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Avatar - The Last Airbender:
The Unrated And Untold Stories Part 3 - The Chase
by Avatrek

Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph were getting ready to make camp and stay the
night when Katara and Toph began to argue with each other. Katara was
complaining about how little Toph did, only caring for herself and not
helping the rest of the group unpack or make camp.

As the group began to drift off to sleep, Toph came running out of her
makeshift tent yelling, "There's something coming toward us!"

"What is it" yawned Aang as the rest of the group ran over to Toph.

"It feels like an avalanche", said Toph with uncertainty in her voice, "but
also not like an avalanche".

"Your powers of perception are frightening" Sokka said sarcastically.

After packing up camp, the group got onto the sleepy Appa, flying off away
from what looked somewhat like a train. After flying for a while longer, the
group decided it was safe to make camp once more, believing that the vehicle
following them couldn't possibly follow them.

Again Katara and Toph began arguing about helping out, but before they could
finish their argument, Toph again could hear the machine approaching.

For the second time that night, the group packed up and got onto the back of
Appa who was looking even more tired than before. This time, they flew even
longer and decided to land on top of a mountain in order to evade any further

As they landed, Katara and Toph basically rolled off Appa's back and
collapsed, unconscious from exhaustion, onto the hard earth. Appa also
collapsed, falling to sleep immediately while Aang and Sokka dismounted tired
but still conscious. As Aang and Sokka walked over to where Katara had
fallen unconscious, they were filled with joy and amazement, Katara's robe
had carelessly flapped over her ass as she lay on her stomach. Both Sokka
and Aang could see her firm ass cheeks and a glint of her tanned pussy. Aang
immediately grabbed his hardening cock pulling it out while Sokka started
rubbing his through his pants. Aang and Sokka both looked at each other with
a crazy gleam in their eyes. Each of them knelt over still rubbing their
respective cocks; they carefully nudged Katara, attempting to wake her up
forcefully. To their glee, Katara did not even stir, she was completely out
of it, and Aang and Sokka knew that their fantasies were about to be
satisfied all night long, even if they were dead tired. Sokka stopped
rubbing his hardening dick for just a few moments in order to strip his
younger sister out of her blue waterbending robes. As he unrobed her, both
Aang and Sokka could see her beautiful teen tits as they rolled her over onto
her back. Aang and Sokka took no time disrobing, revealing their 6 and 11
inch fully hard cocks. Sokka wanted to stick it in her sweet little mouth
for the first time ever, so he lifted his leg over Katara and straddled her
neck, kneeling only inches from the opening of her mouth. In one swift
movement he had plunged half of his cock down her throat. Sokka was a little
afraid that she would wake up at the sudden intrusion, but luckily all she
did was gag a little out of reflex.

Aang was the more eager of the two, he decided that he needed no warming up,
he took his cock into his hand and pointed the tip of its head at the small
entrance of her juicy pussy and drove three inches of his cock into her.
Again, both Sokka and Aang stopped for a second as they heard Katara moan in
reflex to what Aang had just put inside of her. With every in-thrust they
could hear Katara moan and gag as she continued to be double fucked in this
manner for several minutes. Sokka was able to stick his entire cock down her
throat, all eleven inches, due to her throat being relaxed. Every few
thrusts Sokka would remove his cock and allow the unconscious and gagging
Katara to catch her breath. Aang wasn't so gentle, his inexperience showed
as he continued to plough his entire six inches into her now shaking pussy.
Aang was near to cumming when he felt Katara cum all over his cock. Aang,
surprised by a sudden rush of juices down his shaft, pulled out thinking that
she had woke up. To his surprise, he could see her face was contorted in
pleasure every time Sokka pulled out of her mouth, but he knew that she was
still unconscious.

"Time to take this up a notch" said Sokka with happiness in his voice,
pulling his entire cock out of Katara's mouth eliciting a gurgle from Katara.
Sokka removed his cock, which was coated in Katara's saliva, telling Aang,
"Help me lift her up on top of me, okay!"

"Sure, I guess" said Aang, a little disappointed as he was about to stick his
cock back into her sopping wet pussy. Aang was worried that his turn was
over with her pussy and Sokka was getting his turn now. Aang lifted Katara
up by her shoulders as Sokka slid underneath of his sister.

"Okay, that's good" said Sokka joyously as he pulled Katara up the rest of
the way on top of him. "Aang, lift her ass up for me, please" Sokka said as
he reached down to grab his glistening cock.

