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cartoons! If you are that offended by a fantasy portrayal of them go get
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Note: Ariel and Angela are 16, Mulan, Belle and Kim are 17, Jasmine is 19,
all others are their twenties or functionally immortal

2nd Note: The Ron and Kim in this story are the Ron and Kim from my other
story, "Making the Perfect Man".

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Aladdin/Beauty And The Beast/Cinderella/Gargoyles/Kim Possible/Little
Mermaid/Mulan/Sleeping Beauty/Snow White: Chaos' Game Part 7
by Tricksterson

"So, now that we have them Mother, what do we do with them? Kill them?" asked
Demona of the being she thought was the Mother of the gargoyle race but who
was actually a greater demoness, named Mirage.

The three women she was referring to, Aurora, Cinderella and Snow White,
three human queens that she had kidnapped in the middle of their menage a
trois were currently in front of them, stripped of what residual clothing
they had on, chained to the wall of Mirage's fortress and sobbing piteously.

Mirage looked at her unwitting servant, smiled and stalked over to Cinderella
then traced a clawed finger along her cheek, drawing blood.

"Now we have fun."

* * *

"Girls, we have a problem."

Ariel and Belle both looked up at this. Neither was in the kingsized bed that
was the main feature of the room they occupied as lovers to Lord Chaos. The
room had only a few constant features. The bed was one, the library, a book
from which, "The Malibu Chronicles", Belle was currently reading to Ariel was
another. A third was the pool which Ariel, in the mermaid form Chaos had
given her the power to change in and out of at will had been lying half out
of, listening raptly. The rest of the room was subject to apparently random
change. Sometimes the floor was wood, sometimes it was tile, once it had been
packed earth. The same was true of the walls and ceiling and what the walls
were didn't always match what the floor or ceiling was. Most of the time they
inhabited a single room but sometimes there would be a door or doors which
might or might not lead literally anywhere.

It was one of these doors, set in the ceiling, through which Chaos, in winged
cat form, had flown.

"'We'?" asked Belle, wondering what kind of problem could be beyond the
powers of a being who could mold reality to his whims like clay.

"Yes, we. Well, more you. I suppose it all depends on whether you value
innocent life." As he said this he settled down on the French girl's lap,
talking all the while. "Which I guess I don't really. I mean there's so much
of it, what are three queens more or less? Oh, now that wasn't nice." This
last was said as Belle stood up, unceremoniously dumping him on the floor.

"What the hell are you talking about?" she asked angrily while Ariel, looking
concerned, got out of the pool, her tail becoming a green, scale patterned
sarong which left her small breasts delightfully exposed whenever she assumed
human form. She had long since decided that topless was far more comfortable
than wearing a pair of shells on her boobs.

"Oh. Well, I was planning on bringing us some new playmates here but they
seem to have gone missing."

"And you don't know who took them?," asked Ariel, standing next to her friend
and lover.

"Of course I know. A demoness named Mirage who has something of a grudge
towards me."

"Well why don't you rescue them?," Belle asked.

"That would be too easy. I want you to do it."

"Too...easy?" the young mermaid asked.

"Yes. Easy is boring. You know I hate boring."

"And how exactly do you expect the two of us to free them by ourselves?"

"I don't. You'd be slaughtered. That would be boring too. I'll give you
enough help to give you and the others a decent chance."

"This is all a game to you, isn't it?," asked Belle, getting angrier by the

"Well of course. Everything is a game," replied the elemental lord as he
metamorphed into his wingless, overweight, pink and purple Cheshire Cat form.
"But just in case you don't think this is a serious matter...". With a swish
of his tail a wall vanished and and they got a view into a poorly lit stone
dungeon. Against one wall were three beautiful naked women, all older than
Ariel and Bell, two blond, one black haired, hanging from chains. At least
they would have been beautiful if they hadn't been covered with dirt and
blood, not to mention the looks of stark fear on their faces. Facing them
were two other women. At least they were female. Belle wasn't sure if she
could call them "women" technically because neither was human. One waswinged
and felinoid, looking not unlike Chaos in his catman form, and like him,
dressed in an Egyptian style. The other wore a long, low-cut dress and looked
vaguely reptilian with grey skin and wings.

