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Avatar - The Last Airbender:
The Unrated And Untold Stories Part 2 - The Blind Bandit
by Avatrek

Aang, Sokka and Katara all stood in the market place helping Sokka decide
whether or not to buy a new green and gold earth nation carry bag. The group
had made their way to an Earth Nation town on a beautiful day where they had
found an open market. As Sokka contemplated out loud whether or not to buy
said carry bag, Aang was deep in thought, wondering how and where he could
find an earthbending master to teach him earthbending. After Sokka had
finally bought the carry bag, the group made their way into the main street
where a scruffy looking man with a beard approached them concerning
earthbending lessons with a Master Yu. He gave Aang a poster with
information on it and a coupon on the back.

"Who knows, this Master Yu could be the earthbending master you've been
looking for Aang?" Katara said as Aang looked at the coupon on the back of
the poster.

A few hours later Aang had made his way to Master Yu's academy for his free
lesson. Like the other students in his beginner level, who were all much
younger, Aang wore a traditional earthbending uniform. In the end, the
lesson turned out to be a farce, and as Aang left the outdoor earthbending
academy, he knew that Master Yu was not the master he had been looking for.
However, when he met with Katara and Sokka, he was lucky enough to overhear a
couple of the older students talking about an Earth Rumble 6.

"I think the Boulder is going to win back the belt at Earth Rumble 6" said
one of the boys.

"He's going to have to fight through the best earthbenders in the world to
even get a shot at the champ" replied the other boy, as they walked by Aang,
Katara and Sokka.

Realizing an opportunity, Aang jumped out of the shadows, behind the two boys
saying, "Excuse me, but where is this earthbending tournament".

"It's on the island of Nonya, Nonya business!" said one of the older boys as
they both began to giggle and walk away.

"Huh, ha ha ah ah hah huh", laughed Sokka as he and Katara walked up to Aang,
"I've gotta remember that one, ha haha".

"I'll take care of this" said Katara anxiously, with a wicked smile on her
face. "Hey, strong guys, wait up!" said Katara as she ran up behind the two
boys into a long dark alley.

As the boys made it to the end of a dead end alleyway where there stood a
locked door, Katara reached out and grabbed one of the boy's soldiers before
he was able to unlock the door leading into a house. The boys looked back
with sneers written all over their faces.

"What do you want, little girl, to beg us for that little wimp back there"
said one of the boys, with an obvious tone of superiority.

"No" said Katara sexily, "I'm here to bribe you".

"The boys looked at each other with curiosity etched all over their faces.
"Bribe us with what----".

Before, either the boys could finish their sentence; Katara had grabbed their
soft crotch areas. "With this!" said Katara as she started really rubbing
their hardening cocks through their pants with a little more force.

"Oh yeah" said both of the boys, almost at the same time. They could both
feel themselves getting harder and harder, until they were both at their
maximum potential.

As Katara started to undo both of the boys' pants, she got onto the hard
stone ground where she said with surprise, "Wow! Amazing! Master Yu must be
a great master if he was able to teach you to get this rock hard".

"That's all you baby", responded one of the boys with a smirk on his face.

After that, Katara was all business as she pulled down both of the boys'
green pants and underwear to reveal two 8 inch rock hard dicks. Katara
couldn't believe her fortune, only a few days after getting pounded by Aang
and slurping down copious amounts of his hot cum, she was about to get double
the dose. As Katara fantasized being covered in earthbender cum, she started
rubbing both of the boys' shafts, looking right up into their faces. Katara
could see the satisfaction in their eyes as she started to pump their cocks
back and forth with both of her hands with increasing rapidity. Deciding
that they looked like they could handle even more, she opened her beautiful
teen mouth and started to inch closer and closer to one of the boy's cocks.
Upon seeing what was to come, the boy about to get sucked off, slammed his
hips forward, making Katara envelop his entire 8 inches in one gulp. Taken
off guard, Katara's grip on the other cock lessened as her other hand dropped
to her waist. Katara gagged profusely before the boy with his cock jammed
down her throat pulled back a little to let her catch her breath.