Aang lifted Katara up by her ass as Sokka held her in place over his cock.
With one hand, Sokka aimed his cock not at her vagina but her tiny virgin
asshole, to Aang's obvious surprise. Aang lost grip of Katara as he was a
little busy watching what Sokka was up to. Katara's ass was dropped directly
onto Sokka's cock, surprising Sokka; the pain of so much of his cock being
jammed into her tiny asshole was almost traumatic to him as three inches of
his cock slid in with great difficulty. Recovering from the pain of his cock
nearly snapping in half, Sokka grabbed Katara's limp waist and started to
lift her up and down onto his cock. He knew that had she been awake,
attentive, and her usual tense self, there would be no way his cock would be
fitting into her perfect little ass. The sudden shock of dropping her on his
cock would have awoken most normal people, but apparently Katara was either
completely unconscious by this point or in a coma. As Sokka started to work
her up and down, faster and faster, he was able to fit a total of seven
inches before he saw Aang looking very eager.

"There is another hole waiting to be fucked Aang", said Sokka with a grin on
his face.

Before Aang could step up to the plate and plough her thoroughly, Katara
released an involuntary rush of juices right out of her pussy, squirting all
over Aang and Sokka's legs. This only turned on Aang further; he grabbed his
six inches again and pointed the tip at her pussy for the second time that
night. This time however, Aang was able to plunge his entire six inches into
her in one stroke. Both Sokka and Aang could feel each other pumping in and
out of the young waterbender as their rhythm began to pick up. They couldn't
seem to find a steady synchronous rhythm together as Sokka finally bottomed
out letting out a cry of pleasure, feeling the deepest parts of his little

Through all of the grunting, pounding, screaming, sweating and fucking, Toph
had remained asleep like Katara. Toph was still snoring with her mouth wide
open not noticing or hearing anything that was going on.

As he continued to pick up his pace, the less experienced Aang could feel the
pressure in his balls begin rise again as he looked directly into the closed
eyes of the young Katara. Aang wanted the feeling to last as long as
possible as he continued to drive his cock into her, he could feel and hear
his balls slapping against her ass. He could also see Sokka begin to strain
under the intense pressure her tight ass hole was having on his monster cock.
However, it was Aang to reach his goal first, he felt his balls tighten up
and then he came; he drove his entire six inches all the way into Katara,
pumping her again full of his hot sperm. Aang loved the feeling of filling
Katara's pussy full of his warm cream, the way her pussy contracted in order
to milk his cock of all its cum. He knew Katara was unconscious, but her
pussy contracting around his cock told a different story.

"Ahhh" Aang sighed, as he fired the last of his cum into Katara. Aang almost
fainted from the amazing feeling of cumming inside Katara again and the fact
that he was simply exhausted. He did however lie on top of Katara, who was
still getting her ass pumped by Sokka.

Sokka, unable to lift her up and down on top of his cock any longer because
of the combined weight of Katara and Aang, simply let her drop all the way
down onto his cock which immediately made him blow his entire creamy load
directly into her anus. The combined effect of having his cock driven
completely up her ass and the overflowing amount of cum he was squirting into
her, allowed for the excess cum to explode out of her ass and onto his lap.

"YESSSSS" Sokka cried as he finally finished, his lap was soaked with
Katara's, Aang's and his own cum. With extreme care, Sokka lifted both
Katara and Aang just high enough to let his ever deflating cock slip out of
his little sister's ass with a pop. Sokka slid out from underneath Katara
and Aang, letting them fall to the rough earth. Sokka wiped off his lap and
cock in his sister's hair, removing blood, semen, and even a little shit. As
long as he was clean, he didn't care one bit about his slut of a sister.

"Huh!" said Aang with a start, roused by the sudden drop to the ground.
"That was great!" sighed Aang after pulling his deflated cock out of Katara's
wet pussy.

"You got that right" Sokka responded groggily, having used the last ounce of
his strength pumping his sister's little ass full of his seed.

"I'd better waterbend my cum out of her pussy or I'll get in trouble again"
Aang said with apprehension in his voice. He'd never done anything like this
before but had saw Katara pull it out last time so he gave it his best try.
With a couple hand movements Aang was able to remove all of his cum from the
unconscious Katara's pussy and made it rise up over her body. `Huh' he
thought, `what should I do with this. I'd better not waste it, Katara never
likes to waste all the hard work done in making it' Aang remembered. With
that Aang noticed the sleeping Toph, whose mouth was still open, eliciting
loud snores.

"Watch this Sokka" Aang said as he made the cum form into a stream and hover
over Toph's open mouth. With one movement he was able to stream it directly
into Toph's mouth and down her throat. She barely even fidgeted, the
seamless transition from her mouth, to her throat, and into her stomach,
didn't wake or bother her in the least. After that, Aang and Sokka put
Katara's clothes back on her and went to bed.

