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Aladdin/Gargoyles: Chaos' Game 5 - Unholy Alliance
by Tricksterson

Demona, known in her human guise as Dominique Destine, paced restlessly as
sunset approached. She always became uneasy as the time neared for her to
assume her true form but she was more so than usual tonight because lately
she had felt someone observing her in both her human and gargoyle form.

She was sure it wasn't by technological means, she had the entire penthouse
where she lived swept of bugs daily. Therefore it was magic, and powerful
magic indeed to get past her wards. She was more comfortable practicing magic
in her natural form so she waited until the last ray of sunlight was gone and
the agony of transformation swept through her body changing her from human to
gargoyle then stalked gracefully to a wall of her bedroom where she touched a
certain spot. She'd had the false wall installed and arranged for accidents
to happen to the workmen as soon as she'd moved in.

The room was a study in contrasts. One wall was lined with high tech weaponry
including the laser assault rifle that was her killing tool of choice.
Another wall featured equally bleeding edge computer equipment. But the floor
was something else entirely.

A large pentagram, inlaid on the floor in silver covered most of the floor
surface. At each point of the star was a tall wrought iron candleholder with
a large, thick candle in it, a different color for each point, brown, blue,
red, green and grey. Demona lit each candle then went and sat yogi style in
the center faceing a full length, gold decorated mirror. After a few deep
breaths to center herself she sent her astral form out of her body and
through the mirror.

"I was wondering how long it would take you to seek me out, daughter." She
opened the eyes of her astral body to see a form in front of her. Definitely
female, it was also catlike except for the batlike wings stretching out from
between it's shoulders. She was dressed in Egyptian style clothes the color
of dried blood and her hair, midnight black, was also done in the Egyptian

"You're a gargoyle," Demona said, surprised but also wary. Among her race she
walked alone for only she had the vision to see humans for the monsters they
were and the strength to act on it.

"Not *a* gargoyle, *the* gargoyle. I am the Mother of our race and I need
your help."

* * *

Mirage smiled inwardly. Her lackey-to-be's reaction was all she'd hoped for.
She'd studied her for some time, longer even than Demona thought and had
concluded that, like many evil doers she didn't have the courage to admit her
inner evil but insisted on thinking of her motives as good and therefore
justifying the means she used. This of course was the crack into which Mirage
would slip her wedge.

* * *

Demona however wasn't quite as gullible as Mirage thought. "How do I know
you're what you say you are?" The mistress of deception and illusion had
however prepared for this and answered simply by looking into the female
gargolyles eyes and opening her mind to her. Or rather opening a carefully
prepared mental scenario.

* * *

Visions flooded Demona's head. Visions of a race as old as the dinosaurs. Of
the first, a female, to achieve sentience. Of the female learning secrets of
power and nuturing her descendants through the flaming death that fell from
the sky and guiding them through the time of cold and starvation that
followed. Of watching the rise of the monkeys and the mistake she and her
descendants had made in not wiping them out when they could.

While these images flooded her mind another, more subtle invasion was taking
place, one designed to subvert Demona's will.

She fell to her knees in front of the other gargoyle. "Mother," she

Mirage grinned fiercely inside while maintaining a solemn, caring look on her
face. The sight of the strangely beautiful gargoyle on her knees in front of
her stirred up long buried desires. Being an avatar of evil could be a lonely
business and she might as well get some pleasure as well as use out of her
before discarding her to face the expected wrath of Chaos. She undid her
long, slit skirt and let it fall to what passed for the ground in astral
space then pressed Demona's face between her thighs. Under her spell the
gargoyle started licking away, first at her labia then at the slit between

"Yess, that's it," the mistress of evil half moaned, half growled. "Love the
Mother, *serve* the Mother!" Her claws dug into the hair and flesh of her new
servant whose tongue was now penetrating into the furred folds of her vagina.

"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue!" She threw her head back as she came
then threw her mindslave down to the "ground" and mounted her, rubbing their
vaginas together, furred against naturally hairless. As she did she used the
pleasure flowing into Demona's mind to send another wave of indoctrination
into her. After all sexual pleasure was all well and good but that was not
why she had started the brainwashing. Revenge came first.

The new flood of information concerned an evil being that called itself Chaos
that, for reasons unknown to Demona's now beloved Mother, was attempting to
wipe out the gargoyle race throughout the multiverse. To do this he had
suborned three wicked queens known in Demona's world only as the subject of
fairy tales, tales which told little of the truth, Snow White, Cinderella and
Aurora, aka Sleeping Beauty.

Demona arched her back as her orgasm built towards climax. Both women bit
and clawed at each other in sexual frenzy. Finally the white heat built up
through her core and exploded.

* * *

Demona woke from her trance, dazed and confused. She traced her hands over
her body, finding that the cuts, bites and scratches she'd undergone in the
astral were real. So her experience there must have been real as well.

"Real indeed daughter," came a voice. She looked up and in the mirror was the
image of the Mother.

"Two gifts will I give you," said Mirage. "The first is the shifting of the
spell Puck cast on you." As an Avatar, this, though not the actual breaking
of the spell, was well within Mirage's power. Gestures were made, words were
spoken and a grey haze drifted from the mirror to settle over Demona's form.

"Now, with a small effort of will you may shift from human to gargoyle form
at any time day or night." Demona's eyes lit up. This would be truly useful.

"The second gift is a spell to travel between worlds so that you may be my
arm in the coming war." That the Mother would choose her and not Goliath or
some other never ocurred to the female gargoyle. The others were soft and
weak. Only she had the true stength needed for this.

"Now listen my acolyte. I have much to teach and you much to learn."


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