"Take it easy", said Katara as she pulled off of his cock entirely. "Don't
be so hasty, I was going to suc---", said Katara, as she was interrupted when
the boy jammed his cock back into her mouth. "Mmmm, mmm, mmmmm", mumbled
Katara, with the boy's 8 inches back down her throat.

Seeing that they were now in control of the younger girl, the other
earthbender boy began removing Katara's clothing, throwing it to the ground.
With only her blue bra and thong remaining, the boy tore off her bra,
revealing young, firm, tanned breasts, with small brown nipples. Standing
behind Katara, as she continued sucking off the other boy, he crouched behind
her and started rubbing her tits as her head bobbed back and forth. Katara
could feel his warm cock pressed up against her lower back as she moaned in
pleasure from the massage she was receiving. The boy rubbing her tits looked
down at Katara's tight brown ass and decided that it was time to remove her
tiny blue thong. He did that roughly by backing up, taking his hands off her
tits, and easily ripping her blue thong off, throwing it on the ground.

"Unggh", moaned Katara, as she felt her thong tightly squeeze her pussy
before it was ripped and removed. Katara hadn't intended to let them fuck
her, but the situation was getting hot, and she was starting to want what was
obviously coming.

The boy now rubbing her ass cheeks also had the same idea in mind by lifting
up her ass so it was pointing up into the air. This movement forced Katara
to fall to her hands, also making the boy getting sucked off to fall to his
knees, and then on his back to keep his cock in her hot wet mouth. The boy,
who had just lifted up her ass, got the perfect view of her tight wet trimmed
pussy. Katara had started to trim her pussy hair into a thin strip ever
since her last sexual encounter with Aang, she wanted to be as sexy as
possible for her next encounter. Katara could hear the boy's mumbled
excitement upon seeing her trimmed pussy and with a single movement; he had
placed the tip of his 8 inch cock at the entrance of her sopping wet pussy.

"Unhhhhhhh", moaned both Katara and the boy who had just sunk three inches of
his cock into her extremely tight pussy.

"That's fucking tight, isn't it", said the boy being sucked off. The boy
fucking Katara nodded in excitement as he continued to slowly push in more of
his dick into Katara. There was obvious strain on Katara's face as she had
yet to get accustomed to have something jammed into her love tunnel.
Fortunately, Katara was no longer a virgin and with one last hard push, the
boy had fit his entire 8 inches into the glistening Katara. As the boy
started to pull out, and push into Katara, he could feel the sweat rolling
down her back and onto his hands holding her waist.

Katara had never been in such a great position, getting it from both ends,
and loving it. She could feel her orgasm building between her legs, and just
like with Aang, she felt her pussy quiver as she started to orgasm. The boy
getting sucked off knew what had just happened because Katara had almost bit
down on his cock. The sensation of her mouth squeezing down on his swelling
cock was what he needed to make it over the edge. Just before he came, he
pulled her mouth off his cock and slid out from under her, getting onto his
knees right in front of her face which had fallen to the ground. Katara
hardly noticed getting pulled off of his cock due to the massive orgasm she
was going through.

"UNNGGHHH", yelled the boy sitting in front of Katara's face as he pointed
his spasm stricken cock directly at her face. Katara had closed her eyes
from the pleasure she had received from cumming, but she opened them right in
time to see the boy in front of her unload several strings of cum right into
her face. The boy plastered Katara's face with several loads of his hot
sperm, firing a few in her mouth, eyes, and even her hair. As he shot his
last load into her hair, the young earthbender fell back onto his ass,
sweating profusely and breathing hard.

"Whoa", said the boy still slamming his cock into Katara's pussy, "that's a
lot of cum buddy, you almost got some on me", he laughed. The sight of the
hot teen in front of him being covered in cum was almost too much for him to
handle, almost making him cum right there, inside of her. Instead, he pulled
out of her in the nick of time, placing his cock in the crack of her ass
cheeks and started to furiously rub his cock back and forth until he felt his
cock tingle spilling out a large amount of his teenage cum directly onto the
ass, back, and hair of Katara, who was still staring blankly forward with her
eyes plastered shut with his friend's cum.

