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Avatar - The Last Airbender:
The Unrated And Untold Stories Part 8 - City Of Walls And Secrets
by Avatrek ([email protected])

Aang and the gang may have stopped the Fire Nation from invading the last
Earth Kingdom, but Aang was still troubled. His flying bison Appa was still
missing and as the group finally entered Ba Sing Se, everyone realized,
finding Appa in such a large city would be nearly impossible. They also had
to find the Earth King and plan the invasion of the Fire Nation.

"It's all right" said a concerned Katara, as she consoled the depressed
Avatar. "I know we'll find Appa here, I just know it"

"He's here, I can feel it" replied Aang as he looked over the massive city.

Katara was just thinking about a way to cheer up her beloved friend, when
from a distance, someone started walking towards them.

"Hello, my name is Joo Dee" said the strange woman. "I have been given the
great honor of showing the Avatar around Ba Sing Se!"

Joo Dee continued to talk the entire group, but both Aang and Sokka were
checking out the appointed babysitter, wondering how long it would take for
either of them to bed her. Indeed, both Sokka and Aang were thinking about
the same thing as they looked at each other with smiles forming on their

After finishing the short introductions, Joo Dee arranged for them to take a
train to their new home in the upper ring. All four members of the group were
horny as hell as they rode the train past the lower ring. Toph and Katara
looked out the window to see the thousands of refugees occupying the decrepit
lower ring and wondering how many of those poor souls were going to get their
chance to be with either Toph or Katara. Absent-mindedly they both began
moving their hands towards their pussies. Aang and Sokka in the meantime,
hadn't even looked out the window as they continued to stare at the gorgeous
Joo Dee, who was still giving them a descriptive tour of the entire city.

The ride was long and boring; after getting off the train, they took a wagon
until they reached the upper ring, passing some members of the Dai Li; the
secret cultural police of Ba Sing Se. Eventually they made it to their huge
house in the upper ring, and upon arrival, Joo Dee was given a scroll,
announcing that the Avatar would have an audience with the King of Ba Sing Se
in six to eight weeks.

Everybody was in an uproar about the time it would take to have an audience
with the King. As they entered their new home, Sokka thought up a brilliant
plan to shorten that time considerably. He whispered his plan into the ears
of Toph, Katara and Aang as Joo Dee entered the house.

"Well ... can we join in too?" asked Katara, as Sokka finished explaining
things to everybody.

"Join what?" asked an inquisitive Joo Dee, who by this point was
eavesdropping on the group.

"Oh ... I'll show you" replied Sokka, leaving Katara, Toph and Aang looking a
little dejected. They knew that this was going to be a solo mission for
Sokka, and the rest of the gang was just going to have to sit this one out.

"Follow me, it's a secret and I'd don't want anyone else to hear" whispered
Sokka into Joo Dee's ear, as he used his right hand to get a quick grope of
her firm ass.

Both curious to discover more information on the plans of the Avatar and his
friends and a little turned on by the aggressive actions the young Water
Tribe warrior was putting on her, Joo Dee decided it was best to follow
Sokka's instructions. She knew that probing the Avatar's best friend for
information would take both guile and skill if it was to be done properly.
She'd fuck his brains out if it meant she could keep a closer eye on the
Avatar and limit the trouble they'd no doubt cause searching for their bison
and trying to contact the Earth King.

Sokka guided the interested Joo Dee by her ass into a room adjoining the main
living room. While Sokka and Joo Dee disappeared into another room; Aang,
Toph and Katara decided it was best to make themselves comfortable and listen
in on Sokka's experienced negotiating skills.

"I think we better get comfortable and listen in ... you know ... just to
make sure everything goes just right" said Aang with a smile on his face and
a small bulge forming in his pants.

"Yeah ... good idea ... that makes a lot of sense twinkle toes" answered
Toph, as she made her way closer to the wall separating them from Sokka and
Joo Dee.

As Aang, Katara and Toph got comfortable for the show to come; Sokka began to
initiate his fool proof plan on the unsuspecting Joo Dee. Unbeknownst to
Sokka, Joo Dee was anything but unsuspecting, as she was prepared to do
anything for the information Sokka supposedly had.