Aang and Sokka finally fell asleep, only to wake again in a few minutes as
Toph had woken with a start, warning them of the impending danger again. She
also said that she had a funny taste in her mouth, but she couldn't explain
it. Katara had finally woken too after Toph had poured a bucket of water on
her. Katara woke angry, but when she went to stand, she almost fainted from
the pain in her ass. She reached back to feel it, it felt stretched a
little, but otherwise it was perfectly fine.

Aang and Sokka both looked at each other after seeing Katara struggle to
walk, and started to giggle. "Hey, Katara" said Sokka, "maybe you slept on
it weird". And with that both Aang and Sokka burst out laughing. Katara
looked at them wondering what they were on about, she hadn't woken up in an
awkward position, `I must have bumped it yesterday or something' she thought.

Instead of running, the group decided to stay and face whoever was chasing
them. After a quick attack from both sides, the group decided to escape on
Appa, their tiredness was leaving them at a disadvantage.

* * *

Appa flew as far and fast as possible into the early hours of the morning
until he himself fell asleep in mid-air and just before hitting the ground,
he woke up and landed the four passengers safely. After more arguing between
Katara and Toph, Toph split from the group, walking away. The group realized
that it had been Appa in fact that had been giving away their position to
those chasing them; he had been shedding mounds of hair, leaving a white
trail for anyone to follow. After Appa had gotten some sleep and cleaned by
Katara, Aang, and Sokka, the group decided to split up even further. Aang
would take stray fur from Appa and create a fake trail while Katara and Sokka
made their way in the opposite direction.

The trick would work somewhat, splitting the chasing group up as well. Mai
and Ty Lee followed the direction the flying Bison had been traveling while
Azula followed the fake fur trail.

Katara and Sokka, still flying on Appa realized that Appa was beginning to
fall asleep again. They also saw that their pursuers were right on their
tales on board some sort of amphibians. Katara and Sokka urged Appa to just
make it over the river so they could lose their pursuers. Luckily, Appa made
it over the water before crash landing and falling asleep. Unluckily, the
two chasing them also were able to hop across the rocks in the water aboard
their lizard creatures. After a fairly short battle Mai had incapacitated
Katara by pinning her to a tree with arrows and knives and Ty Lee had
successfully immobilized the use of Sokka's two arms and one leg.

Sokka stumbled over to where Katara was pinned on just one leg collapsing
just underneath her. As Sokka fell onto his back underneath Katara, he got a
perfect glimpse of her trimmed pussy from underneath her skirt. Even though
he was in an awful predicament, he could feel an erection coming on. Ty Lee
and Mai, who had been standing right beside Katara and Sokka with triumph
written all over their faces, glanced down at Sokka's massive erection. Ty
Lee giggled in her sweet little schoolgirl tones while Mai simply licked her
lips and rubbed her pussy through her dress.

"Wowweee" said Ty Lee as she started to pinch her own nipple with her right
hand, "looks like that big thing is still working", commented Ty Lee,
pointing at Sokka's now fully tented crotch area.

"Looks like we have a new mission" said Mai sexily as she used her left foot
to massage Sokka's manhood through his pants.

"Unghh" moaned Sokka, relieved to find the position he was now in.

Without delay, Ty Lee pulled Sokka's blue pants down to his ankles. Sokka
was not wearing any underwear and Ty Lee started to blush as his 11 inch
monster was slowly revealed to her. It sprang out from under Sokka's tight
pants making both Mai and Ty Lee lick their lips absent mindedly.
Unbeknownst to Sokka, Ty Lee and Mai; Katara had was also licking her lips
and crossing her legs as best she could to quench the burning sensation in
her loins. As much as she wanted to break free of her bonds and join the
party, she was completely stuck, with no way off the tree.

Meanwhile, Ty Lee and Mai had both stripped out of their clothes, abandoning
them to the ground. Ty Lee was the first to reach Sokka's monster, taking it
into her hands and rubbing it with not one but both hands to the obvious
pleasure of Sokka. Mai had taken another route, seeing that her first pick
had been snatched away from her. She simply sat on the face of the paralyzed
Sokka. Sokka could see it coming and opened his mouth and stuck out his
tongue to accommodate Mai's shaved pussy. It was already dripping wet with
her sweet juices when he felt his tongue enter her moist folds.

