka pulled one hand off of Toph's tight ass and placed it back onto the steering wheel, making sure the ship remained on course. Instead of the direction of the ship being his main focus now, fucking Toph's sweet pre-teen pussy became his most important task, stealing quick glances up every few seconds to remain on course.

As Sokka kept the ship straight, Toph did indeed take control of the situation, moving her hips back and forth into Sokka's stationary cock; engulfing more and more of his massive rod with each thrust. It took ten minutes before Toph's small body and incredibly tight pussy could fully accept Sokka's eleven inches. Both Sokka and Toph let out a moan of satisfaction when Sokka finally bottomed out inside her.

"AHHHHHH!" she yelped with Sokka's full shaft still buried inside her. The sensation of being stuffed with such a large cock again was more than enough to push her over the edge and cause her to orgasm. Her pussy clenched and convulsed around Sokka's cock as she squirted her juices down his cock and out of her pussy onto the metal floor. After a few seconds of recovery, Toph began moving her hips again; unaware of how close Sokka had come to blowing his sticky seed deep inside her clutching pussy. The momentary pause had given him a second wind and a few more minutes of glorious fucking.

Sokka's attention was now almost completely focused on Toph's bucking hips, as he starting moving his own hips in unison. He also started to squeeze and grope her tiny juicy ass while he fucked her, slapping her every few seconds to make her moan out in painful pleasure.

"I was so horny for your big cock, Sokka!" Toph groaned, getting ready to go through her second orgasm, only a few minutes later. The intimate depths of Sokka's large cock was touching her so deep with each thrust, that it was causing her to go through orgasms at a rampant pace.

"I'll fuck this sweet pussy anytime you want, Toph!" groaned an even more taxed Sokka, who had staved off orgasm for several minutes, so Toph could have the pleasure of going through a second.

"GOD... You're too big!!!!" she screamed three minutes later, slamming her ass backwards and tightly grabbing hold of the steering wheel as her pussy convulsed and began to spasm. With Sokka's eleven inches fully submerged inside of her, she went through her second powerful orgasm, squirting her warm juices over his cock again.

"UNGHHHHHH... I'm CUMMMMMMMING!" Sokka shouted with an almighty grunt, taking his hand off the steering wheel and grabbing hold of Toph's sweet ass with both of his hands. Toph's clutching pussy and warm juices were all that it took for Sokka to finally blow his massive load. His cock convulsed and he began to spew several long and very thick steams of hot sticky cum directly into Toph's tiny womb. Stream after stream flowed into her supple body and quickly came back out after filling her with ease. Sokka had so much cum built up, he pumped over ten full loads of his sticky seed into her before his orgasm subsided and Toph collapsed to the ground in front of him. His glistening and softening shaft popped out of her tight pussy, along with a few streams of his warm semen as he regained his senses and noticed that the ship had veered off course and had nearly run aground. He quickly made an adjustment to the course and the ship was saved.

"I probably shouldn't do that again!" Sokka sighed to himself, looking down at the unconscious and naked Toph, who had a large grin on her face. Toph's orgasm had been so powerful, it had caused her to squeeze the metal steering wheel so hard, it had bent it. "I shouldn't do it again, but I probably will!" Sokka laughed.

* * *

While Aang lay unconscious on a stolen Fire Nation ship attempting to escape the Earth Nation waters, Prince Zuko and Princess Azula were celebrating their victory in Ba Sing Se with the tearing down of the city walls. Zuko seemed a little dejected however; he had betrayed his uncle and his conscious by helping his slutty sister conquer the Avatar and take down the Earth Nation. The celebrations did not last long however; Zuko, Azula, Mai and Ty Lee left for the Fire Nation soon after to receive special commendations from the Fire Lord himself.

Zuko was extremely nervous the entire trip home and although it lasted only a few short days, it felt like an eternity, specially with his slut of a sister trying to seduce him into fucking her again.

Azula had been horny as hell since she had gotten a hot sticky load of cum from the Avatar. After luckily receiving another rather large quantity of pregnancy potion vials from Lo and Li an averting any possible pregnancy, Azula knew she had supplies enough of the valuable potion to fuck almost every soldier in the Fire Nation twice over without getting pregnant. If it were up to her, every single Fire Nation soldier would get their chance to fuck her sweet teenage pussy. The rather short boat ride home therefore tested her accelerated libido time and again; only being able to fuck a few rather ugly Fire Nation sailors. Cock was cock though, and if she couldn't get it from her big brother, she would find it elsewhere.

