Disclaimer: This is a fantasy, furthermore it's a fantasy about people who
don't even exist and therefore can't possibly get offended. They're freakin'
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Note: This occurs slightly before the events of the movie "Beauty and the
Beast". Jasmine is 19, Mulan and Belle are 17

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Aladdin/Beauty and the Beast/Mulan: Chaos' Game 3: Belle

Belle, daughter of the eccentric inventor Maurice had taken a page from her
father's book and was hard at work finishing an invention of her own. It had
been inspired one day when she was walking in the woods, alone as usual, and
caught a glimpse of Gaston, her village's chief hunter urinating against a
tree. He hadn't seen her but she'd certainly seen more than enough of him.
Just seeing "it" had made her want...something. Like any girl in a rural
village the details of procreation were no mystery to her but she certainly
didn't want *that*, at least not with Gaston who she considered a
self-centered, boorish lack-wit. But an itch had been stirred up in her, one
that just wouldn't go away. She had tried scratching it with her fingers and
that had been nice but not enough. Then she'd carved a wooden model, scaling
it up since, big as he was everywhere else, Gaston was hung like a squirrel.
That had come closer to what she was looking for but not quite.

So now her latest project.

* * *

"What *is* that she's working on?" Mulan asked her friend and lover Jasmine,
or "Jazz" as she and Chaos often called her. They were both sprawled, naked
except for lacy seethrough underpants, on their stomachs on the huge circular
bed that was the central furnishing of the room in Chaos' palace that they
spent most of their time in. They were watching Belle in the magic crystal
that Chaos had given them for the purpose of checking out furture candidates
for his harem. So far the French girl looked like a very likely candidate.

"Not sure," Jasmine replied, running a hand idly up and down her friend's
naked back. "Looks like something Mechanicles would come up with if he had
more kink in him."

"Who's Mechanicles?"

"Someone you never want to meet Mu-Mu, trust me."

"It looks like a dildo but what's that little windup crank on the side?"

"It's a vibrator," purred Chaos, appearing from nowhere in his Catman form
between them and putting an arm around each of their waists. "A bit crude but
it should work."

"What's it do?" asked Mulan as both girls snuggled up against him.

"I think you'll see in a minute."

* * *

He spoke truly because as they watched Belle stripped off her clothes,
including another invention of hers which she called a breast holder but
other worlds referred to as a brassiere. She slowly ran her hands up and
down her body, from swelling hips to sprouting breasts which she cupped
as she lay down on the straw stuffed mattress of her bed. She closed her
eyes as her thumbs circled her brown aureolae and rubbed across the
hardened nipples at their center. A small moan escaped her.

She sent a hand downwards to probe the thick brown bush between her legs
while the other groped for and found her invention. She'd learned the hard
way with the wooden dildo that if she wasn't nice and wet there any intrusion
was more painful than pleasurable, especially the first time, when she'd
broken her maidenhead. As she pushed her index finger into her pussy she bit
down on her lip. Soon her finger was slick with her juices as was the brown
carpet of her twat. It was time. She spread her labia with two fingers and
inserted the primitive vibrator into her slit. She moved it in and out a few
times to get used to it, moaning softly as she did so then released the catch
to set the crank spinning. She rocked frantically back and forth as it hummed
and rattled inside her.

"Yes, yes, yesss!" she screamed as a flow of white heat built up in her.

Only to subside as the spring in the device ran out. She pounded the mattress
in frustration. So close! She'd come so close!

* * *

After watching this Jasmine and Mulan shared a look over Chaos' back. Then
Jasmine nibbled on the elemental overlord's pointed ear and whispered, "We
want her."

"It's Mulan's decision. I promised her and I always keep my promises." Which
was true, he just didn't always remember that he'd promised something or what
it was or who to.

The Chinese beauty nuzzled his neck and said, "Oh yes, we want her. But first
we want you. Watching her has made us both sooo horny."

Playfully the two young women wrestled him onto his back then each licked
their way from the root of his cock to the tip where they shared a soul kiss
with his member in the middle of the moist tangle of tongues. Then Mulan
slung a shapely leg over his hips and lowered herself down onto his meatpole
while her Arabian fucksister did the same to his mouth from which waggled a
tongue grown to some nine inches in length.

As they each rode their respective members the two girls clutched and clawed
at each other's shoulders and covered each other's upper torso with kisses.

"Fuck!" howled Mulan as the other girl took a honey colored nipple between
her teeth and bit down hard. "Hurts...hurts sooo...goood!"