* * *

Snow White leaned back from Mirage causing the demoness to grin. "What's the
matter? I only want to kiss you," she said as she nipped not so playfully at
the queens neck, drawing blood.

As she looked on Demona was torn. This was not how she had expected the
Mother to act. She had no objection to killing humans or even torture if it
served the greater purpose of protecting her species but this eemed to be
torture for pleasures sake. But also as she watched there was a dark thrill
running through her system that she couldn't deny so for now she merely
watched, both repelled and fascinated as Mirage traced her claws down one
pale breast and then licked the resulting blood off.

The demoness looked at her deluded follower and smiled. "Feel free to pick
one for yourself." Demona shook her head hesitantly, part of her knowing that
if she did what "the Mother" wanted she could never go back to pretending
that what she did was somehow right and just. "Suit yourself," she said as
she slid a claw into Snow White's slit and wiggled it around, making blood
flow out.

* * *

"Eventually she's going to kill them," Chaos said as he returned the wall to
it's normal state. He didn't sound all that perturbed by the idea.

"Well, then *do* something about it!" Belle shouted.

""That's what I have you for," he replied calmly. He looked at them
curiously. "Unless you want them to die?"

"Of course not!" both girls said at once, shocked.

"Oh, I didn't think so. Just making sure."

"So, what should we do?" Ariel asked her friend. Both of them had already
figured out that they would only get the minimum amount of help from the
Chaos lord.

"We're going to need help," Belle said. She looked at the saphire ring on her
finger, "and I think I know who to ask."

* * *

Jasmine was licking her way down Aladdin's chest when she noticed that he had
stopped responding. Also that the diamond in her navel had gotten warm. She
looked up to see him frozen. Growling she closed her eyes and answered the

"What is it? Make it fast, I'm on my honeymoon!"

"We need your help Jazz!," came Belle's voice in her head. "Lives are at

"Ah, crap!," said Jasmine. Worse, she couldn't recruit Aladdin to help unless
she wanted to explain the whole affair-with-a-cosmic-being thing. She knew
she should, especially since they were married now but a crisis situation
wasn't the time to do it.

"Okay, beam me in Frenchie."

* * *

When she got there, an armor-clad, sword carrying and equally disgruntled
Mulan was already present.

After kissing her, Belle and the new girl, Ariel, whom she hadn't previously
met, hello she looked at Mulan and said, "Well you came prepared."

"Actually, this is courtesy of Chaos. I was in the middle of my damn
honeymoon when I got called."

"You too? Gee," she said, looking long and hard at the catman, "I wonder if
that was a coincidence." Chaos just grinned in return.

"Anyway," the Chinese warrior woman continued, "from what I've been told,
this Mirage's castle will be one tough nut to crack."


"You know her?"

"Unfortunately." She glared once more at Chaos. "We can't just go in with the
four of us. We'll be slaughtered."

"Oh, don't worry," purred the Lord of Misrule, "I've got a couple of ideas in
that direction."

* * *

Kim Possible lifted her head up from her boyfriend Ron's chest in shock as a
bright light woke them both from their slumber. Oddly enough her first
thought was that she hoped Ron's parents hadn't been woken up even though
they both knew she was there and approved.

Then she noticed that her room had two new inhabitants, one Middle Eastern in
appearance and the other European. She immediately assumed a fighting stance,
undeterred by the fact that she was naked.

"Kim, what are fictional characters doing in our room?" said Ron, rubbing his
eyes. She realized that he was right. These were two of the Disney
Princesses, Jasmine and Belle, or at any rate two women who looked and
dressed remarkably like them.

"Who are you?," Kim asked suspiciously.

"I am Jasmine, Pricess of Agrabah, this is my friend Belle and we need your
help to free the Queens, CInderella, Snow White and Aurora from the clutches
of a demon."

"Riiiiiight," drawled Kim while looking surrepticiously for any signs of
cameras or Ashton Kutcher. On the other hand she'd dealt with wierder
sitches, hadn't she? No, she decided on reflection, she hadn't.

