Disclaimer: This story is based on the characters Hercules and Aladdin, both
of which are properties of Walt Disney. I own nothing. This is a parody,
written for fun. If you are under eighteen, please leave. Otherwise enjoy the
show. Ciao.

Hercules/Aladdin: The Adventure Begins (MF)
by The Fan ([email protected])

The Uunderworld

Hades sat on his Throne in the Underworld. He was the ruler of the realm
of the Dead. It was the one position that none of the Olympian gods and
goddesses wanted. Hades had gotten the rulership of the Underworld after he
helped his brother Zeus defeat the Titans. Hades coveted the world above but
Zeus ruled it. Once, Hades plotted to destroy Zeus with the help of the
liberated Titans but his plan was fouled up by the intervention of Zeus's
son, the heroic Hercules. Hercules had been a thorn on Hades's side ever
since. Hercules had achieved godhood after defeating Hades and the Titans
but gave it up so he could live with the woman he loved, a mortal known as
Megara. Hades hated mortals. Megara had once been his pawn but she fell in
love with Hercules and turned against her dark master. She even died,
temporarily, to save the life of her beloved hero. Now, Hercules and Megara
were living together as the celebrated heroes of the City of Thebes.

Hades was so consumed by his dark thoughts over his enemies that he did not
notice that he was being watched. Another dark power was looking at the Lord
of the Underworld. Hades sensed it. He stood up in the Hall of the Underworld
and gathered the crimson energies that were his powers around him.

"Whoever is spying on me, show yourself!" He bellowed.

Hades waited for a few seconds and then someone appeared before him. A tall
man clad in majestic crimson robes, a cape and turban. The man looked Arabian
and had a dark gleam in his eyes.

"Who are you?" Hades asked.

The dark figure looked at him. "I am the most powerful of all genies." said
the man.

Hades peered at him. This obviously wasn't a man. Hades sensed the hidden
presence of Cosmic powers that rivaled those of the Gods themselves.
Nevertheless, this intruder had to be taught a lesson. No one entered the
Hall of Hades without expressed permission from the Lord of the Underworld.

Hades called out for his henchmen. At once, Pain and Panic appeared at his
side. The little demons went after the mysterious dark man, who did not look
like anything more than an expensively dressed human being to them. Hades had
sensed otherwise and his suspicions were proven as the mysterious dark man
simply waved his hand and turned Pain and Panic into statues. Hades glared at
him. The man smiled.

"Pesky critters these demons are." he said, looking directly into the eyes of
the God of the Underworld.

Hades snapped his fingers and at once the floor shook. Something massive came
out of the darkness. Something huge that ressembled a dog. A black dog of
colossal proportions. It dwarfed all the occupants of the Hall. The beast
stood at least forty feet tall and almost twice as long. It was gigantic.
This was no mere dog but the three-headed demonic canine known as Cerberus,
Hades's pet and watchdog since time immemorial. An immortal monster with an
undying hatred for all that threatened its master.

Cerberus advanced on the dark man, growling menacingly. Cerberus did not
care for uninvited guests in the Underworld. It had suffered a defeat at the
hands of Hercules not long ago. The Son of Zeus had a strength superior to
Cerberus's undying hatred and supernatural ferocity. The dark man did not
look phased. Upon Hades's order, Cerberus charged. The dark man changed. He
simply changed form and where he stood a moment ago was a large humanoid
being that glowed bright red. The being's eyes were yellow. His face was
filled with menace. He looked outright demonic. Hades knew at once what this
being was. A Genie.

Genies were supernatural beings from Arabic lore. They were supposedly
all-powerful. Long ago, some supreme power in the universe bound them all to
Lamps. The Genies were trapped inside the Lamps for all eternity. They had to
grant three wishes to anyone who opened their Lamp. The all-powerful race of
the Genies were reduced to slavery. Still, a few of them encountered generous
human beings from time to time and some Genies were granted their freedom by
their human masters. Hades looked at the Genie. It appeared that this one was
free to do as he pleased.

The Genie hurled a bolt of cosmic force at Cerberus and the immortal watchdog
fell on the floor of the vast Hall. Not dead but unconscious. It took a lot
to render Cerberus unconscious, Hades knew. Cerberus had fought against the
Titans once and lived to tell the tale. Cerberus had even survived an
encounter with the irate Hercules, hellbent on freeing the soul of his
beloved Megara from the Underworld. Now, this Genie had rendered Cerberus
unconscious. Amazing. Hades looked at the Genie and knew that this being must
want something. The question was what.

"Who are you and what do you want?" Hades asked.

The Genie looked at him with a smile. "I am Jafar, the most powerful of all
Genies." he said. "I have come to help you destroy Hercules."

Hades looked at Jafar and grinned. The dark being definitely had the dark
god's attention now.

City Of Thebes, Ancient Greece

The sun shone. It was a beautiful day in the land of the Archaians.
Especially in the land of Thebes. The kind of day that filled the hearts of
men and women with hope. Although beautiful, the day was not so peaceful...

The Giant Anteus slammed his fist into the body of the enemy that would not
stop attacking him. The enemy grunted when the Giant's superhuman strength
sent him flying. He rolled on the ground and lay still. The Giant walked
toward him and stomped him. Hard. The Giant raised his foot off the enemy he
had stomped but the enemy was no longer there. "What in hell ?" Anteus asked.

Anteus was really surprised to find the young man standing atop a tree that
was sixty feet above the ground. The same height as Anteus himself. How had
he gotten there so fast? The young man drew back his fist and slammed it
into the face of the Giant. Anteus screamed in pain and fell like a sack of
potatoes. The ground shook when the Giant fell. He did not get up.

The young man who had been fighting the Giant laughed. "Hercules wins again."
he said. Hercules turned to the gathered crowd and they applauded him.
Suddenly, the Giant's body shook. He laughed out loud. "Thought I was, didn't
ya?" he asked.

Hercules shook his head and, taking in hand one of the Giant's tree-trunk
sized fist, he helped him get up. "I didn't hit that hard!" Hercules

The Hero and the Giant stood together and bowed before the crowd. The whole
fight had been staged in honor of the people of Thebes. The city had been
almost destroyed by the Cyclops last year when the Titans had been released
by Hades and stormed Olympus. Hercules had returned to Thebes and helped
rebuild the city he loved. He had met the Giant Anteus on one of his
adventures and they became friends.

Anteus was an enemy of Hades. He had been hurt by the Titans and the dark God
who led them, a very long time ago. He'd volunteered to help rebuild Thebes
as a gesture of good faith in favor of peace between the humans and the race
of the Giants. The brutal Titans had put the fear of all supernatural beings
in the human race. No one wanted that. Not all supernatural beings were
hellbent on world domination liked Hades and his cursed Titans had been.
Beings like the Nymphs, the Centaurs, the Satyrs and the Giants only wanted
to coexist in peace in the world.