"Love you Mu-Mu, fucking love you!" replied Jasmine as she let go then fused
her mouth to her lover's as they came simultaneously, fingernails digging
deep enough into each other's backs to draw blood.

As they leaned against each other, Chaos' prick still in Mulan and his tongue
shrunk down to normal size and licking Jasmine's thighs clean Mulan said,
"Can't wait to get my hands on the new girl." Her friend nodded in agreement.

* * *

Currently the object of their lustful discussion was dressed only in
brassiere and petticoats and sitting at the workbench in her room trying to
improve her latest invention. Maybe if she put a regulator on the spring so
it flowed more evenly and lasted longer?

"And what should I call you?" she asked it and looking at it lengthwise.
Artificial, spring-powered penis was just too long and clumsy.

"How about a vibrator?" came a melodious tenor voice from behind her. "After
all, that's what it does when it's inside you, right?"

She turned around and her eyes bulged at what she saw. In between her and her
bed were two beautiful girls, one about her age the other slightly older. The
older one, who looked to be from Araby, wore loose silk, pale blue pants
which were thin enough to show that she had nothing underneath them and a
sinilarly transparent top that left her arms, shoulders and midriff bare. The
other girl, who looked to come from even further east wore a sleeveless
shift, also of sheer silk, though ivory, not blue, that ended just above her
knees. And between them stood the reason her eyes were trying to pop out of
her head.

"Are you the Devil?," she whispered. He lacked horns and his features were
more feline than goatlike, but he certainly wasn't human. She was as educated
and well read as it was possible to be in this backend-of-nowhere village and
had never really believed in demons, or angels either, for that matter, but
this...apparition made her question her beliefs.

"Do you realize how much power I'd have to give up to become Satan?," Chaos
said with a chuckle. "No of course you don't. Allow me to introduce myself.
I am Chaos, Lord of All Possibilities." With that he turned into a large pink
and purple striped cat with a huge grin on it's face and said, "Now isn't
that nifty?" before turning back into the strangely handsome cat-man.

"So," she said hesitantly, "What do you want of me?" She already suspected,
from the way he and the girls were eying her, what they wanted. It was the
way she'd caught Gaston looking at her more than once, only this time the
nervousness it engendered was mixed with excitement and arousal rather than

"Well it's like this,,," the Arabian girl began. Belle's jaw dropped as
Jasmine, with occasional add-ins by her lovers told her and Mulan's story.
Tempted though she was, it was something of a nonsexual nature that clinched
her decision to join them.

"Oh, and we have a library," said Chaos. Jasmine and Mulan looked at each
other behind his back. He'd never offered *them* a library.

"A...library?" the French girl asked, licking her lips even more than she had
over the prospect of sex. Next to her father there was nothing she loved more
than reading. Unfortunately, in this rural backwater, new books were few and
far between.

"Oh yes," Chaos purred, knowing he had his lovely Gallic fish hooked and
landed. "The largest in the multiverse. All the books that have ever been or
ever will be written and many that never have been or will be because they
exist only in the minds of their never to be authors." Belle found herself
getting wet at the very thought.

"Then let's go!" As soon as she said it, the four of them were in a
luxuriously appointed bedroom with a pool and a staircase that led to a
balcony lined with books, none of which, except the poolm had previously
been there. Interestingly, the bed was gone and the tiled floor had been
replaced by a floor that seemed to be growing a thick coating of motley
colored fur.

At his mistresses' questioning looks Chaos replied, "We'll need room." He saw
Belle headed for the stairs and said, "You'll have plenty of time to read.
Time for fucking now."

She turned, looking dissapointed but the look vanished when she saw that
Chaos' kilt had disappeared and that he was sporting a massive erection. As
she went to him her own clothes vanished.

Chaos saw Jasmine looking envious and smiled. "Don't worry, I haven't
forgotten you." As soon as he spoke four figures appeared, one each behind
and in front of each exotic young slut.

"Aladdin!" cried Jasmine in delight.

"Shang!" exclaimed Mulan, equally happy at the sight of her fiance. Then she
felt a pair of strong arms reach out from behind and encompass her waist. She
looked backwards.

"Aladdin?" Jasmine had also looked back and discovered Shang, or his replica
at least, behind her.

"These aren't our boyfriends!" the Arabic beauty said to Chaos accusingly.

"Nooo," he admitted, "but they are more than reasonable facsimiles and, I
assure you, capable of making you both quite happy."

