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Avatar - The Last Airbender: The Unrated and Untold Stories Part 12 - The Painted Lady
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Katara, Aang, Toph and Sokka had successfully infiltrated the Fire Nation. Aang had posed as a Fire Nation student for a few days, collecting information for the trials ahead. The group was able to see how Fire Nation kids and adults lived their lives and how they viewed the war. Unfortunately, the invasion plan called for the group to keep to a tight schedule and before they knew it, they were back on Appa, flying under the cover of clouds and slowly making their way towards the heart of the Fire Nation. A more pressing matter however was troubling them; their supplies of food were running low and because the stream they were following was saturated with mud and extremely polluted, they hadn't been able to restock their supplies with fresh fish. They were lucky enough to run into a town a few miles down the stream, but just like the stream, the lake surrounding the floating town was saturated with pollution. The gang quickly learned the reason for the pollution; a massive Fire Nation machine factory was using the lake as a dumping ground for their waste. The town was dependent on the fish from the lake, but since the construction of the factory, the fish and water's decaying quality had resulted in near starvation and a growing sickness in the village. The townspeople had prayed for their Spirit Protector, the Painted Lady, to help them in their time of need, but their prayers had gone unanswered. This was the situation the gang found themselves in as they traveled to the small floating town in disguise to buy some much need supplies. However, before they even entered the floating town, they already knew there was little luck in finding the supplies they needed. Feeding a massive flying bison every day was a very difficult and sometimes expensive task. When Appa could not find his required sustenance from his natural surroundings, Aang and the group had to purchase his food. By the looks of the town however, it was fairly self-evident that they could barely feed themselves, let alone a bison weighing several tons. To get to the floating town, the gang had to get over a few hundred feet of murky lake water, and luckily enough, a man was waiting to take them across.

"Greetings... My name's Dock... Mind if I ask who you are?" said the man on a small fishing barge below the group. After Katara made up a story about them being colonials, Dock was kind enough to welcome them aboard his small boat to take them across the lake and to the small fishing village for supplies. Dock himself was an older man and although he had an air of good will about him, both Katara and Toph could swear he was stealing glances at their young shapely bodies every few seconds. Neither of course minded garnering such attention; even from a slightly unattractive older man, but there was definitely something odd about him. On the trip over to the village, Dock gave the group a quick overview of the town's situation; everything from the building of the new Fire Nation war factory, to the adverse effects its waste management had had on the fishing village since.

"Thanks for the ride!" Aang said to Dock after reaching the small floating village.

"Weirdo" replied Toph as stepped onto the floating village and quickly felt a little off balance. Although she could still see through touch and vibration, her usual super-perception was somewhat limited while standing on the floating wooden village.

"Yah... I know what you mean!" Katara replied to Toph's derivative remarks. "He kept ogling us the whole trip over"

"You liked it, slut!" laughed Toph as they started to make their way through the decrepit village.

"Geez... look at this place, the Fire Nation factory has really taken its toll on these people!" Aang commented as they drifted from shelter to shelter; seeing a number of sick and hungry people.

"We have to do something!" Katara replied without a second thought.

"We don't have time Katara... Aang has to defeat the Fire Lord, and besides, all these people will be better off after he beats him anyway" Sokka responded, patting Katara on her firm ass as he did; for support of course.

"We'll see what we can do Katara, while we're here" Aang said, reassuring the concerned Katara. "First we need some supplies though" he said, as they made their way to a small stall to buy some food.

"Oh hey there Dock. I didn't know you worked here too!" Sokka said after seeing who was manning the small stall.

"I'm not Dock... I'm Xu... Dock's my brother" the stall owner replied, even though it was quite obvious that it was in fact Dock.

"But.... Forget it!" Aang replied, not bothering to get into with the obviously crazy villager. "We just need some food... What do you have to sell?"

"Not much, to tell you the truth... But nothing for you" Xu oddly replied.

"What do you mean...? We have money!" Katara responded, looking a little worried. Was it possible that this simple and obviously crazy fisherman had discovered Aang's real identity and was refusing to give them food for that reason?

"Sorry... We don't sell to colonials... Unless..." Xu said with a smirk.