After the two young women had finished explaining their plight she and Ron
agreed that this was definitely the wierdest thing they'd ever had to deal

"You mean you guys are real?," Ron asked, poking Belle's arm.

"According to Chaos, everything's real somewhere and everything's fictional
somewhere else," said Jasmine as she eyed Ron's growing erection

Noticing this Kim growled, "Ron, get dressed while I contact Wade. I think
I'm definitely going to need the suit for this one."

* * *

Suited up the four young adventurers had warped over to Chaos' lair and were
looking at magical holograms of their two opponents along with Mulan and

"Do we know anything about this Demona?," Kim asked.

"Only what Chaos has told us, which wasn't much," said Mulan.

"Then maybe I should send you to someone with serious personal experience
with her," said Chaos, popping into the room in catman form. "Or better yet,
bring them to you." With that Ariel's pool began to grow and froth. The room
expanded to fit it as it became the size of a large pond and up from it's
waters came a boat containing four beings. One was human and female. Of the
other three two seemed to be of the same race as Demona, in fact one looked
quite like a younger, softer version of her. The fourth looked sort of but
not quite like a reptilian version of a bulldog, much in the same way that
the gargoyles resembled humans but unlike them it was wingless.

As soon as the craft had fully emerged the large male and the human woman
assumed defensive positions, the woman pulling what only Ron, Kim, Belle and
of course Chaos recognized as a gun out of a holster. The dog-creature also
hunched as if expecting an attack. The younger gargoyle female seemed less
hostile, looking at her surroundings with curiosity.

The human spoke first. "Who are you people? Where are we?"

"We might ask the same," said Jasmine, stepping forward. Although noone had
voted for her, she had pretty much stepped into the leadership role both
because, as a princess, she had the most experience telling people what to do
and because noone else really wanted the role. "I assure you, we mean you no
harm, in fact I think we can help each other against a mutual enemy. Does the
name Demona ring a bell?"

By the reactions of the human and the male gargoyle it most certainly did.

"What do you know of Demona?" asked the male gargolye in a voice that sent a
thrill through every woman present and a tone that made them glad they
weren't Demona. Jasmine, Mulan, Belle and Ariel quickly filled the newcomers
in on the situation and got their cooperation.

As the group walked through the dimensional warp Chaos created for them he
waved them a tearful farewelll, waving a silk hankerchief.

"Think they'll make it?," asked the second head that sprouted suddenly from
his shoulders.

"It'll take a miracle," he replied in a Yiddish accent.

* * *

"Why didn't this Chaos, simply put us where we need to go?," asked the male
gargoyle, who has introduced himself as Goliath and his human and gargoyle
companions as Elyssa and Angela respectively.

"Because it wouldn't be 'entertaining' enough," answered Mulan with a
grimace. "He doesn't really care about the women we're rescuing or even about
us. It's all just a big game to him."

The nine heroes stood on a barren, ochre colored slope leading up to a temple
complex of dark stone that Chaos had informed them was called Morbia. While
there was a wall around it the gate seemed unguarded.

"Overconfident, much?," asked Kim.

"Well, lets face it KP, she probably doesn't get many visitors," Ron replied.

"Not voluntary ones at least," added Goliath.

However entry wasn't to be as easy as it seemed. Rather than go through the
gates Goliath and Angela climbed the walls as did Kim and Ron, the former
using their claws, the latter their grappling hooks. When they reached the
top, from nowhere shambling, clawed figures appeared. The two gargoyles
turned to fight them while Kim and Ron rappelled down to take on the ones
that had appeared at the gate as their comrades entered, Ron of course,
losing his pants in the process.

"Hmmm, have you ever considered just going pantsless on missions?" asked Kim.

"You think it would be a good look for me?"

"I do," said Ariel, earning herself a glare from Kim but soon she had more
important things to attend to like fighting the guards while Ron did his
usual job of running interference by dodging, tripping over things and
screaming like a girl.

"Don't kill them!" shouted Jasmine. "They're Al Katib!"

"Not into the killing," said Kim, ducking under an Al Katib's swing and
delivering a kick in return. "But why?"

"Yeah," added Ron. "Do they go Kaboom?"