Katara who was still shocked at the amount of cum that had hit her in the
face, snapped out of her reverie as she felt the hot sperm of her other
partner strike her ass and back. She could feel strand after strand hitting
her back, and the cum running down her back into her hair.

As the boy finished, he sighed in relief stood up and put on his clothes.
Taking the other boy's lead, the boy sitting on his ass also started getting
dressed, putting on his underwear and pants. One of the boys picked up
Katara's tiny blue thong, sniffing it and jamming it in his pocket. The
other boy did the same with her bra.

Katara, realizing that it was finally over, stood up, still covered in sweat
and cum and looked up into the eyes of both of the boys.

"Should we tell her", asked one of the boys.

"I guess so", responded the other boy.

Upon telling her the location of Earth Rumble 6, Katara waved her hands
quickly in a complicated fashion making water rise from a water barrel. She
made another movement making it hit the two boys, lifting them up and
freezing them to the two walls of the alleyway, making their heads touch.

"That's for jamming your cock down my throat" laughed the cum covered Katara.

Realizing that there was simply too much cum in her hair to successfully
remove it all with waterbending, she decided to waterbend more water out of
another barrel, making it rise above her head. She then bent over and let
the water sprinkle over her hair where it washed out the cum. She then stood
up, waterbended the cum off her body up over her head and made it stream
directly into her open and waiting mouth. Katara had taken a liking to the
taste of cum, deciding not to waste all the hard work she had just done.

"Thanks", said Katara as she put her waterbender robes back on and dried off
her hair. The two boys couldn't nod or say anything, due to their situation,
but she knew they were just as thankful.

"You ready to find an earthbending teacher", said Katara excitedly as she
made her way out of the alley and right up to Aang and Sokka, "because we're
going to Earth Rumble Six".

"Had did you get them to tell you", said Aang quizzically.

"Oh, a girl has her ways", responded Katara as she rubbed her tummy and
licked her lips.

* * *

Aang, Katara and Sokka made their way to the secret location of Earth Rumble
6 where they watched the Boulder defeat opponent after opponent until he met
a small girl, who was evidently the world champion. Her name was the Blind
Bandit and as Aang and the group looked on, they realized that the Blind
Bandit was actually blind. The Blind Bandit beat the boulder in less than a
minute, keeping her world champion title. Xin Fu, the announcer, put up a
bag full of gold to any challenger that could beat the Blind Bandit. Aang
was up on the ring in a matter of seconds. After a few verbal exchanges, the
Blind Bandit attempted to hit Aang with some earthbending but was unable
because of how light on his feet Aang was. Aang glided over behind the Blind
Bandit where she attempted to hit Aang again, but her attack was deflected
back at her by airbending and she was knocked out of the high stone ring.
She exited quickly without listening to Aang's pleading for her to be his
earthbending teacher.

The group made their way back into town the next day to find the two boys
that had told them about Earth Rumble 6 to ask them who the Blind Bandit was.
Unfortunately, the only information they got out of them was that they had a
crush on Katara and a hint to where the Blind Bandit may live, the Bei Fong
manor. The Bei Fong's were reputed to be the richest Earth Kingdom family.

Upon arriving at the Bei Fong manor, the group made their way over the wall
where they could have a better look at the Blind Bandit. Unfortunately, the
Blind Bandit could hear them moving, sending them flying and eventually
making them leave.

Aang, Katara and Sokka had another plan, a plan in which Aang would use the
avatar card to talk to the Bei Fong family and their daughter. The group
would be successful, as they were invited to stay for dinner. Dinner was
eventful; the group found out that the Blind Bandit, known as Toph had not
told her parents about her earthbending prowess or her fighting. After
dinner Toph went for a walk outside with Aang, where she opened up to Aang,
telling him about her heightened senses.

Aang could sense that she still needed some convincing, and the fact that she
had heightened senses gave Aang a devious idea. Using her blindness to his
advantage, Aang broke off a tree branch from a nearby tree, and used it to
trip her.

"Darn", cursed Toph as she fell on her knees in pain.