"Unless what... Unless what?" Sokka replied, knowing full well that if they didn't find any supplies soon, they'd be in serious trouble. "We'll do anything!" Sokka continued, not thinking about what the strange man would ask for. Xu told Sokka to lean in closer so he could whisper in his ear. He mumbled something that surprised him, because Sokka lifted his head up suddenly and looked a little confused before smiling and nodding his head in agreement.

Sokka turned around and grabbed Toph by the arm, guiding her away from Katara and Aang in order to relay the proposition Xu had made to him.

"Here's the thing Toph... Xu said that he would make us honorary villagers here only if you did something for him" Sokka told Toph suggestively with a wink at the end.

"Why the hell are all the old weirdoes, perverts too?" Toph replied immediately knowing full well Sokka was asking her to do for the good of the group.

Although Xu had taken an interest in both Katara and Toph, he did have an affinity for the younger variety when it came to choosing a partner for some wild sex. He may be an old crazy coot, but he was well known for his notorious sexual exploits in and around the small fishing village.

"Don't worry Toph... It doesn't look like this old guy will last very long fucking your sweet pussy!" Sokka said to her before giving her ass a quick but firm slap and guiding her into a small hut just behind the food stall. Xu followed her in right after and Sokka was left alone with Katara and Aang to tell them the fair deal he had made with the perverted and crazy Xu. Both Katara and Aang seemed to think it was a fair trade in order to secure the supplies they needed and decided that they get a front row seat to the little sexual exhibition by standing just outside the hut and staring in through the cracks in the door.

"So, old man... I guess you're not just crazy, but a perv too. You know I just turned thirteen though, so maybe I don't exactly qualify as a little girl anymore" Toph said smartly, hoping that Xu would agree and she wouldn't have to fuck the aging man. In fact, Toph had gone through her first period only weeks earlier, meaning she was finally a woman, albeit a tiny childlike one.

"That's alright honey... You'll do just fine!" he said before grabbing her small supple ass through her Fire Nation dress and massaging it. Toph let out a small moan of appreciation before she turned around and got on her knees with a sigh.

"Can you even get it up old timer?" she asked as she slid Xu's loose fitting trousers off his waist and to his ankles. "HOLY FUCK! YOU'RE HUGE!" Toph said with excitement and enthusiasm as a ten inch diamond hard cock popped out of his pants and smacked Toph in her surprised face.

"Holy shit, he's almost as big as you Sokka" Katara whispered from behind the door after seeing the size of Xu's monster shaft from through a crack.

"Almost" Sokka said proudly, before getting closer to the door for a better look at the scene developing only a few feet away. He looked over at his sister, whose eyes were glued on Toph massaging Xu's massive cock. It was obvious to both Aang and Sokka that Katara was extremely jealous of her little friend manhandling on Xu's ten inch rod.

"Fuck that looks good!" Katara said, licking her lips and moving her fingers down towards her moistening pussy.

As Katara fantasized about having the chance to suck on Xu's big tasty dick, Toph was hard at work doing exactly that. She had only the tip of Xu's shaft in her mouth and already it was hitting the back of her petite throat. There was simply no way she was going to be able deep-throat the long and extremely thick member. Not even Sokka's dick was as wide as Xu's and as she continued sucking on his knob while rubbing the shaft with one hand and his balls with the other, Toph was wondering how in the hell Xu could ever think he'd be able to fit that inside her tiny pussy. In the meantime however, Toph was too busy enjoying the taste of Xu's slightly wrinkled but flavorful shaft.

"That's it little girl... Just like a lollipop!" Xu cooed in pleasure as his hands drifted towards the buttons and straps on Toph's Fire Nation disguise in order to start undressing the petite blind beauty. Toph worked away at Xu's stiff cock for a good ten minutes, engulfing as much as she could, using all her considerable talents, but to no avail. She couldn't get the old man to cum and soon she quickly realized that a simple blowjob wouldn't be enough to sate the old crazy man's sexual appetite.

As if Xu was thinking the same thing as Toph, he used his hands to push her head off his cock, picked her up by her waist by his surprising strength, and pinned her against the closest hut wall before slowly guiding his massive tool towards her slightly wet pussy. The mere thought of having a dick so long and wide inside of her had excited her so much; her pussy was already getting wet with anticipation. It was a good thing too; the size and girth of the cock being rubbed up and down her bald teenage slit was going to need that extra lubrication to fit Xu's massive shaft inside her tiny pussy.