"So..." started Sokka as he let go of Joo Dee's ass and jumped onto a soft
bed in the center of the room.

"This is how it's going to be ... I'll suck you off, and you give me all the
information I want" interrupted Joo Dee before Sokka could start his
brilliant plan.

"OKAY!!" said an ecstatic Sokka. Lucky for Sokka, his plan had involved Joo
Dee sucking his cock, so Joo Dee's open attitude was a perfect start for
Sokka and his plan.

Joo Dee seductively walked over to the bed and grabbed hold of his trousers,
removing them in a single pull. Sokka wasn't wearing any underwear that day,
partly because he was tired of removing his underwear every time he got
pussy, and for him, that was all the time. Joo Dee wasn't fooling around as
she crawled onto the bed and positioned herself over Sokka's growing monster
cock. It was almost fully hard by the time Joo Dee took hold of Sokka's
shaft. She was astonished that such a young man could have such a monster
cock. Before taking the head of his cock into her mouth, she inhaled the
musty aroma surrounding Sokka's cock. Joo Dee instantly became overwhelmed,
pushing all thoughts of extracting information from the young warrior out of
her mind. It was like she had just become brain washed by Sokka's scent as
she engulfed the tip of his cock.

"Mmmpf" mumbled Joo Dee as she starting moving her head up and down on
Sokka's manhood. Joo Dee had a small mouth and right away she knew there was
no way she was going to fit the Sokka's entire shaft down her throat. It took
five minutes of steady bobbing before Joo Dee was able to fit a total of
seven inches down her throat. She knew that seven inches was her maximum,
there was just no possible way she would be able to get the last four inches
in; so, instead of trying, she decided on a new, and far more exciting way to
pleasure her new lover.

Sokka knew that his overpowering sexual magnetism had overwhelmed the uptight
babysitter. . Joo Dee pulled her mouth off of Sokka's cock, pulled off her
clothes and flung them, along with a pair of tight green panties onto the
floor and began to crawl up his chest so her pussy was hovering over his
eleven inches. Sokka was just about to find out how uptight Joo Dee truly

"Owwww!" screamed Joo Dee as she used her right hand to guide Sokka's monster
into her quivering bald pussy. Unable to fit even the tip in, Joo Dee spat on
her hand and began lubing up both her pussy and Sokka's cock in order to find
a way to fit it in.

"Owwww!" moaned Joo Dee again as this time the very tip of Sokka's cock
perforated her swollen and juicy pussy.

Sokka was in just as much pain as Joo Dee, but his immense experience told
him that the best part was to come, and the fact that Joo Dee was so tight
meant that the best would probably make Sokka blow his load in a matter of
minutes. Tired of waiting for Joo Dee to be accustomed to Sokka's unusually
large cock, he grabbed hold of her hips, looked directly into her eyes,
smiled, and pulled her waist down as hard as possible.

"Ahhh... Stop!" screamed Joo Dee as she felt her pussy spread to accommodate
Sokka's member. It was so big; she thought it was tearing her apart from the
inside. But to her utter amazement, she was able to fit an astounding seven
inches into her incredibly tight pussy before Sokka stopped.

Sokka's forceful push into Joo Dee's tight pussy wasn't just painful for her;
Sokka had to stop because of the extreme pressure placed on his own cock. It
felt like her pussy was about to break his cock in half. But to Sokka's
surprise, Joo Dee, who had been in such pain a minute earlier, was now
screaming in orgasm as he felt her juices begin to envelop the seven inches
of his cock in her pussy.

"Ahhhhhhh!" moaned a relieved Joo Dee as she continued to orgasm. Instead of
just stopping and collapsing on Sokka's chest, relieved from release; the
orgasm seemed to have the opposite effect on Joo Dee, making her want Sokka
even deeper inside her. Leaning forward, she placed her hands on Sokka's
chest, she impaled herself deeper on Sokka's eleven inches, until, to both of
their relief, she bottomed out, mashing her hips against Sokka's.