Upon reaching the Fire Nation homeland, Zuko and Azula returned to the Fire Nation palace and a very large celebration, where both siblings were honored by the entire ruling class, along with their father. It had been Fire Lord Ozai who had banished Zuko and although he had congratulated Zuko with the rest of his subordinates, he planned to meet with him later to congratulate him personally.

Zuko's nerves were on edge as he waited for his father to meet with him in the throne room, but after his father spoke of Zuko's heroism and honor being restored for conquering Ba Sing Se, Zuko became less tense. It was when he mentioned how proud he was that Zuko had in fact killed the Avatar, that Zuko again felt both confused and bewildered. Obviously Azula had told their father that it had not been her but Zuko who had killed the Avatar, even though she had struck him down with a final blow. The meeting soon ended and although Ozai remained proud of his son, Zuko was certain Azula's deception was not for his benefit.

Zuko, confident that his sister was up to something, left the meeting and went straight for her quarters. It was fairly late, but Zuko had no intention of waiting until morning to discover Azula's plan. His bitch of a sister had manipulated and tricked him since childhood and he was prepared to do whatever it took to get the upper hand on his conniving sibling.

"Why'd you do it?" Zuko commanded upon entering her royal quarters and seeing her feigning sleep while she rested under her thin silk sheets.

"You're going to have to be a little more specific" Azula responded in a calm and innocent voice.

"Why did you tell father that I was the one who killed the Avatar?" he replied, not relenting one bit.

"Can't this wait until morning?"

"It C-A-N-'-TTTTT..." Zuko stuttered as Azula threw off her thin sheets to reveal to him that she wasn't alone and was extremely busy. Zuko's cock hardened at the sight in front of him; Azula was completely naked with her legs splayed wide open. That wasn't the most interesting part however; Mai was in between her legs with her tongue delving in and out of Azula's finely trimmed teenage twat, licking her moist folds and pleasuring Azula to no ends. The long return trip and shortage of suitable cocks had lead Azula down a path she had never really considered. Instead of getting stuffed by long thick cocks, Azula was surprised to find out that sex with another girl was almost as good. Mai and Azula had had many opportunities to explore each others beautiful bodies and to their exaltation, both enjoyed each other's company immensely.

"Unless... Unless you want to join us Zuzu?" Azula replied to Zuko's flustering, enacting another one of her devious plans. She would draw off Zuko's inquisitiveness with something he had desired much more; a chance to fuck both herself and Mai at the same time.

Mai pulled her tongue out of Azula's pussy and looked at her with concern in her eyes. She had always had a crush on Zuko and she wasn't sure she was ready to possibly jeopardize any future relationship with him over a silly three way with his sister. Her teenage horniness however, took precedence over any kind of common sense and instead of denying Azula's invitation for Zuko to join, she looked back at Zuko with her naked ass and pussy facing right back at him and gave him a sexy wink and a little ass wiggle.

"Good LORD!" Zuko muttered to himself, as his cock nearly tore through his pants. He knew he was probably being manipulated by his crafty sister again, but a chance to get a piece of both Azula and Mai's sweet ass was too important to pass over. "FUCK IT!" he shouted, tearing off his armor, undershirt, pants and underwear before running over to his sister's large bed and standing right beside the pair of girls he intended to fuck.

"It looks like you're ready to go, but we should make sure first!" Azula said, motioning for Mai to get off the bed and kneel in front of Zuko like she was about to do. Zuko stood completely still as two gorgeous and naked teen sluts got on their knees in front of him, smiled up at him and began licking either side of his extremely hard dick. Mai fondled his balls with one of her hands as both she and his sister continued to run their hot wet tongues back and forth over the length of his shaft.

