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characters that don't even exist so if it really offends you, you have
serious emotional problems and way too much time on your hands, go away
and get psychological help.

Note: The Addams Family in this is based (with minor modifications) on
the movies not either of the series. This is also meant as a sequel to my
previous Lemony Snicket and Addams Family stories. In the story Klaus is
12, Violet 14, Wednesday 13.

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Addams Family/Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events 2: A Home at Last
by Tricksterson

"Lurch!" called Morticia Addams.

Almost immediately Lurch, the Addams silent, gigantic manservant, was in

"Have our guests arrived yet?"

Lurch shook his head slowly.

"Well when they do alert myself and Mr. Addams will you? After all we want
to give them a proper greeting."

Lurch nodded and left.

* * *

As the Baudelaire orphans were led to the gate of the latest of a string of
homes belonging to distant, and often dubious, relations they wondered and
hoped that *this* time things would work out.

As the executor of their estate, Mr. Poe led them to the abode of the Addams,
who were, according to Mr. Poe, eighth cousins on their mother's side this
did not seem likely. In fact at first glance it reminded them of a larger
version of Count Olaf's house. But they noticed a subtle difference after
they entered the grounds and once they recovered from the strangeness of
having the gate seemingly open *itself* then close behind them. Count Olaf's
house was decaying and his grounds unkempt because of neglect. Here the bare
soil and thorny bushes actually seemed *meant* to look that way. For instance
the bushes appeared to be rose bushes but with all the flowers clipped off.
What kind of people *were* these Addamses?

What Violet thought, Klaus stated aloud,"What kind of people are the
Addamses, Mr. Poe?"

"Very rich and very strange from everything I've heard," replied the portly

The three siblings contemplated this. For their new guardians to penetrate
the nigh obliviousness of the portly banker they must be odd indeed. On the
other hand, if they were rich then at least they needn't worry about the
murderous greed that had caused their persecution at Olaf's hands.

Shortly after Mr. Poe rang the foghornlike doorbell the door opened. The
Baudelaire children looked up at the...person that opened it...and up...and

Sunny, while the youngest and smallest was also often the boldest of the the
three orphans and proved it now. As soon as she saw Lurch her eyes lit up and
before anyone could stop her she had climbed up his legs like a monkey up a
tree and secured a place between his waist and his armpit.

~Hello, big boy,~ she said in the childish babble that only her siblings
seemed able to understand.

Violet and Klaus gasped in fear for their little sister but the pale giant
merely looked at Sunny, shook his head resignedly and proceeded down the
hall, mischievious moppet attached.

"Well, um, I see that you are well in hand," Mr. Poe said nervously, "so
I'll, um be on my way." Once this abandonment would have bothered the
Baudelaire's but by now they were accustomed to his general uselessness
and ignored him as he retreated.

The living room, once they entered it struck a chord of both familiarity
and strangeness to the orphans. Like the Baudelaire's orginal home it was
decorated in a style more than a century out of date. But other elements,
the swordfish with the foot sticking out of it, the "love seat" with the
opposingly positioned seats, the giant snarling bear, seemed to have been
added by someone on psychedelic drugs.

This same familiar-yet-odd motif was continued in the people standing in
the middle of the room. Like their house and the Baudelaires themselves the
Addamses were dressed like refugees from the Victorian era but there was an
indefinable and disturbing sensuality to them, especially Morticia, that
seemed almost...reptilian.

"Hello, I'm Gomez," said a stocky, greasily handsome man, extending his hand,
which the two older children reluctantly shook, "and you must be Violet,
Klaus and Sunny."

If the elder Addamses were unsettling than their daughter, Wednesday was
positively terrifying. A pretty, petite girl between Violet and Klaus in age,
she was dressed in clothes better suited in a style for someone five years
younger. But it was the look that she directed at Violet and Klaus, seemingly
ignoring Sunny, that scared them. It was the look they imagined wolves in
the zoo gave the meat being tossed to them at feeding time. By comparison
Pugsley, a short, chunky boy of about ten, seemed almost normal by
comparison. Making it even more disturbing was an odd sense of deja vu, as if
they'd seen this look before somewhere.