"Fuck me water boy, fuck me!" whispered Joo Dee into Sokka's ear just before
she passionately started kissing him, jamming her tongue into Sokka's mouth.

Sokka, turned on by both Joo Dee's words of encouragement and her tongue in
his mouth, decided to grant her wish, beginning to slam his hips upwards into
her as she continued to slam her pussy down on his cock. They did this
passionately for a further few minutes until both felt their orgasms

"I'm cumming again ..." cried Joo Dee as she stopped making out with Sokka
and felt her pussy quiver forebodingly.

"Me too!" grunted Sokka as he closed his eyes in anticipation for release.

"No ... Wait ... I can't get pregnant ... Stop right now!" Joo Dee pleaded.
But as her own orgasm washed over her, she felt Sokka slam his cock as deep
into her as possible, and mere moments later, she felt a warm trickle of what
could only be his potent seed filling her previously untouched womb.

Sokka was too far along to simply pull out of Joo Dee and blow his load
wherever she wanted. It was his orgasm and his choice, thought Sokka, as he
began spurting out a very healthy adult sized load of hot cum into the
struggling Joo Dee. After feeling his cock pulse six loads of warm semen into
Joo Dee's clutching pussy, Sokka knew that he had just impregnated another
unsuspecting mother-to-be.

"Dammit!" cried Joo Dee as Sokka roughly pushed her off his cock, sending her
flying to the floor with cum dripping out of her pussy. Joo Dee was pissed,
knowing that she had just surely been impregnated against her will. But
because Joo Dee had had so few opportunities to have sex in the past; a pussy
full of cum, she thought, was well worth two of her own powerful orgasms.

Joo Dee remained on her back, still feeling the effects of both her and
Sokka's orgasm pulsing through her body as Sokka got up from his bed, stood
up, bent down and picked up her green panties. He quickly wiped his cum
covered cock off on them and threw them onto the ground. Sokka looked over at
the hard breathing Joo Dee and watched his cum leaking out of her swollen
pussy before smiling and leaving the room without saying another word.

* * *

Sokka wasn't the only one having a good time though; just outside Sokka's
bedroom, Aang, Katara and Toph had gotten extremely hot listening from the
other side of the thin wall separating them. Thin or not, Sokka and Joo Dee's
grunting, moaning and screaming was so loud, people in the lower ring could
probably hear them going at it.

Aang, Katara and Toph had all gotten comfortable when Sokka and Joo Dee went
into the adjoining room, but soon after, all three had began pleasuring
themselves individually while they sat on the floor, near the door to the

Aang had put his right hand down his pants, grabbing hold of his stiffening
cock and rubbing his shaft up and down as he listened in. Aang hadn't even
looked to his right or left and he was already fully hard.

On Aang's right, Toph had both her hands under her one-piece dress, spreading
her pussy lips and cramming two fingers into her soaking wet cunt. She too
hadn't even noticed Aang or Katara playing with themselves, as she was too
focused on listening to Sokka, who by the sound of it, was having his cock
sucked by the uptight Joo Dee.

Katara was the furthest along of all three; she had her blue cum-stained
waterbending robe off already. She had one hand pinching and twisting her
right nipple while the other was rubbing her thinly trimmed pussy as hard as
she could.

Aang was first to notice his other companions playing with themselves.
Knowing where this was inevitably leading, Aang decided he would make the
first move as he pulled off his pants, keeping his hand on his cock. Aang
moved right first, deciding he'd fuck Toph first and then finish with Katara.
Aang jumped onto Toph, who conveniently enough, hadn't realized what everyone
else was doing. Aang landed on top of her waist surprising Toph, who still
had two hands on her pussy.

"So ... You wanna have a little fun too ... hun twinkle toes!" said Toph as
she smiled up at Aang.

"You know I do" replied Aang as he started to lean forward onto his knees.
Aang was now straddling Toph's face. Aang smiled down at Toph once more
before grabbing hold of his cock and placing the tip at the entrance of her

Toph opened up, ready to take Aang's full seven inches without complaint.