"MOTHER FUCKER!" Toph screamed loudly, as Xu suddenly slammed forward, sinking half of his cock into her in mere seconds. The sudden exhilaration of having five inches of meaty thick cock slammed into her slightly wet pussy was more than enough for Toph to reach a massive orgasm. "AHHHHH... YESSSSS! Toph moaned out loud as her pussy clenched Xu's five inches tightly and began to spasm in ecstasy. A thick hot fluid flowed through her body and onto Xu's cock as she shook in orgasm for over thirty seconds.

"You like that, don't you sweetheart?" Xu asked the still shivering Toph before he slowly pulled his five inches back out of her tight dripping wet twat. "Then you'll like this even more!" he shouted before driving not just five inches but the entire length of his cock into her quivering snatch. Toph screamed out like a whore, feeling as though her pussy was about to tear in two.

"Fuck... Those two are really going it at it, aren't they?" Katara moaned, as she watched through a crack in the hut's door and massaged her wet pussy at the same time. "He's using Toph like his own personal fuck-doll!" she groaned in envy.

"I bet you wish you were being impaled by that cock instead of Toph, huh Katara?" Sokka asked his sister with a grin, placing one of his hands on her firm teenage ass in the process. Aang did the same thing moments later; placing his hand on her round ass and massaging it along with Sokka as they enjoyed the show.

As Aang and Sokka fondled Katara's shapely ass, Toph was nearly unconscious from the severe fucking she was getting. The hut wall was buckling from the force of Xu's savage thrusts and Toph couldn't stop herself from continually moaning like a little whore. As much as Toph wanted him to stop nearly ripping her in half with his unbridled and apparently unending endurance, Toph couldn't help but want even more. The earth-shattering magnitude of her first orgasm, left her craving for more and before long, she had her legs wrapped around Xu's waist, trying her best to force more and more of his mammoth cock inside her. Toph's aggressive posturing was all Xu needed to go into hyper-drive; by using his leverage to move in and out of Toph harder and faster. It didn't take much longer for Xu to get close to reaching his own sticky climax. Before that could take place however, Toph was able to beat him to the punch and reach her second sticky climax in only a few minutes. She screamed again in fiery orgasmic bliss, but was soon cut off by the guttural groan of Xu, who was imminently close to reaching his own end.

"I'm gonna cum sweetie!" he groaned, trying his best, but failing, at trying to stem off the inevitable explosion.

"Not inside me!" Toph moaned, realizing that because she was now a woman, a hot sticky load of potent seed could quite possibly impregnate her. There was no way in hell that she was going to let some old coot knock her up.

"UNGHHHH... UNGHHHHH... UNGHHHHHHHH!" grunted the old man, just after pulling out of Toph and letting her roughly drop to the ground. If he wasn't going to be afforded the chance of filling her sweet pussy to the brim with his cum, he'd at least be able to paint her pretty face with several well-aimed shots of his spunk.

"Yummy!" Toph moaned as load after load of his hot seed struck her mouth and face. She lapped up whatever she could as Xu continued to grunt and paste her face with his goo for a good fifteen seconds. By the time he finally finished, Toph's face had a nice glazing of warm cum over nearly all of her face. She cleaned the rest off a second later with a nearby rag and got dressed before stumbling out of Xu's hut in a pleasant but clear stupor. Katara, Aang and Sokka stumbled out of the way just before Toph staggered out of the hut with a smile on her face.

"As honorary members of this village, I am now able to offer you my fine selection of fish" Xu said proudly, as he walked out of the hut behind Toph and directed them towards a small closed wooden box. Even before they opened the top of the box, they could smell the rotten fish beneath. If Toph hadn't enjoyed herself so immensely, she probably would have knocked Xu out, but because she could barely walk straight after her little foray with him, she didn't even make a fuss.

* * *

The gang made it back to their camp just outside the village to spend the night in a safe and secure location. Katara had to help Toph the whole way back to their camp; the physical toll of her little party with Xu had left her dazed, confused and barely able to walk. They decided to spend the rest of the day recuperating from their travels so far and discussing their plans for their route ahead. Katara however, was the only one of the group who wanted to stay and help the village get rid of the Fire Nation factory and restore the village and surrounding waters to their original pristine appearance.

