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Note: Ariel is 16 in this story, Belle 17. This occurs shrtly before the
events in the movie.

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Aladdin/Little Mermaid: Chaos' Game Part 4 - Ariel
by Tricksterson

"You want to fuck...a fish?", Belle asked Chaos, her newfound lover. In the
last few hours her sexual horizons had broadened considerably, thanks to
Chaos and the recently departed Jasmine and Mulan but this was a bit over the
line. More than a bit.

Chaos just grinned,"Not exactly. Here, let me show you." He produced the
seeing globe he had given Mulan and Jasmine, expanding and changing it into
a full length mirror.

* * *

Pricess Ariel sat sighing in a tidal pool on the edge of her favorite beach.
She, more than any of her people, loved to explore the border between land
and sea, dangerous though it could be. She was fascinated with humans, even
more so since what she'd seen on this very beach a few months ago. Two of
them had been lying there, naked and unaware of her, the man on top, the
woman's legs wrapped around him, a cacophany of moans and grunts eminating
from them ending in a scream from the woman that echoed off the rocks
surrounding the sandy alcove.

When she'd asked her father his face had grown red and all he'd said was "I
refuse to discuss the matter," then swam off as fast as he could manage. Her
sisters had been a bit more helpful but not much. "It's how landwellers
spawn," one had finally told her between giggles.

"Oh," had been the only thing she had been able to say while thinking that
the landweller way looked a lot more...interesting. Not to mention fun.

"It is, came a voice from behind her. "Very fun." She looked up, startled, to
see two landwellers. Well, one was a landweller. The other....

He was definitely human from the neck down wearing only tight brown leather
pants and calf length black leather boots exposing his sinewy, copper hued
torso. But his head was that of one of those four legged things that
sometimes accompanied landwellers and made woofing sounds.

The canine face arched an eyebrow. "I am most certainly *not* a dog," he said
in an offended tone. "They're a slave race. My head comes from a much wilder,
nobler and freer species, called coyotes. Still," he said calming down, "I
suppose you don't know any better. What are you laughing at?" he addressed
his companion, a slender brunette female dressed in a long, tight blue dress
that was slit up both sides to the hip.

"Oh, nothing." In truth the sight of her godly lover actually getting upset
pleased her no end. He could be *so* insufferably smug. Chaos raised an
eyebrow but decided to procede onto the main topic they'd come here to

"Would you like to know what human mating is like?," he asked.

Her natural curiosity and the feelings that had been aroused in her when
she'd watched the humans rutting both pushed her to say, "Yes!"

"Well, first, lets give you some legs." Even as he said it she could feel her
tail splitting in two and reforming. It hurt but in a way that felt good at
the same time. When she looked down she saw that her legs, very nicely shaped
by human standards were not entirely human because they retained both their
green color and just a hint of scales as well. When she could pull her eyes
off her new appendages she also saw that she wasn't on the beach anymore
although Chaos had brought the tidal pool she was in with them. That was the
only familiar thing about her surroundings. The rest was what she could only
guess was a landweller home. She started to get out of the pool to explore
only to collapse as soon as her new legs tried to bear her weight. She found
herself saved from an embarrassing fall by both strangers and also that she
had wound up sandwiched between them. She quickly realized several things.

First that being sandwiched between the two of them was a far from unpleasant

Second, that she was naked.

Third, so were they.

"Maybe we should take this standing and walking thing slowly," said Chaos as
he and Belle pressed their bodies against the mermaid's. "Let's move you over
here. It's called a bed. By the way, I'm Chaos and this is Belle."

Still stunned by her new limbs, new surrounding and most of all the new
sensations coursing through her body, the undersea princess let them lay her
down on the silken sheets.

Chaos changed his face from pure coyote to something still lupine but more
suited for kissing while his French wench took Ariel by the chin and turned
her face towards hers for a slow, exploratory kiss. At first the mermaid
hesitated but as the other girl's tongue caressed and teased her lips she
found them opening of their own volition. At the same time Chaos' lips,
tongue and teeth were playing on the back of her neck and his hands groping
her brand new, and nicely rounded, ass. A soft moan escaped her as Belle's
hand found and started rubbing her hairless, scaly cunt.