Aang leant forward and starting pushing his cock past her lips. He felt his
shaft slide past her tiny mouth and enter her eager wet mouth. Toph was no
stranger to deep-throating, and Aang knew it as he pushed his cock further
and further down her throat until he bottomed out, mashing his balls against
Toph's chin.

"Ghhhhh" Toph gurgled as Aang pulled his cock out a little to give her a
second to catch her breath before slamming his cock back in as far as
possible. Every time Aang pulled out, Toph struggled to breath with saliva
flying out of her mouth.

Katara had finally started to pay attention to Aang throat-fucking Toph; she
was struggling to choose between the hot sex her stud of a brother was
engaged in and the scene unfolding in front of her. Making a snap decision,
Katara decided on the scene taking place in front of her eyes.

After a few minutes of intense throat-fucking, Aang got up off of the almost
unconscious Toph, whose face was now covered in saliva, and slid down her
chest until he could grab hold of her legs. Grabbing both of her legs, Aang
folded her half, exposing her tight pussy to him before ripping her dress
off. Toph could literally fold her legs underneath her arms as Aang lined up
his cock with her quivering pussy.

Knowing what Aang was about to do, Toph braced herself for the extreme
penetration she knew she was about to endure.

Aang nudged the tip of his cock up against Toph's pussy lips, eliciting moans
from her.

"Unghhhh" grunted Aang has he pierced Toph's folds in a single thrust,
forcing a good three inches into her. Some determined pushing and in two
minutes, he was slamming his entire cock down into her with no remorse at

Toph's eyes were still closed, in both pain and pleasure as she could feel
herself getting closer and closer to orgasm. Her pussy began to spasm and
contract around Aang's cock as he continued to pump her with his entire seven

"Ahhhhhhh ... Yesssssss twinkle toes .... do it!" she screamed as she
couldn't take it anymore, squirting her juices on and past Aang's cock, as he
slowed his pace down, enjoying the sensation of Toph squirting all over the

Aang, noticing that Katara was silent, alone and waiting to join in on the
fun, waved her over to take part. He pulled out of Toph with a small wail of
disapproval from the satisfied earthbender.

"Your turn Katara!" said an excited Aang as he got off of Toph and took hold
of Katara, guiding her over to Toph, where she laid her down on top of her,
facing the opposite direction. Katara's mouth was directly over Toph's pussy
and the fluids still dripping from her pussy seemed to excite the young
waterbending slut.

Aang just stood and watched, trying to regain some of his stamina as he
watched both Katara and Toph begin to eat each other out.

Toph had her entire tongue in Katara's pussy, extracting as much of her
delicious juices as possible. Toph could feel Katara doing the same thing as
she lapped up the excess juices from her stomach and the floor before going
to work on her pussy.

Katara loved the taste of Toph's pussy; it tasted great, the great taste of
pussy added to by the slight flavoring of Aang's cock. Just as Katara started
using her hands to help the process along, she felt something long and hard
probing the outer edges of her pussy. She knew that Aang was finally ready to
ram his cock into her.

Aang had a little easier time forcing his cock into Katara's pussy. He
couldn't wait any longer as he watched both girls go at it. His cock had felt
Katara's moist folds on a number of occasions, yet he never got tired of
slamming it into her, right to the hilt.

All three were sweating, moaning and having a great time when they heard Joo
Dee, scream something about stopping and then a loud groan from Sokka. They
had all stopped to hear what was going on, just as Sokka ripped open the door
and barged into the main living room, completely naked, with a grin on his

"I knew you guys were going at it" said Sokka, as he closed the door behind
him, leaving Joo Dee all alone in the next room.

"We sure are Sokka" responded Toph from under both Katara and Aang. "There's
a hole right in front of you that could use your huge cock though!"

"I got it covered ... or that is to say, I've got it filled" replied a happy
Sokka, as he moved over to Toph's pussy, which was still being eaten out by

Katara, realizing that her position was quite literally, about to be filled,
got onto her hands and elevated herself so Sokka could have some room to

While this was going on, Aang had continued to slam his cock into Katara's
pussy with reckless abandon.