"You just wanna go back and have your pussy fucked by Xu or any number of those other villagers!" Sokka responded to his sister's somewhat ludicrous suggestion.

"FUCK YOU SOKKA... I may be a slut, but I do care about helping these people" Katara responded sincerely.

"Whatever Katara, we're leaving tomorrow morning either way!" Sokka replied, finishing the conversation by turning his back and stomping off towards Appa.

Whether Sokka approved of helping the village or not, Katara fully intended to help the villagers one way or another. While everyone was sound asleep, later that evening, Katara quietly pulled off her fire nation robes and put on a very ragged and tattered purple robe, wreathed and held together by thin robes. She also donned a wide-brimmed straw hat and created a thin grey veil out of water to surround and distort her visage. To cap off her little disguise, Katara used purple berries to paint her face in order to look exactly like the fabled Painted Lady spirit. Knowing that the village lacked the basic necessities to survive, such as food and water, Katara spent almost the entire night gathering fruit, vegetables, clean water and fish from the surrounding area, which she ever-so discreetly and quietly piled at the center of the fishing village for all its inhabitants before rushing back to her camp before dawn. She made sure a few of the early-rising villagers saw her before she faded into the mists; even flashing her small perky tits to a few of the men on the way out. Added with her disguise, the flashing of her gorgeous plump breasts would be more than enough to leave a lasting impression on the village and maybe inspire them to take a stand and find a way to get rid of the Fire Nation factory polluting their fresh waters. When she made it back to the camp, she washed her face, hid her little costume and put on her regular Fire Nation clothes before getting ready to catch a few minutes of sleep before her companions awoke for the day. Before hitting the sack however, Katara was struck with a brilliant idea. The purple berries she had used to paint her own face could be put to good use in order to possibly stay a couple more days.

"What's wrong with Appa?" Aang said later that morning after getting ready to feed the monstrous flying bison. Aang had noticed that Appa's tongue was a very dark purple color and it didn't look very natural at all. Appa seemed okay, but Aang wasn't willing to chance it.

"I don't know Aang... But maybe we should check the village for some kind of medicine, just to be safe" Katara replied innocently, even though it was all a ploy and it had been her who had fed several hundred purple berries to Appa only a few hours earlier in order to color his tongue purple and force her friends to stay near the village for at least one more day.

"I guess you're right Katara... It might not be safe to let Appa fly if he's sick" Sokka agreed, not realizing Katara had played them all like fools. The group left for the village a few minutes later in search of both food and medicine and by the time they had arrived, the entire village's demeanor and moral had changed considerably since their last visit. People were up and about, cleaning the village, talking cheerily and looking as though their entire world had changed.

"Wow... What the hell happened to this place?" Sokka commented after seeing the profound change that had taken place in the village since their last visit.

"Ah... Something amazing happened last night... Food and good fortune was brought to our village last night by the Painted Lady" Xu replied unexpectedly seconds later from out of nowhere.

"The Painted what?" Sokka responded like an idiot. If he had paid attention like Katara had the day before, he would have realized that the Painted Lady was the villager's spirit deity.

"The Painted Lady... The spirit of healing, lust, and fertility of course!" Xu replied a little taken aback at Sokka's idiocy.

"Whatever... Do you have some good food for us today and maybe some medicine for a purple-tongued illness?" Sokka said flippantly to Xu.

"Well... We have this... but I've never heard of a purple-tongued illness and to be honest, we're running quite low on medicine, thanks to the factory" Xu replied, showing the gang a selection of muddy sick fish and clams. Katara selected a few of the less disgusting fish, paid Xu and led Sokka, Aang and Toph back towards their camp. She now knew that her actions had been right, and that more was needed in order to restore the balance and beauty to the small Fire Nation village.

Again the group was forced to stay another full day in the desolate surroundings near the village. Everyone was a little down for having to stay, except for Katara, who waited eagerly for another chance to help the small fishing village. Katara did the same thing she had done the previous night, but this time, instead of finding fresh food and water for the villagers, Katara decided it was best to spend her time using her unique healing abilities to help the sick and injured villagers, who were without real medicines. Many of the villagers were extremely thankful for her help, with a few of them thanking her kindly by squeezing her firm teen ass. Katara tried to retain a spirit-like demeanor and composure, but she couldn't help but let out a small giggle every time she was felt up by a thankful and horny man.