Hercules finished helping his friend get up and looked at the crowd. His eyes
were scanning for the one face he was looking for.

"Looking for her, huh?" asked a voice.

Hercules turned around to see his best friend and trainer, the Satyr known as

Phil smiled at him and pointed somewhere in the crowd. "I think she's over

Hercules's gaze followed Phil's hand. He still couldn't see her. He was quite
surprised when gentle arms wrapped themselves around him and a warm body
pressed against his. He turned around to see... her. There she was. Smiling
and looking gorgeous. Megara. The woman he loved more than anything else in
the world.

"Hi, wonder boy." Megara said with a grin.

Hercules smiled. He picked her up and lifted her off the ground. She kissed
him. Around them, the crowd cheered. Hercules and Megara gazed lovingly into
each other's eyes.

"Oh, brother." said Phil.

Megara and Hercules kissed again. Anteus smiled. Phil mumbled something about
getting a room. "I heard that." Megara said, once she and Hercules came up
for air, so to speak.

Hercules smiled at her. "Let's go." he said.

Megara grinned and clasped his hand in hers. They turned to face the crowd of
gathered Thebans.

"Let the festivities begin!" Phil shouted.

The crowd cheered.

Carrying Megara in his arms, Hercules headed inside the city of Thebes. They
had to celebrate indeed.

The Private Chambers of Hercules and Megara...

Hercules looked at Megara. She looked so beautiful. Tall and slender, with
long black hair and lovely brown eyes. Her skin was light bronze. She had a
very beautiful face, round, cone-shaped breasts and a slim waist. Her butt
was nice and firm, shaped like a heart. She was very beautiful from head to
toe. Perfect. Gorgeous. He felt a familiar stirring inside when she gave
him a wink that registered with a certain part of his fine, masculine body.

He pulled her into his arms. She kissed him tenderly. They began to remove
each other's clothing. Soon, their naked bodies pressed against each other.
Hercules looked at the beautiful woman who was with him. It was astonishing
how much he loved this girl. Megara looked at Hercules. Her heart skipped a
beat every time their eyes met. She loved this man so much. They embraced
and rolled around on the bed. He gently kissed her face and stroked her
neck, and his hands carefully cupped her breasts.

He pulled her on top of him. Megara straddled him. She wanted him to be a
part of her. He entered her. Their bodies were joined. She let out a moan. He
thrust into her and buried his face into her long, silky hair. She wrapped
her arms around him and rode him for all he was worth. He thrust into her.
Her insides gripped him. He was inside her, always going deeper and deeper.

They made love like this. Megara's moans of pleasure and Hercules's sighs
and grunts filled the room. He came inside her. She screamed in pleasure. An
orgasm overtook their joined bodies. It was incredible. It was beautiful.
They came together. When it passed, they lay on the bed, entwined in love.
Megara held Hercules in her arms. She looked at his gentle, beautiful yet
masculine face. She knew that she had never loved anyone so much. She kissed
him gently on the forehead. He opened his eyes, smiled and kissed her on the
lips. She held him tighter.

Hercules may be the strongest man in the universe but it was the love of
Megara that made him feel the best. She was slender and mortal and frail. He
was like a god among men. Yet he drew some of his strength from her love.
Megara drew her confidence and strength from the love they shared. She would
do anything for Hercules.

They slept peacefully.


It was a beautiful day in the land of Arabia. Aladdin stood atop his magic
Carpet. The magical 'vehicle' soared in the heavens above the city of
Agrabah. Aladdin couldn't wait to get to the palace. He wanted so badly to
see his beloved wife Jasmine. Aladdin had just gone to Scandinavia to see
his father, Cassim. The former King of Thieves had gotten himself into a
bit of a bind. Cassim was Aladdin's father. He was a man with a past that
haunted him. He was basically trying to go straight, having abandoned his
friends the Forty Thieves and his Quest for the Hand of Midas. A mythical
artifact that had the magical power to transform anything it touched into
gold. Aladdin and his father had found the treasure and reunited. Cassim
had shown up at Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding.

Aladdin had gone to Scandinavia when he heard his father was in trouble
again. He went there with Abu, his trusted monkey and the sentient magic
Carpet along with his fun-loving and eccentric friend, the Blue Genie.
They went there to find his father, who had left Arabia with their common
friend, the mischievous Parrot known as Iago. Iago and Cassim had gotten
the bright idea to steal the Crown of Baldur. Baldur was one of the Gods
of Scandinavia. He was a gentle soul. His crown had been stolen by Loki,
the God of Trickery. Loki stole the Crown to hurt Baldur and piss off Thor,
the Asgardian God of Thunder. Aladdin and company found out that Cassim
and Iago had stolen from the universe's most infamous thief, Loki himself.
Loki was pissed. The Gods of Asgard were pissed at Loki and were coming
after him. Loki was on the warpath, hunting down Cassim and Iago. Aladdin
had fought against supernatural dangers before but could hardly be expected
to hold his own against Gods.

The Blue Genie helped him plenty. Aladdin was able to return the Crown to
Baldur. Baldur forgave Cassim and Iago for their trespass, sparing them
the wrath of the hot-tempered Thunder God, the mighty Thor. Thor turned
his rage upon Loki. Aladdin and his friends returned to Agrabah after
their Scandinavian adventure. Aladdin couldn't wait to see Jasmine and her
father, the Sultan. He even missed Razoul, the Chief Guard of the Palace.

Aladdin loved soaring in the heavens in the Arabian sun. The land of
Scandinavia was so cold. He looked at the city of Agrabah. This was his
birthplace. He fell in love with Jasmine in that city. He battled the evil
Jafar in that city. He fought Jafar first when the villain was a man and
again when he was transformed into an all-powerful and evil Genie. He had
liberated the city from the evil of Jafar. He even fought the Forty Thieves
there. Yes, Agrabah meant a lot to him. He could see the Royal Palace. He
hurried the Carpet.

"Slow down, Al!" said the Blue Genie. "She's waiting for you."

The monkey chirped joyfully when he saw the palace as well. He wanted to see
his old pal Rajah the tiger. Rajah was Jasmine's large feline pet. They flew
above the palace. Aladdin watched a familiar figure on the balcony. His heart
leaped in his chest. It was Jasmine! He leapt off the carpet and cleared
twenty feet in one bound. He landed beside the young woman who meant so much
to him.

"Aladdin!" Jasmine said.

"Jasmine!!!" Aladdin exclaimed. He pulled her into his arms and embraced her.

Aladdin looked at Jasmine. She smiled coyly at him. He still thought she
was the most beautiful girl in the world. He took her slender hand in his
and together, they walked toward their private chambers. Once they were
there, she went to hastily lock the door. She turned to face him. There
was a playful gleam in her eyes. What was she thinking? She grinned at
him and started to remove her stylish clothing. Aladdin sat on the bed
and watched as she removed one item of clothing after another. Jasmine
looked so beautiful. She had a rocking body. Totally hot!!! She was not
very tall but slim and sexy. Her breasts were small, her waist slim and
her ass nice and round. Slightly plump. She had a bubble butt. Gorgeous.
Her face was so pretty with those come-to-bed eyes. She joined him on the
bed and took off his pants.