Sokka placed the tip of his cock at Toph's entrance, just after passionately
kissing his sister. Seeing that Aang had already been hard at work with
Toph's pussy, Sokka knew that his penetration would go a lot easier. It took
only a couple of minutes before Sokka was balls deep in Toph as he continued
to make out with his sister.

By this point, all four of them were sweating profusely and getting closer
and closer to release. Katara and Toph were the first to reach their goal as
both screamed out in pleasure at nearly the same time.

Aang and Sokka both felt the girls' juices surround their cocks, dripping out
of their holes and onto the ground. They both knew that their end would come
very soon; so after five minutes of hard slamming, moaning and screaming,
they were ready to cum.

"Let's paste them!" said Aang, looking over at Sokka as the strain on his
face was beginning to show.

"Okay ... But we gotta do it right now!" Sokka replied, forcing both Katara
and Toph to their knees and putting them face to face, right in front of the
now standing pair of Aang and Sokka.

Aang and Sokka stood shoulder to shoulder as they aimed their cocks at Katara
and Toph and stroked themselves off to them.

"UNGGGHHHH... UNGHHHHH!" they finally cried at nearly the same time. They
both released a considerable amount of cum; streaming it onto the waiting
faces of Katara and Toph, who had begun to kiss to pass the time. They each
pumped out a few thick wads of warm semen, plastering both of the girls'
faces in mere seconds. Sokka was spent fairly quickly however, largely
because he had just deposited a load into Joo Dee's pussy. Aang fired off a
couple more loads after Sokka had finished, making sure he got as much of his
hot cum onto both of Toph and Katara's pretty faces.

"Ahhhhhhh!" sighed a relieved Aang as both he and Sokka watched Katara and
Toph begin to lick each other's faces, cleaning off all the warm cum, and
drinking it greedily, glad to be covered in cum.

* * *

After cleaning themselves up, getting dressed, shooing away the now pregnant
Joo Dee and discussing their options on how to get to the Earth King and warn
him of the impending solar eclipse; Toph and Katara came up with the plan of
sneaking their way into a party the King was throwing for his bear, while
Aang and Sokka snuck in as servers.

Realizing that making their way into the party without invitations would
probably be impossible; Katara and Toph went shopping, buying the sluttiest
clothing they could find, in order to entice the guard into letting them in
the party. It was a risky plan, but both Katara and Toph felt they had bought
the right equipment to get the job done.

Aang and Sokka waited until the girls finished getting dressed and putting on
their makeup; they'd have to find their own way into the party when they got
there. As they stood and waited patiently at the door; Katara and Toph came
out of their rooms absolutely stunning. Both girls wore tight green and
yellow dresses, hiked up as high as they could go. Katara's dress was
strapless and was so short that both Aang and Sokka could see the bottom of
her ass. Both girls were wearing thongs and just like Katara, Toph's ass was
visible to anyone standing behind her. Not only were both girls wearing sexy
high heels, they were also wearing make-up, only accentuated their beauty.

Both Katara and Toph were smiling at the fact that, as hard as Aang and Sokka
were trying to hide their erections, it was impossible, as their tented pants
betrayed them.

"So horny already?" asked Katara, eyeing both Aang's and her brother's hard

Aang didn't respond. He simply licked his lips at the thought of having a
second go with both Katara and Toph.

"Well... too bad... We'll need these for the party" said Katara as she
smacked both her and Toph's tight asses.

With that, all four left the house and traveled to the King's party, hopeful
in accomplishing their mission and warning him of the solar eclipse that was
approaching rapidly.

Aang and Sokka hid in some bushes, formulating a plan, while Katara and Toph
did their best to assuage the guard into letting them into the party.

"Come on big boy... if you let us in will show you what our special bending
talents are" purred Katara into the guards ear as she brushed her hand
against his crotch, enticing him further.

