AT&T: A High Price To Pay (Fg,inc,BDSM,bmail)
by Hamster ([email protected])

"BETH-ANNE!" Cried Jane.

"WU?" Asked Beth-Anne.

"Your cell phone bill is what's up, all this texting." Jane said.

"OMG, INBD." Beth-Anne retorted.

"It is a big deal young lady." Her mother replied. "Who is it you are texting
fifty times a day?"

"IDK, my BFF Jill." Beth-Anne guessed.

"Then tell your BFF Jill that I'm taking your phone away." Jane said.

"TISNF!" Beth-Anne protested.

"Well if you think it's so unfair maybe we can work out some way for you to
pay back the bill." Said Jane.

"WDYM?" She asked.

"Follow me." Said Jane.

Beth-Anne followed her mom to the living room. There was a camera set up
opposite the coach.

"WT?" Beth-Anne asked in confusion.

"I'll tell you what this is, this is how you are going to pay back all of the
money you've cost me. Let's face it you are a very pretty girl." Said Jane.

"TY" Said Beth-Anne.

"Your welcome, I think it's time that we used that fact to help you pull your
own weight." Said Jane.

"WDYM?" Asked Beth-Anne.

"We are going to show off that sexy little body of yours on the Internet for
all the world to perv on." Explained her mom.

"NFW!!!" Beth-Anne exclaimed.

"Yes freaking way, at least if you want to keep your phone." Said Jane.

Beth-Anne did not want to be exposed to all of the world's perverts. But
losing her phone was the worse of the two options in her opinion. Losing her
phone was unthinkable. She gave a deep sigh.


"I thought so." Said Jane. "OK darling sit on the couch facing the camera

Beth-Anne did as she was instructed.

"Hello everyone this is my sexy young daughter Beth-Anne. Say hello
Beth-Anne." Jane ordered.

"Hi." Beth-Anne said.

"I'm sure that everyone wants to see a lot more of you Beth-Anne so why don't
you be a dear and take off your top." Said Jane.

Beth-Anne stood and removed her pink top. Jane could imagine all of the pervs
that were likely stroking their cocks at this very moment while staring at
her daughter. Time to give them something stroke about.

"OK baby, take the jeans off." Jane ordered.

Doing as she was instructed, Beth-Anne pulled her jeans down and off. She was
wearing small pink and white panties.

"Pitch the underwear too." Jane said.

Beth-Anne soon was standing there in her naked glory.

"You look yummy baby. Do a little turn so that all the pervs that are
watching you can get a really good look at you." Said Jane.

"OK NP" Said Beth-Anne. Who stood and displayed her goodies for the Internet
to enjoy.

"OK let's have some fun sweetie. I want you to play with yourself." Jane

"NW are you JK?" Beth-Anne asked.

"I am dead serious young lady, unless you want to lose your phone." Said

Beth-Anne shook her head. She took a deep sigh. She laid back on the couch
and slid her hand down to her little bald pussy. She stroked her pussy lips
lightly before inserting her finger and pushing it in and out. She closed
her eyes and tilted her head back. She started to finger herself more and
more frantically and moaning in pleasure. Jane walked over to her daughter
and sat down next to her.

"Here baby let me help you with that." Said Jane.

Jane's hand went to her daughter's cunt. Beth-Anne removed her hand and let
her mother do the work of pleasuring her.

"OMG, OMG, OMG!!!" Beth-Anne cried as she started to cum for the very first

Beth-Anne's young body shuddered and she slumped in the couch.

"Now baby, I have a few to toys for us to play with so that all the loaded
pervs on to computer can really get their money's worth." Jane said.

"WTFDTM?" Asked Beth-Anne.

"You're about to find out. Now stand up." Jane ordered

Jane grabbed a bag that was next to the couch then quickly handcuffed her

"Hey TISUC!" Beth-Anne protested.

"I think our subscribers would disagree." Said Jane.

Jane bent her hot little daughter over the armrest of the couch.

"Don't move." Said Jane as she stripped out of her own clothing.

She strapped herself into a strap-on dildo and then got a hold of a vibrator.
She licked the vibrator like a lollipop while her daughter looked on
nervously. The vibrator was a bit smaller than average but it was plenty big
for what Jane had in mind. She took the vibrator and twisted at as she pushed
it into the girl's ass. Beth-Anne squirmed and squealed as the device
penetrated her. She was shouting combinations of letters to which Jane didn't
really understand.

"HFS!!! HFS!!!HFS!!" Cried Beth-Anne as he tiny butthole was violated by her
mother's sex-toy.

After inserting it, deep in the girl's ass, Jane flicked it on. Jane's next
target was Beth-Anne's pussy. She got the dildo lined up with her daughter's
entry and plunged in. Jane grabbed a good hold of Beth-Anne's hair as she
started to fuck her as hard as she could. Her tits bobbed up and down with
each and every stroke until finally Beth-Anne was coming like crazy. As Jane
wound down the speed and power of her thrusts she decided then and there that
this was going to have to be a weekly event. There was money in it and it was
too much damm fun.


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