Aladdin watched as Jasmine knelt before him and took his erect cock in her
slim hand. She took his cock into her mouth. Aladdin hesitated. She looked
him straight in the eyes while she engulfed his manhood. She started to
suck his cock. He tried to relax and gently stroked her firm, lush black
hair. He thrust into her mouth and she sucked him. She sucked his cock and
licked his balls. He came. She drank his seed. Until he was dry. Aladdin
lay on the bed, breathing heavily.

He pulled her to him and got on top of her. Jasmine spread her legs, opening
herself to him. He took her. His cock slid inside her. She gasped. He thrust
into her. She moaned. She undulated against him as he made love to her. He
thrust into her, hard and fast. She was so warm and tight. He couldn't get
enough of it. After a long time, he exploded inside her. Jasmine shrieked
underneath him. Aladdin held her tight. She trembled in his arms, then calmed
down. It was over.

"Welcome back, Aladdin." Jasmine said.

Aladdin grinned. "It's good to be back." he told her.

They slept peacefully in each other's arms. Home at last.


Hades and his new ally, the evil Genie known as Jafar had watched their
enemies for some time now.

"I want to destroy Aladdin and all that he holds dear!" Jafar said.

Hades nodded. "I want to see Hercules dead." he roared.

Jafar smiled. The God of the Underworld had a darkness in him that matched
his own. Both were super-powered visionaries whom the world had mistreated.
Jafar was born in poverty but rose to power through devious and dubious
means. He became a soldier who became a captain. The captain became a palace
guard. The palace guard became the Sultan's most trusted advisor, the Great
Vizir. Jafar wanted to seize power by marrying the princess Jasmine. Aladdin
complicated things, and his Blue Genie with him. The Blue Genie transformed
Jafar into the red-skinned, yellow-eyed and fearsome dark Genie that he was
now. The dark Genie was the most powerful of all Genies.

Jafar wanted to take over the universe but there were obstacles. The universe
already had many masters. Zeus and the Olympian Gods ruled the western world.
Rah and the Egyptian gods, collectively known as the Ennead ruled the land of
Egypt and much of the East. Odin, the Norse God of Wisdom and Knowledge ruled
the Scandinavian and Norse realms in the North. He and his son Thor, the God
of Thunder ruled that world and all the creatures that lived in it were under
their power. Jafar was looking for the Omega Axis. The Omega Axis was the
greatest source of power in all the universe. Anyone who wielded it would be
far more powerful than anything the world had ever seen.

The Omega Axis was hidden in two places. One was underneath Mount Olympus
and the other was underneath the city of Agrabah itself. The Omega Axis was
guarded by the Primordials, entities older than even the Gods themselves and
far more dangerous and powerful than the race of Genies. No deity or Genie
would risk himself against the Primordials. It was prophesized that whoever
could take the Omega Axis would become the most powerful being in all the
universe. Supreme. All-powerful. Jafar told Hades about it. The God of the
Underworld thought it was nonsense.

"No one can get by the Primordials." said Hades. "Many beings have tried and

Jafar glared at him. "I know that. I am thinking of using two of the world's
heroes to get past the Primordials and take the Omega Axis for us."

Hades shrugged. "What did you have in mind?" he asked.

Jafar smiled. "Hercules and Aladdin can be...persuaded to take the Omega Axis
for us."

Hades looked annoyed. "Why would the Son of Zeus and the Arabian Brat help us
in this endeavor?" he asked.

Jafar grinned maliciously. "Leave that to me." he said.


Hercules woke up. He stirred in bed and got up. It was just another day. He
looked at the beautiful woman who lay next to him.

"Good morning, Meg." he said. Meg did not answer. Hercules was surprised.
This wasn't like her. He gently tapped Meg's shoulder. His beautiful wife did
not move. Hercules realized that her body felt cold. He touched her. Felt for
a pulse. A heartbeat. Nothing. Alarmed, he checked her pulse again. He held
her. She was so cold. She did not move. She did not breathe. No. This
couldn't be. Megara couldn't be....not her.....not now....

Hercules's cry of pain and rage echoed across the city of Thebes and woke up
a good chunk of its inhabitants. The satyr Philoctetes heard it.

"Something's wrong." he said to himself. He left his house and started
walking toward downtown Thebes, where Hercules's home was. He hoped that
nothing had happened to the young man he loved like a son.


Aladdin lay in bed. He was spent. Not from sleeping. Jasmine was insatiable.
Hmm. He reached out with his hand to touch her sleeping form. He noticed that
she felt cold to the touch. Well, she had been on fire last night!!!

"Jasmine." he said. She didn't answer. He nudged her. She did not move.
He held her. He was alarmed and felt for a pulse. A heartbeat. Nothing.
Aladdin's heart skipped a beat. What was going on? Jasmine could not be
dead!!! No way!!! This wasn't possible!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!!


"Now we just wait and see." said Jafar.

Hades looked at his business partner. This Jafar character truly was a
devious and malevolent soul. Hades had seen some evil beings in his time. He
recalled a meeting with Hecate, the Goddess of Vengeance. He shuddered. The
average female's capacity for cruelty and revenge sometimes rivaled that of
a true darkling, which he was. He watched his business partner's demeanor.
Jafar was the master of cool. He was twisted and evil. Hades knew Jafar's
type. Deception and manipulation were their key talents. Jafar had a hidden
agenda. Hades suspected that Jafar wasn't gonna gladly share rulership of
the universe, should their plan prove fruitful. Hades didn't want to share
power either but he suspected that Jafar had something dark and devilishly
clever planned.

As Jafar had predicted, the two heroes would be hellbent on saving their
beloved ladies, even from the jaws of death. Hades was curious about this
Aladdin character. Jafar seethed with anger and hate while talking about
him. From what Hades was able to gather, Aladdin was an ordinary mortal.
He wasn't a demi-god with superhuman abilities like Hercules. He wasn't
an almost all-powerful divine overlord like Zeus the Thunderer. How much
trouble could he be? After being defeated by Hercules and double-crossed
by Megara, Hades learned never to underestimate mortals. They were cunning
and devious creatures. Sometimes, they could fool the Gods themselves.
Especially mortal females. Hades knew the feeling.

Jafar waved his hand and a magical circle formed in the air. Hades
looked at it. It was a portal. It allowed someone to travel through time
and space. Until recently, portals served their purpose. Zeus changed all
that. He created a block on all portals so that no one could travel through
time. Not even the Gods. Tampering with time and space could have disastrous
consequences for the universe. Even Hades knew that. What was Jafar doing
with a portal? Hades knew it. Jafar was a dark Genie. He could magically
create anything he wished. His powers were Cosmic and not Divine. Divine
powers still had to obey the rules and boundaries of the universe. Cosmic
powers were... unlimited.