Aang, seeing his chance, acted quickly by gliding over behind the fallen Toph
and lifting up the back of her dress revealing a small bald pussy, no panties
at all. Aang quickly breathed in and exhale a large amount of air directly
into her pussy. Toph could barely react to the sudden intrusion and before
she could do anything her clothes were torn off by the blast, sending her end
over end until she was lying on her stomach with her ass sticking up in the

Oddly enough, Toph could also feel a warm trickle running down her leg, and
knew immediately that she had just had an orgasm. This was not the first
time that she had cum, she had cum several times before in her private
beginner earthbending lessons with Master Yu, who was a sick pervert. He had
started molesting Toph a year earlier, and eventually he actually began
having sex with her only three months ago. Toph, only being 12 years of age
had no objection to the constant pleasure she received from the fuck
sessions, even though she knew it was wrong.

"Do it twinkle toes" moaned Toph, still going through her orgasm.

Aang needed little invitation, as he pounced on Toph's sweet ass in one move.
He pulled down his own pants and underwear while he got down on his knees.
Grabbing Toph by her tiny, almost non-existent tits, Aang massaged them
furiously before reaching back with one hand and sticking two of his fingers
into Toph's already quivering wet pussy. It was an extremely tight fit for
Aang's two small fingers, but he knew that he could make his cock fit. Aang
worked his fingers into her tiny pussy until he was satisfied he could fit
his already rock hard 6 inch cock into her tiny opening.

"Are you ready?" whispered Aang with obvious intent in his voice.

"Just do it, please!" shouted Toph.

Aang was quick to oblige plunging two inches deep into her tiny pussy. Aang,
couldn't believe how tight she was, even compared with Katara, who had been a
virgin. Aang would have thought that she was still a virgin until Aang had
sunk another three inches into Toph without any resistance. It took some
time but Aang was able to sink the rest of his throbbing cock into Toph
making Toph moan again in pleasure squirting a large amount of cum out past
Aang's cock and onto his shirt hanging below his waist. Aang knew for sure
that Toph was definitely not a virgin by that point; he also knew that since
Toph was only twelve years old, there was no way he could get her pregnant.
After cumming in Katara, he had found out that girls only reached maturity
and therefore able to get pregnant at certain ages. Aang, therefore could
safely assume that the pressure building inside his balls would not get the
young earthbender pregnant.

"I'm gonna cum in you Toph", shouted Aang with a little uncertainty in his

"Do it please, I wanna feel it twinkle toes", screamed Toph, reassuring the
uncertain Aang.

Feeling better about what he was about to unload into the twelve year old
slut, Aang rammed his cock into Toph for the last time. Like a dam bursting,
the young avatar released a torrent of his hot sperm right into Toph's abuse
cunt, filling it to the brim in just seconds letting the last few loads
squirt out past Aang's spasm stricken cock.

Toph could feel herself being filled with every load of cum the avatar fired
into her twelve year old pussy. She could feel the warm juices run down her
leg as Aang finished and sighed loudly.

Aang, finally satisfied that his orgasm had subsided, removed his deflating
dick from Toph's cum covered pussy.

"That felt great, twinkle toes" said Toph as she lay on the ground letting
the crum leak from her pussy onto the dirt. Toph stood up and found her
partially torn dress, putting it on haphazardly as she looked back at Aang
who had also gotten dressed.

"So" said Aang, with a hint of uncertainty in his voice, "did I convince you
to become my new earthbending teacher?"

"Well, I don----" responded Toph. She was cut off as she felt people
approach with great speed. "We gotta get out of here" said Toph urgently.
Unfortunately, it was too late as two large metal cases landed onto both Aang
and Toph, trapping them inside.


As Aang and Toph made their way out of the house and into the yard, Katara
made her way out into the main hall where she had met Mr. Bei Fong on the way
to his private den.

"Ohh, Katara, is it?" said Mr. Bei Fong uncertainly.

"Yes, right" said Katara reassuringly grabbing Mr. Bei Fong's arm warmly.