"I see Lurch has found himself a new friend," said Morticia in a gentle,
sibilant voice.

~Boy, lady, this is one freaky setup,~ burbled Sunny.

"Why thank you, Sunny," replied Morticia.

All three Baudelaires pulled back in shock. No one except themselves and
their parents had ever understood anything Sunny said.

"Lurch," interjected Gomez, "show our young cousins to their rooms."

"Um, Mr. Addams...?" klaus asked, "We're used to sharing a room. So could

"So it's like that," said Morticia with a knowing smile and an insinuating
tone. At the same time Wednesday's stare grew, if possible, even more

Violet and Klaus looked at each other. They knew! *How* could they know? For
the two elder Baudelaire's greatest secret and, throughout their travails,
their greatest comfort, was that for months they had been lovers as well as
brother and sister. What had started as an attempt to comfort each other had
quickly turned into near obssessive passion. While opportunities had been few
and far between they had used those opportunities to fuck with wild abandon.
How much of their forbidden love Sunny comprehended neither knew but if she
knew or understood she seemed undisturbed by it.

"I think Sunny would be best rooming with Pubert, mi carrida," Gomez said,
"and perhaps Klaus and Violet could have connecting rooms nearby."

"Is that acceptable?" Morticia asked.

Violet, still stunned by the strange knowledge the Addamses seemed to have,
merely nodded.


As the hulking servant led them off, Violet realized why Wednesday's stare
had seemed so familiar. It was the same look she and Klaus gave each other
when they were naked and ready to fuck.

* * *

After they had gotten a reluctant Sunny to climb off of Lurch they had
brought her to the room of Pubert, the youngest Addams child. After staring
at and puzzling over him they had left the two small children in what
appeared to be rapt, if unintelligible, conversation.

Now Violet waited, naked, puzzled and impatient. Naked because by the time
she had reached her room her skin had felt feverishly hot and her clothes
as if they weighed a hundred pounds. She'd almost literally torn them off.
Puzzled because she couldn't figure out how the Addamses knew about her and
Klaus or why they didn't seem to have a problem with it and not knowing
things tended to drive her crazy. Impatient because even though it had only
been a few minutes she couldn't wait to have her brother-lover's hands and
mouth on her or his cock in her. Even though they had been lovers only for
a few months there was barely a spare moment when she wasn't thinking about
how his bare skin felt and tasted or how his hands and mouth felt as they
roamed over and inside her own flesh. She knew that most people would
consider what they did an abomination but she didn't care. Nothing that felt
this good could be wrong. She closed her eyes as her hands rubbed and pinched
at her already erect nipples then slid down the soft skin of her body. She
moaned as two fingers slipped between her labia.

"Ohhhh, Klaussss!"

"At least you're thinking of me," came her brother's amused voice next to
her ear, causimg her to almost jump out of the skin she'd just been
caressing. She looked at him to him kneeling next to the bed dressed only
in his undershirt and boxers. As he crawled into bed with her she could
see an erection already making a tent in his shorts.

"Ohhh, Klaus," he mimicked, teasing her, "I wannnt your coccck!"

"I do," she replied, then lunged at him. The ensuing wrestling/tickling match
ended with his shirt and shorts off and thrown to opposing corners of the
large four-poster bed they were in and her hand stroking up and down his
penis as they lay side by side. He pushed her down on her back and propped
himself over her, preparing to enter. She smiled up at him enticingly.

"I love you Violet," he whispered as he slipped inside her wet cunt.

"Fuck me brother, " she moaned, "fuck me hard!"

