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not themselves actually exist, so if you're getting all worked up about the
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Note: Jasmine is 19 and Mulan 17 in this.

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Aladdin/Mulan: Chaos' Game Part 2
by Tricksterson

Mulan looked at herself in the mirror, clad in her wedding finery and
sighed. It was a beautiful robe of red and green. Unfortunately it, and the
half-dozen layers beneath it, were so heavy she could barely walk. Even
heavier were the layers of makeup on her face, turning it into an emotionless
mask. She loved Shang, she truly did, but right now she wished they could
just ride off and live like bandits in the western provinces.

"Well, why don't you then?" came a mellifluous, fruity voice from behind her.
"And by the way, that dress does nothing for you."

She whirled around, a bit too fast for the outfit she was wearing and almost
fell to the floor as a result. What she saw when she steadied herself made
her jaw drop and her eyes bulge. She didn't know that Africa even existed so
she didn't know that what she was looking at was a mandrill baboon, she just
thought of it as a huge and garishly colored type of macaque. But she was
pretty sure that whatever it was, green and pink plaid was not the natural
color of it's fur or that they had rolls of brown leaves sticking out of
there mouths. When it lit the roll with fire from it's thumb her brain
decided it'd had too much and shut down.

* * *

When she woke up it was slowly, sense by sense.

Hearing. "I told you the baboon was too much," she heard a female voice say.
"You should have gone with ManCat. You're sooo handsome as ManCat." Kissing
noises followed.

"Yes but one form is sooo boring!" said a voice that was both familiar and
different. It was the same fuity toned voice the baboon had used but with a
purring undertone.

Touch. She was on what felt like a featherbedded mattress covered with smooth
silk sheets. She noticed that all but the last layer of her garments had been
removed and wondered who did it. A soft breeze blew against her skin.

Scent. She smelled a delicate perfume, cinnamon perhaps.

Taste. That at least seemed not to have changed.

Sight. She opened her eyes and immediately closed them. There was no baboon
but what she'd seen was even wierder, a blue cat with wings and wearing a
headress of some kind. She took a deep breath and slowly opened her eyes
halfway, pretending to be asleep. It was still there along with a tall,
slender girl, slightly older than herself, dressed with what, for a Chinese
girl, would be shocking immodesty, a gauzy red garment that exposed her
shoulders and left her midriff bare. It was also thin enough that she could
easily see her erect nipples and the dark thatch of her pubic triangle
through the material. Then she looked down and saw that although her robe,
which she'd assumed was one of those she'd worn for her wedding, but was
actually more of a chemise covering her from shoulder to mid-thigh but
leaving her arms bare was also semi-transparent.

"Who are you...people?," she asked, her question coming to a stop as the cat
shifted and became a short, compactly muscled humanoid with high cheekbones,
a narrow chin, green, slit pupiled eyes and pointed ears. The skin was
covered with a blueblack fuzz except for the face , hands and feet which were
a light grey. Small fangs poked out of his lips and he was dressed only in a
gold pectoral and knee-length skirt. The Chinese warrior-woman found him
oddly handsome and strangely compelling.

But also disturbing. She backed up on the bed as far away as she could from
both of them and said once more, her voice shaking, "Who *are* you people!"

The dark young woman smiled and sat at the foot of the bed. "I'm Jasmine,
Princess of Agrabah. We mean you no harm and will let you go after you listen
to us. If you still want to leave" She nodded in the direction of the strange
catman. "That's Chaos. He takes some getting used to."

"And just when you get used to me I change again."

"Not helping," Jasmine said. She looked at Mulan and arched one elegant
eyebrow. "See what I have to deal with? That's why I'd like you to join us."

"Join you in what?"

"My harem," Chaos said with a purr."

"Harem? You want me to have sex with you?"

"With both of us," admitted Jasmine placing a hand on the youger woman's

Mulan thought about this. Mainly she thought about how to get out of this
situation safely. Information, she needed information.

"Okay, so tell me your story."

* * *


"Sooo, he's a cosmic entity, more powerful than the gods and you're his
mistress who he seduced and now because both of you are getting a little
bored you want to recruit me as your lover?"

"In a nutshell," said Jasmine with a smile.

The Chinese girl pondered this then replied, "I have a guy. One I really love
and am planning to marry."