"No," said Jasmine, who had joined the fight. "They're..." A roar of anguish
from the wall showed that her warning had not been heard by Goliath.

* * *

Demona stared, both horrified and excited by what the Mother was doing. The
cat-woman "gargoyle" stood in front of a naked, chained Cinderella now and
slowly closed her claws around one of her nipples until the tip was scissored
off then licked the blood off the wound and, with a grin ate the flesh.
Demona stared then realized she'd been licking her lips and wondering what
the captive queen's flesh would taste like. What was happening to her? Yes,
she hated humans, both for what they'd done to her people and for the threat
they posed but she'd never had thought like this before.

Mirage, in her guise as a gargoyle turned her still bloody face towards
Demona and beckoned her forward then took her by the hair and dragged her
face down to the bloody wound.

"Smell it! Glory in it! This is what we are! Predators!" Then she pulled the
gargoyle in for a kiss. Demona couldn't help but respond to both the blood on
the other females mouth and the kiss. This allowed the demoness to further
wind her tentacles into her mind and when the kiss broke off the gargoyle's
head was nodding and her eyes shining. Mirage pointed at Aurora.

"Look at that one. She wants it, you can tell." Indeed Aurora's face was a
mirror of the horror and fascination that had been on Demona's visage a
minute before. The gargoyle approached the young queen with a predatory

"Do you?," she asked, lifting her chin up with one claw. "Do you want the

Whatever Aurora's answer would have been remained unsaid because at that
moment a muffled roar of anguish drew the attention of both captors. The pain
in it made Mirage smile while the familiarity of the voice sent Demona to the
tower window.

"Goliath!," she shouted in mingled surprise and anger then climbed onto the
narrow window sill and launched herself into the air.

Mirage watched her unwitting minion leave with a smile. If she wanted to play
cannon fodder let her. Looking down into her courtyard she guessed by the
composition of the attackers that Chaos had sent them. Well he wasn't the
only one capable of playing games. She faded from the room with a cruel

* * *

So it was that when Kim, Ron and Jasmine, using Kim's grappling hook and one
built by Belle, climbed into the tower, they found the three queens,
bleeding, weeping but alive. Mirage however was absent.

Above, Goliath, Angelica and Demona circled each other, none able to gain an
advantage. However the view dissapeared, replaced by stone. Now the only exit
was a doorway through which they could see a dimly lit spiral of stairs. Kim
quickly freed the three brutalized women with her laser lipstick and they
contemplated the exit before them.

"Why do I think we're being played?," said Kim.

"Because we are," replied the Arabian princess. "But I don't see any choice,
do you?"

Kim shook her head.

"You know, " said Ron, "I don't think this is going to be as big a problem as
it seems."

The girls cocked their heads at him. "Why not?," asked Kim.

"Well, look at it this way. She's just put us into a dungeon we have to fight
our way out of right?"

"Um, yeah?," said Kim, not really sure where this was going.

"Well, it's your basic video game dungeon crawl and I know all the cliches.
Between you girls mad fighting skills and my inside take we'll have this

Kim looked at him sceptically.

"Tell, you what," Ron said. I bet that if we go down the staircase there'll
one of those monster thingies waiting round about the second or third spiral.
You're our strongest fighter KP, so you go first."

"Really? Are you sure about that?" said Jasmine pulling a quarterstaff out of

"Hey How did you do that? Jasmine doesn't carry weapons!"

"Maybe the Jasmine in the stage plays you watch doesn't but this is the real
world. As for how I did it let's just say I learned a few things from Chaos
other than bedroom technique"

Ron looked at her doubtfully but let her and Kim go in front together without
comment. His guess about the nature of their prison turned out to be correct
however when at about the third turning of the staircase the hulking,
gargoylike form of an El Katib came out of the shadows. Literally.

"See! Told ya!" Ron yelled triumphantly as Kim and Jasmine engaged the
monster, making short work of it between them.

"Very well," said Jasmine afterwards, "Are there any other hints you can give

"Well, keep an eye out for secret doors and traps, lots of traps. Oh and the
monsters will probably gradually get more numerous and powerful until there's
one humongous nasty one just before we escape.