"You like that?," Chaos asked.

"Ohhhhhyesssss, I doooo!"

"We can make you feel even better," Belle joined in, "but you have to do what
we say. Trust us, you'll like everything we want you to do and everything we
want to do to you." To add to the incentive she tweaked the fishgirl's
throbbing clit making her eyes bulge and her breath to come out in a rush.

"Anything! Annnyyythiiinnng!" she cried out. As soon as she said this Chaos
got up on his knees and Belle positioned Ariel's face in front of his huge,
erect penis.

"Kiss it, lick it, suck it," the brunette slut chanted.

"Really?" asked Ariel, one eyebrow raised sceptically.

"Really," said Chaos. "You said anything."

"It's not bad at all," said Belle. "Her, let me show you." She knelt down on
one side of Chaos' cock while Ariel got on the other to watch as she took a
long slow lick up one side from the root to the tip.

"See?" Ariel bent down and copied her new sexual mentor and smiled when she
was done.

"You're right, it tastes...nice."

"I made it the flavor of pistachio ice cream," said Chaos.

"Okay, now open your mouth just enough to fit it in and slowly go down on
it," said the French girl, ignoring Chaos and continuing with the lesson.
That's right, stop when it hits the back of your mouth, relax your throat
muscles and just let it ease on down. Now suck gently, then a little harder,
now pull back and repeat until he comes or one of us stops you. I'll be under
you if you need me."

Ariel wasn't sure of what her new friend meant by this but found out soon
enough when Belle eased her legs apart, slid between them and started licking
up and down her hairless slit. The French girl was surprised to find that
the scaled appendages weren't cold and rough to her tongue or touch as she'd
expected. The scales rather lay like a fine mesh over the decidedly
warmblooded limbs of the undersea princess. The sensation was definitely odd
but quite pleasant.

Urged on by the sensations flowing through her body from Belle's tongue
fucking, Ariel's fellatio became more and more enthusatic until her mouth
became flooded by a surge of pale green, minty sperm. Gagging competed with
ecstatic moans as Belle found and sucked on her clit.

As he withdrew his cock from the mermaid's mouth Chaos looked down at his
other mistress and asked, "Well, what do you think?"

Belle reluctantly pulled her head out from between Ariel's legs and said,
"She still tastes like fish." Then she smiled. "But she'll do." She and Chaos
shifted their positions and Ariel's so that the merslut was on her back again
and the master of disorder was between his new lover's legs while Belle lay
alongside Ariel and licked her face clean of his cum.

"What's he going to do?"

"This is how we mate," her fellow concubine answered.

"Will it fit?"

"Oh yes, cherie, and very nicely too." Ariel winced a bit as Chaos entered
her but not much as he hadn't included a hymen in his redesign of her lower
half and soon his thrusting had her gasping with pleasure.

At the same time Belle had found her favorite toy, a nine inch anti-matter
powered vibrator and had inserted it into herself.

"Oh yesss!" cried Ariel. "more, more MORRRRREE!"

"That's right my Lord," moaned the other young slut, her face twisted in
an orgasmic snarl as she matched the rythm of her vibrator to that of her
partners. "Fuck her, fuck her gooood!"

* * *

Chaos had finally slipped up, thought the feline mistress of evil known as
Mirage. She was watching the cavorting trio in her vision pool. Ever since he
had humiliated her by making her perform a good deed and save that bane of
her existance Agraba she had longed for revenge. But a direct attack would
have been insane because he was vastly more powerful than her. But this
latest sexual obsession of his would provide the key to her revenge. If she
could cut off the supply of concubines it would frustrate him no end. But she
would need someone to serve as both henchman and fall guy. She summoned her
Rolodex of Evil and paged through it until she found a likely candidate.

* * *

Chaos smiled to himself and not just because he was at present coming into
Ariel. Mirage had taken the bait. Sexual antics were all well and good but it
was time to move on to phase two of his self amusement project.


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