"UNGHHHHHHH... UNGHHHH... UNGHHHHH... GOD DAMMIT!" he grunted, as his cock prematurely erupted from the extremely pleasurable sensation of two tongues licking his swollen cock. Zuko hadn't gotten any pussy for weeks, and although a couple of week would normally not have resulted in him blowing his load so soon, the nervous pressure that had been put on him with his triumphant return to his home and future throne had led to a lot of pent-up sexual frustration. His release was therefore massive and unexpected; catching both Azula and Mai very much off-guard. Rope after rope of his sticky seed splashed against their faces and into their mouths as they gagged and tried to shield their faces from the massive onslaught of Zuko's hot cum. Eventually Zuko's orgasm wound down and the two girls were able to wash their faces off from the basin of water at Azula's bedside. When they turned back, expecting to see Zuko's deflated and limp cock, they were astonished to discover that he was fully hard again and ready for round two.

"Impressive big brother... I see you're better at this than I ---" Azula started in her usual stuffy superior voice before Zuko couldn't take her snobbery anymore and thrust his entire seven inches down her arrogant throat. The tactic caught her off guard and after she attempted to mumble something with his cock still lodged in her throat, she gave in and started deep-throating her brother's cock like a pro while Mai watched in fascination.

Mai was nowhere as talented as Azula when it came to pleasuring the opposite sex. She had learned a great deal from Azula in the last week, but when it came to sucking cock, she just didn't match up at all. So, while Azula took Zuko's entire manhood with relative ease, Mai got under Zuko's cock and began licking his balls to further excite him.

"Mmmmm... Keep doing that Mai!" Zuko groaned, enjoying the sensation of Mai's wet tongue lolling up and down over his tightened balls. Unable to wait any longer, Zuko pushed both Azula and Mai off cock and got ready for the next round.

"Ummmmm... Ready for a little bit of this..." Azula said, noticing Zuko's clear desire for more than just a good blowjob. Azula pulled Mai up to the bed and bent her over before she did the same, wiggling her ass and finely trimmed pussy along with Mai at a very lustful Zuko.

"HOLY SHIT!" groaned Zuko, nearly cumming on the spot after watching to gorgeous teen asses being flaunted right at him. Zuko took hold of Azula's waist, flipped her over so she was on the bed, lying on her back and got ready to fuck his sweet teenage sibling's horny pussy. He opened her legs, guided his cock towards her sopping wet hole and pushed the tip of his bulbous head into her. Azula and Zuko groaned in pleasure as more and more of his cock began to slide into her well-used pussy. Zuko marveled out how tight his sister was, especially after how many times she had gotten fucked.

Not wanting to leave out Mai, Azula grabbed her wrist and guided her onto the bed, where she made her face Zuko, and sit on her face. Azula opened her mouth wide as Mai slowly sat down on her pretty face.

"MMMMMMM!" moaned Mai, as Azula's tongue penetrated her completely shaven pussy. While Zuko began to slide in more and more of his seven inch shaft, Mai leaned over Azula's bucking body and began to make out with Zuko. Turned on by Mai's making out, Zuko began slamming his rod into his sister with increased vigor.

"FUCK... AH... YESSSSS!" screamed Azula as Zuko's cock bottomed out inside her pussy and caused her to go through her first orgasm. Zuko nearly blew his load as well after feeling his sister's warm juices coat his piston-like cock while his pace quickened again.

"MY TURN...MY TURN!" pleaded Mai, after seeing Azula's intense orgasm wash over her. Azula consented, allowing Mai to slide down her body and lie on her, face to face. Zuko pulled his cock out of Azula's sweet snatch and nearly fainted as he looked down at the sight before him. Now there were two extremely tantalizing pussies in front of him, just waiting to be fucked. He lined his cock up with Mai's shaved pussy and slowly pushed the tip of his cock into her extremely tight teen twat. Both Mai and Zuko cried out in pain as the first couple of inches slowly entered her barely tried cunt. It took some pushing and pulling, but after five minutes of slow grinding, Zuko was finally able to fit most of his seven inches into her. Satisfied that he now was able to fuck both Azula and Mai with ease, Zuko began moving his cock in and out of both of their tight pussies in quick succession, while Mai and Azula made out. It didn't take long for Zuko to reach his end; the sight before him was too hot to handle as both Mai and his sister moaned in pleasure as their tongues interlocked and they continued to kiss. With one last thrust, Zuko slammed his entire seven inches into Mai sweet teenage snatch and grunted in ecstasy.

"UNGHHHH! UNGHHHHH! UNGHHHHHHHH!" he shouted in exaltation, spraying an even larger load of his hot sticky and very potent cum directly into Mai's teenage womb. The sensation of Zuko's hot seed spraying inside her overwhelmed her own senses and she also screamed in ecstasy as she came as well. The combination of both Zuko's spurting seed and Mai's massive orgasm created a flood of hot semen, which poured out Mai's cunt with each thrust.

