This story is fictional and shouldn't be read by anyone under 18.

As The World Turns: Jennifer And Abigal
by Mia Is The Bomb ([email protected])

Jennifer a sexy thin 18 year old red haired girl was in tears, her
ex-boyfriend Bryant had just been killed in a car accident. On top of that
Bryant saw her making love to Billy Bryant's cousin, right before the
accident. Sure Jennifer knew she never asked for this to happen to Bryant
but she couldn't help but feel responisble. So there she was in her front
room crying her eyes out, sitting there in a gray miniskirt black stayup
stockings and a black sweater with black slip on shoes.

There was a knock on the door, it was her best friend Abigal a 17 year old
girl with short light brown hair with highlights, not as thin as Jennifer but
a nice body and bigger breasts at least a C cup. Abigal was in tight blue
jeans a red tank top and a red button up shirt. The two embraced "Ohh, Jen,
I'm so sorry about Bryant!" Abigal felt so bad for Jen she had tears
streaming down her cheeks as well. Jennifer hugged her friend back tightely,
Abigal had always been a good friend to her and at this moment she needed a
friend more than anything.

The two sat and talked for a couple hours. She told Abigal about her and
Billy, about how they made love. Abigal smiled at the thought of Jennifer
naked with Billy. Abigal wasn't by any means a lesbian. However for some
reason when she was around Jen it was diffrent she had lesbian thoughts
around her. When they were in school she'd catch herself watching Jen shower.
Her skin so creamy white, she knew that Jen was a natural redhead by her
trimmed bush that she found herself staring at. She imagined herself in
Jennifers arms her tan body in contrast with Jennifers white skin. Abigal
had even masturbated in bed that night with her mind full of images of
Jennifers body. The two gave each other many hugs as Jennifer was comforted
by Abigal. After a while these hugs excited Abigal sexually. She couldnt
help it as Jennifer pressing her small but firm breasts against Abigal's as
they hugged. Jennifer sweet perfume was intoxicating. Abigal felt a little
damp between her thighs each time Jen embraced her tightly. She had to tell
Jen how she felt but how?

Abigal gave Jen a kiss on the cheek and held her hand, "It's gonna be alright
Jen." Jennifer kissed her back on the cheek, Abigal was worried that her
wetness would be visible through her tight light blue jeans.

Jennifer had secretly made out with another girl before, her former
stepfather's sister Katie a pretty petite blonde. The two both disliked Craig
her stepfather to be and Katie's brother. Feeling nothing but sympathy for
Jennifer the two ended up kissing passionately for several minutes before
they heard a key unlock the front door, and her mother enter. Who knows how
far she would have gone if she was uninterupted, Jennifer had that kiss
always in the back of her mind, she wondered if all girls kissed better than
guys, or if Katie was just a good kisser.

Jennifer broke the hug then looked at Abigal, she had a familar look on her
face, similar to the one Katie had before they kissed. Abigal was surprised
to see Jennifer return her look of lust, she stroked Jennifers hair. She was
shocked by Jen's next words. "Kiss me Abigal, I need you!"

Abigal was shocked and pleased to hear this at the same time. The two leaned
in and they're soft lips met and they kissed softly. Then again and again.
Figuring she had nothing to lose Abigal opened her mouth and slipped her best
friend the tongue. Jennifer gladly returned the favor and the two french
kissed passionately. Jennifer reached out to Abigal's tank top and squeezed
her breasts "Oooohhh, Jen," Abigal moaned unable to contain her arousal.
Abigal slid her hand up Jen's thigh stroking it ever so softly back and
forth. Jennifer's hands slid under Abigal's top to find no bra just two firm
breasts with hard nipples. Jennifer helped Abigal removed her shirt and her

Then there she was topless in front of her best friend. Jennifer smiled
seeing her breasts, they were bigger than her's and she had a nice bikini
tan line. Abigal helped Jennifer out of her sweater, under her sweater was
a white bra. Abigal kissed between Jen's chest, then tounged and sucked all
over her exposed cleavage. Her hands slid back and unhooked her bra as she
pulled down Jennifer's straps dropping her bra to the floor. She had seen
her pointed pink nipples before but this time she wasn't stealing a glance
in the girls locker room. She stared at them it didn't matter they're size
they were perfect in every way to Abigal.

Abigal cupped both of her breasts and took a pointed pink nipple in her
mouth. She sucked it, then tongued it, as Jennifer held her close to her
chest. Jennifer loved the feel of her mouth smothering her tits. She
unzipped Abigal's tight jeans and slide her hand down Abigals pink lady
hanes panties. She rubbed on Abigal's pussy softly causing her to get very
damp very quick.

Somehow Abigal was more excited than ever just knowing that another woman
was fingering her. Maybe she just felt naughty about it. Abigal moved so Jen
could remove her jeans leaving Abigal in just her panties. Unable to stand
Jennifers fingering she pushed Jennifer down and they met in another french
kiss. Abigal positioned her pussy in front of Jen's face as she lifted Jen's
cute little skirt. Jennifer was wearing a black thong that highlighted her
incredible ass. "God what slutty underwear" thought Abigal.

The two both got in a hot 69 as Abigals panties were pushed aside and her
cunt was met with Jennifer's wet tongue. Abigal pulled Jen's thong out of
the way and extended Jen the same courtesy. The two teenagers went down on
each other both savoring each others sweet juices. Jen feeling kind of kinky
slapped Abigal's ass cheeks as she open her pink pussy with her hands and
dove into her clit.

Abigal decided to be bold as well and slid a wet finger up Jens tight little
ass causing her to moan, "Ohhh god, Abigal, yess, ohh, that feels good, ohh,
yeahhhhhhh, deeper, ohh, thats it, mppphhhhhhh!" said Jen talking with her
mouth full of cunt. The thought of feeling a finger in her ass would normally
discust Jen, but this time it was getting her hot. Jen pinched Abigal's round
breasts as she was unable to control her orgasm with Abigal's expert
tongueing! Her explosion was all over Abigal's face. Abigal licked it all up
as Jennifer doubled her efforts on Abigal's clit trying to return the
pleasure to her.

"God Jen, ohh yeahhh, mmmm, oh yes, ooooo, oh, Jennifer yes!" Abigal moaned
as Jen's tongue moved at speeds that had Abigals squirmming. Her hips were
grinding on top of Jen's face. Before long Jennifer got a taste of Abigal
as she coated Jennifer's face with her love juice. They both caught they're
breath and kissed each other softly as they layed naked in Jennifers bed.

Suddenly the door opened and there was Jennifer's dad seeing his daughter
and her best friend naked on the bed. "Oh my god daddy!!!" screamed Jennifer.
Abigal paniced, she grabbed her clothes and jetted out the door, not even
getting dressed and dropping her panties on the way out.

Jennifer wasn't caught staying out late or drinking or smoking this time, she
wasn't even caught sleeping with a boy, she was caught sleeping with another
girl! She knew she had some explaining to do to her dad. He had gone down
stairs and was definetly waiting for that explaination. She grabbed Abigal's
panties that were still wet with Abigal's pussy juice and sniffed them, they
smelled so good. She smiled at the thought, that if things went bad with her
dad she knew there was always her best friend Abigal to lend a shoulder to
cry on.

The End


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