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Dukes Of Hazzard: Part 16 - Help From The A Team
by Spyder

Once Jesse, Bo and Luke made their pleas to the "A" Team, the trio returned
to Hazzard to apprise J.D. Hogg of the situation and he was happy that the
team would hopefully send the mob boys back to Atlanta or to prison. As they
leave the Boar's Nest the trio get back into the General Lee and drive to
he farm to tell Daisy that the town will be safe once again. J.D. prepares
the cash for the transaction, as he knows of the "A" Team and how they
operate on a cash only basis.

As Daisy is informed of the soon to be arrival of the team, a black van
drives into the square to scout out the area and a place to rest. B.A. sees
a place called Cooter's Garage and wonders if this is his old buddy from
mechanic school. Since he is quite confident of this, he knows they have a
place to set up the operation.

"Damn, is this the one and only Cooter Davenport?" B.A. asks and waits for
the owner to make his presence known.

Cooter hearing a voice he recognizes walks from the back of the garage and
sees his friend from the course standing in his garage. He then asks, "B.A.,
is that really you my old friend?'

The two shake hands as B.A introduces the rest of the team to Cooter and asks
if they could use his garage as a point to regroup while they are in Hazzard.
Cooter agrees once he is told that family names Duke found them in Miami and
asked for their help to eradicate the mob from town. Hannibal and the others
walk through the square as the two friends get re-acquainted. He asks for
three vehicles to use while they do so and Cooter shows the three cars out
back that will suit the needs of the team.

Hannibal sits on a nearby bench and without knowing is along side Boss Hogg.
He asks, "Alls quiet in this little town, isn't it."

"It can be, but hasn't been for nearly a year, thanks to my ego and greed for
money when the state cut our funds out." J.D. tells the stranger and then
asks, "Whoa, why am I telling you this for?"

"Well sir, you have found the "A" Team, I am Hannibal Smith, and he points to
Face and Murdoch and then says that B.A. and Amy are around somewhere."

J.D. shakes Hannibal's hand and welcome him to Hazzard, then asks when the
mob will be gone."

"Once we see who we are up against, we will be planning to send them packing
quickly." Hannibal says.

The rest of the team gather in front of Hogg and shake hands with him, as
B.A. tells them that Cooter has loaned three cars for use. All are up to
standards except for bulletproofing. Each head to the garage, where Smith
tells them to mount up and that Amy will ride with Face.

Each car goes into a different direction, keeping contact with the CB's
hooked up in the cars. On his run, B.A sees something he doesn't like, a
woman being forced off the road a driver with a scowl that might freak most
men. Cutting off the offending vehicle, the massive mechanic tears the
culprit out of the car and throws him across the road. He tells the driver
to never drive that way again or next time he won't be so easy on him. The
driver gets into his car and immediately calls Boss Sharkey to tell him of
the new muscle in town and he was heaved across the road when he tried to
scare Daisy Duke out of the family farm. He drives away rather quickly.

"Hey little lady, are you alright?" B.A. asks and then says, "He won't try
to bother you again."

"Thank you sir, and yes he will, his boss runs our town right now and is very
mean." Daisy tells him and asks; "How do I thank you?"

"First of all, I am B.A. Baracus of the "A" Team and you can thank me any way
you want gorgeous."

Daisy has already thought of a way to thank B.A., but wonders how huge he
is under those coveralls. Throwing caution to the wind, she unzips him and
reaches inside to grab his cock. Surprised at how huge he is without having
her give him head, she lowers what she is able to and licks the head of his
massive cock. She gurgles as she says no man has entered her with a penis
that big. Succumbing to the size, Daisy opens her mouth and attempts to take
it all in. As large as he is, Daisy has deep-throated B.A. and does so many
more times until her shoot his load on her chin and boobs.

B.A. now having enjoyed the best blowjob in awhile, not including Amy's first
one with him lifts the sexy Duke cousin off her knees and takes her shirt off
her body, revealing her huge tits. Licking the nipples and areolas the
mechanic of the team squeezes her knockers until she creams inside her tight
shorts. Next he removes her shorts and panties to uncover her pussy, which he
finds that she is unshaven as well. Fingering her clit, Daisy strokes his
cock as B.A lowers her on her jeeps hood and devours her already dripping
pussy. Daisy moans as she feels the big man enter her cunt with his tongue,
he stops after licking her clit and drives his massive cock into her box. In
and out he goes as fucking this country girl is more pleasing than Amy's
first earlier that day. Finally shooting his cum on her stomach they are
interrupted by Hannibal.

"We have a bead on the thugs from Atlanta, there are only five of them and
should be easy to send them packing. Meet up at the square in ten minutes."
says Hannibal.

B.A. answers back, "I will be there Hannibal, just making a little lady feel
safe after one of the thugs tried to run her off the road."

When all have checked in, the meeting takes place at Cooter's to form the
plan to send the mob running. Gathering all they need, the team gets into the
van and drive to the hideout. Leaving Amy in the care of Luke, they take Bo,
Jesse and Cooter with them. Luke eyes the lady and begins to unzip her jeans
while she kisses his lips gently. Seeing no panties, his fingers penetrate
her once virgin cunt to prepare her for his cock. She knows that he won't be
as big as B.A., but should be a wonderful second lover.

Luke kneels on the floor, licks her clit to arouse her needs and slides two
fingers inside as he eats her. Hearing some distant explosions, Luke makes
her cum as he asks her to kneel to give head. She obeys his request and licks
his balls, followed by the head of his cock. She shows Luke that she is good
at the art of deep-throating him and swallows his load as he cums. Being hard
and ready, Luke enters her pussy with a bang as he drives forward and she
slightly squeals, as this is her second fuck. Luke wastes no time as the news
comes over the radio that Sharkey's gang have been turned over to the state
police. He penetrates her cunt more and more as she asks to be ass-fucked
before the team returns to pack up and head out. Luke turns her on her
stomach, hikes up her butt and drives forward to get deep in her ass. Finally
she feels well ready for more sex and is determined to stay in Hazzard for a
little while longer.

Luke unloads as the team, Jesse, Bo and Cooter return. B.A. smiles as he sees
that Amy is now ready to take him on once they get to Los Angeles. Daisy
enters the garage and smiles as B.A. pats her well fucked ass and cunt. She
kisses him good-bye as they have collected the fee, but vow to visit next
time. The team drives away as the Dukes are pleased with the outcome.

The End


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