After pulling out of Mai and slamming his cock into Azula while he continue to cum, he fired the last couple of loads into Azula's vulnerable and pregnable womb with a smile on his face. Zuko the proceeded to pull out his softening cock from his sister's wet hole before he stumbled backwards and nearly fell over in exhaustion. Too overwhelmed by endorphins and pleasure, Zuko forgot all about why he had come to his sister's quarters and left completely naked and satisfied while Mai and Azula fell asleep in each other's arms.

* * *

While Zuko was in the throes of passion with both Azula and Mai, Katara was hard at work trying to heal and revive an unconscious Aang. It had been three weeks since the battle at Ba Sing Se, and even with her most talented healing techniques, Katara had been unable to wake Aang, meaning Katara knew she had to go to the extreme to solve his health issues. Katara would just have to shock the young airbender out of his deep sleep, and the best way she knew how to do that wasn't exactly a tried and tested method. Nevertheless, Katara had to try something, so instead of turning Aang over onto his back and working on his wound, she kept him on his back and slowly reached for the band holding up his pants. Katara hadn't had the chance to suck on Aang's juicy cock for over three weeks; she just hadn't felt it right to take advantage of someone in a deep coma. Unbeknownst to her, Aang and Sokka hadn't had any moral qualms when they had fucked her while she had unconscious from lack of sleep, several weeks earlier.

"Mmmm... I forgot how good this tasted" Katara moaned to herself, as she pulled down Aang's pants and began licking his soft cock. After a couple of minutes of licking sucking and fondling, Aang's cock had barely budged. Katara was a little worried that Aang wouldn't be able to get hard while unconscious, but after a couple more minutes of intense licking and sucking, Aang's member finally began to harden to a full six inches. "That's more like it!" Katara moaned, engulfing almost half of his shaft and wrapping her tongue around it in the process.

"Unnnn... Uggggg..." moaned a still unconscious Aang, who on a subconscious level was really enjoying the hot blowjob from the girl of his fantasies.

Katara took this as a sign that her newest healing technique was working well. She therefore picked up her pace, and began engulfing more and more of his cock until she had the entire six inches lodged in her throat. She had forgotten how great it was to have Aang's big tasty cock, and now that she had it entirely in her hot wet mouth, she didn't want it to leave again. Unfortunately for her however, Aang's endurance was somewhat limited in his unconscious state. Added with the fact that he hadn't gotten his rocks off in over three weeks since he had filled Princess Azula up with his sticky cum, there just was no way he was going to last much longer. After five more minutes of intense sucking, Aang's cock began to pulse and shutter.

"UNGHHHHH.... UNGHHHHHH... YESSSS!" Aang shouted out in pleasure, waking up just as he blew his load down Katara's tight throat and directly into her waiting belly. Aang opened his eyes for the first time in three weeks; just in time in fact to see the girl of his dreams receiving a mouth full of his creamy essence. Aang fired off ten thick loads of hot sticky cum down Katara's throat before she couldn't take anymore and pulled off his still ejaculating dick. The last two smaller loads splashed up against her cheek before Aang's shaft began to soften.

Aang, confused and disoriented by being woken by such an intrusive healing method, jumped up from his lying position and ran from his room, leaving Katara still lying on the floor with cum leaking out of her mouth.

After Aang was finally calmed down by Sokka, Toph and eventually Katara, the entire circumstances of their escape and subsequent travels over the last three weeks were relayed to the beleaguered Avatar. Before Aang could absorb all the information, including the plan Sokka had concocted, another Fire Nation ship was on approach and was getting ready to dock with their stolen vessel.

"Shit... Hide Aang!" Sokka shouted at Aang, motioning him to find cover with him behind a doorway. Katara, too concerned with hiding Aang, forgot all about the fact that she wasn't wearing any Fire Nation robes to cover up her Water Tribe ones.

Before she could find cover however, the two ships came into contact and a bridge was drawn over the gap between them. Without any other choice Katara's father, Hakoda, took hold of her as if she was a prisoner and got ready to come up with a suitable excuse.