"MMM, MMM, MMMMF" mumbled Sokka as he was assaulted by both the girls. He
could see Mai's face contort into pure pleasure as he dug his tongue in as
far as possible into her pussy. He only regretted that he wasn't able to
move his arms, he would have been able to give her even more pleasure. Just
as he was starting to get Mai to moan even louder, he could feel that Ty Lee
had removed her warm hands from around his cock, now she had taken her
smaller tits and wrapped them around his shaft. He could feel her squeeze
her tits around his cock as she bounced up and down. As Ty Lee picked up her
pace, he suddenly felt Mai begin to buck her hips against his face; she was
obviously about to cum, so Sokka dug his tongue into her as far as possible
feeling her juices trickle down his tongue and into his mouth. Mai had a lot
of pent up of sexual frustration, and the release was so great it almost made
Sokka drown in her warm juices. Luckily, Mai got off of his face allowing
him to swallow.

Mai had opened her eyes after her orgasm, revealing the sexy voluptuous
Katara who was obviously asking for it. Katara had been licking her lips and
rubbing her legs together trying to hold back her obvious need to get fucked.
Mai hopped off of Sokka's face and got on her knees just in front of Sokka's
face and right in front of Katara's sexy legs. Mai slowly lifted up Katara's
dress, running her hands up to her waist and feeling her trimmed pussy which
was wet as hell by this point. Mai could hear Katara moan at the touch of
Mai's warm and delicate fingers. Taking this as a sign, Mai took hold of
Katara's dress and tore it right off, revealing her perfectly tanned body.
Katara's nipples were rock hard as Mai reached up and twisted them causing
Katara to moan even louder.

"You like that, don't you? You waterbending whore!" Mai said confidently as
she moved both her hands to Katara's inner thighs, prying them open to get to
the juicy center. Katara willfully opened her legs to reveal a tiny little
pussy with a thin strip of fuzzy pubic hair showing. "Ohh yeah! I like that"
said Mai as she lifted her head up to Katara's sopping wet pussy. Mai opened
her mouth and began to lick at Katara's tiny opening eliciting even louder
moans from Katara.

While all of this took place, Ty Lee had gotten tired of working Sokka's cock
through her tiny tits. She decided it was time to take it to the next step
and show this prisoner what a real pro could do. Lifting herself to her
feet, she turned around and got onto her knees, right above Sokka's cock. Ty
Lee looked back at Sokka; grinning with a smirk on her face, she wiggled her
tight little fire nation ass right at Sokka, who could barely lift his head
high enough to get a good look. The mere sight of such a hot slut wiggling
her ass at him almost drove him to cum right then and there. Fortunately,
his urge to cum was stifled by Ty Lee driving almost his entire cock into her
wet pussy.

"Ungghh" Sokka shouted as Ty Lee drove her pussy down onto his cock, "Thank
you god!" murmured Sokka as he felt Ty Lee grind her hips in a circular
motion in order to take in more of Sokka's eleven inches. Sokka could tell
that she was a real pro at this when she finally was able to fit his entire
monster into her in only three minutes. `Wow' he thought, she must have all
kinds of experience. Ty Lee was thinking the same thing as she started to
bounce her ass up and down on his lap, looking back at Sokka every couple of
minutes to see how he was doing.

As Ty Lee got her tiny pussy fucked, Mai was finally getting somewhere with
the struggling Katara as she began to pick up her pace and really get deep
into Katara with her tongue. Katara was constantly moaning and panting at
the tongue fucking she was getting, she couldn't hold on any longer as she
felt a rush of endorphins hit her and release all over Mai's face. Mai
continued to lick Katara's pussy, until she was sure she had licked up every
last drop of Katara's sweet nectar. Mai took her hands off of Katara's tight
little ass, after using it to get as much leverage as possible. She stood up
and looked Katara right into her eyes right before passionately kissing
Katara. Katara felt Mai push her tongue into her mouth and Katara obliged by
kissing back, tasting her own juices on the tongue of her captor.

Ty Lee was starting to shutter as she felt Sokka's cock penetrate into her
deepest core, she couldn't stand it any longer as she sprayed her juices all
over Sokka's cock. Even after Ty Lee had cum, she was still shaking with
pleasure as Sokka would not relent, driving his entire length deep into her.
Unable to take the constant deep penetration any longer, she pulled off of
Sokka in one movement and turned around sitting on her ass with her pussy
exposed to Sokka. Ty Lee was panting with a crazy satisfied look in her