Hades watched a scene being played on the portal. He watched Hercules wailing
in pain as he discovered his beloved's dead body. This was Jafar's doing.
Jafar had a means of longe range killing that involved neither energy use or
weapons use. Merely will. Hades asked him about it while watching Hercules
scream in pain while clutching Megara's dead body in his arms. Hades felt no
pity for the slain woman or her husband. They had both cost him a lot. He was
just curious about how Jafar did what he did. Hades might learn the trick
himself someday. Hercules looked directly into the portal and for a moment,
Hades thought the young demi-god could see them. Jafar assured Hades that
Hercules could not see them. Hades laughed. The dark Genie flicked his hand
and the scene changed.

Hades found himself looking at a wholly different landscape. This was a scene
in the land of Arabia. He found himself looking at a great city. Teeming with
mortals. Hades looked and saw a dark, handsome youth clutching the body of a
beautiful but dead woman in his arms. The young man had tears in his eyes.
Clearly he was in pain. "Is this Aladdin?" Hades asked.

"It's the Desert Brat himself!" Jafar hissed.

Hades could feel the hatred coming from Jafar. There was some serious
darkness there. A lot of anger and hate. Lots of spite as well. Jafar
loathed Aladdin to a level Hades could only imagine. Wow.

"Let him suffer as I have suffered!" Jafar said. "Let him feel all that he
loves crumble!"

Hades watched as Jafar waved his hand at the portal and suddenly a sandstorm
struck the city of Agrabah. Jafar laughed and his laugh echoed out of Hades's
subterranean realm and through the portal. Hades was sure that it could be
heard in the world of the living. How? Next thing Hades knew, Jafar was
laughing in a voice worthy of the prince of darkness himself.


Jafar laughed. His voice went through the portal and Aladdin clearly heard it
for his eyes widened, he seemed shocked for a moment then he screamed as loud
as he could.


Jafar laughed and changed the portal image. Hades found himself looking at
Hercules. Jafar suddenly changed shape and made himself look exactly like
Hades. He even sounded like the God of the Underworld. He spoke through the


Hercules looked surprised. He held Megara in his arms and looked at the
heavens. His face was a mask of rage. He shouted out that he would make
Hades pay for his deeds. Hades watched the young demi-god cry tears of
rage. He stood up and roared out a challenge to the heavens. He screamed
not in the voice of a hero, nor that of a grieving widower but that of a
wrathful god. Hades felt a shudder down his spine that he would have
vigorously denied if queried on the subject. Hercules was mad. His woman
was dead. He was out for revenge. An angry and vengeful Hercules was
something to be feared. A force to be reckoned with. Hades looked at
Jafar and hoped his maddened business partner knew what he had just
unleashed upon the world.


Hercules couldn't believe it. He knew that Hades hated him but he was
cowardly enough to kill Megara to get to him? Hercules felt enough anger to
destroy him. He wanted to go to the underworld but his friend, the immortal
winged horse known as Pegasus would not carry him through what the sentient
steed thought was a suicide mission. Hercules was going to make him pay.
Hades was gonna pay for what he did.

Oh, yeah!!! Philoctetes and Pegasus tried to talk Hercules out of his
self-imposed suicide mission but the young demi-god would not listen to
them. He made them swear to look after Megara's body while he went to the
Underworld to fetch her soul...and oh yeah, kill Hades!!!

He left at once.


Aladdin wanted to go to the underworld. His friends thought he was suicidal.

The city of Agrabah mourned the loss of its princess. Aladdin knew that since
supernatural powers were involved, anything was possible. Maybe Jasmine could
be brought back to life. He'd take on Jafar and fight him. He would sacrifice
his life if necessary. He would do anything to ensure that Jasmine lived once
more. Anything. He knew only one being in the universe who might know a way
for a living, breathing man to enter the Underworld. The Blue Genie.

"Are you sure about this, kid?" The Blue Genie asked.

"Just do it." Aladdin grunted.

"Okay." The Blue Genie said.

He waved his hand and suddenly Aladdin found himself transported to a strange
and distant land. He looked around. He did not recognize the place. At all.
One thing for sure, it wasn't Arabia. He could hear the Blue Genie's voice in
his mind. There were many entrances to the Underworld. The Blue Genie told
Aladdin of how once, the God of the Underworld tried to take living humans
and bring them alive to his realm. He was trying to engineer or manufacture a
zombie army to take over the world of the living. The Blue Genie also told
Aladdin of the Gods of Greece. Aladdin was prepared to face them if
necessary. He would do anything to save Jasmine.

He looked at the Gate of the Underworld. It looked like an ordinary hole on
the ground. Aladdin did not like to get inside dark holes. He had been stuck
in one, once. He did not like the feeling. He looked around for some rope or
something. Something he could use to get back outside once he went in. He
didn't know how he was gonna face Jafar. Jafar had all the powers of a Genie.
Basically just as much power if not more as a God or goddess had. He was
about to go climb a tree to find some rope-like stuff he saw hanging down
when he spotted someone coming. Aladdin thought it might be the Guardian of
the Underworld. The Blue Genie had mentioned someone called Cerberus, without
telling him what he looked like.

Hercules was close to the entrance of the Underworld. He could feel it.
The realm of Hades was close by. He approached the Gate cautiously. It was
disguised as a large, dark hole on the ground. Hercules was not fooled. He
knew what was there. What surprised him was...a presence. Hercules found
himself looking at a strange fellow. A young man who looked Arabic. He was
clad in odd-looking clothes.

"Are you Cerberus?" the young Arab asked.

Hercules almost laughed, then remembered that this might be a trick of Hades.
Maybe Hades in disguise. "Very funny, fiend!" Hercules said. He looked at the
Arab. "Your disguise will save you, dark servant of Hades!"

The young Arab looked at him, puzzled. He came closer.

"Don't move." Hercules said.

Aladdin watched the stranger come forward. Aladdin was gonna ask him some
questions. The guy was rude. Aladdin didn't like his tone. Also, he was
dressed weird. "Pretty tough-sounding for a guy in a dress!" Aladdin teased.

"I will make you pay for this!" said the guy.

He came at Aladdin. Aladdin watched him come. The guy was muscular and looked
tough. Aladdin had faced some tough guys before. He assumed a battle stance
and faced him. The big guy tried to grab Aladdin but the young Arab leapt
into the air and lashed out with a kick. He kicked out the big man's legs
from under him. The man went down hard. "No one bests Hercules!" the guy

"Oh, is that your name?" Aladdin asked. "Sounds so girly!"

The guy yelled in rage, got up and came at him. Aladdin dodged his fists.
Hercules finally seized Aladdin's wrist....and threw him twenty feet into the
air!!! Aladdin yelled in surprise and did an acrobatic move in mid-air which
caused him to land on his feet rather than smashed on the ground.