* * *

Neither of the incestuous siblings realized they were being watched. The
Addams house was honeycombed with hidden passages and alcoves and it was
from one of these that Wednesday watched Klaus and Violet coupling. She
grinned wolfishly, her skirst and petticoats on the floor around her
ankles, her blouse open, one hand massaging her not-quite breasts, the
other rubbing frantically at her clit.

She wanted them. She wanted them both and Addamses *always* got what they
wanted, by hook or by crook. She bit down on her lips as she came, her mind
filled both with the writhing bodies in front of her and the memories of her
own deflowering just a few months previously at the hands of her parents.

* * *

Klaus and Violet lay together post-coitally, he still on top and inside her
when a voice that was simultaneously cold and filled with heat started them
out of their blissful reveries.

"Personally, I prefer to be on top." They looked up in shock. Before them
was Wednesday Addams, stark naked except for a garter belt and black silk

"What the *Hell* are you doing here?" demanded Klaus while Violet
instinctively tried to cover herself up. Yet at the same time he couldn't
keep his eyes from roaming up and down her naked body or his member from
stiffening at the sight. Violet noticed this and learned for the first time
the lesson all women learn eventually: No matter how much their man might
love them, a dick has no conscience. The instinct to cover herself was
swiftly replaced by a more primal one, the urge to rip this little bitch's
head off. She leapt off the bed, knocking the smaller girl to the ground
where they rolled around, grappling and clawing at each other. Violet was
bigger and had started with the initiative but in the long run, never really
had a chance. Wednesday had expected, even welcomed, the attack and fought
with cold calculation and the training given to her by her mother. It was
like a bar brawler fighting an assassin.

During this Klaus had just stood and stared open mouthed. He wanted to help
his sister but something told him that anytime a man interfered in a fight
between women he was doomed. In addition the sight of that much naked,
writhing girlflesh held him both paralyzed and fascinated.

Finally it ended with Wednesday on top, her stockings pulled out of the
garter belt, one pigtail pulled loose, her hands pinning Violet's above her
head and to the floor, her knees similarly holding the other girl's thighs
both down and spread.

"Get the Hell off me you b..." Violet's protest was cut off as the Addams'
girl's mouth came down on hers. She tried pulling away bit to no avail. Then
she bit down hard enough to draw blood on Wednesday's tongue but this only
seemed to excite her. Finally her petite tormentor pulled back. Her bleeding
tongue traced it's way along her lips leaving them redder than any lipstick
could have.

"I told you I preferred being on top."

"What the fuck are you doing?" This was said more in confusion than anger,
a confusion only increased when Wednesday ran her still bleeding tongue up
Violet's throat to her chin then took one of her ears between her teeth and
sucked on it.

"Unh," said Violet. Admittedly it wasn't much of a response but it seemed to
be the only one she was capable of at the moment. Again she found the other
girl's lips pressed down on hers, a foreign tongue pushed between her teeth.
But this time she found herself responding not by biting down but by sending
her own tongue to meet the invader, pushing and sliding against and around
it. Caught up in the kiss she barely noticed when Wednesday's hands released
their grip except to run her hands through the long dark hair she'd been
pulling at just a minute ago.

Wednesdays sat up and ran her nails down her new conquest's neck and chest
down to her breasts. Small though they were they were still bigger than her
own and she enjoyed exploring them, scratching and pinching just a little
more than playfully. From the look on her face Violet enjoyed it too. As an
Addams Wednesday was born knowing how thin the line between pleasure and pain
was and since the loss of her virginity she had benefitted from her mother's
expert tutoring in the subject.

Klaus had gotten off the bed and moved near them. As he reached them
Wednesday stuck out her hand to stop him then let her fingers trail down his
stomach to his cock which she stroked lightly in promise of what was to come
before returning her attentions to his sister.