Mai had just turned around after kissing the pinned and pleasure stricken
Katara when she saw the vacancy left by her friend; she basically dove to
claim the empty position with no challenge by the immobilized Ty Lee. Mai
got on her hands and knees and positioned herself so she was able to look
into Sokka's eyes as she plunged her pussy down on his still hard cock.
Sokka was in agony, he had not had the chance to cum yet seeing that Ty Lee
had pulled herself off of him. Mai, thinking that she would be able to
quickly fill her pussy with his entire length ease, pushed down as hard as
possible. However, after plunging down, she found that it was so big and
wide, she could only fit a few small inches. She let out a shriek of pain
from the pressure his cock had exerted on her tight pussy. Sokka realized
immediately she was nowhere as experienced as Ty Lee, her pussy was extremely
tight meaning that he would definitely reach his orgasm in no time. After
getting about six inches into Mai, Sokka began to pant in a labored fashion.
Mai knew that he was reaching his end. Wanting to reach hers before that,
she pushed herself down as hard as she possibly could, impaling herself
completely onto his cock. She squirted for the second time that day in an
onrush of ecstasy. In no time Mai had lifted herself off of Sokka's shaking
cock, still squirting juices as she sat down next Ty Lee. Sokka knew that he
was cumming and saw both Ty Lee and Mai move over his cock just in time to
receive a very healthy load of Sokka juice. Massive amounts of his sperm
flew into the mouths of both girls as he continued to ejaculate. Cum
splattered all over their faces as Sokka grunted one last time sending one
large wad into Mai's left eye.

Temporarily blinded by the massive amount of semen plastered over their
faces, Mai and Ty Lee had no idea that Appa had moved up behind them and in
one swing of his tale, he blew them down the river along with their clothes.

After Sokka finally recovered from both his orgasm and also the numbness in
his limbs, he got up, got dressed and removed the restraints holding Katara.
He gave Katara a wink and squeezed her ass before letting her get dressed.
Katara moaned at the feeling of him squeezing her ass as she dressed and
boarded Appa on their way to help Aang.

* * *

After leaving the group to fend for themselves, Toph had made her way in the
opposite direction, not caring what fate awaited her new friends. Still
steaming from the fight she had with Katara, Toph barely picked up on the
subtle movements of someone behind a rock in front of her. Toph moved her
feet making the rock in front of her shift and bouncing the individual from
where they were sitting.

"Oooh, that really hurt my tailbone" cried Iroh as he fell forward on to his
hands and knees.

After a long conversation on why Toph was wandering the wilderness alone,
Iroh gave Toph advice about admitting that they need other people. Iroh also
explained how he was having similar difficulties with his nephew. Iroh had
cheered up the young earthbending girl; she felt better now and wanted to
rejoin Katara, Aang and Sokka again. Before she left though, she wanted to
thank her mysterious tea making advisor.

"Thanks, you really gave me some good advice and helped me a lot" Toph said
as she got onto her knees in front of the stunned Iroh. "I think I should
repay your kind advice with a little bit of my own". Toph reached out and
grabbed Iroh's waistband. Iroh had been sitting down with his legs splayed
out in front of him, and when Toph had grabbed his waistband, he pulled his
legs back out of reaction. When he realized what she was going for, he
relaxed and let her fingers do the work. Toph used her tiny fingers to
loosen the band around Iroh's pants. She reached in with one of her hands
and felt her way down to still soft penis. Obviously Iroh was having trouble
getting it up, `maybe little girls aren't his thing' thought Toph as she
grasped his balls. As soon as Toph grasped his old balls, Iroh straightened
up and closed his eyes in bliss as his cock hardened in an instant.

"Ohh, you like when I rub your balls" said Toph in a sultry voice.

"Uhhhhh" was Iroh's only response as Toph started to pull down his pants and
underwear revealing a slightly sagging 8 inches. Toph knew how to fix that
as she started using both hands, one grabbing his balls while the other one
stroked his shaft. Iroh was almost catatonic from the hand job he was now
receiving, his shock was about to double as he felt the warm sensation of a
tiny little mouth enveloping his cock. Again, Iroh moaned in relief as Toph
began to jam more and more of his cock down her tiny throat. Toph continued
rubbing his balls as she slowly massaged his eight inches into her mouth. At
about six inches she could feel Iroh's cock begin to spasm. She could also
hear and feel him panting, a sure precursor to ejaculation. Toph knowing
what was coming decided to deep throat him one last time in order to maximize
both the amount of cum she would receive and make sure none of it stained her

"UNNNNGGGGHH" grunted Iroh as he unloaded stream after stream down Toph's
throat. Toph could feel his warm cock pulsing in her tiny throat, cutting
off her air for a few moments. Luckily, Iroh's orgasm only lasted a few
seconds before it subsided and his cock became limp again and fell from her

"MMMMMM" said Toph as she felt his hot sticky cum roll down her throat.
"Thanks, I was really hungry". Toph got up off the nearly unconscious Iroh,
wiping the excess cum off of her face and licking her fingers in delight.
Iroh didn't say anything as Toph started to walk away with a grin on her
face. "And about your nephew, maybe you should tell him you need him too"
Toph said as she continued to walk away.