* * *

"AHHHHHHH!!!," Ron screamed as he and the queens, ran into the courtyard
pursued by a creature that looked like a hippo but with a crocodile's head.
Kim and Jasmine were playing rearguard but were hampered by the fact that the
creature was breathing fire.

In the courtyard, Elisa Maza, Mulan, Belle, Ariel and the dog-gargoyle named
Bronxwere doing their best to fend off a surrounding circle of El Katib while
Angela and Goliath continued a dogfight with Demona.

"This way!," yelled Ron to the queens as he headed to the courtyard gate.

"You'd desert your comrades?" asked Cinderella incredulously.

"I have an idea!"

The queens shrugged and followed since none of them had any fighting skills
or magic powers that would help in the fight except for Aurora's and Snow's
ability to control woodland animals of which there were none in view.

Come on, hustle, hustle," Ron shouted as he reached the gate and urged the
queens through.

"Why are you trying to get us through?" asked Aurora, the last of the queens
to make the gate.

"Call it a hunch."

And his hunch, that getting the queens out of the courtyard would end the
'game" Chaos had sent them into proved correct. As soon as Aurora was outside
all the El Katib froze and Chaos appeared in his Cheshire Cat form. he even
purred. "Game over."

"Game NOT over!" shouted Mirage as she appeared in the courtyard. "This is
*my* realm! Get out and stop interfering." Too late she remembered that
ordering Chaos was the one surefire way to truly anger him.

"NEVER COMMAND ME KITTY CAT!," he roared as he assumed his catman form only
this time he was thirty feet tall. At the same time Mirage was transformed
into a small black cat. A soaking wet cat because a small but thunderous
raincloud was hovering over and pouring down on her.

"On second thought, being a cat is too good for you," said Chaos as he slowly
shrank down to his normal size. "Let's see if I can come up with something
more appropriate to your personality." As soon as he said this the cat became
a rat who quickly fled with the storm cloud in hot pursuit.

"So," Chaos said in a satisfied tone, "on to the victory orgy."

"Wait," said Jasmine in her Princess voice. "After everything we've just been
through, everything, I might add, that you put us through, for no reason
other than your own amusement, why would any of us want to fuck you?" The
other women all nodded in agreement.

"Because I want you to and I always get what I want?"

"Not this time," said Mulan. "Unless," she said with a hint of sneer, "you
want to *force* us."

There they had him. Chaos had one unbending principle. he would cheerfully
trick and decieve others but his very nature precluded him from coercing

"Unless," said Jasmine thoughtfully, "you're willing to bargain."

Bargaining on the other hand was something he had no problem with. "What do
you have in mind?"

The Agraban princess waved her hand at the El Katib who were still all frozen
in place. "These were all children once. Return them to what they were and
send them home and I for one will fuck your extra-dimensional brains out."
Again the other women nodded. With five exceptions. The three queens, Elisa
Maza and Angela, the latter two of which were in conference.

Queen Snow stepped up. "Sex I have no problem with, but I'd like to be in a
bit better condition for it. That bitch tortured us, so heal the damage."
Before she had finished the bruises and cuts on her and the other two were
healed, even Cinderella's severed nipple being restored. A second later the
El Katib, except for the one Goliath had killed were all children, shortly
after which they dissapeared.

"Anything else?"

"Yes," said Angela, "Two things actually."

The body of the dead boy who had been El Katib vanished from the ramparts and
appeared between Chaos and the young female gargoyle." Let me guess. It
involves this?"

"Yes. Could you...?"

Chaos' face became uncharacteristically serious. "Restore him to life? Yes
but it means intruding on another Greater being's domain, Death to be exact,
so all three of you will owe me, and I don't mean just in terms of sex. Now
what's the second thing?"

Angela and Elyssa came up to him and whispered into his ears.

"Done," the Lord of Misrule said. Seeing this provoked Goliath into stomping
up to them angrily. "I will not have you making deals with this mad
creature!" he said to the two women.

"Nighty Night," said Chaos and the large male gargoyle promptly fell asleep.
The elemental Lord smiled at Elyssa and Angela, "He'll wake up unharmed but
with an edited version of events."