The next morning, Katara and the rest of the group awoke to find Appa looking just as sick as ever, and like the two days before, they decided it was better to wait at least one more day. When they went back to the village for more supplies later in the morning, they were again surprised to find the village in even higher spirits. Of course, Katara knew why, but no one else had yet to catch on. When they asked Xu what had happened this time; he responded by telling them that the Painted Lady had returned and had healed the sick and injured with her amazing healing ability. Xu had even laid eyes on the mystical figure and although she had been clad in loose fitting robes and a veil, he could tell that the Painted Lady was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Katara blushed, but was able to cover it up before anyone was the wiser.

"If that slut wanted to do this village a real favor, she should use her spirit magic to destroy that stupid Fire Nation factory!" Sokka said to his companions after they left Xu a few minutes later.

"Maybe she will... Maybe she will!" Katara said to herself a few moments later. Katara wasted no time later that night; she even left a little earlier than usual, in order to have more time to dismantle the Fire Nation factory. Her early departure however, had unintended consequences. She inadvertently woke a restless Aang after having changed into her Painted Lady costume and although Aang was tired and slightly confused, he chased after who he believed was a spirit.

"Wait up! Wait up Painted Lady!" yelled Aang after using his accelerated wind speed to catch up to the fast-moving Panted Lady. Katara's costume made it impossible for him to see her face and therefore he had no idea that it was actually Katara under the purple robes and straw hat.

"Oh Fuck!" Katara groaned to herself as she picked up her own pace and tried to outrun the speedy Aang. It was to no avail however; after a few risky maneuvers to get away from him, she finally gave up and turned around to face him, making sure her face was hidden beneath her veil and straw hat.

"Finally... I'm the Avatar... The bridge between this world and the spirit world" Aang said enthusiastically, checking the curvaceous and extremely hot spirit in front of him.

"I would love to stay and chat young Avatar, but I am very busy!" Katara lied, trying her best to mask her usual voice and hide her face.

"You know, you're really pretty for a spirit! I've never met another spirit with such a nice little ass or perky little breasts before... and... you kind of seem familiar" Aang replied, reaching over to Katara and squeezing her ass before trying to get another look at her face.

"Thank you young one, but I don't really have much time to fool around!" Katara replied, feeling a little hot under the collar and turned on.

"Wait... Aren't you the spirit of lust and fertility... Shouldn't you want to fool around?" Aang said slyly, trying to goad the Painted Lady into having a little fun with him. "Come on baby... I am the Avatar... It is kind of your duty to do what you can to help, and trust me, letting me have a piece of that sweet spirit pussy would be of great help" Aang finished, pointing down to his raging hard cock, nearly busting through his thin pants material.

"Uhhhh... Ummmmm... I guess I should help the Avatar!" Katara replied, as her eyes stayed focused on Aang's hard six inches. She licked her lips and quickly dropped the ragged robes which covered her beautiful teen body. She made sure to keep her hat and veil tightly secured over her face, in order to maintain her secret identity from Aang.

"Wow... You're even hotter than Katara" Aang moaned, ripping off his own clothes and stepping closer to her in the process. Katara remained as still as a statue as Aang swooped in and began licking, sucking and nibbling on her hard perky nipples. Aang used his other hand to grope at her other perky breast, making Katara moan like a whore. It didn't take long however, for Aang to want a little more than just her beautiful breasts in his mouth. Only a couple of minutes later, he had forced her on to a small soft patch of grass so she could lie on her back and allow him the opportunity to taste her sweet pussy juices. "Fuck... You even taste familiar!" Aang moaned as his tongue probed her tender teenage pussy.

"Mmmmmmm... Yeahhhhhhhh!" was Katara's only response a few minutes later as her pussy convulsed and a warm trickled of juices ran through her pussy and into Aang's waiting mouth. Aang greedily drank up Katara's tasty nectar and before she could even come down from her wonderful orgasm, Aang had her flipped around on her knees, ready to take his hard six inch cock from behind, doggy style. Aang slowly slid his cock into the Painted Lady from behind, inching into her with as much ease as he could. Although her pussy was dripping wet from her earlier orgasm, her pussy was still unbelievably tight. One would think Katara would be the loosest woman in the entire world after the sexual escapades she had gone through in the past year, but her ability to use her water bending to heal even herself, allowed her to keep and unbelievably tight pussy.