* * *

As Toph, Katara, and Sokka all made their own ways to help Aang; Aang had
made it to a deserted and barren town, located in the middle of nowhere. It
was there he had laid the trail of Appa's fur to, and it was there he
expected to meet the people chasing him. Aang didn't have to wait very long
for company, Azula arrived only minutes later. She explained to the avatar
who she was and who her brother was. Just as she started to make fun of her
brother, Zuko himself arrived placing himself in the middle of the avatar and
his sister.

A quick barrage of attacks from Azula and Zuko and the battle began furiously
with Azula doing most of the attacking and Aang doing most of the defending.
Zuko tried his hand in defeating Azula before capturing the avatar himself,
but he was unable to land a single attack against his much more powerful

Soon Zuko was hit by a powerful blast from his sister, falling unconscious
and leaving only Aang and Azula to battle it out. Eventually Azula would get
to cocky, leaving Aang the opportunity he was looking for to knock her off
her feet. Before she could even have a chance at getting back up and back
into the fight, Aang had gotten on top of her and pinned her with her stomach
on the ground. Aang could feel his stiffening cock rub up against her very
round ass. He grabbed a piece of rope and tied her hands before she could
break loose from his hold.

"Let me go! Let me go!" yelled Azula as she was being tied up. She could
feel something long and hard rubbing against the crack of her ass. She
thought she knew what it was, but didn't for one second believe that he would
stoop to such levels. He was the avatar after all and only a boy; he
couldn't be doing what she thought he was.

Aang however, was doing exactly what she feared; it felt so good to rub his
cock up and down in between her ass cheeks. It was soft, round and warm,
even through both of their pants.

"Hey!" Azula screamed in protest. She could now feel the avatar really
pumping his cock up and down her ass crack. She couldn't see his face, but
she could hear him enjoying himself immensely. She had to admit that it kind
of turned her on, the way she was being manhandled. Just as she started to
enjoy herself, she felt his hand fondle her ass and start to pull at her
pants. "Wait, wait, no!' Azula protested, realizing what he was going for
and that she wasn't wearing any panties.

Aang was starting to get very excited at the prospect of undressing the smug
fire nation princess; he had stopped rubbing his cock on her ass just long
enough to rip down her pants, revealing a pert and naked teen ass. `No
underwear' thought Aang, pulling her pants down past her ankles. Aang could
feel that Azula was struggling with all her might to stop his advances, but
Aang had her tied tightly and was still leaning on her with considerable

Azula was wiggling her ass in a vein attempt to free herself from the now
overpowering avatar; she couldn't help but think what sexual deviancy the
avatar had in mind for her. She could now feel the avatar undoing her top by
ripping it right off her back, revealing a naked backside. Azula struggled
in vain as she tried one more time to break free of the rope that tied her
hands behind her back.

Aang had gotten frisky again by this point; he pulled down his own pants and
underwear and started to rub his cock up and down her naked ass this time.
As he was doing this, Aang removed his own shirt and reached around Azula's
back to get a firm grasp of her nicely shaped and endowed breasts. He could
feel that even though she had been struggling against his attack, she was
clearly aroused, sporting raging hard nipples, a clear sign of her arousal.
Aang, fed up with just rubbing his cock on her ass and pussy, decided to take
the next step and fuck her. Aang slowly moved the tip of his cock to the
entrance of her bald pussy. He rubbed it up and down her slit to see what
kind of reaction he was going to get if he started fucking her.

"OOOOOHHH! I want it! Fuck me avatar!" pleaded Azula.

As Aang probed Azula's pussy, he could feel the moisture building on and in
her pussy. Unable to continue the cat and mouse game any longer, Aang pulled
Azula up by her tits just as pushed his cock into her now wet pussy. He only
entered an inch into her pussy, but he could already tell that she was no
virgin and entrance into this pussy was not going to be as difficult as
Katara or Toph's had been. There was some tightness left in her pussy, but
he knew that he could jam his entire cock into her with ease. With one
plunge, Aang's six inches were completely inside her. He could hear her
grunt in some discomfort from the sudden surprise he had given her, but
overall he could tell she loved it.

Azula was getting hot by this point; this was what she had been wanting ever
since her escapades with the Earth King Bumi. Aang's cock was only half as
long as the monster she had gotten poled by only a few weeks earlier, but the
smooth slamming she was getting was just as welcomed. The steady rhythm Aang
had picked up was more than Azula could bear to take; the constant slap of
his balls onto her pussy was bringing her over the edge.