Going back to Violet the petite seductress kissed and licked her way down
the other girl's belly and paused in contemplation at the sparse hair growing
around her slit. It wasn't something she was used to or liked. Addams women
were almost always hairless down there either by genetics or inclination.
Eventually it would have to go. But first things first. She slipped a finger
between Violet's pussy lips and followed it with a second assault by her

"Oh! Oh!!" cried Violet, her hands clenching into fists as she built towards
orgasm. She propped herself on one elbow, reached out her other arm and
pulled Klaus towards her by his dick. She opened her mouth and ran her tongue
along her lips invitingly. Her brother was quick to take the hint and was
soon having his cock eagerly sucked.

Wednesday hadn't expected the other girl to retake the initiative like that
and was filled with grudging admiration. But still, it couldn't be allowed
so she pulled back from between the other girls legs, leaving her on the
verge of cumming. Instead she joined the Baudelaire girl at Klaus' genitals,
ignoring her glare and taking one of his balls in her mouth and the other in
her hand. As Violet pulled off her brother to masturbate herself to climax
her lover/rival worked her way up his shaft kissing and licking until she
reached it's head which she quickly took in her mouth. Sucking vigorously
she worked her way down to the root. Looking up she could tell from the look
on his face that she owned him. Well, she'd known all along he would be an
easier conquest than his sister. After all, he was only a male. Making Violet
her own would take work.

Watching Wednesday suck off her brother, Violet rubbed furiously at her clit
until the wonderful white fire of orgasm took over her body causing her to
curl into a ball. When she came back to herself she saw that they had moved
towards the bed. As she watched, the other girl pushed him down so that his
legs hung off the edge then turned to face away from him and towards Violet.
She could see his cum dribbling down Wednesday's chin, mixing with and
moistening the blood on her lips to create a bizarre yet somehow enticing
mask covering the lower half of her face. She straddled Klaus' hips and
lowered herself onto him with a look of wild ecstacy. Violet imagined that
ancient Bacchae had looked much the same during their sacred orgies. She got
up and moved purposefully towards the coupling pair. She took Wednesday's
face in her hands and licked the mixture of blood and cum off then kissed
her passionately. The Addams girl pulled back slightly afterward and took
Violet's lower lip between her teeth, biting and sucking simultaneously. It
hurt but there was also an undenialble sensuality to it that brought a soft
moan from the older girl's mouth. In a voice half purr, half growl and with
one of her rare predatory grins Wednesday said "Mine now." Rather than answer
her Violet started kissing her way down her new partner's body as the other
girl moved up and down her brothers pole, winding up sucking on Wednesday's
clit while rubbing Klaus' testicles.

"," chanted Wednesday. CUM...MAKE...ME OHGODS...
OHHHHH...IMMMMM...CUMMMIIINNNNG!!!!" She tumbled off Klaus's penis in a
good imitation of an epileptic siezure and onto Violet. Klaus himself nearly
comatose between the administrations of his two lovers, slid off the bed,
also onto Violet.

As the three slowly untangled themselves from each other Wednesday's mind was
ablaze with an emotion she had no experience dealing with, a feeling of...
equality. Not for Klaus of course, but for his sister. Not that she didn't
want to fuck him, she certainly did, as often as possible, but Violet...she
was special. She knew what she wanted but knew it would take time to persuade
both the Baudelaire's and her parents into seeing it her way.

* * *

In fact it took more than two weeks of both argument and seduction. She of
course concentrated on her mother and Violet since she knew that was where
the real decision making would occur. Much as she both respected and lusted
after her father she was aware that her mother routinely led him around by
his dick. In fact she had seen her do this on more than one occasion, using
a leash and a cock ring. Klaus of course, being in the throes of puberty,
would prove to be even more pliable.

* * *

"We are gathered here to welcome these youngsters into our family and to bind
them to our family and to our beloved Wednesday," intoned Gomez, beginning
the ritual they were all here for.

Sizable though it was, the elder Addams bed would not comfortably fit
all five participants, particularly if they were engaged in the sexual
acrobatics that were part of both the adoption and wedding ceremonies. So
the Baudelaires and Addamses had adjourned to the ritual chamber that was
in the basement of the mansion. The walls were paneled in mahogany, the
floor carpeted in black shag with a golden pentagram pattern woven into
it. Each of the chambers five walls was lit by a large red candle held by
a sconce attached to the wall.