"Hey what about me?" asked Ron "I don't want to be in a coma while hot chicks
are having sex!" He looked around. "Hey how did we all get back to the
palace? And why are we all naked?"

Kim growled, "No sex with anyone but me unless you want *me* to put you in a

"You don't share?" Asked Jasmine in a mildly disaproving voice and moving
into Kim's comfort zone.

"No. Not Ron."

"What if we included you in on the fun?" asked Ariel, moving in from the
other side and running a finger down the redhead's arm.

"I...don't swing that way. But that would be alright. If I did. Which I

"Come on Kim," said Ron in a slightly pleading tone. "What about the time you
talked about a threesome with Monique?"

"That was just a fantasy!"

"Well," said the Arabic princess, "Chaos' realm is all about fantasy, about
doing things you never would anywhere else. Whatever happens here, stays
here. Believe me, I know." As she said this she leaned against the athletic
redhead and rubbed her breasts against her arm which Kim found strangely
erotic. Ariel was in back of her massaging her neck and Ron was in front of
her with his arms around her waist and his hands on her pert little ass.

"All right," said the young adventuress with a sigh. "I know when I'm

"You won't regret it," said Jasmine, kissing the side of her neck while Ron
kissed her lips.

* * *

At the same time Elyssa and Angela were in a huddle with Chaos. The two of
them had told him that they would participate only if he erased the trauma of
his killing the El Katib and the revelation that it was actually a child from
Goliath's mind. They were now making good on their bargain and engaged in a
threeway kiss with him.

As they broke off, Angela looked uncertain. "I've never..."

"Then I'll just have to be gentle won't I?," said Chaos. "And just to be sure
I can give you my full attention..." and suddenly there were two of the
catmen facing the young gargoyle, one of whom knelt and handed her a rose.

The other looked at Elyssa, grinned and said, "Or would you prefer this
form?" and immediately turned into a replica of Goliath. The raven haired cop
just licked her lips and nodded.

"Me too," said Angela. "I want...I want to fuck him too."

Elyssa looked at her askance. "But he's your father."

"He's the one who keeps saying that doesn't matter. Besides it's not like
it's really him. I just...want to." Elyssa smiled and "As long as we're
living our fantasies, I've wanted to do this for some time," and took her in
her arms and kissed her, her hands fondling her grey, black nippled breasts.
While they embraced the two ChaosGoliaths stood behind them and ran their
fingers up and down their bodies.

* * *

During this, the three rescuees, Aurora, Cinderella and Snow White were eying
each other nervously as well as Mulan and Belle. Finally the Chinese beauty
came over and broke the ice by taking Snow's hands and placing them around
her waist. Soon Cinderella did the same with Belle.

"Aren't you going to join the fun, 'Rory?" Snow asked.

"In a minute," she said. She had heard snoring coming from the gargoyles'
boat and wanted to investigate. She saw Goliath asleep next to Bronx whom
Chaos had enchanted with the terse explanation of "No dogs allowed." and gave
in to a temptation to see what he had under the loin cloth. Being the most
sexually adventurous of the three queens she briefly considered Bronx as a
partner but decided that this was kinky enough.

Her eyebrows shot up as she saw a massively thick ten inches of grey meat.
She reached out and touched it then, when he didn't awake at her touch
started stroking it.

"Looks like your friend has found herself a toy," Mulan said to Snow and

"Oh well, that means we don't have to share," said the dark haired queen as
she reached to fondle the Asian beauty's brown nippled tit.

"Yeah, Rory's always been a lot more...experimental than we have," added
Cinderella as Belle pulled her in for a tongue kiss.

* * *

"Hey," said Ron as he and Kim sank to the floor, pulled to the floor by Ariel
and Jasmine, "How come the floors gotten so...wobbly?" The answer to this as
they, and the other orgy participants realized, was that the entire surface
of Chaos' rumpus room had become one vast water bed.

"Wheee!," exclaimed Ariel as she rolled around on it.

