As The World Turns: Jennifer's First Time
by Mia Is The Bomb ([email protected])

This story is fictional no similaritys to the actors or actress or the
characters they play should be inferred. This story is totally ficton and

Jennifer Munson is a teenage girl, petite figure, pretty short red hair and
like most red haired girl creamy white skin, her boyfriend Brian Montgomery
a boy with a nice body, blonde hair in a little bit of a spike on top. They
decided that the time had come that they should make love together. So he
rented a high dollar hotel room, which he could afford since he recently got
his inheritance.

They both met at the hotel, Jennifer told her dad Hal she was staying the
night with a friend. She left in her light green pants and a pink baby
t-shirt, along with an overnight bag. She then changed right before arriving
to meet Brian. She wore a short red dress with a v-cut front she wore white
pull up stockings with lacey tops. She finished it off with red 3 inch heels
with side clasps. Underneath Jennifer decided on a red push up bra making her
modest B-cup breasts show more cleavage. On the bottom she chose a red thong
making her already sexy ass look even more inviting.

Brian was in a nice black suit with a conservative red tie, like most teenage
boys being dressed up was something new to him. Brian met his girlfriend and
nearly dropped to the floor in what he saw. There was his girlfriend who was
always attractive, but now.... now he wanted to drop to his knees to worship
the red-haired godess. She looked so perfect her make up done up nicely with
her blue eyeshadow and red lipstick to go along with her pretty face.

They grapped each others hand and went up to their room. It only took a
moment after entering that Brian was all over his girlfriend. He rammed his
tongue down her throat and began french kissing her. Jennifer stunned by this
but not apout to protest returned his kiss and started getting him out of his
shirt. In a matter of moments her hands was caressing his bare chest, while
he was unzipping her dress.

They broke their kiss and Brian started to kiss Jennifer's neck causing her
to moan. She then started working on his zipper, he was already 9 inches
hard. This was the only time they tried any heavy petting, and Jennifer was
pleasantly surprised. "Oh Brian, my God its so big!!"

Jennifer, feeling a big cock in her hands, awakens her deepest darkest
fantasy. A friend told her how big black men were. Jennifer wondered what
doing a black guy would be like. Her having such a light complextion the skin
contrast would be so hot!! She would sometimes fantasize about a black man
when she wasnt fantasizing about Brian. She imagined herself on all fours as
a big black man fucked her tight pink pussy, his black balls slamming up
against her red pubic hair. She would sometimes masturbate before bed at this

Brian smiled seeing his girlfriend's reaction to his cock. His hand went to
her bra and unfasten it revealing Jennifers perky breasts with hard little
pink nipples. He cupped the breasts in his hands and began sucking on her
nipples. He makes slurping noises as he licks and sucks her tits with now
hard nipples. She gets his pants off and slides her small hand down his
boxers to release his cock.

Jennifer turns around to reveal how sexy her ass looks in a thong, she bends
over in front of Brian and presses her ass against his cock. Seeing his cock
pressed against his girlfriends creamy white ass his cock is now so hard it

"Oh Jen your so fucking sexy!!" He says as he squeezes her firm ass hard with
his hands.

Jennifer is so turned on now she spins around and bends over facing him this
time, and for the first time in her life a cock goes past her red lips.
Jennifer feels her mouth stretch as her boyfriend is so thick its hard to get
him in her mouth.

After a while though her mouth gets used to his member as she starts
swallowing his enormous shaft. She takes him inch by inch try to get an inch
deeper each time. Brian is in heaven he reaches back to slap and squeeze his
girlfriends thong cover white ass, as she contines her assult on his cock.
She's so good he starts to wonder if she's a fast learner or if this is
something shes done before. 'Oh well who really cares, shes good thats all
that matters!!'

Brian is amazed as Jennifer is able to get all of his cock in her mouth, he
moans in pleasure as his girlfriend deep throats him. "Ohhh Jen ohhh yes ohhh god
that feels so good!!!" He's in such pleasure he dosent even think about the
fact that he's grabbing her hair and forcing her mouth down on his cock. He's
close to cumming when Jennifer finally gags do to lack of oxygen.

After she recovers, Brian pulls her red thong down and has Jennifer stand up
as he goes down on her, her red snatch is hairy which Brian finds hot. His
tongue finds her pussy as his hands spread her lips. Jennifer moans in pure
pleasure having never experienced such a feeling.

"Ohhh Brian ohhh thats.............ohhh yeahhhhhhh ooooooooo.......ahhhh your
tongue feels so good ohhh please dont stop!!!" Jennifer gets weak in the
knees, unable to stand his tongue licking, she orgasms all over him in a loud
scream of pleasure.

After that Jennifer gets on top off him and slowly starts to slide down on
his 9 inch rod. Jennifer is slippery, but even then her pussy is so tight it
takes some working to get him inside of her. Before long though all of him is
inside her.

Jennifer is in ecstacy as her virgin cunt is wrapped tight around his hard
dick. Jennifer is in pain this being her first time, but is feeling pleasure
too! In this position her hymen is in perfect position for his ramming and
after only a couple hard thrust Jennifer's cherry is popped.

Jennifer Munson was a virgin no more! With her cherry gone Jennifer's pain
has become less and pleasure has intensified. She starts to grind her ass
into his balls as she lifts up and down all the way to the tip of his shaft
and slamming back down to his balls again.

Brian screams in pleasure as Jennifer fucks him hard and her little titties
bounce up and down with her riding his shaft. Brian shoots his load filling
his seed in her to cause her to orgasm too. They both lie there spent, when
Jennifer decides she wants more though.

So she takes his soft dick back in her mouth tasting her own cum juices as
well as his, she never tasted herself before but she was pleased to find out
that she tasted sweet. Her fingers fondled his balls as he started to grow
back to full length. Jennifer got on her hands and knees, and spread her
pretty pussy lips.

Brian slid inside her again, Jennifer had alway dreamed about getting fucked
doggystyle. Now it was coming true. She buried her face in the bed as she get
penetrated deeper by her boyfriend. Not much later he feels himself cumming,
Jennifer begs him "ohhhhhh cum on my ass Brian! ohhhh yesssssss cum on my
asshole!!" After they both collapse on the bed, they kiss and fall asleep in
each others arms.


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