"Sorry miss, but no street whores will be allowed entry tonight" responded
the guard, grimacing. Obviously sorry to let such fine pieces of ass walk

"But I'm from the Bei Fong family" yelled Toph, holding up her official
papers, while a couple of other guards moved them out of the long line.

While the guards were being distracted; Aang and Sokka took the opportunity
to steal two server uniforms and enter the party undetected.

"Well... that didn't work so well" said Katara to Toph, as she hiked up her
skirt an inch further, hoping to take pity from a passing party attendee and
gain access that way. To their luck, a passing man took interest in them, not
only because of their attire, but also because of their age.

"Do you ladies need help getting into the party?" asked a man on his way to
the party.

"Yes... Please... my cousin lost our invitations and our parents are already
inside... oh... and she's blind" replied Katara, reveling in her good

The strange man helped them into the party, revealing to them his name, Long
Feng, and his intentions to help them find their parents.

Meanwhile... Aang and Sokka were already in the party, looking for the King.
Unable to find him in the mass of partygoers, they were shocked to find a
pissed-off-looking Joo Dee standing only feet away with both anger and panic
in her eyes.

Look, thought Joo Dee, there's the Avatar and the boy who came inside me.
I've got to find a way to get them to leave before I get in trouble.

"What are you doing here... we have to leave immediately or we'll all be in
trouble" whispered Joo Dee to Aang and Sokka in a hurried panic.

"Sorry ... but we can't do that. Not until we speak to the Earth King!"
replied Aang as he got ready to walk away.

"Please... I'll do anything... and I mean anything!" responded a panicked Joo
Dee, as she smiled at Sokka, knowing exactly how to tickle his fancy.

"Anything?" replied both Aang and Sokka together, as they looked at each
other and smiled.

Joo Dee knew that she had made an unwise decision in saying `anything' as
Sokka and Aang led her into a large empty room.

"Get undressed!" demanded Aang, as Joo Dee stood nervously in front of Aang
and Sokka. Joo Dee obediently got undressed, knowing that the only way to
stop them from causing anymore trouble was to follow their every order. She
slowly removed her clothing until she was completely naked. Aang and Sokka
eyed the young woman greedily as her tight body, firm breasts and gorgeous
bald pussy were revealed to them.

"I get her pussy" said Aang excitedly, looking directly at Joo Dee's tasty
pussy. Joo Dee was stunned by such an arrogant and aggressive statement until
Sokka spoke next.

"That's fine with me... I've already had my fun with her pussy... I think
I'll enjoy fucking her ass!" Sokka said triumphantly, as both he and Aang
removed their clothing as quickly as possible.

"Wait... What! Nobody's touching this ass" she said as she tried to pull up
her dress and leave before she got herself into real trouble.

"Toooooooo Late!" said Sokka, as he grabbed her dress and ripped it right off
of her in one tug. "You're here to stay!" Sokka continued, getting behind her
and holding her still. Sokka's enormous was already a rock hard eleven inches
as Aang walked over to both of them, sporting his own fully hard seven

Aang got onto the floor, knowing his role in the upcoming fun as Sokka guided
a trembling Joo Dee onto Aang's cock.

"No! Please! Let me go... I've changed my mind!" Joo Dee mumbled as Sokka
covered her mouth with a torn piece of her clothing. Not wanting to be
discovered; Sokka made sure nobody would hear a peep from any of them.

Without even replying to Joo Dee's cry for them to stop; Sokka slammed Joo
Dee's pussy down hard onto Aang's engorged cock, causing both Aang and Joo
Dee to grunt in pain. Sokka continued to push Joo Dee down on Aang's cock
until she was fully impaled on his seven inches. Sokka remained behind the
struggling Joo Dee, making sure she continued to move up and down on Aang's

Joo Dee struggled as best she could, trying to free her arms from Sokka as
she felt herself being violated again and again, by the Avatar of all people.

Sokka, tired of holding Joo Dee still and missing out on the action, tore
another piece of material from Joo Dee's dress and tied her wrists together
behind her back.