"Impressive!" Hercules said.

"That was some strength, brute!" Aladdin said.

"Enough!" Hercules bellowed. "I must rescue my beloved lady from the
Underworld and the likes of you won't stop me."

Aladdin gasped in surprise. Hercules came at him at superhuman speed. Aladdin
tried to get away but the guy's strength and speed were unlike anything he'd
ever seen before. Hercules had Aladdin on the floor. The young Arab looked at
his superhuman foe. "What did you say?" Aladdin asked.

"I will save my beloved from the jaws of death." said Hercules.

Aladdin looked at him and blinked. "No way!" he said. "Me too!"

Aladdin tried to get up. Hercules glared at him. "Let me explain." Aladdin
said. He got up. Hercules stared at him. "This morning, you woke up next to
the woman you loved and she was dead. You heard the voice of Jafar telling
you that she is in the Underworld which you must go to in order to find
her." Aladdin said.

Hercules grimaced. "Sounds about right, who's Jafar ?" he asked.

Aladdin grunted. "Jafar is the most evil fiend ever to walk the Earth." he
said with disgust in his voice.

"Sounds like someone I know." Hercules said.

"Who?" Aladdin asked.

"Hades. God of the Underworld." Hercules answered. "He's hellbent on
destroying me ever since my father Zeus banished him from Mount Olympus."

Aladdin thought he heard wrong. "Your father is Zeus?" he asked. "The King
of the Gods?"

Hercules nodded proudly. "I have a famous father." he said.

Aladdin shrugged. "So what ? Mine is the King of Thieves." he said.

"Cassim of Agrabah is your father?" Hercules asked, incredulous. Hercules had
recently met the Asgardian Thor, who came to Olympus for a visit. Thor was
one of the Norse Gods. He was telling the Olympians of his encounter with a
very daring and crafty man who called himself the King of Thieves. This man
had apparently outsmarted Loki, the God of Chaos and Trickery in the Norse
realms. "Impressive." Hercules said.

"Back at ya." Aladdin said. The two young men shook hands. "Just a question."
Aladdin said.

"Sure?" Hercules grunted.

"Are you a God?" he asked.

Hercules laughed. "I am no more a deity than you are, Aladdin." he said.
"Now, I must be on my way into the Underworld."

Aladdin grinned. "Me too, buddy."

Hercules simply leapt into the hole in the earth. After a moment's
hesitation, Aladdin went in as well. The two young men suddenly found
themselves in total darkness.

"It's dark in here." Aladdin said.

"I hadn't noticed." Hercules grunted. He scratched something against a wall
and lit a sort of match. He took a torch out of his backpack and lit it.

"Let there be light." Aladdin said.

Hercules shook his head. He mumbled something about a funny man and walked
into the Underworld. They were in a tunnel that seemed to have no end.
Aladdin walked by his side. No matter where it led, he was gonna go. He
needed to find Jasmine. His beloved.


Hades watched Hercules and Aladdin enter his subterranean realm. The arrival
of the Son of Zeus had been noticed by many of the Underworld's inhabitants.
The Titans stirred in their indestructible prison in Tartarus. They could
sense the presence of the demi-god whose divine father they hated. The souls
of the dead were restless. They sensed the presence of the living. Cerberus
barked. The gigantic canine had woken up cranky after being bested by Jafar's
magic tricks. Hades had to restrain Cerberus from going after Hercules.

"Now what?" Hades asked Jafar.

The dark Genie looked at the God of the Underworld. He was getting irritated
by the Dark Lord's questions. "They shall come to us." Jafar said.

"They are near the Styx river." Hades said.

"Something is down there." Jafar smiled. "I know. I know all things." he

Hades looked around. Cerberus was gone. Jafar smiled. Hades grinned
maliciously. The heroes were about to get a nasty surprise.

* * *

Hercules and Aladdin walked down the tunnel.

"What's your lady like?" Aladdin asked.

Hercules hesitated. He didn't know Aladdin and didn't feel like talking but
the thought of Megara stirred something in him. "She is a wonderful and smart
lady. I love her." he said. "The first time she died..."

Aladdin was shocked. "The first time she died?" he asked.

Hercules smiled. He told Aladdin of how Megara died to save him when a large
column was about to fall on him after he defeated the Cyclops. Hercules had
been rendered power-less by the wicked magic of Hades. The column would have
killed him. Megara pushed him out of the way and it crushed her instead.

Aladdin listened to the tale. "Wow." he said. "And you were able to rescue
her from the jaws of death." he sighed.

Hercules nodded. "Last time I faced Hades I had the powers of a God. This
time won't be so easy."

Aladdin looked puzzled. Hercules told him about how he won his Godhood back
due to selfless heroism but relinquished it to live on Earth with the woman
he loved. Aladdin was amazed. This Megara lady must be something.

"What's Jasmine like?" Hercules asked.

Aladdin sighed dreamily. "She is amazing." he said. "Perfect."

Hercules tapped the young Arab's shoulder. "Don't go mushy on me, pal." he
laughed. "We still got a mission to accomplish."

Aladdin laughed. "Nah, man. I'm cool." Aladdin said.

The two young men laughed. They continued walking. Suddenly, they heard a
noise. It was getting louder and louder. Aladdin was about to ask Hercules
what was going on when the demi-god ordered him to shut it. Something large
was coming toward them. Hercules drew his sword from its sheath. Aladdin did
the same. He had the Dagger given to him by his mother when he was little
and his father left them to go on his adventures. The same Dagger he had
used when he had faced Sa'luk, the malevolent and brutal thief who almost
killed him. He steeled himself for whatever was coming.

Out of the darkness came something the likes of which Aladdin had never seen.
A dog. A monstrously huge black dog with... three heads!!! A nightmarish
monster. It looked at them with demonic intelligence showing in its eyes.

"Hello, Cerberus!" Hercules shouted.

"You know that thing?" Aladdin asked.

"I fought it before!" Hercules said. "I shall do it again." he said.

With that, he charged the monster. Cerberus came forward, moving with amazing
speed. Hercules lunged at the supernatural beast with his sword. The blade
sank in one of Cerberus's paws. The beast let out a howl of pain that almost
shattered Cerberus's ears. Hercules had drawn blood! Aladdin thought. Maybe
this monster could be killed! Aladdin watched as the beast's paw healed
before his very eyes.

Then again, maybe not. The three-headed canine charged at its enemy. Hercules
launched himself into the air. He landed on top of the middle head of the
beast. The other heads snapped at him with huge jaws filled with sharp teeth.
Hercules dodged first one then the other. He drove his sword deep into the
head in the middle. The beast roared. The other heads tried to tear Hercules
apart. He was caught between the two. Aladdin thought the Greek hero might be
done for. The young Arab wondered what he could do. He had never faced the
likes of this beast before. He suddenly had an idea. He ran around the vast
beast, staying away from tree-trunk sized paws. The beast was busy fighting
Hercules and didn't notice the young Arab getting behind it.