"I understand that you may need some detailed maps and information concerning
the Earth Nation in order to further your quest" replied Mr. Bei Fong, now
noticing that Katara had started stroking his arm.

"Yes, that would be great Mr. Bei Fong" replied Katara sweetly, with a hint
of something in her eyes. "Maybe you can give me a private tour of your den
while we look for the right maps" said Katara as she pulled the collar of her
tight fitting Water Nation robes to reveal more of her skin.

"That uhh, that would be acceptable" stuttered Mr. Bei Fong feeling a growing
bulge in his pants from seeing the young girl in front of him obviously
begging for it.

Katara knew that the only way to get Toph's parents to let her teach Aang was
to get on their good side, besides, Katara was horny as hell, again.

"Well, let's hurry, I'm sure I can help you with that big problem you've got
there" Katara said quietly, pointing at the huge bulge in his pants. Katara
had begun to blush with anticipation as she took hold of his hand and lead
him to the door of his private den, only feet away.

Mr. Bei Fong quickly reached into his pocket, removing his keys and opening
the door in a very hurried fashion, eager to plough this hot horny teen.
Katara pulled him into the office, locking it as they slammed the door.
Katara walked out in front of Mr. Bei Fong doing a little striptease,
removing her dress slowly, showing her beautiful tits and eventually her
juicy trimmed pussy. Katara, still hadn't put on new panties since she had
gotten fucked by the two boys in the alleyway a day earlier believing it
would be far faster and easier this way. As Katara finished her little
striptease, Mr. Bei Fong had already removed his pants and had started
stroking his semi-hard 7 inch cock. Katara could see the lust in his eyes
for her sweet little teen pussy, so she quickly got on her knees, feeling the
cold stone on her knees, and starting crawling over to Mr. Bei Fong. Before
she could get hold of his cock and start sucking him off she heard Mr. Bei
Fong begin to pant.

"UNGHH, UNGHH", moaned Mr. Bei Fong as he shot two sticky loads of cum
directly into the unsuspecting mouth of Katara. Mr. Bei Fong collapsed
immediately, hitting his head and falling unconscious to the ground. Katara
had been caught off guard and the cum had struck the back of her throat
making her cough and gag until she could swallow the hot sperm.

Katara stood up with one hand on her hard nipple and the other driving her
fingers into her pussy. She definitely was disappointed with the outcome,
not getting fucked or getting to cum. Just as she thought that she might be
able to get herself off, the door of the den was broken open with a smash as
Sokka forced the door open. Sokka had heard the crash after Mr. Bei Fong had
fallen and decided it was okay for him to break in and make sure everybody
was okay.

"Huh" mumbled Sokka in shock, seeing his sister completely naked with her
fingers squeezing her nipple and her other hand driving in and out of her
trimmed pussy. Sokka also saw that Mr. Bei Fong had no pants, and could tell
he had a hard-on. "Wow!" said Sokka in amazement as he looked at his smoking
hot younger sister with a crazy look in his eyes.

"Seems like you didn't get you turn" said Sokka as he looked directly at
Katara's finger pumping in and out of her tanned pussy. Sokka had now absent
mindedly started to rub his own crotch and the bulge in his pants continued
to grow.

"Looks like you need a turn too" moaned Katara as she continued to jam her
fingers into her now soaking wet pussy.

In a flash Sokka had torn off all of his clothes and had grabbed Katara,
roughly throwing her onto one of the desks right onto her stomach with her
legs hanging over the edge. Sokka got onto his knees on the hard stone floor
and began to lick Katara's soaking wet pussy. He lapped up the juices with
great enthusiasm listening to his little sister moan in ecstasy. Sokka
started to work a couple of fingers into her pussy in combination with his
tongue, which was now buried an inch into her pussy. After five minutes of
intense action, Katara could feel her pussy begin to spasm and hot fluids
begin to run into her pussy and into the waiting mouth of Sokka.