"Unghh... Yeah... You're even as tight as her and your pussy feels exactly the same!" Aang groaned as his full six inches finally went balls deep into Katara's teenage twat. Katara didn't respond; the sensation of being filled with Aang's full six inches again was impairing her speech because it felt so good.

"I get that all the time" she blurted out seconds later, as Aang started to pull out and push back in with a steady rhythm.

"I bet you do slut!" Aang murmured to himself, smirking, as he began to really thrust into her with some real passion. Aang gripped Katara by the waist tightly and started to give it to her, making her groan out with pleasure with each inward thrust. It was only a matter of time before the hard pounding, tight pussy and the sexual friction between the two culminated in orgasmic bliss for both of the entwined lovers.

Katara screamed in ecstasy a few moments later as she was the first to hit her climactic finish. Moaning like a whore, Katara's pussy clamped down on Aang's swelling cock and coated it with a second healthy serving of her warm cream. The squeezing of his cock and warm sensation now coating his cock sent Aang over the threshold of his own orgasm moments later.

"Ooooooohh Yeahhhhhhhh!" groaned Aang as he slammed his cock the full length into Katara one last time and deposited a massive sticky load of his hot seed directly into her already impregnated womb. Aang didn't even think to ask if he could defile the Painted Lady's spirit womb, thinking that there would be no way to knock up a spirit. As his cock spurted out the last of his sticky cum, Katara moaned one last time, throwing her head back in a guttural scream. Unfortunately for Katara, her wide-brimmed hat and veil were thrown from her head, revealing her painted but easily identifiable face.

"KATARA?" Aang shouted in shock, with a look of confusion on his face. Aang had thought there was something familiar to the smoking hot woman he was plowing his cock into. After Aang finally pulled his cum-covered cock from her pussy and got dressed, Katara was able to explain the situation and the reason why she had felt it necessary to disguise herself as the Painted Lady. She had wanted to try and get away from Aang without revealing her identity, but after seeing his hard shaft, a sudden urge to give into her primal desires overcame her better judgment and she couldn't help but take a ride on the Avatar express again.

"So you wanted to destroy that Fire Nation factory tonight" Aang cut in as Katara finished telling him of all her exploits over the past few days.

"Yes... We have to help this village!" Katara pleaded with Aang, hoping he would be wooed into helping her complete her difficult mission.

"I guess I have to help you... I am the Avatar of course... and... I guess I owe you!" Aang finished, smacking Katara's tight ass before following her towards the Fire Nation factory. They quickly took down the factory within a couple of hours with relative ease and were able to make it back to the camp as the sun rose for the morning.

* * *

"Where the fuck have you two been!" Sokka shouted at both Aang and Katara as they strolled into their camp with the distant sun finally beginning to rise to signal the early morning.

"We.. uhhhh... were just out for a morning walk" Katara responded unconvincingly, as she looked over at Aang for help.

"You could have said you were fucking over there in the bushes... at least that would've been believable" Sokka replied, tapping his foot against the ground in anger. "I know what you've been doing Katara... I know you've been sneaking out at night... I know you've been feeding Appa purple berries to make it look like he's sick and I know you've pretending to be the Painted Lady."

"Holy Fuck... How the fuck did you figure all that out?" Katara responded, a little astounded at Sokka's brilliance.

"It doesn't matter how I know... You've been putting the entire mission and the entire plan at risk to help one village! We're leaving now, before the Fire Nation shows up and discovers us" he replied sternly.

"But Sokka..."

"But nothing you dumb bitch... Pack you're things!" Sokka shouted, as he stomped off to his tent and began packing his own belongings. Aang followed suit shortly after, leaving Katara standing their looking both shocked and a little betrayed. Before Sokka could start folding up his tent and begin to load up Appa with his gear, Katara snuck into his tent where he was putting the last of his things into his bag.

"What do you want Katara... It's too late to change my mind... I'm putting my foot down!" Sokka said to his sister without even turning around to face her.