Aladdin watched the supernatural dog's behind. He could see the short tail.
It was thin, compared to the rest of the beast. He took his dagger and
aimed for the base of the tail. He thrust. The beast froze. A moment later,
it let out an almost pitiful howl of pain. It threw Hercules hard against
the ground. The Greek hero fell and lay still. The beast turned and glared
malevolently at the young Arab. Aladdin had wounded it. It growled.

Snapping jaws filled with sharp teeth came at Aladdin. Aladdin had to think
fast. He did an acrobatic leap and landed on top of the monster's middle
head. The other heads came at him. Aladdin kept out of their way with
acrobatic skills and agility. He noticed that the sword of Hercules was
still embedded in the middle head. He removed it and the beast howled. The
sword had been thrust in the ear of Cerberus. Aladdin thrust it right in
the middle of the head. He sank it down into the supernatural beast's
brains. Cerberus howled. The monster hurled Aladdin against the ground.
Aladdin landed, hard. He was weapon-less and the beast was coming at him.
He tried to move but couldn't do it fast enough. The creature was going to
devour him. Aladdin couldn't believe this. He was gonna get eaten by some
monster deep inside the Underworld in some land he had never heard of until
this morning.

Cerberus was hellbent on making a meal out of Aladdin. Aladdin closed his
eyes. "Jasmine, I love you." he said. "May we meet in the afterlife."

He waited for the snapping jaws to shred him. They never came. Instead, he
heard a shout, growls and then nothing. Aladdin opened his eyes to see
Hercules standing over the body of the supernatural beast. Cerberus lay
still. Hercules looked at Aladdin and grinned. "Nice job with that monster."
he said.

"I thought you were dead." Aladdin said.

Hercules gave him a hand up. "I can't be killed by Cerberus." said Hercules.
"I'm invulnerable."

To demonstrate, he struck the blade of his sword against his chest. Nothing
happened. He was unharmed.

Aladdin was impressed. "Super strong and invulnerable, are all Greeks like
that?" he asked.

"Just me." Hercules smiled.

They looked at Cerberus. "Is he dead?" Aladdin asked.

Hercules laughed. "Don't be silly." he said. "That thing is immortal."

Hercules went and snapped all three of Cerberus's necks. He even cut off the
heads with his blade. Aladdin watched as they started to regrow, slowly. The
monster was immortal indeed. Nothing could kill it.

"Let's get out of here before that thing regenerates and comes back after
us." Hercules said.

"Good idea." Aladdin said.

They ran into the darkness. Aladdin thought about what had just happened.
Hercules seemed to think of battling immortal monsters as a casual, everyday
thing. What kind of life did he lead? Aladdin missed Arabia, where you only
ran into an all-powerful evil Genie once in a great while, oh, and some angry
thieves. Fairly normal stuff, right? Now immortal monsters and angry Gods?
That was craaaaaaaaazy!!!

"Is there a shortcut to getting to the Hall of Hades?" Aladdin asked.

Hercules looked at him and grinned. "Great idea, Al." he said.

"What?" Aladdin asked.

He watched as Hercules put his ear against the wall of the tunnel and
listened. What he might be listening in for was a mystery to Aladdin.
Suddenly, the demi-god drew back his fist and slammed it into the wall.
Aladdin watched as the wall shattered under the impact. He was
impressed. "Impressive." he told Hercules.

The Greek hero smiled at the young Arab. "Thank you." he said. "After you."

Aladdin stepped through the opening made by Hercules. "You call me any names
and we're gonna have a problem." Aladdin said.

Hercules laughed. "Just get through here, pal." Hercules said.

The two young men walked through another passageway. The Underworld was
filled with sounds. The sounds of men and women in extreme pain. The sound
of suffering.

"What is that sound?" Aladdin asked.

"The sound of the realm of Hades." Hercules said grimly. "Pain and

Aladdin covered his ears. "Not that." he said.

Hercules pricked his ears and listened. He could hear something coming
alright. The question was: what?

The Son of Zeus watched as a sphere of light came at them. Hercules had never
seen the like. If this was some new monster created by Hades, that thing
would be very unusual and doubtless, hard to defeat. He braced himself.

"What is that?" Aladdin asked.

"Your guess is as good as mine!" Hercules growled.

The sphere of energy was coming toward them. It was vast. Hercules narrowed
his eyes. He could see two dark forms inside the sphere. What did that mean?


"What was that?" Aladdin asked.

"Hades." Hercules spat.

Another voice came out of the energy sphere and Aladdin recognized it.


There was no mistaking Jafar's venom-filled voice. The two young men braced
themselves. The energy sphere suddenly materialized a few feet from them.
It was so bright that Aladdin blinked rapidly. Hercules did no such thing.
Hercules and Aladdin faced Hades and Jafar. The God of the Underworld and
the dark Genie glared malevolent at the young men.

"Today you die, filthy son of Zeus!" Hades laughed.

"The desert rat will die by my hand!" Jafar said, glaring with loathing at

The young Arabian adventurer looked at his fearsome enemy. " You've said
those words before, Jafar, so far I am still standing!"

Hercules stood beside Aladdin and glared defiantly at the dark duo. "Stop
talking and fight me, Hades!" He spat. Hercules looked like he was so angry
he could blow.

"So." Aladdin said to Jafar. "You allied yourself with a Greek buffoon
because you couldn't face me alone?"

Jafar glared at Aladdin. "Silence, filthy desert rat!" he roared.

Aladdin laughed. Jafar got ready to destroy him with an energy blast. Hades
looked at Hercules and grinned. "How does it feel to lose the one you love,
again?" he asked.

Hercules launched himself at Hades. The God of the Underworld waved his hand
and a blast of energy struck Hercules. The Son of Zeus lay on the floor,
screaming in pain. Hades laughed. "You are invulnerable." Hades said. "But I
am a God!!!"

Hades stepped out of the sphere of light and grabbed Hercules by the collar.
He unleashed the divine energies that were inside him. Blast after blast of
energy struck Hercules. The young demi-god screamed. Hades battered him,
punishing him with as much energy as he could muster. Hercules screamed in
pain. He had never been hurt like this before. Hades gripped him by the
throat and lifted him off the ground. He slammed the young demi-god into
what appeared to be a wall of fire. Hercules screamed. Hades held him in the
flames. Ordinary fire could not hurt Hercules but magical flames could. He
screamed in sheer pain.

Aladdin watched what Hades was doing to Hercules. Aladdin knew Hercules was
resilient but how much punishment could an invulnerable, superhumanly strong
hero take from an angry deity? "Stop it, you're killing him!" Aladdin said.

He tried to reach Hades but found himself face to face with the evil Genie
known as Jafar.

Jafar smiled. "You're gonna pay for what you did to me, desert rat!" he said.