"Ahhhh" murmured Sokka as he greedily drank the incoming orgasm with
enjoyment. Katara's orgasm lasted a few more seconds before Sokka was on his
feet and sporting a fully hard 11 inches of manhood. Katara felt her jaw
drop a little as she peered up from her dazed stupor to realize that what she
saw was in fact real and not a dream. Katara's face contorted into a grin
mixed with a little fear in response to what that could do to her barely
tried pussy. Katara had little time to think about it before Sokka began
probing the edges of her pussy, running his cock up and down her slit,
eliciting moans of anticipation from Katara. Sokka could barely hold back
his excitement about what he was about to do to his goddess of a sister.

"God, if I had known what a sweet piece of ass you had become, I would have
tapped your ass long ago" Sokka murmured in Katara's ear as he leaned over
her back to kiss her neck. "I've had a lot of pussy in the last year, but
this, by far, will be the best I've ever had. That even includes Suki,
Princess Yue, and all of the Kyoshi warriors".

Katara was a little amazed at how much of a stud her older brother was, she
hardly had to ponder why, as she felt the answer rubbing up against the edge
of her cunt. She began to think of how good that monster was going to feel
in her very tight pussy, but before she could finish that thought she was
interrupted by the pain and pleasure Sokka had given her by slamming four
inches of his cock into her.

"Ugnhh" yelped Katara as Sokka began to work more and more of his giant cock
into her, "You're huge" purred Katara in pain. Sokka had fit about seven
inches into his little sister when he decided to start to pick up a steady
rhythm and begin to pump those seven inches in and out of her until there was
more room to jam the rest of his cock into her.

"You like that, slut", Sokka said, ramming his cock back and forth into
Katara, "You like getting fucked by your older brother, don't you, you

Sokka's taunting had turned on both himself and Katara, she could feel the
pressure building inside of her again and as Sokka began to inch another two
inches into her, she felt another release of her warm juices all over his
cock. Sokka could feel the warmth of the juices around his cock, taking it
as a sign that he should drive the last two inches into Katara immediately.
As he finally felt his balls slap against her ass and legs, he could hear
Katara's cum dripping onto the stone floor. Sokka looked over at Mr. Bei
Fong thinking about how unlucky that man was, fainting before he had got the
opportunity that he was now getting at this precise moment. Deciding that he
wanted to make the feeling last as long as possible and to give his sister as
much pleasure as possible, Sokka began to slap his sister's ass to excite her
even further.

"Oww, Owww, Owwww" yelled Katara in pleasure, "Keep that up brother, slap my
ass, I've been a naughty little waterbender. I need to be punis---"
continued Katara as Sokka slapped her ass one last time. "Holy shit" moaned
Katara, "How are you still going, most guys would have cum by now".

"I'm not most guys" responded Sokka, with a hint of pride in his voice. With
that Sokka lifted up her left leg, holding it up over his head as he
continued to slam his cock into her. Now Sokka could see his sister's entire
face as he continued pumping her pussy only turning him on more, seeing the
pleasure plastered on her face.

"Ohh, fuck, again!" shrieked Katara as she came again all over her brother's
cock. Luckily, this time was too much for Sokka as the warm sensation he felt
on his cock had brought him over the edge for the first time that night.

"UNGGHHHHHHHHH" yelled Sokka with excitement in his voice, looking directly
into the eyes of his sister whose orgasm had deafened her from the sound of
his release. Either way, there was no stopping Sokka at this point, he felt
the pressure release from his shaking cock right into his little sister's
pussy. The sensation of filling up her womb with his cum only increased the
amount of cum he ejaculated into her. It felt like hours as he continued to
pump her full of his potent seed, it was now running out of her pussy and
down her leg, dripping onto the floor and mixing with Katara's own cum.

After Katara had come down from her orgasm, she realized what was happening,
she tried to push Sokka off of her in time, even saying "Sokka, please stop
cumming in me, please!!!". Katara's begging had been ignored and after a few
more grunts, Katara began to enjoy the sensation of her womb filling with her
older brother's sperm. Katara felt the last load hit the back of her pussy.
She felt Sokka collapse on top of her with his cock still inside of her,
finally deflating back to his original size. Sokka and Katara simply
remained laying there for a good ten minutes, enjoying the warmth of their
bodies until they heard a slam and shouting coming from outside.