"Oh sure, of course, you'd like it," said Ron. "Me, I think I'm getting sea

"Let me help you get over it," the mermaid princess said and pulled him on
top of her. Kim started to turn towards them but was distracted by Jasmine's
putting her tongue in her mouth and two fingers in her pussy. The adventuress
gave a mental shrug and decided to give her all to the kiss, her hands coming
around the Arab princess' back to cup her voluptuous ass.

* * *

"Ohhh, yes, father! Yess!" Angela moaned as Chaos-Goliath 1 knelt in front of
her licking her cunt. It was hairless, like the genitals of all gargoyles,
but the skin around the vulva shaded darker. At the moment, his tongue was
working at the join of hip and thigh, but even this had the young, virgin,
lizardwoman in ecstasy. Next to her Elisa was on her hands and knees and
moaning softly as Chaos/Goliath 2 probed both vagina and asshole with his
fingers which were both unaturally elongated and self lubricating.

Unable to remain standing Angela slowly sank to her knees, then onto her
back, spreading her wings to avoid squashing them. Chaos and his tongue
followed, never losing contact, in fact by the time she was on her back his
tongue was inside her vagina, licking and thrusting. Seeing the young,
strangely pretty woman so close Elyssa once more gave in to impulse and
ducked her head down to kiss her friend on the lips. Angela just moaned
softly and pulled her head down.

* * *

'Omigod!,' thought Aurora. 'How am I going to manage this monster?' Ten
inches long when limp she had managed to stroke Goliath's cock to half again
that long and it was also now nearly as thick around as her arm. Her fellow
queens, Mulan and Belle had stopped their own fondlings and were gathered to
watch, arms around each other and lower limbs criss crossing.

"Wow, how is she going to fit that inside her?," Mulan said, unconciously
echoing Aurora.

"Enh," commented Cinderella, "It's no bigger than Snow's arm." She noticed
the other two's half horrified, half fascinated look and continued "What,
never been fisted?" As they both shook their heads she and Snow White smiled
like sharks. "Well, you're in for a treat then aren't you?"

At the boat, now "aground" on the orgy room floor, Aurora abandoned her
stroking and instead licked her way up the tremendous shaft then slowly
worked her mouth around the baseball sized knob on top. Despite her best
efforts though she was only able to get a little more than half way down it,
defeated less by the length than the thickness. She was pulling back, sucking
heroically when she felt clawed hands on either side of her head and looked
up in a panic only to see Goliath's eyes still closed. While Chaos' spell
still held he had been stimulated to the point where he was in a state
similar to sleepwalking. Gently prying his fingers off the blond monarch
spread her legs and, taking his massive member in her hand rubbed it against
her labia. Closing her eyes she pushed down. A scream of mingled agony and
joy burst from her as she was nearly split in half by the massive cockhead.
Her eyes rolled up in her head as she moved up and down the massive shaft,
the pain only adding to the sub's pleasure.

During this the other two kinky queens had the Chinese warrior and French
intellectual on their backs, probing their mouth with their tongues while
intruding their fingers into their cunts. They each started with two which
alone had both beauties arching their backs and cooing happily. Each digit
added made breath grow more ragged and moans louder until finally as Snow and
Cindy pushed their entire fists in the other two sluts were jerking and
writhing as if executed. Fingers linked in deathgrips, their heads spasmed
wildly on theior neck, Belle's tongue oozing out one corner of her mouth
while Mulan bit hers hard enough to draw blood. Finally The blond and the
raven haired monarchs stiopped pumping, their arms slick with girlcum down to
their elbows. They licked each others arms clean

"Of course, now we don't have any one to get *us* off," said Cinderella

"Well, except each other," Snow said, reaching for and fondling her long time
lover's tits

"The old loves are the best," Cindy admitted, laying down and spreading her
legs. Soon both of them were locked in in a sixty-nine, fingers stroking each
others thighs as they built up to an explosive climax.

During, this the third member of the trio of royal sluts was sliding
rapturously up and down Goliath's huge pole, getting further down with each
push. In his semi-somnabulic state his hands had come up and were roaming
over her lush body.

Yes, Lizard man, Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me into a coma!"

* * *

"What was that?" asked Angela, coming up from the sexual haze that Chaos-
Goliath 1's fingers and tongues had put her in.