Zuko had finally woken from getting knocked out from his bitch of a sister,
only to find her naked and tied up getting shafted by the avatar of all
people. Zuko's one mission was to capture the avatar, and looking at the
position he was now in, slamming his cock into Azula, he had a chance to
accomplish that mission. Zuko started to make his way over to the avatar and
his sister, only to feel his own cock begin to harden at the awesome sight he
now beheld. Zuko was not that attracted to his sister for the most part, he
had fucked her before, a year earlier, but the position she was now in,
enticed him greatly. The one time he had fucked Azula had seen him as the
submissive and his over domineering little sister as the aggressor. She had
been horny and unable to find a cock to satisfy her lust; she decided that
her only option to quench her insatiable lust was through his virgin cock.
She had controlled his every move, making him her bitch. She wouldn't even
let him cum until she had cum and left the room. As Zuko watched his sister
as the submissive, he knew that it was his time for revenge, his time to show
her who the man was.

Zuko walked out in front of Azula as she was about to reach her orgasm and
dropped his pants. Aang had noticed Zuko walking over to them and was ready
to defend himself until he saw Zuko undo his pants and let them drop to the
sand, kneeling down so his cock was at Azula's eye level. Azula had closed
her eyes by this point and was going through an orgasm, so she had no way to
see her big brother's cock as it was held right in front of her face.

Azula had felt the pressure building between her legs and with one final
thrust from the avatar she squirted her juices all over his cock and down her
legs. She could also feel the avatar squeeze her tits right as she began her
orgasm, only increasing the sensation she was going through. She finally
opened her eyes after going through the orgasm to see a very hard 7 inch cock
right in front of her face.

Without even warning his baby sister, Zuko jammed half of his cock into her
open mouth. Azula gagged at the savage thrust of her brother's cock; it had
nearly hit the back of her throat, taking her off guard.

Azula might enjoy getting thoroughly fucked by the avatar, but she had no
intention of letting her wimp of a brother, throat fuck her like some
peasant. "MMM MMMMMF MMMF" Azula mumbled, trying desperately to pull off her
brother's cock. She couldn't though because the avatar was still slamming
his cock into her and holding her there in that position by holding her tits.

Both Zuko and Aang laughed a little at the situation they had gotten the fire
nation bitch into. They couldn't help but laugh at the fact that she
couldn't do anything to stop either of them. Zuko had taken the mumbling as
a sign to jam his cock even deeper into his sister's throat. Eventually he
was able to fit his entire seven inches into her mouth and was slamming his
cock all the way down her throat, making his balls slap against her face with
every in-stroke. She was gagging furiously and drool was dripping from the
corners of her mouth as Zuko continued to slam his cock down her throat. The
sight of Azula stripped naked, tied up and getting fucked from both ends like
a common whore was the best moment of Zuko's young life. He had been the
object of every one of his sister's jokes, she had always been the more
gifted and favored child and she had always been the alpha of the two.
Thinking about all the humiliating positions his sister had put him in over
the years, Zuko picked up his pace, sliding his cock in and out of her
throat, causing his little sister to continually gag and struggle for air.

Aang was also enjoying the sight of this smug bitch, getting fucked from both
ends and for the most part, loving it. Hearing Azula struggle for breath
only turned Aang on more, and made him want to change to a more favorable
position. Aang, without telling either Zuko or Azula, pulled Azula back
until he was laying on his back and Azula was now sitting on his cock
entirely as he Aang struggled to get a hold of her hips and balance her.

Zuko had been taken aback by the sudden change of position, but he was able
to keep his cock in his little sister's mouth by standing up straight and
moving forward just enough to keep it jammed in her hot moist mouth. Zuko
was a little disappointed by the lack of excitement on Azula's part, so he
decided to pick up his game by grabbing the back of her head with both hands
and slamming his cock into her throat with increased rapidity. Azula had a
look of stun plastered all over her face as she continued to struggle for
air. The stunned look of weakness on Azula's face was just what Zuko needed
to bring him over the edge. Ever since she had made him wait to cum, he had
wanted to cum all over that smug little face without the least bit of

"Unngghh! Take it you bitch!" cried Zuko as he pulled out of her mouth and
painted her face in a lovely shade of white. Zuko had built up a serious
load since his last encounter with his little sister and it showed as he
fired off six straight, rather large loads, of hot sticky cum all over the
princess's face. Azula had not been ready to receive such a large load of
her brother's cum and the unexpected explosion had caught her off guard.
Zuko's first few loads had hit her squarely in her mouth, with the last few
hitting her forehead and the very last hitting her directly in the left eye.

"Fucking Asshole! I'm gonna kill you Zuzu!" screamed Azula, still struggling
for breath.

With that Zuko collapsed to the ground, with his pants still around his
ankles and his cock slowly softening. Zuko had a grin on his face as he
watched in ecstasy as Azula continued to get slammed up and down on the
avatar's cock with a nice white layer of his semen coating her face and
blinding her left eye.