"That's better... isn't it!" said Sokka jokingly, slapping Joo Dee's ass as
he stood back and admired Aang pounding cock upwards into Joo Dee. Sokka was
unable to control himself any longer. He needed to get some sweet Joo Dee
ass. Sokka stepped up behind Joo Dee's ass and as Aang held her waist down,
Sokka placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of Joo Dee's tight ass.

"God... I'm going to enjoy this" Sokka mumbled as he pushed with all his
might, forcing a total of three inches into Joo Dee's incredibly tight ass.
Aang remained still as Sokka attempted to force even more of his cock into
Joo Dee's ass.

"MMMMPPPPPPFFFFF!" mumbled a beleaguered Joo Dee, as her eyes widened in
complete horror. To her aw and shock, Aang looked her right in the eye and
smiled as Sokka continued to grunt behind them.

As Sokka began to fit more and more of his cock into Joo Dee, Aang resumed
slamming his cock upward into her. It took a few minutes of awkward double
fucking, but eventually, both Aang and Sokka got into rhythm and began to
really give it to Joo Dee, who although screaming for them to stop, had cum
about five times since Sokka had began slamming his cock into her ass.

"Damn! This is one tight ass!" moaned Sokka, as he began to feel the pressure
in his balls overwhelm him.

"Ungh... Ungh... Ungh! I know what you mean" groaned Aang, as he rapidly
approached his own orgasm.

With one combined deep thrust into both her pussy and her ass, Joo Dee
fainted from both pain and exhaustion.

Just as Joo Dee fainted, Aang reached his limit, firing a hot sticky load of
his warm cum into Joo Dee's orgasm stricken pussy. Her juices gushed over his
cock as he unloaded a few well aimed streams of his semen into the
unconscious woman's violated pussy. Sokka grunted only seconds later,
releasing an equally large amount of cum into Joo Dee's gaping anus. Sokka
was balls deep as he unloaded stream after stream of his seed, deep into her
receptive rectum.

"That was great!" cried Aang, as Sokka removed his cum covered cock from Joo
Dee's ass, wiping it off on her clothes.

"It definitely was!" replied Sokka, as he watched Aang remove his cock from
her pussy with a pop, wiping his cum-coated cock off in her hair.

Aang and Sokka got dressed quickly without saying another word, leaving the
violated and pregnant Joo Dee unconscious and full of cum, where she would be
found hours later by the furious Long Feng and his Dai Li soldiers.

* * *

Katara and Toph were about to find themselves in a similar sticky situation
as Joo Dee, as Long Feng asked them to follow him to his private office, away
from the party.

"I know your parents aren't at this party" said Long Feng confidently,
shutting the door behind the two girls.

"Wha-... But how...?" started Katara, as she tried to think up a reasonable

"It's alright ... I know you're here with the Avatar" replied Long Feng,
turning around to look at the two girls. " ... And for your deception, you'll
both need to be punished" Long Feng went on, as he walked over to his desk
and pulled out a two foot long wooden paddle.

"Eeek!" cried Katara, whispering into Toph's ear what he planned to do to

"I know... he's holding a wooden paddle" replied Toph, smiling at Katara.

"But... then you know what he's going to do..." Katara responded.

"Oh... I know... and I want it" Toph said, bending over, hiking up her dress
and leaning over Long Feng's desk.

Katara was taken aback by Toph's openness to being spanked. Sure, Katara
enjoyed a little spanking every once and a while, but what Long Feng had in
his hands was frightening her. If he wanted to, he could dole out some
serious punishment.

"Come on Katara... it'll be fun!" said Toph, now wiggling her round white
ass, covered only by her tiny green thong at Long Feng.

Not wanting to spoil the fun, Katara took her dress off, leaving only her
blue thong on. Katara noticed Long Feng staring at her perfect teen tits and
gorgeous round ass as Katara too, bent over his desk and awaited her

Long Feng stood behind the two perfect round asses as he continued to stare
directly at the two girls' tight asses, framed by their skimpy thongs. With
one of his hands he pulled out his four inch hard cock and began stroking it
to the sight of the two girls. As he stroked his shaft back and forth, he
lifted up the wooden paddle with his other hand and raised it into the air,
preparing to spank Toph and Katara.