This they were already finding out. Aladdin1 and Shang 2, for so Jasmine
thought of them, helped each other remove her top and soon Aladdin1's lips
were sucking at her dark brown nipples while Shang 2's hands first explored
the roundness of her tits then slid down her torso to slip inside her harem
pants. At the same time Mulan had let her robe fall to the ground and Shang1
was licking between her legs while Aladdin2's hands pinched and rubbed her
small breasts.

At the same time Belle was finding out that while there was only one of
Chaos, he more than made up for it in quality. He pulled her in for a fierce,
passionate kiss then, as their tongues wrestled and their hands stroked and
groped at each other's bodies he pulled her down on top of him as he fell
backward onto the thickly furred floor. He rolled her over and pretended to
pin her wrists to the floor while she pretended to struggle, her frantic
wriggling against him only making her that much more enticing. He bent to nip
at her dark pink nipples.

"Oh yes, my Lord," she moaned. "Do it! Do it to me!"

"Do what?" he asked facetiously.

"Fuck me, Lord Chaos!," she pleaded. "Fuck me hard!"

While he pushed his velvet furred cock into his new French wench Chaos' other
two mistresses were having fun with the literal boytoys he'd given them.
Jasmine was on her hands and knees in front of Aladdin1 sucking him off while
Shang2 fucked her doggie style.

On the other side of the now frantically humping Chaos and Belle Mulan and
her partners had all gotten to their knees. She dug her fingers into Shang1's
back while his cock pounded into her pussy. Behind her Aladdin2 had spread
her ass cheeks and entered his naturally lubricated prick into her rear door.
The sensation of both male members slamming into her fore and aft had pushed
her into a state of mindless animal pleasure, her eyes rolling up into her
head and her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth, a string of drool
suspended from it. The only thought ringing through her head was 'MORE! MORE!

Belle was more aware, but not by much. Her legs crossed at the ankles
around Chaos' waist and her fingers dug into his shoulders as she moaned
"OhGodohGodohGod! Don't stop evereverever!" Chaos of course could have
literally continued fucking her until she was a withered old hag but had
no intention of doing so. He merely kept it up until the blazing fire of
orgasm flowed through her entire body then came in her.

Aladdin1 and Shang2 were also on the verge of cummimg. Sensing this Jasmine
took Aladdin1's cock out of her mouth and pumped it in her fist until sperm
sprayed over her face and hair. She closed her eyes to recieve it and licked
what she could reach of it off with her tongue. At the same time she thrilled
to the feel of Shang2's hot jizz inside her as he came.

"Beautiful, so fucking beautiful," she murmered as she sank to the floor and
momentarily lost conciousness.

* * *

When she woke up the sex golems had vanished. She looked up and around the
room. Mulan was slowly picking herself up off the floor. Belle sat between
them with Chaos in his blue cat form sittong on her naked lap and purring
away as she scratched his neck.

"Yesss?," he purred when both concubines had joined them in a companionable
huddle. He could see that they both had something they wanted to ask him.

Jazz can go first," Mulan said, sounding nervous. Jasmine wondered if her
friend and lover had the same thing on her mind that she did. After all,
Shang had been there as well as Aladdin. Well, their simulacrums anyway. She
also wondered if the real Shang and Aladdin were as good at fucking as their
golems had been. Getting her mind back to the matter at hand she took a deep
breath and spoke.

"Lord Chaos, I want to go home."

"Me too," the Chinese girl added.

"May I ask why?," Chaos asked, arching an eyebrow. If he was distressed at
their request he didn't show it.

"Actually, it's your own fault," said Jasmine, Mulan nodding in agreement.
"You reminded us of the men we love."

"I suppose I did. Well then, when do you want to leave?"

"Wait! You can't leave yet!" burst out Belle. The other two girls looked at
her appraisingly, remembering their earlier lustful thoughts.

"We haven't gotten to..." The French girl blushed and looked down at the

"Make love?" Jasmine suggested gently.

"Fuck each others brains out?" Mulan said more bluntly. She was after all a
warrior and the daughter of one as well while Jasmine, as a princess was
more attuned to the diplomatic niceties. Belle blushed even more deeply but

"So Mu-Mu, shall we give our new friend a goodbye she'll remember?," asked
Jasmine. The two girls stepped towards Belle, each taking a hand and pulling
her up between them. Pressing her slim naked body between theirs Jasmine
pushed her open mouth against the French girl's which welcomed her tongue
enthusiastically while Mulan licked the back and sides of her neck.