"Sokka... These people needed our help and they still do... we can't just abandon them when they need our help the most" Katara replied with passion. She truly believed that although it was just one small village, their plight was every bit as important as the mission they were on.

"Don't you see Katara, our mission is more important than you, me or even this village; it will decide the fate of this world" Sokka responded with conviction.

"I agree Sokka... I just think we could spend just a couple more days helping them out before continuing on" she said, trying to buy herself a little more time to help the sick and starving people of the fishing village. Katara knew only one other way to barter with Sokka, in order to buy herself a little more time. As Sokka considered her words, she quietly stepped up right behind Sokka, who had stood up to get ready to leave his now empty tent. Before Sokka could even get out a single word, Katara had wrapped her arm around his waist and slid her hand under the band of his pants.

"Fuck Katara... You can wiggle your ass all you like... I've put my... Ungghhh... foot... uhhhhh... down... Ummm, that feels good!" Sokka groaned as Katara's small but skilled hand began sliding up and down his hardening cock. Before Sokka could say another word, she had used her other hand to slide his pants down to his ankles and had begun massaging his tightening balls.

Katara had used her sexual skills and sneakiness to barter her way out of a few jams already in her young life. She knew full well that Sokka had a weakness when it came to her and as long as Sokka could get his massive cock up for her, she could use it against him every time. She spent the next five minutes proving that point, by running her hands up and down and all over her massive shaft and tightening balls.

"Come on Sokka... how about two more days... you know we can spare them!" Katara moaned in his ears as her hands worked him over with their skillful and pleasurable manipulation.

"FUCK... We can't Katara... I think I'm gonna cum!" he groaned after another minute of her skillful hand job. Before Sokka could spray his load all over the inside of his tent however, Katara's hands stopped stroking his cock and balls and her fingers tightened around his pulsing and swelling shaft.

"ARE YOU SURE!" She moaned in his ear as he panted out loud in agonizing pain. He was moments from blowing his massive load, but Katara's clenching of his cock had completed stopped him of any chance of hitting his desired climax.

"Come on sis... Let me cum" he groaned in pain, as Katara held her fingers in place, not budging an inch. "FINE... FINE... BUT ONLY TWO DAYS!" he grunted, not able to hold out any longer against his sister's sexual torture. Katara smiled, let go of her vice-like grip on his pulsing shaft and got onto her knees.

"OHHHH YEAH... FUCK!" he groaned in satisfaction moments later as Katara twisted him around and took half his eleven inch monster cock into her hot moist mouth. The tight and warm sensation of her teen mouth was more than enough to push him over the edge and within seconds, he was spilling a massive load of his hot sticky cum into her sweet little mouth. Although the load was fairly large, Katara was more than able to swallow the entire thing in one gulp.

"Mmmmm... You always taste the best!" Katara moaned as she licked her lips before standing up and leaving Sokka standing their both stunned and unable to make a witty response. As Katara made her way out of his tent however, she heard the easily distinctive sound of engines roaring to life and water machines gliding across the polluted river towards the unprotected and defenseless village.


What looked like over two dozen engine-propelled watercraft made their way across the muddy polluted waters towards the helpless Fire Nation village. The Fire Nation soldiers stationed at the Fire Nation factory had been unpleasantly surprise to wake up that morning to find their entire factory leveled. Knowing that only one small village was anywhere near the factory, made it the most likely culprit to blame for their factory's destruction. They were also the nearest village to exact some much need retribution onto. Normally, if the village acted in opposition to their will, the troops and workers from the Fire Nation factory would simply come down from the factory and rough up a few of the townspeople, stealing medicines and food in the process. With the destruction of their precious metal factory however, some real punishment would be needed if they themselves hoped to avoid the wrath of the Fire Lord for the loss of the valuable factory. They would need to teach the little fishing village the price of treason. Before burning the dilapidated village into oblivion, the man in charge of the troops at the factory made it abundantly clear to his subordinates to rape, pillage and plunder the entire village before setting it to fire.

As the motorized watercraft neared the defenseless village, Katara, Toph, Sokka and Aang looked on in horror.

"We have to do something to help them... They can't defend themselves!" Katara pleaded, standing up to get changed into her Painted Lady costume.