"Huh, ha hah aha" giggled Aang after hearing Azula call her brother Zuzu.
The laughter was cut short as a strong urge for release came over Aang. Aang
started to pant loudly and even though Azula was tied up and being held in
place on top of his cock, he could feel her struggle at the inevitable end to
their fuck session.

"No! Not again, don't cum in me, please!" pleaded Azula, "Everybody always
cums inside of me!"

"UNGGGHHHH, UNGGHHH, UNNGGGGHHH!" shouted Aang; Azula's words were what
brought Aang over the edge, making him cum. Azula's begging had turned Aang
on so much, he knew that the load of cum he was about to deposit into the
princess's wet pussy was going to be a world record for any avatar of all
time. Aang released a very substantial first load of cum just as he slammed
his cock into Azula's pussy; it was so much in fact that Azula knew what was
happening right away and tried to break her bonds one last time. It was
hopeless though as Aang continued to pant loudly and fire load after hot load
into the hot teen pussy. He didn't care if he was impregnating the young
fire nation princess; all he cared about was filling her as full as possible.
After about seven full loads of his semen, Aang was spent and could feel the
result of his hard work, leaking down out of her pussy, down his cock and
onto his waist.

"AHHH" Aang sighed as Azula moaned in defeat, having also gone through an
orgasm as Aang had started his. Satisfied that he was done with the tight
little pussy, Aang, simply pushed Azula off of his waist and cock and onto
the dirty and sandy ground. With a thud, Azula had hit the ground with a
look of shock on her face. Both Aang and Zuko got dressed as they watched
the young princess begin to roll onto her back.

Azula quickly rolled onto her back revealing her cum drenched pussy to both
the avatar and her brother. Azula had only rolled onto her back and
distracted both Zuko and the avatar so she could cut her binding ropes with a
sharp piece of glass she had landed near. As she cut through her binds, she
felt the avatar's warm cum roll out of her pussy, dripping to the dirty

Both Zuko and Aang watched in fascination as Aang's semen dripped from her
gaping pussy; they were mesmerized and distracted from her true goal in
freeing herself and attacking both of them.

With a snap of the ropes, Azula freed herself and fired two balls of fire at
both the distracted avatar and her brother. Both of the balls of fire caught
them off guard, sending Zuko flying to the other side of the street in
obvious pain and sending the avatar through the window of a dusty vacant
house. Azula quickly found her clothes and got dressed and washed off her
face in a bucket of water not to far away. She could still feel the cum
rolling out of her pussy and down her leg and decided it was best to take an
after-sex potion Lo and Li had given her. `Damn' she thought, she would only
have five vials of this miracle potion left after downing the one she had
pulled out of her uniform pocket. She drank it quickly with obvious
reluctance, due to its abhorred taste. She realized that she'd better not
let anyone else cum inside her because she only had a few of the vials left,
and Lo and Li were nowhere near her at the moment to make more.

In an instant, Azula was moving towards the house she had knocked the avatar
into and to her surprise he was now helpless himself.

"Luckily I'm not as sick of a bastard as you, or you'd have that staff of
yours jammed all the way up your ass, you sick freak!" Azula said jokingly
as she approached the avatar. She made a circle of fire around the house's
room and decided that maybe she would humiliate him, like he did to her.

"This is for cumming inside of me!" Azula yelled as she picked up his staff.

Just before she made it to the avatar, Katara arrived and used waterbending
to free Aang from his predicament. Azula chased Katara from the room and
after a few quick battles, Azula found herself surrounded by Aang, Katara,
Sokka, Toph, the now conscious Zuko, and Iroh, who had also just arrived.

"Well, look at this, enemies and traitors all working together" Azula said,
"I'm done, I know when I'm beaten. You've got me, a princess surrenders with
honor" she conceded.

Iroh suddenly noticed that the tiny little earthbender he was fighting next
to was in fact the girl he had both gotten a blowjob from and gave good
advice to.

The momentary distraction Azula saw in her uncle Iroh's gaze, gave her the
opportunity she needed to hit him with a quick bolt of fire. Everyone
attacked her immediately, but she was able to deflect them all somehow and
escape without further attack.

Zuko ran to his uncle who was laying hurt on the ground, "Get away from us"
Zuko yelled at Katara, Aang, Toph and Sokka.

"Zuko, I can help" stated Katara, moving towards both Zuko and his uncle.

"LEAVE!" shouted Zuko as he fanned flames at them.

The group would leave both of them and continue on their way to find a place
to finally sleep. They all had very pleasant dreams after the satisfying
experiences they had just been through that day.


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