He seized Aladdin by the neck and slammed him hard against a stone wall.
Aladdin screamed. He knew he had broken something. Jafar laughed. He punched
Aladdin with superhuman strength, shattering many of his bones and sending
him flying. Aladdin was thrown across the hall and landed on the floor. Hard.
He screamed. Jafar was on him. The evil Genie lifted him in the air and
prepared to hurl him into space. Aladdin knew his death was coming. Jafar
would win after all...

"Don't kill him!" Hades said. He threw Hercules hard against the ground and
the Greek hero lay still. Hades grabbed Jafar's hand. Aladdin quivered in
Jafar's grasp. His eyes wandered across the room. He could see Hercules
rising. It was amazing. The demi-god had already healed from the damage done
to him by the God of the Underworld.

"Why not?" Jafar asked.

"We still need them to get the Omega Axis." Hades shouted.

Hercules's eyes widened when he heard the words. Aladdin glared at him.
What was the Omega Axis? He might never find out if he didn't get away from
Jafar!!! He was still thinking of a plan when suddenly, the floor of the Hall
of Hades shook. The God of the Underworld and the evil Genie were surprised.

"What is this?" Jafar asked.

"I don't know." Hades said.

All four of them were surprised when suddenly, something came shooting out
of the floor. Something that looked human but was much too big to be human.
Aladdin found himself looking at what looked like a man, a truly gigantic
man who stood easily sixty feet tall. A Giant. Like those of legend.

"Hello, Anteus." Hercules shouted.

"What are you doing here?" The Giant reached down with huge hands and seized
both Hades and Jafar in them. Jafar was made to let go of Aladdin. "Battling
evil is my past-time." Anteus said. "Just thought you might need a hand!"

Anteus threw Hades and Jafar against the hard floor. Aladdin looked at that,
marveling at the strength of the Giant.

"What is this?" Jafar asked.

"A Giant." Hades said.

Both were shocked.

Aladdin almost grinned. Jafar was immortal. He had magical powers. But could
be take on a superstrong Giant? Apparently he was in doubt. So was Hades, who
it seemed did not want to take on a Giant. Aladdin recalled his friend the
Blue Genie telling him that once, the race of Giants were at war with the
Gods. The Giants were supposedly extremely resilient and strong. Also, they
were immortal.

Hades prepared to flee. A portal appeared before him. "The Omega Axis is
mine!" he shouted.

Anteus grunted. He batted Hades away from the portal with a swipe of his huge
hand. "Go to the Axis, go!" Anteus told Hercules.

Hercules looked at his gigantic friend. "I can't leave you here to fight a
God and an evil Genie!" he said.

Anteus laughed. "I was fighting Gods before you were born, kid. It's not like
I can die or anything!"

Hercules shook hands with Anteus. He leapt through the portal. Aladdin looked
around, indecisive.

"Go after him, little man!" Anteus said.

Aladdin didn't need to be told twice. He went into the portal after Hercules.


Aladdin landed on something hard. He grunted and got back up. He found
himself standing in a vast field. He was under a blue sky and the sun was
bright. After the gloomy Underworld, some light felt nice. He stood up and
looked around. He saw Hercules, standing not far from him. The Greek hero
was staring at... something. Something that looked like a Fortress made of
stone. The Fortress was of truly titanic proportions. It must have been
built by Giants. Aladdin would not be surprised if it was.

"Where are we?" Aladdin asked Hercules.

"In another dimension." Hercules said.

"The realm of the Omega Axis." Aladdin shrugged.

"Why are we here?" he asked.

"The Omega Axis is the Source of all power." Hercules said. "If we can take
it, we can definitely bring our wives back to life."

Aladdin smiled. "Good, let's go, then!" he said.

Hercules halted him. "I'm not sure about this." he said.

Aladdin was almost mad. "We've come too far to give up now." he said.

"The Omega Axis has Guardians." Hercules said. "They won't just let us come
in and take it."

Aladdin scratched his head. "What are those Guardians?" he asked.

"The Primordials." Hercules said. "Beings older and more powerful than even
the Gods themselves."

Aladdin was impressed. He was traveling with a demi-god to face some
all-powerful entities that were older than time and feared by supreme beings
across the universe. And he was just a regular guy in this seemingly insane
adventure trying to save his girl. Nice. If he hadn't been there, he wouldn't
have believed it. The two young men started walking toward the Fortress.

They entered it. It was vast. And empty. The only thing inside was a glowing
blue stone.

"What is this ?" Aladdin asked.

"Let's find out." Hercules said.

They approached it. Hercules did not see any Guardians inside the Fortress.
Where were the Primordials ? He and Aladdin approached the Stone and touched
it. In that moment, everything changed...

When Hercules touched the Stone, he saw into it and it saw into him. Hercules
saw his origins. He was fathered by Zeus. He saw his own birth on Olympus. He
saw himself as a baby, snatched away from his divine parents by the demonic
henchmen of Hades, Pain and Panic. He saw himself living in Cadmia, as an
awkward teenager coping with his emerging superhuman strength. He saw the
first time he met Phil, his friend and trainer. He saw the first time he met
Megara, the woman he loved. He saw battles with monsters, bouts of rage, ect.
His pains. His joys. His sorrow. His pleasures. His whole life. He saw it
all. He could also see other things. The Titan Kronos trying to kill his own
son Zeus, then a young Godling, very different from the master and overlord
he was now. He watched a battle between Zeus and Kronos. He saw Zeus emerge
the victor. He watched Hades fall in love with the Goddess Persephone.

Persephone did love Hades but so twisted and insecure was Hades that he could
not believe that the undying love he wanted was his at last. He saw Hera, the
Goddess who gave birth to him go into fits of rage when she found out that
Zeus had affairs with other Goddesses and sometimes even mortal females.
Hercules saw Megara's childhood and adolescence as a spoiled brat and the
first time she fell in love with a man. She sold her soul to Hades to save
him. Hades turned her into the Great Seductress. He saw her undying love for
him even while Hades tried to persuade her to bring him down. He saw her
death. He realized what the Stone was doing. He fought it. He pictured
Megara, alive and well by his side. He pictured her living and breathing. He
would bend the magical artifact to his will and not the other way around.

When Aladdin touched the stone, he saw his whole life. He watched it all. It
was eerie. His birth in a small house in Agrabah. His father Cassim and Sela,
his mother. He saw his modest beginnings. He watched his father struggle to
provide for his family. He watched him grow desperate and take off on a wild
quest for riches. He watched Sela grow desperate. Her fear was so real. Yet
she loved her husband and her husband loved her. Aladdin watched his mother
die. He saw himself as an orphan in the mean streets. He saw himself stealing
just to survive.