"Me too," said Jasmine, "But I found that I just needed a relief from all the
pressure and hassle of a serious relationship. Sometimes all a girl needs is
some serious heavy duty fucking and Chaos provides it in abundance." During
this time Jasmine's hand had crept up Mulan's leg to just below the hem of
her robe. Mulan had noticed but not said anything. In fact she rather enjoyed
the feel of the soft hand against her flesh. Likewise Chaos, still in catman
form, had laid down next to her and was rubbing his chin against the side of
her neck. This also went noticed but unprotested.

On reflection, she thought that Jasmine might be right. She remembered how
nervous she'd been about the wedding.

"Shang won't find out?" Chaos and Jasmine smiled. They knew they'd won.

"Put you right back to the second, even if you've been here for months,"
Jasmine said.

"I'll even put you virginity back," purred Chaos. "Although he might wonder
how you've gotten so good."

By this point Jasmine's hand was most of the way up her thigh and Chaos was
nibbling at her neck.

"Yes, all right." said Mulan, overcome by her hormones. Jasmine's hand went
all the way to her vagina, which, according to Chinese wedding tradition had
been plucked clean. Until then the Asian beauty hadn't really noticed that
she wasn't wearing anything under the light robe but she certainly did once
the Arab girl's thumb started running up and down the slit between her labia.
At the same time, Jasmine leaned forward to kiss her on the lips and Chaos'
claws cut open the front of her robe, leaving her gloriously bare. At her
frightened look he said soothingly, "No harm done." And sure enough there was
not even the faintest scratch on her smooth skin. She sat up and shrugged off
the remains of the gown then lay back to let her new lovers each take a
small, well shaped breast in their mouth. She arched her back with pleasure
and pulled Jasmine up for another tongue kiss.

Breaking off Jasmine removed her own top then wriggled out of the harem pants
and slid down her new lovers body. She planted kisses at the corners where
hip met leg then worked her way towards the pink bud of her pussy. Mulan's
arch became a bow as the dusky slut slurped at her clit.

At the same time Chaos got on his knees and pressed his cock to her lips.
While a virgin, Mulan and Shang had gone down on each other as an alternative
to both of them going crazy before the wedding, so here she knew what she was
doing and was happy to take his member in her mouth. Soon she was sucking on
it with abandon and soon the up-down rhythm of her mouth matched Jasmine's
pussy licking. As the other girl probed deeper and deeper Mulan's fingers
clawed into the catman's buttocks as she experienced the first real orgasm of
her life. At the same time Chaos came, pistachio ice cream flavored cum
flooding her cheeks.

Her two seducers didn't let up. Chaos scurried down and planted himself
between the Asian sweetie's legs, preparing to enter her while Jasmine slid
upward, covering Mulan's face, neck and tits with hot passionate kisses.
While enjoying the attention Mulan had a suggestion to pleasure her new

"Why don't you climb on board my face. I mean I'm sure I'm not as good as you

"Oh don't worry honey, I will eventually, but right now I want me some cat
meat." She raised her head and said loudly, "Fuck us both my Lord, fuck us

"How can he...?," Mulan started say then gasped as the Elemental Lord entered
her. Then she gasped again when she saw that Chaos had not only grown a tail
but that it ended in a large penis which proceeded to ravish her bedmate. The
two young women clasped hands and bit down on their lips as they came closer
and closer to orgasm.




"Fuck me, my Lord, fuck me!"

They turned their faces towards each other and engaged in a soul kiss,
tongues sliding and tangling together as they came simultaneously.

Afterward the three lay together, Jasmine behind Chaos running her hands up
and down his chest and dipping downward for a passing stroke of his cock,
Mulan in front covering his face, neck and chest with slow lingering kisses.

"Sooo," he asked, "are you in?"

"Yes, Lord Chaos, I am most definitely in. But may I ask a favor?"

"You can ask."

"Can I choose the next member of our group?"

"Most definitely." He took a small red globe out of a pouch in his stomach
that hadn't previously existed and handed it to her. "This will let you and
Jazz look through all of time and space."

The Chinese hottie took it delicately. "Aren't you going to tell me to use it
wisely and carefully?"

"Why would I do that? It's so much more entertaining for you to make your own


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