Each of the participants (and the Baudelaires were quite happy that Uncle
Fester and Mama were not among them) stood at one of the points, Mortica and
Gomez at the two "bottom" points, wednesday at the "top" and Violet and Klaus
at her right and left respectively. All three women were dressed in slinky,
dark, curve hugging dresses, both men in loose, dark robes.

Both Klaus and Violet shared a nervousness they tried not to show. On one
hand, ever since the death of their parents they had longed for a place to
call home, a sanctuary from the strife and running for themselves and for
Sunny. That the Addamses took their relationship in stride and that Sunny
had formed a friendship with Pubert also helped.

On the other hand there was the fact that they would be giving up, in spirit
if not name their affiliation with their family. Plus there were the occult
trappings of the ceremony not to mention even after what they'd been doing
with each other for monthas and Wednesday for weeks the idea of sex with the
elder Addamses was somehow offputting. Not that Gomez and Morticia were
unattractive but they were so *old* Both of them must be nearly forty!

The deciding factor had of course been Wednesday. After two weeks of
continuous and imaginitive sex, sometimes just two of them, sometimes all
three but always with the Addams girl as a participant Klaus and Violet had
become as obssessed with her as they were with each other. Neither wanted to
be parted from her, ever.

And so it was that when Gomez nodded and the three Addamses disrobed Violet
and Klaus were only a second behind them in doing the same, Violet revealing
her newly shaved twat. Looking at Mortica and Gomez' nakedness the siblings
thought that perhaps this wouldn't be so bad after all. Genetics had kept
Morticia lean and beautiful, only a few minimal wrinkles at her eyes and
mouth showed her age and, like most small breasted women gravity had taken
far less of a toll on her than it would have on a bustier woman. In Gomez'
case a regimen of yoga, calisthenics and fencing had kept his stocky frame
toned and fit.

For their own part Morticia and Gomez also liked what they saw, Morticia
looking Klaus up and down and licking her lips hungrily while Gomez'
erection, which was only as long as Klaus' but much thicker around, made his
feelings evident as he eyed Violet.

"Have you been made aware of what is necessary to join our family?" asked the
Addams patriarch.

"Yes," brother and sister answered in unison.

"Then step forward, kneel and prove your devotion," commanded Morticia.
Both youths did so. Morticia braced herself against the wall as Klaus began
kissing his way up her thighs.

"Good boy, such a goood boy!' she enthused and in truth she liked that he had
shown a bit of subtlety instead of mounting a direct assault on her pussy.

Gomez was also being pleasantly surprised. Instead of starting at the top of
his member Violet was alternately sucking each of his balls while her hand,
barely able to fit around it stroked up and down his cock.

As she watched this Wednesday, her nipples already hard felt the heat and
moistness growing between her legs. The fingers of one hand played with the
aureola that were most of her adolescent breasts while two fingers of the
other hand moved in and out of her vagina.

Violet's tongue slid slowly up the underside of Gomez' dick then, when it
reached the huge mushroom shape of the cockhead circled it playfully, drawing
a gasp from him.

"Where...where did you learn this?"

Violet smiled and her tongue flicked upward to lick the precum off his tip.

"From your daughter."

"Of course," he said, smiling back.

As Klaus' tongue went in and out of her naturally hairless cunt Morticia
moaned, softly at first, then louder. She sank to her knees, pushing him onto
his back, being careful never to lose contact with that wonderful, thrusting

"Ahhhh!" she screamed as she came. Reluctantly she moved off Klaus' face but
only to slide herself onto his beautiful young cock.