"That sounded like Aang" said Katara, with concern in her voice.

"Let's go then" responded Sokka immediately, with a little dejection in his
voice. Sokka pulled his deflated cock out his sister's cum filled pussy, got
dressed quickly and left the room, stepping over the motionless Mr. Bei Fong.
Katara took a little longer, she remained on the table with her ass sticking
over the edge, letting the cum leak out of her. After a minute, Katara made
a couple of hand movements, making the cum from her pussy, exit, and fly into
the air above her. She got onto her back and looked at the voluminous mass,
thinking that it might be too much to swallow. Luckily, Katara was thirsty
and couldn't wait to suck down the entire load. Katara made a couple more
hand movements and started to make it come down into her mouth. She had
swallowed a quarter of the load when Mr. Bei Fong made a sudden unconscious
movement which broke her concentration allowing the rest of the considerable
mass of Sokka's cum to fall directly on her face, pasting her entirely in

"Damn!" said Katara, she stood up and ran to the bathroom naked, cleaning off
her face in a washing basin. After getting cleaned up she made her way back
to the office where she met Mrs. Bei Fong standing over her half naked
husband, with a look of disgust and hatred in her eyes. That hatred turned
right at the completely naked Katara as she was about to leave.

"You bitch, you slut, you tried to make my husband cheat on me" yelled Mrs.
Bei Fong as she threw Katara's clothes at her. "Get out, and never come
back, whore!" shouted Mrs. Bei Fong throwing a book at the door. Katara put
on her clothes as quickly as she could and began to run out of the Bei Fong
Manor with a smile on her face. Katara knew she was a whore, and a slut, and
she loved it.

* * *

Aang and Toph had been kidnapped by Xin Fu, the Boulder, the Hippo and the
rest of fighters angry at both Toph and Aang for what they believed they had
done, that being working together to cheat Xin Fu out of his bag of gold.
Whatever they tried, Aang and Toph were unable to break out of their metal
boxes. Aang could see that they had been taken to the location where Earth
Rumble 6 had taken place. Upon entering the arena the conspirators had
chained the metal boxes and raised them high up over the fighting ring. Aang
could see that after raising the two boxes, three of the men had moved a
large metal surface onto the ring area with great difficulty. Aang had no
idea what was going on until they opened the bottom of Toph's cell, letting
her plummet into the arms of the Hippo.

"What, the. Let me go, let me go" yelled Toph, not knowing what was going on
due to her blindness. Aang could see everything and Toph could hear the
three men now standing on the metal surface laughing.

The Boulder, Xin Fu, and the Hippo were all standing on the metal surface
completely naked with raging boners showing. Aang knew what they had planned
for the young earthbending girl and he almost didn't want to watch, but he
did anyway.

"We've been embarrassed enough by this little girl, right?" Xin Fu said to
the other two men as they were eyeing their soon to be prize. "I think we
should show her what embarrassment feels like, don't you?"

"The Boulder is going to get a piece of that sweet teeny bopper pussy, oh
yeah!" said the Boulder with enthusiasm.

With that, the Hippo pulled off the already damaged clothing Toph was
wearing, revealing a tiny body, with tiny tits and an extremely small bald
pussy. The Hippo threw Toph onto the hard cold metal surface where she
attempted to earthbend out of her current predicament. Unfortunately, the
metal made it impossible for her to earthbend. She knew she was in trouble
when she felt Xin Fu approaching from the front of her. Xin Fu picked up
Toph by her waist and dropped her on the Boulder's waist where she could feel
his massive prick sidle up to her pussy.

"Huh, no! Please, I'll do anything, pay anything" pleaded Toph.

"We only want one thing from you right now tiny" laughed Xin Fu who had by
now jammed his cock into her mouth.

"Mmmm, mmm, mmmmm!" mumbled Toph as she felt Xin Fu grab the back of her head
and used his hands to slam her head back and forth, forcing her to deep
throat his 7 inch prick.

The discomfort of her getting throat fucked by Xin Fu was only the first
discomfort she would be feeling that night. The second would be far greater
as the Boulder prodded the tip of his cock against her tiny slit.