"Oh someone enjoying themselves," said the Lord of Misrule. "You'd be
surprised what some people find pleasureable." Then to Angela's consternation
he stood, pulling the young gargoyle up with him.

"I thought we were going to..."

"Oh, we are, but I thought you might prefer it done the way your race usually
does." With that he took her in his arms and lifted both of them into the
air. Startled at first she soon wrapped her legs around him as he entered
her, throwing her head back and screaming for joy.

"Should we try that?" Chaos/Goliath 2 purred into Elussa's ear. His fingers
had been replaced by his cock and he was now busily fucking her doggie style.

"Uhhhh...don't have...ohgod! wings! Thanks...all the....ohhhh...same...FUCK

* * *

Meanwhile things were heating up with the foursome of Ariel, Jasmine, Kim and
Ron. Ariel had rolled Ron onto his back and was licking up and down his
member which, while not as grotesquely huge as Goliath's was still quite
impressive. At the same time Jasmine was introducing Kim to the joys of
cunnilingus. Currently the Agraban princess was licking up the inside of the
redhead's thighs, coming closer and closer to her vagina with every lick.



"When we get home?"


"You are *so* learning to do this."

"Yes! YES!" Kim looked at him and saw that the last exclamation had been
caused by Ariel's sucking on his balls while stroking his cock.

"Never mind. We'll talk about it later." However at that point her own
concentration became focused on the entry of Jasmine's tongue into her pussy.
Her hands tangled themselves in the other girls dark hair and pushed her
deeper between her legs as they wrapped around the swarthy hottie's

"Ohhhh! OHFUCK!," she screamed as she bucked and heaved in orgasm.

Ron for his own part became even more insensible of his surroundings as the
mergirl rolled him over once more and whispered "Fuck me!" urgently into his
ear. Quick to oblige he pushed into her and soon had her arms and legs
wrapped around him while she whispered more sweet obscenities into his ears.
These became both louder and less coherent as she climbed her way to cumming.


If Ron thought he was done however he was much mistaken. No sooner had he
rolled slowly off Ariel then he felt a tongue licking her sweetness off his
cock. He looked up to see Jasmines big brown eyes and lusty grin.

"Surely you didn't think I wasn't going to help myself to your yummy
goodness?" Before he could respond her mouth had engulfed his cock which,
never entirely limp was soon restored to full potency. She raised her head
off, gave his glans a final flick then lifted herself up and onto Ron's rod.
As she moved up and down him the young man, reflecting that this one day was
making up for a lifetime of bad luck, reached out to stroke her full soft

Recovering from their respective orgasms the two redheads in the room were
soon eyeing each other lustily. Ariel made the first move, reaching out to
the young human and soon their arms and tongues were wrapped around each
other. Ariel made a gesture that Chaos had taught her and a strapon dildo
appeared, already fastened to her waist and crotch.

Kim felt it pressing against her and looked down, eyes widening. Ariel pushed
her down on her back.

"Do you want it?" The young adventurer licked her lips and, after a short
pause, nodded. She spread her labia apart and grimaced as the dildo entered
her but was soon gaspimg and moaning appreciatively.

"Gonna...cum!," grunted Ron.

"Yes! Come in me boy! Cum *in* me!!," As he spurted into her Jasmine arched
her back and let out a long wordless moan.

Beside him Kim had her hands on Ariel's hips, guidinng her as the aquatic
pricess pounded hell out of her pussy.

"Ohhh...yes! Make me your bitch...your little bitch! Fuck me fish-girl, FUCK

As the four of them lay next to each other, finally sated, Kim looked again
at Ron, who this time at least, was looking back. She reached out her hand
and he took it.

"When we get home, I think we should have a with Monique, don't

"I'm in."

* * *

Caos sat alone in the void once more, this time in the form of a gold
feathered, three tentacled glonktapus, a species, he'd just invented, his
pleasure dome uncreated and folded into himself so that he could absorb
everything that had happened within it. It had been fun but it was time to
move on to other endeavors. After all, even pleasure could become boring, at
least to him, if that's all there was.

Not that he might not try this again, in fact even now part of him was making
a list and the name of a certain Indian Princess was right at the top.



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