Klaus frowned as he entered Morticia. It was different from his experience
with her daughter and his sister. She was not as naturally tight but she had
incredible control over her vaginal muscles. it was like his dick was being
given a massage. Once, again and yet a third time Morticia brought him to
the edge of climax and then cut off the flow of jizz with one set of muscles
while relaxing another part to let it flow back. When he was finally allowed
to come it was so spectacular that as much as he loved and lusted after
Violet and Wednesday, for a moment he couldn't even remember their names much
less that he was to be joined to them both momentarily.

Finally Violet had stopped tongue teasing Gomez and was sucking him towards
climax, her mouth barely fitting around his shaft. Sensing that he was ready
she pulled back and and let a torrent of white goo cover her face, neck and

But Gomez was far from finished. With a predatory smile he pushed Violet
roughly off her knees and onto her back. Not that she seemed to mind.

"Yesss," she hissed, eyes wild with passion. "Fuck me hard daddy, rape your
little girl good and hard!" Later she would wonder what had made her talk
like that. She had never felt that way about her real father, at least not
conciously but right now all she could think about was how much she wanted
his big thick cock in her tight adolescent pussy.

He was more than happy to oblige. He spread her smooth young thighs as far
apart as they would go then lifted her legs over her head as he entered her,
nearly splitting her in the process.

"Yes daddy yes! Oh! OH!! Fuckmefuckmefuckme!!!" the nymphet screamed as she

Violet's first awareness as she came to from the brief, orgasm induced coma
she'd been plunged into was of a tongue licking Gomez' cum off her face. As
her eyes opened then, slowly, focused she saw it was Wednesday performing the
honors. The Addams girl grinned fiercely as she saw her girlcrush awakening
and pushed her mouth onto the older girl's sharing the taste of her father's

"Mmm, tastes good," whispered Violet to the smaller girl as their lips parted

"Yes it does," replied Wednesday. "But now it's time for us."

Both Baudelaire siblings sighed. They were both exhausted but knew that
Wednesday was not to be denied. Not that either of them really wanted to.
Both slowly got to their knees and let themselves be pulled by their hair to
apply their tongues to the Addams girl's crotch. Both lapped eagerly at her
pussy until she had to sink down onto her back.

"Wait!" called Gomez. He was as fond of fornication for it's own sake as
anyone but there was a purpose to be served, a rite to be completed, a bond
to be forged.

The children looked at him resentfully as he said this but knew he was right.

"Wednesday Addams," he intoned, "do you seek union with these children of
House Baudelaire, union permanent and unbreakable?"

"Yes, yes I do," was her reply.

"And do you accept them as brother and sister, lover, husband and wife?"


He went on to repeat the ritual with Violet and then Morticia did the same
with Klaus.

The rite completed the elder Addams retreated to their own bedroom for more
relaxed entertainment, leaving the children to resume their pleasures.

And resume them they did. Violet decided to take advantage of Wednesday's
prone posture and be the one on top for once, swinging her body around and
lowering her pussy onto her new bride's face. Wednesday was irritated at
being put in the subordinate position but it was the willingness of the
other girl to challenge that had made her want her so much in the first
place so she met the other girl's lowered labia with open mouth and
oustretched tongue. At the same time that Violet lowered herself onto
Wednesday she propped herself up on her arms so that she could take her
brother's cock in her mouth, licking and sucking him to another erection.
When he finally pulled out, hard and ready he immediately plugged it into
Wednesday's steaming cunt. His sister's mouth joined him there, alternating
between his thrusting rod and her other lover's clit. Klaus leaned over his
sister's long slender body to kiss and stroke her backside and also
Wednesday's fingers which were digging into Violet's buttocks as she came
closer and closer to cumming. Soon Klaus came into her, triggering a
shuddering cascade of climaxes.

Shortly thereafter Klaus felt himself being rolled off the pile of bodies and
onto the floor then felt his sister pushed onto and over him. he looked up to
see Wednesday glaring formidably at both of them. Evidently being squashed
had not been to her taste.

As she licked at his thighs in afterplay Violet seemed to read his mind. "I
can't blame her brother dearest, I love having you on top of me but only


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