"Commander... Why are you off course? All Western Fleet ships are suppose to be aiding in the support of the occupation at Ba Sing Se!" the other ship's Commander said to Hakoda, as soon as he came aboard.

"Actually... We're from the Eastern Fleet... We have orders to return a prisoner of war back to the Fire Nation" Hakoda lied, pushing his daughter forward, trying to convince the other commander in the process.

"Oh... I see... And have you interrogated this prisoner yet?" the other Commander questioned Hakoda, as his eyes roamed over Katara's sweet teenage features.

"Extensively!" Hakoda lied again.

"How extensively?" the Commander whispered to Hakoda, leaning in closely, hoping to hear that the waterbending beauty was a real slut.

"Not that extensively sir!" Hakoda replied, hoping that his answer would be enough to shoo off the perverted old Commander.

"Well... I guess I better interrogate her a little more before she's brought before the Fire Lord then, shouldn't I?.... We want to make sure she isn't too dangerous" he said, laughing to himself as he gave Hakoda a wink and took Katara by the arm. Katara grudgingly allowed herself to be taken aboard the Fire Nation Commander's vessel, where she was led to his own quarters. Katara knew where this was going and although she usually enjoyed a good fuck, the thought of being some kind of sex toy for a perverted old Fire Nation Commander was detestable. Besides, if everything didn't go to plan, she'd be in an ideal place to do some real damage to the enemy Fire Nation ship.

"Shackle her!" the Commander ordered two of his soldiers when they entered his quarters.

"Holy Shit!" Katara groaned upon seeing the shackles the Commander had ordered his guards to put her in. Two were attached to the far end of a table, while the other two were connected to the floor by thick metal chains. Katara would literally have to be bent over the table to shackle her in correctly. Katara knew then and there that this was no ordinary interrogation room, and if she wasn't mistaken she was about to be fucked hard, without an ounce of compassion.

As the cold steel shackles were bound to her wrists and ankles, Katara could just make out the sound of the Commander's trousers being unbuckled and unceremoniously tossed to the floor. The sound of the Commander's door closing told Katara that she was now alone and at the mercy of the disgusting Fire Nation Commander. She closed her eyes and cringed, expecting at any moment, a violent and possibly painful penetration of her tight teenage pussy. The Commander quickly lifted her blue waterbender dress over her hips, but instead of a painful penetration, she felt a tiny prick slide into her hole and move back and forth. At first she thought it was the man's pinky finger thrusting in and out of her, but after looking back, she realized with a laugh, that the Commander was actually fucking her with his hard two inch cock.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!" she laughed, as the Commander continued to rut his tiny cock into her unsatisfied pussy. "No wonder you have to shackle your women... They'd all run away laughing once they see your baby dick!" Katara laughed as she heard the Commander begin to pant in frustration and release.

"UNGHHHH... UNGHHHHH!" he groaned, spewing a frothy load of his searing hot cum into Katara's baby-maker without remorse. Though his penis was tiny, the load of cum being pumped into Katara was not. Five long strands filled her up before the Commander fell backwards onto a chair and sighed in relief. As his cum poured from her tight twat, the Commander looked up and laughed. "Get used to that position honey... I've no intention of letting your sweet pussy go back to that other ship."

Knowing that if she didn't act quickly, she'd be in serious trouble, Katara thought up a crude plan. It was the oddly pleasant sensation of the Commander's hot cum leaking from her hole and down her long slender and tanned legs that gave her a suitable plan. Although her hands were shackled, she did have enough leeway to move them around and bend any nearby liquid. The chains attached to her shackles jingled quietly as her hands moved about in a complicated fashion until the cum from her pussy was drawn out and splashed against both the chains attached to her ankles and wrists. With another movement of her hands, the cum froze and she was able to smash the metal bindings with ease. The Commander stood up in shock immediately, but before he could call the guards or subdue Katara, she was able to swing one of the metal chains attached to her wrists around and knock out the disgusting Fire Nation Commander.

The ensuing escape and battle between the ships was one of confusion and chaos, and although the Water Tribe controlled Fire Nation ship won outright, it was damaged beyond repair. Not only that; Aang's confidence in Sokka's plan for keeping him out of sight was something Aang could not take. He took off on his own later that night and nearly drowned in the process before he washed up on a volcanic shore, where he accepted Sokka's plan and rejoined his three friends, ready for their final assault on the Fire Nation.


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