"Katara... We can't help them... It'll expose our entire plan to the enemy" Sokka replied, feeling both guilty and sure that if they helped the entire world may be doomed.

"But what about our deal" Katara again pleaded with Sokka, reminding of him of the bargain they had made only moments earlier.

"Nice try Katara, but our bargain was to stay an extra couple of days, not to stop an invasion!" Sokka responded smartly in short order.

Fuck, I knew he'd say that!, Katara thought to herself as she finished applying the last of her makeup to her face. "Fine then! I'll stop them all by myself!" she nearly shouted as she started walking towards the lake and the floating village.

"Wait Katara! We'll help you..." Sokka responded to Katara's stocking off. "You need me, and I'll never turn my back on you!" Sokka said passionately. He then walked up next to her and whispered, "You owe me big time for this slut!"

"DEAL!" Katara agreed gladly as Sokka, Aang and Toph began formulating a plan to defeat the Fire Nation soldiers and save the village.

While the gang debated what they needed to do, the Fire Nation soldiers had already reached the village and were ready and set to cause some serious mayhem.

"Thieves and traitors to the Fire Nation... That's all you are!" the commander of the Fire Nation soldiers scolded the residents of the village after pointing at food, water and medicine crates with the Fire Nation symbol emblazoned on them. "Stealing food and medicine from your own warriors? What's wrong with you?"

"But it wasn't us... The Painted Lady gave us that food, water and medicine... she---" Xu started, but was quickly interrupted by the enraged army commander.

"Silence! Pathetic... Blaming your treachery on a non-existent spirit who cares nothing for your dilapidated village! That's just what I expected from a village full of traitors" the army commander shouted as he and a few other male soldiers began unzipping their pants. "I guess we're going to have to teach you a valuable lesson... Starting with you honey!" he continued, pointing at a dirty but obviously attractive teenage girl who was near the front of the group of villagers.

"Not my daughter!" a slightly older woman who was obviously her mother shouted in her defense, stepping in front of her as she did.

"Don't you worry honey, we'll get to you in short order!" the soldier laughed as he stepped forward towards his future victim, slapping away her mother in the process.

Meanwhile... Aang, Katara and Sokka were still planning a suitable action to take in stopping the Fire Nation soldiers from pillaging and burning the village.

"Shit Sokka... We'd better hurry... It sounds like the party's already started!" Aang interrupted the plan-making after hearing a few screams from the village. Throwing caution to the wind, the gang ran down to the water and prepared to enact an incomplete plan to save the already besieged village people. By the time they finally made it to the floating village, a circle of several Fire Nation soldiers had converged around the moans, groans and screams of several of the village's more attractive young women being violated. Aang and Katara quickly started to create mist from the water, which began engulfing the entire village. Using the mist as her queue, Katara drifted across the water dressed as the Painted Lady with Aang in close tow.

"Look... It's the Painted Lady... Here to save us!!!" several village members shouted with joy. The circle of Fire Nation soldiers quickly collapsed to face the approaching spirit, revealing the ten girls in the middle, still having their tight teenage pussies being pounded by the cocks of ten muscular and obviously high-ranking soldiers. A few of them sped up their thrusts and grunted in climax just before Katara made it across the water. The leader finished up just as Katara stepped onto one of the docks and began to make her way towards the now frightened Fire Nation soldiers.

"Look... It's the Painted Lady... Take her down!" the commander shouted to his troops as he pulled up his pants over his now limp cock, while the girl he had raped remained almost catatonic beneath him. Unknown to both the commander and his soldiers, Aang was hiding underneath the dock Katara had stepped onto. As the soldiers approached, he used his airbending to make it look as if Katara had attacked them. Fearing the wrath of a spirit like the Painted Lady, all the Fire Nation soldiers except for commander fled for their lives. Katara and Aang quickly dispatched of the tough-acting commander and freed the village of his and the Fire Nation's wrath.

The villagers all thanked Katara, but before she could make her exit, Xu realized who she actually was. In the end, the villagers were not that angry at Katara for impersonating the Painted Lady. As promised, Sokka allowed the gang to stay and help the village clean the water surrounding the village and the village itself for the following two days, in which, the villagers were able to show their appreciation several times to each member of the group, especially Katara.


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