SMACK!!! Long Feng struck Toph's white ass with a good deal of force.

"Owwww!" moaned Toph as her ass stung from the impact.

"Scream as much as you want my little whores, this room is soundproof, so
nobody will here you" replied Long Feng to Toph's yelp.

SMACK!!! Long Feng struck Katara's ass even harder, eliciting an even louder
scream as both girls' asses began to redden. As Long Feng continued to strike
both asses furiously, he continued to stroke his cock off, not only to their
gorgeous asses, but also to the sound of their screams.

"I think he's enjoying this!" cried Katara, as she peered over her shoulder
at Long Feng who continued to rub his cock.

"Yeah I know... he's one old sick fu-!" replied Toph, smiling at Katara, just
before Long Feng spanked her as hard as he could.

Both Toph and Katara's asses were now shining red as Long Feng took his hand
off his cock for a moment in order to tear off Katara and Toph's panties, and
stuff them into one of his pockets.

Thinking that maybe now the fun would begin, as she felt her thong being torn
off; Katara lifted up her ass as high as possible in order to accept Long
Feng's cock. To her surprise however, Long Feng had no intention of fucking
the two horny girls. Instead Katara felt the paddle come down on her ass
again, making her scream in agony.

"OWWWWW!!!!" screamed Katara.

Toph screamed only moments later as she felt her ass being violated just as
hard with the wooden paddle.

Before either of the girls could scream to stop however, Long Feng starting
panting hard, revealing his intention to cum.

Feeling, hearing and sensing his upcoming orgasm; Toph turned around as fast
as she could, dropping to her knees and getting ready to receive a face-load
of warm cum.

"Ungggghhhh" grunted a taxed Long Feng; as he looked down to see one red ass
and the smiling face of a blind girl in line to take a healthy load of his
hot cream. Not wanting to disappoint, Long Feng began to spray out six evenly
sized loads of sticky cum all over Katara's ass and Toph's smiling face. He
splashed three loads onto Katara's ass, covering her violated red ass before
hitting Toph right in her eye with the other three.

Katara had been in serious pain as Long Feng began to ejaculated on her ass;
her bruised ass was on fire, and as Long Feng coated her ass in soothing warm
cum, she felt herself orgasm at the sensation of his cum dripping down into
her ass and down her legs.

"Ahhhhh... I'm cumming!" screamed Katara, feeling her juices begin to rush
through her body and squirt out of her spasming pussy.

Toph, who had just taken three large loads of Long Feng's cum in her eye,
could feel and hear Katara cumming. She shifted herself over towards Katara,
now facing her ass, and stuck her tongue out only an inch from Katara's pussy
to catch her yummy juices. She was in luck as Katara's juices squirted from
her pussy and hit the back of Katara's throat, making her gag.

Just as Toph caught the last of Katara's orgasm in her mouth, the door to
Long Feng's office slammed open, revealing Aang and Sokka in the custody of
two Dai Li agents.

"Sir we... oh sorry... we'll come back later" stuttered one of the guards;
shocked to see two girls covered in Long Feng's cum, and him still stroking
his softened cock.

"KNOCK!!!" yelled Long Feng, obviously embarrassed by the situation. "Never
mind... come in, come in, I'm done with these two anyways"

Aang and Sokka were pushed into the room, gawking at Katara and Toph's
awkward and somewhat embarrassing situation.

"Like you haven't seen us like this before!" said Katara in reply to their
stares, as she turned around to face them. She noticed that all four of them
were sporting erections as they continued to watch the two girls clean
themselves and get dressed. Katara accomplished this quickly, waterbending
whatever cum left on her ass, into her open mouth, swallowing it with

Toph used her fingers to scoop any excess cum from her eyelids and face into
her mouth, as both girls pulled on their dresses.

"Now... I understand you're looking for your bison" said Long Feng to the
group as everything returned to normal. "It would be such a shame if you
couldn't locate him... Do not cause any trouble or speak to the King, and you
may indeed find your bison!"


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