"The Boulder's going to enjoy this!" said the boulder as he pulled the tiny
earthbender down onto his 8 inch cock. He could only pull her down three
inches at first, but soon he was able to pound his entire shaft into her with
ease, not caring how much it was hurting the young girl.

Xin Fu was also now completely inside her mouth, throat fucking her with
extreme speed, making Toph gag with every in stroke. He could tell she was
struggling to breath, but he cared little for her comfort. The constant
bottoming out of his cock felt amazing to Xin Fu and he was not going to give
that up anytime soon.

Toph was choking and sputtering, in constant pain, but her young body had
betrayed her feeling of disgust as she felt her pussy release a torrent of
her cum onto the Boulder's cock. She could hear the Boulder moan at the
sensation of her warm cum surrounding his piston like cock. The only thing
that scared Toph more than her present situation, as she came down from her
orgasm, was that the Hippo had yet to make any movements.

Toph's fear of what the Hippo was planning to do was about to come true. She
felt him move across the metal surface until he was standing right behind her
ass with his massive 12 inch cock. He squatted forward and pressed the tip
of his thick cock at the entrance of her virgin ass hole, which was so tight,
it was practically invisible.

"NOOOOOOO!" screamed Toph.

"UNGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH" yelled the Hippo as he pressed hard at the entrance of
her ass hole entering only half an inch. Half an inch was enough pressure to
make Toph black out immediately.

"Finally" laughed Xin Fu, "the bitch won't be complaining anymore.

"UNGGGHHHH" yelled the Hippo again as he pushed another inch into Toph's
extremely tight ass. He knew he wasn't going to get more than a couple more
inches into the young slut; the pressure on his cock was unbelievable. With
another grunt he pushed another inch and a half into her ass. Three inches
was more than enough for the Hippo as he started to pull back out and push
back in, trying to match the rhythm of the Boulder, who was now slamming his
entire cock deep into Toph with ease and speed.

Aang, who could see everything, had pulled down his pants and underwear and
had been stroking his own cock to hardness for the last couple of minutes.
The hotness of what they were doing to the stuck up Toph was too much for
Aang, after a couple more minutes Aang felt the pressure in his balls
mounting. He grunted loudly, spraying a few small loads onto the door of the

All three conspirators slamming into Toph were now beginning to labor under
the tightness of the young girl. Xin Fu was just hammering into Toph's mouth
without remorse while the Boulder was doing the same to her pussy. The Hippo
was the only one who was not completely inside Toph, but he had managed to
jam a total of five inches into her ass. Like clockwork all three of the men
began to grunt in unison.

"I'M CUMMING" shouted all three men together as they began to cum. Xin Fu
released four large loads of cum directly down Toph's throat, moaning in
pleasure as he removed his softening cock. Toph slumped forward as Xin Fu
stepped back. The Boulder slammed his cock one last time into her pussy as
far as he could and painted her insides with several hot sticky loads of his
cum. Unlike Xin Fu, the Boulder had simply remained stuck in Toph's pussy
until the Hippo had finished. The Hippo however, was not done cumming in her
ass yet. He had unloaded the most cum into the young earthbender. Several
long strands of cum had been pumped into Toph's tiny anus before he had
finished and pulled out of her. The Boulder lifted Toph off of his soft
cock, throwing her to the side.

While Aang remained slumped in his cell, trying to recover from his own
orgasm, the three conspirators had gotten dressed, cleaned up Toph, got her
dressed, and placed her back into her cell. By the time Toph had woken, she
could hear that her father, Master Yu, Katara and Sokka were bartering with
her captives. Her stomach felt queasy, her pussy and ass felt stretched, but
she felt as though she could stand if she had to.

The captives would release Toph but keep Aang for the reward on his head.
After Toph agreed to help Sokka and Katara, she beat all her assailants with
ease helping to free the avatar.

Even though Toph had been forbidden to go with the avatar and teach him
earthbending, she had decided to runaway and join them anyway, knowing that
Aang needed her and that she would have many more exciting and sexy
adventures with them.


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