He watched his first meeting with Razoul, the menacing Chief of the Palace
Guards. He saw himself feel alone and lost. He saw his first meeting with
Jafar and the then-evil Iago the Parrot. He saw himself fall in love with
beautiful and unattainable princess Jasmine of Agrabah. He saw his first
meeting with the Blue Genie. The early adventures he had. All that stuff.
He watched Jafar's transformation into the most powerful and evil of all
Genies. He saw himself come face to face with the King of Thieves. He
watched himself fight Sa'luk, the menacing Claw-Handed thief. All of the
days of his life, including the first time he made love to Jasmine. Oh.
That was a pleasant memory.......

Aladdin was ready to let himself go into the magic of the Stone. He suddenly
heard Hercules's voice. "Fight it, Al!" Hercules said. "Bend it to your

Aladdin tried. He began to see the true power of the Omega Axis. It could
change reality at will. Change the universe. Manipulate time and space like
a fiddle. Something not even the Gods could do. Aladdin closed his eyes and
willed it. He pictured Jasmine, alive and well. He pictured her living
happily by his side. The magical artifact began to spin.

Aladdin screamed. He felt like his mind was being torn apart. He heard
Hercules scream as well. Arcane energies came out of the Stone. The energies
struck the two young men and blasted the entire Fortress until nothing was
left standing, then a cataclysmic explosion sent Hercules and Aladdin in
different directions... Yet, somehow, they remained alive. Eldritch energies
that could kill Gods did not hurt them. It was as if some other power was
looking after them.


Aladdin woke up slowly and painfully. He gasped. Where was he? Where was
Hercules? He looked around at frightening familiar surroundings.

"You've finally woken up." said a voice.

Aladdin's heart skipped a beat. He would recognize that voice anywhere. It
was Jasmine! His Jasmine! He looked at her. She had never looked lovelier.
He held his beloved in his arms. He showered her with kisses. Jasmine
laughed. "Hey, Al." she said. "Are you okay?"

Aladdin held her face in his hands and kissed her. "Don't ever leave me
again." he said.

Jasmine smiled. "Al, I haven't left your side since last night." she said.
She gently touched his forehead. "Oh, you're cold." she said.

Aladdin touched himself. He was cold! He found himself embraced by Jasmine.

"I know a few ways to keep warm." she said.

Aladdin grinned. This whole adventure had been a dream....ok by him, then.


Hercules woke up in bed. For a moment, he didn't know where in hell he was.
He found himself in a familiar setting. He looked around, panicked. Had the
thing worked? He suddenly realized that he was in his bed. Alone. What had
happened? Did the Stone set reality the way he wanted it? He watched as a
slim figure came into the room. It was her. Meg! His Meg! She looked
beautiful in her nightie.

"Hello, wonder boy." she said.

Hercules rushed to her. He held her in his arms. She was there! She was real!
She was alive! The thing had worked.

"What's got into you?" Megara asked with a grin.

"I'm fine, now that you're here!" Hercules said.

He kissed her. She kissed him back.

"You missed me and I didn't go anywhere." she said, once they stopped

"I just had a nightmare." he told her.

"What about?" Megara asked.

"Life without you." Hercules said.

Megara smiled. "I'm always gonna be there for you, Hercules." she said.

She hugged him. He held her tight. She whispered something into his ear.
Hercules pulled her into his arms. She looked at him with a mixture of
fascination and wonder...then she kissed him.


Hades looked at the various scenes playing in the portal. Hercules was
reunited with his beloved Megara. Aladdin reunited with Jasmine. The heroes
and the women who loved them were together once more. It was as if they had
never died. Time and space had mysteriously been altered. Naturally, the
egotistical heroes thought they had prevailed. They had not been responsible
for resetting time and space and saving their loved ones.

Someone else was responsible for it. That someone was none other than Hades,
the God of the Underworld. In a rare moment of mercy, Hades spared the two
heroes. He had trapped the evil Genie known as Jafar inside Tartarus, a
prison nothing could escape from. He had done well. Hades didn't know why he
did what he did. Yes. He knew. There was a reason behind every action that a
man took. Hades once loved someone. He didn't think he could have the one he
loved. So, he turned to darkness. Some spark of good lived inside the hated
and hate-filled lord of the Underworld. He still had respect for lovebirds
because once, a very long time ago, he was one.

Hades smiled sadly and sat back on his Throne. He was the Lord of the
Underworld. Forever hated by Gods and Men alike. Feared by all. He had more
power than anyone knew. He had manipulated time and space. He had bested the
Primordials themselves so that Hercules and Aladdin might live to see their
loved ones. Hades had a lot of power. Deep inside, he did have a good heart.
Something the lord of the Underworld would have vigorously denied if queried
on the subject. He sat on his Throne, dark thoughts running through his dead.
Ruling the Dead was a full-time job. People never stopped dying. Hades barked
orders at his followers. The Underworld had to be maintained. Hades kept
busy. It was the only way he could try to forget about her....Persephone. His

"That was a very kind thing you did." said a voice.

Hades looked about. At once he knew who it was. A tall and slender young
woman with long black hair and pale green eyes. She had light bronze skin and
wore a red and white tunic. She looked beautiful. He said nothing as she
approached. The young woman came toward him.

"Why are you here?" he asked.

"What woman needs an excuse to visit the husband she loves?" she asked with
her hands on her hips.

Hades laughed. "You are sorely missed, Persephone."

Persephone looked at him. In a flash, she was standing next to him. She took
his large hand in hers. "I missed you, snookums. she said.

The God of the Underworld did something that would truly frighten and shock
the denizens of his realm. It was so out of character. He actually blushed!!!

Persephone smiled. She leaned over and kissed him. Hades did not resist. She
sat on his lap. "I yearn for your touch." she said.

"Six months is a long time." Hades smiled.

"My dear, it feels like forever." She smiled. "I love you and only you
Hades." she said. "Were I mortal, I would die for you."

Hades nodded. He loved her. He wanted to believe she could love him. But he
always had his doubt. He did not tell her, of course. She could sense it. "I
love you, Persephone." he told her.

They embraced. He carried her into his arms and she insisted that they go
into the darkest chambers he could find. "Why?" he asked.

Persephone laughed. There was a naughty gleam in her eyes.

"I don't want anyone to see the things I am going to do to you." she said.

"And I don't want anyone to rescue you from my hands." Hades chuckled softly.

He put her on the bed. She leapt on top of him and straddled him. She was
naked, having merely wished her clothing away. She looked at his now nude,
masculine body.

"Are you really mine?" she asked.

"Yes." he told her.

She started kissing him and in fact, she kissed every inch of him. He looked
at her as her pretty head went down to his groin and she began to....oh.
Yeah. Do that. Hades's hands gripped the sheets. Persephone looked at him as
she pleasured him. She only wanted to make him happy. This man who loved her
more than eternal life itself but still doubted that she could love him back
even though she did. Hades closed his eyes. He screamed out in pleasure. He
opened his eyes to look into her pretty face, sighing happily. Persephone
smiled at him. He drew her into his arms. Believe. That's all he had to do.
And he had done it at last.

The End


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