As they kissed Jasmine sent a hand to probe between Belle's silky smooth legs
while the Gallic sluts hands kneaded the Arab beautys firm ass cheeks and
Mulan's hands came in from behind to grope at Belle's tits. They started to
sink to the floor but found the missing bed suddenly beneath them. They all
looked at the grinning Chaos, still in cat form, though now he was a hot pink
and ice blue plaid rather than just blue.

"Coming to join us?," asked Mulan.

"Sometimes I just like to watch," the elemental lord demurred. "But here's
something to help you along." As soon as he spoke a vibrator appeared next to
them on the bed, a far sleeker version than Belle's with a sliding button on
the side. Jasmine took it and put it aside for the moment. Right now she and
Mulan each took a side of their new friend's body, starting by nibbling and
sucking on her ears, then her neck, followed by her shoulders and finally her
round white breasts, each topped by a pink and swollen nipple. While Belle
cooed and shuddered with pleasure Jasmine took the vibrator, slid the button
about two thirds of the way up and slowly inserted it into her French lover's
pleasure tube.

"Ohhhh, sooooo gooood!" Belle moaned and proceeded to return the favor by
pushing one, two then finally three fingers into the Arab girl's hairy slit.

"Would you like me to teach you how to eat pussy?" Mulan offered, not wanting
to be left out. Belle nodded eagerly in reply. The Chinese was quick to
straddle her lover's face but did not immediately lower herself onto it.

"You have to work up to things," she explained. "Start with licking my
thighs. Mmm, yeah, niiiice." She lowered herself a bit more. "Mmm, now lick
my pussy lips. Up and down, slooowly, thaaat's goood!" The lesson was helped
by the fact that, unlike her two friends Mulan had no hair between her legs.
The girls of China habitually pucked their lower hair from puberty onward and
after coming to Chaos' realm she'd asked him to just keep her that way.

"Yesss! Push your tongue in now! Just like that, Ohhhh, such a goood little

Belle's hips began to jerk spasmodically as the vibrator inside her pushed
her closer and closer to orgasm and both hands reached up to pull Mulan all
the way down onto her tongue.

Jasmine made a moue of dissapointment as the other girls fingers withdrew out
of her cunt but then repositioned herself to rub their two pussies together,
wrapping her arms around Mulan for stability and groping at the Asian girls
tits at the same time.

"Deeeper!," screamed Mulan from atop Belle, "Harrrderrr!" Belle obeyed, at
the same time sinking her fingernails deep enough into her lovers ass to draw
blood as she came. As soon as she stopped shaking Jasmine pulled out the
vibrator and applied it to her own clit.

"Ohhh," moaned Mulan, shaking like a tree in a storm. "Wonnnderrrfulllll!" At
the same time she felt the Arabian princess' body shuddering against her as
she too came.

After the three young lovelies recovered from their romp Jasmine and Mulan
kissed Belle slowly and deeply goodbye then untangled themselves and went
over to Chaos, now back in his catman form and sitting on a blue and gold
striped throne. As they reached him they each found themselves clad as they
had been when they first met him.

"Ready?" If he was going to miss them it didn't show.

Both girls nodded but then Jasmine threw her arms around her friend and said,
weeping, "I don't want you to go Mu-Mu! Come with me to Agraba! Aladdin can
marry both of us!"

Mulan was tempted, especially when she thought of how the faux Aladdin's cock
had felt inside her but said, "I don't want to leave you either Jazz but I
have to go back to Shang. Can both of our men marry both of us?"

"No," Jasmine admitted sadly. Then Belle burst out, "I don't want either of
you to leave!"

"I think I can help," said Chaos. "I mean what is being an entity of infinite
power for?" With that he reached out and handed each girl a jewel, his arm
stretching ridiculously long to reach Belle, a diamond for Jasmine, an opal
for Mulan and a star saphire for Belle.

"Any time one of you want to talk to the others just say or think their name
and they'll hear your voice in their head."

After a bit of discussion it was decided that, while not a perfect solution,
it would do so, after another exchange of kisses and caresses the friends
parted and Jasmine and Mulan went back to their respective realms.

"I miss them already," said Belle sadly.

"Worry not," said Chaos, taking her onto his lap. There are an infinity of
playmates out there. In fact I have one in mind already."

"Who?," she asked, poking him playfully in his muscular chest.

"Let's just say I have a hankering for seafood," he said with a smile.


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