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Addams Family: Part 1 - Wednesday Becomes A Woman
by Tricksterson

Wednesday Addams and her mother stood by the huge four-poster bed in her
parent's room, each dressed in a form-hugging black silk gown. Long, dark
hair flowing over their shoulders, waiting for Gomez.

Tonight was the night. All the traditional signals had occured.

Two months ago she's had her first period.

Three weeks ago she'd acquired her first boyfriend.

Five days ago she'd driven her boyfriend to a nervous breakdown.

Now all that was needed to become a true woman of the Addams clan was her
first fuck and by both tradition and mutual desire that joyful duty belonged
to her father.

Being present and taking part was not a duty for Morticia but it was her
right and one she had chosen to exercise. She stood behind her daughter,
hands massaging her shoulders as Gomez entered, clad only in a dark, loosely
belted robe. It was quite evident that he wore nothing underneath.

"Is the Maiden ready," he asked, smiling down at his daughter.

"She is," replied Morticia as she undid the back of her daughter's gown and
let it slide down her young body to pool at her feet.

"More than ready father," Wednesday whispered. Gomez's smile grew broader as
he took in the naked nymphet before him, the coltish legs meeting at the bare
cleft of her vagina, the narrow waist, the just-beginning-to-develop breasts,
pale brown nipples and ever-so-slightly swelling hips. He undid his own belt
and let his robe slide off, revealing a stocky but fit build and an erect
penis that, while only average in length was quite thick.

He stepped forward and, his hands intertwining with Morticia's on their
daughter's shoulders, pressed gently but firmly downward.

She sank down and took a testicle in each of her small hands, squeezing
and rubbing them as her mouth engulfed the head of her father's cock while
overhead her parents embraced each other. She felt the silk of her mother's
gown cascading against her back as she took in Gomez's member inch by inch,
just as she and Morticia had practiced on a wooden replica. She looked up at
them and saw their arms wrapped around each other, her father's teeth biting
down on her mother's small conical tits. Inspired, she applied her own small
sharp teeth to her father's cock and was gratified to feel it harden even
more as they scraped across it's skin.

Finally, just as she could feel it ready to spill it's creamy whiteness into
her eager young mouth she felt her mother's hands pull her head back then,
grasping her under her arms, pulling her body up. Gomez bent down and placed
his lips on hers which were already open and waiting for his thrusting tongue
while the tip of his hard dick pressed against the softness of her lower
belly and his strong hands groped at her tight little ass. At the same time
she felt her mother's body pressed against her back, hands kneading her tiny
breasts and pinching and twisting her hardened nipples painfully. Since
Morticia's own breasts neatly framed her head she turned it to lick and suck
at first one than the other. She trembled with the pleasure of being the meat
in this Mommy-Daddy sandwich. Was he going to do it now? Take her right here?
She hoped so, she wanted it *so* much!

But it was not yet to be. Her parents both pulled back from her then Morticia
turned her around for a long, slow mother-daughter tongue kiss which she
returned with as much passion as she had her father's. She felt her mother
stiffen as she slipped first one, then two, then three fingers into her
smooth hairless slit and a soft moan slipped from her mouth into Wednesday's.
Reluctantly she pulled her daughter's fingers out of her smooth, hairless
snatch and licked the juice off her fingers.

"I'm so proud of you," Morticia said softly and then took Wednesday by the
hand and led her to the bed where Gomez was already waiting impatiently.

Once again she was between her parents only now horizontally. They shared a
hot triple kiss then each of her parents took one of her nipples between
their teeth and pulled back until she was flooded with a combination of pain
and pleasure. She then found the scales tipping towards pleasure as Gomez
slipped a finger into her wet little slit and his wife pinched Wednesday's
clit between her sharp nails, making her daughter buck and heave in her first

Finally it was the moment of truth. Her father poised over her, his weight
resting on his forarms as Morticia kissed and caressed her chest.

"Are you ready?" he asked, his eyes glittering with anticipation.

"Yes!" she answered eagerly.

"Do you you want it?"


"*What* do you want?"

"My father's big hard cock in my tight little cunt!" the words were part of
a generations old ritual but the emotion behind them was sincere. Morticia
reached down and spread her daughter's labia apart to make entry easier for
her husband's unusually thick member. Wedbnesday felt a bright bolt of pain
tear through her as her hymen was ripped asunder but let none of it show.
An Addams did not give into pain, she embraced it, became it and transcended
it. Soon, subtly the burning pain transformed to burning pleasure.

"Ah...ah...ah...ohyess!" she gasped. "!"

At the same time Morticia's fingers were thrusting in and out of her own
vagina as she watched her two loved ones fucking like bunnies. She saw them
both nearing climax and stepped up the pace of her masturbation so that all
three would come at the same time. Wednesday's legs wrapped around her
father's hips and her nails drew blood from his back as he came in her. After
a pause for breath he rolled off to lie between his two women.

But it wasn't over. Morticia turned him to face her then licked her way down
his body until reaching his crotch which she slowly and skillfully proceeded
to clean off with her tongue, not coincidentally bringing him back to full
erection. At the same time the younger of the two seductresses licked the
blood from his back. When they were done both mounted him, Morticia impaling
herself on his cock while Wednesday placed her thighs around his head and
lowered herself onto his waiting tongue. Soon both Addams women were moving
rythmically and rapturously atop their man. Soon both lay exhausted next to
him on either side.

"It is done!" proclaimed Gomez sonorously.

The two Addams women looked at each other over his body.

"That doesn't mean..." whispered Morticia into his ear

" can't be done again..." continued Wednesday.

"...and again..."

"...and again."


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